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Word of Faith / Apostolic

Word of Faith Latter Rain

Exposing:- Word of Faith / Apostolic and Prophetic Movement.

In alphabetical order.


Mogale 4 Christ (2014)


One of the most magnanimous episodes in the the life of Jesus Christ – when He still roamed the earth just prior to his ascension – was when He gave his disciples the following marching orders:-Click to enlarge

“We all recognize a rich person when we see one. These individuals seem to possess qualities that the rest of us desperately lack yet yearn to attain. But the possibility to becoming wealthy is a skill and not a gift allocated to a select few, nor is financial independence achieved by some form of magic or luck.

Do you want your life to include an abundance of riches with the prospect of continuous wealth creation? Do you often dream of living a more fruitful and financially rewarding life? Do you aspire or wish to achieve your full potential in all areas of life? Are you prepared to challenge current limitations to become debt free, cultivate financial intelligence and become money-wise? Then, teach all people:

What to EXPECT in the Last Days

Colosseum  - last days


In these last days that we are in, I would love to attend a Mighty Men Conference like I did the Absa Stadium conference back in 2008 so I could hear exactly what Angus preached for myself.  Of course I could not attend the MMC because women are not allowed as you all know, they even had security at the gates to make sure women did not sneak in.  The MMC are built on the principle of the Promise Keepers (Freemasons). It’s tough being a women nowadays, banned from hearing the word of God. Not that it was even preached there, so maybe it was a good thing. Women were protected by God from attending so they can help their husbands snap out of the hypnosis and lies by telling them the truth; reading the Word of God to them and through the complete guidance of the Holy Spirit realise that they have been deceived.

You know, it’s a common fact that men just don’t think sometimes that’s why women generally ask for directions when men are driving ;) Marriage is a joint union between husband and wife through Jesus Christ (I am talking about a husband and wife who are both born again.) She is there is look after him and love him and support him. He is there to look after her and love her and support her. She does silly things and he helps her get out of trouble. He does silly things and she helps him get out of trouble – all this by solely relying on Jesus for assistance – Jesus is THE problem solver.  Both men and women, husbands and wives, boys and girls can do nothing in their own strength.

Amillennialism vs Dominionism

Amillennialiism vs DominionismAmillennialism and Dominionism “fits like a hand in a glove”, says C Peter Wagner, head apostle from the New Apostolic Reformation.  Below we will analyze the two and we will see that he is quite right.

What is Amillennialism:

Amillennialism (Latin: a- “no” + millennialism)

Amillennialism is a view in Christian end-times theology named for its rejection of the theory that Jesus Christ will have a thousand-year long, physical reign on the earth. This is in opposition to pre-millennial and some post-millennial views of chapter 20 of the Book of Revelation.

In contrast, the amillennial view holds that the thousand years mentioned in Revelation 20 is a symbolic number, not a literal description; that the millennium has already begun and is identical with the current church age, (or more rarely, that it ended with the destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70).

NAR Invasion of SA – Rick Joyner, Angus Buchan, Danie Slabbert, Nevil Norden @ Apostolic Prophetic Conference – July 2012

Angus Buchan - Rick JoynerI knew it would happen and I waited patiently for this day, the day that Rick Joyner (Apostle in the New Apostolic Reformation NAR) teamed up with Angus Buchan at a conference.  This is not a new union, oh no no.  Rick Joyner and other Apostles and Prophets from the USA have had their finger in the South African ‘Reformation’ since as early as 2004, probably even earlier. In 2010 Prophetess Cindy Jacobs was invited to speak at the Global Day of Prayer organised by Graham Power a friend of Angus Buchan.

In 2008 I wrote an article on Angus Buchan called The Dominionist Faith of Angus Buchan – Faith Like Potatoes and in it I noted the following:

“There is great prophetic interest in South Africa and its southern coastline from international circles. The major reason for this is because of the many prophecies that have gone out about the latter rain move of God that is to erupt from South Africa and spread into the nations.” [Emphasis added]  Taken from here (<–this website has been since been removed)

The well-known prophet, Rick Joyner, visited Cape Town, South Africa in July 2004, and during a powerful prophetic conference on 22 July 2004, said that…

Angus Buchan and the Roman Catholic Reconciliation

Angus Buchan - belfastAngus Buchan and the Roman Catholic Reconciliation

In 2008 I wrote an article on Angus Buchan called The Dominionist Faith of Angus – Faith Like Potatoes and in it I noted the following:

Angus recently went to Ireland and preached to Protestants and Roman Catholics: [Emphasis added below]

 **  “This Sunday I will be in Durban and next week I go to Belfast, Northern Ireland to preach to the Protestants and the Roman  Catholics and the whosoevers.” [3]

**  “We saw many healings, salvations and re-commitments and a stirring in the hearts of the Irish people.” … [16]

** “At our meetings we had Catholics and Protestants together, surrendering their lives to Jesus Christ. It was a wonderful time of reconciliation.”[16]

Re-commitments?  To what? ….


The ‘Manifest Sons of God’ belief of Angus Buchan

Angus Buchan-Manifest Sons Of God TeachingWhat does Angus Buchan really believe?

On many occasions you will hear Angus Buchan near the end of his preaching shout out loud, “…..waiting for the Manifestation of the Sons of God”.  But what does he mean by this?   Well today I will explain to you exactly what Angus Buchan believes.

Romans 8:19″19For the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God. 20For the creature was made subject to vanity, not willingly, but by reason of him who hath subjected the same in hope, 21Because the creature itself also shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God.”

Manifest Sons of God

In the Latter Rain Movement they have what they call the ‘Manifest Sons of God’ where they twist the above scripture to mean that some will obtain immortality by incarnating Jesus Christ before He returns

Cindy Jacobs – Right Wing Xtian Nazi Communist

Cindy JacobsCindy Jacobs – Right Wing Xtian Nazi Communist

Seeing as though I have been following the history of Cindy Jacobs for about 3 years now I thought I would do an expose on one of the falsest prophetesses currently roaming the streets today.

On the 23rd May South Africa is hosting the Global Day of Prayer in which Cindy has been invited to speak a long with a whole host of false-christian teachers and preachers.

At the GDOP all the little false christian movements are coming together, to hail the anti-Christ.  Pushing their god’s plan, and their god’s dream of Communism for the World Where everyone will be equal they say, where everyone will be one they say, and where you will love everyone who agrees with you and love those to death who disagree with you.

1 John 4:1.    “Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world”


Here are is a very telling conversation with Cindy Jacobs from a video, which was aired on Sky Angel TV, USA:


Christian Right Fuses with Apostolic Dominionism

Dominionism - Christian rightIt is NOT about FREEDOM, it IS about DOMINIONISM

“The NEW BREED of Christian is poised to take over the earth, precinct by precinct. God’s Army is rising up. It is time to put on the militant garb. The glint in the eye becomes fixed as the exhilaration of the hour sweeps through the masses. They can make a difference! The world has been waiting with bated breath for this LAST DAY GENERATION. False prophets in their midst are caught in sin, under discipline, yet their tapes sell to believers of their false prophecies. The call for unity is the common cause bringing them from every denomination. They are calling their unity “revival.” After all, when they have set up the Kingdom here on the earth – they will have fulfilled the mandate given to Adam to subdue the earth. A new sound is heard in the land. The music gets louder and the beat gets stronger (even bringing in rock, metal, and funk) but oddly enough the lyrics are always the same! – The choruses proclaiming the triumphant song of the conquerors!”      “The Kingdomizers Have Arrived!” Discernment Newsletter, May/June 1992

Note to Herescope readers: What follows may be the most important article ever published by Discernment Ministries in its 21 year history. The first edition of the Discernment Newsletter, published in May 1990 began chronicling the activities of a group of men calling themselves “prophets” and “apostles,” claiming to have extra-biblical revelation and calling to build an elite army to take over the Earth. This obscure cult infiltrated Pentecostal circles with its doctrines, but it wasn’t until these “Kansas City Prophets,” as they were called, connected with…

Turn2God at the Union Buildings was…

 srcset=Turn2God at the Union Buildings was…A Call to a Christian type of Shaira law

Line up:
Angus Buchan * Keke * Soweto Gospel Choir * Graham Power * Elza Meyer * Zane Maes * Retief Burger * Jackson Xhosa * Lionel Peterson * Bennie Mostert * Joe Niemand * Louis Brittz * Rhema South Worship Team *  Marlon Van * Nedine Blom * Soekie and the Radikids, etc.

It was your typical Dominionist fashioned, Apostolic and Prophetic, stake your patch of kingdom earth before it’s too late, unbiblical nonsense.

 srcset=Elza Meyer had a vision from God one morning to host Turn2God.

They expected 40,000 people to show up and pay +/- R100 for seats.  (These things are no longer for free).   But instead her god only managed to get 15,000 paying people to show up, or less.

The rest of the day there was this echo from the stage where the speakers constantly reminded us how terrible it was that people actually took their invitation to sit on the grass for free.

There also seemed to be terrible feedback from the speakers; mumbles and grumbles that said “if no one came….they would have carried on worshipping God all by themselves.”   Their constant hinting at the lack of turnout and paying attendees was very sad.   Bennie Mostert told the crowd much later during the day, during a ‘Give us Money’ spree that they (the pastors) were very very poor, underpaid and needed money.

Lee Grady – Take the Holy Ghost out that box He is stuck in

 srcset=J Lee Grady – Take the Holy Ghost out that box He is stuck in

Can someone put J Lee Grady into a box please.  The hypocrisy of this man is astounding.  Or is it just plain foolishness to think he can get away with disagreeing with  ‘one thing’ one day and then agreeing the the ‘same thing’ the next day.

J Lee Grady, for the last time. The Holy Spirit abides in YOU when you are truly saved.  He does NOT hang around performing tricks and jumping out of boxes for people who have no interest in a genuine relationship with Jesus Christ the Son of God.

I would have to say that what you have written below is blasphemous.


J Lee Grady says:   Don’t Try to Tame the Holy Ghost

Tuesday, 02 March 2010 04:56 PM EST J. J Lee Grady Newsletters – Fire In My Bones


South Africans Reclaiming That Dominion Mandate To Dominate

dominion mandateSouth Africans Reclaiming That Dominion Mandate To Dominate

A shocking article from Joy Magazine, Nov 2009 issue below.  Reclaiming the Dominion Mandate – Dominionism explained at its best by Dominionists.  Nothing better to get information straight from the horses mouth.  At least no one can claim I am making this stuff up.

And if you notice people, Latter Rain/Word of Faith movement does not believe in a rapture because the entire ungodly idea is that you ‘the people’ need to reclaim the earth.  In the process they end up marching to reclaim Israel for themselves too.  It starts off with spiritual warfare and ends up in civil warfare.

Thank Jesus, that He is coming back BEFORE it gets out of hand.  I pray that if you are caught up in this vile false Christian teaching that you get out of it now and go back to the Word of God. Ask Jesus for forgiveness for not listening to Him hence you were led astray through disobedience to His Word. Get back on the narrow path.  Time is of an essence, in other words there is not much time left to recline in your chair and ponder your future.


Cindy Jacobs – Two Truly False Prophecies for Zimbabwe and Africa

Cindy Jacobs

I wrote about this prophecy 2 years ago and received a lot of slack.  I seem to be a sucker for punishment cos I am putting it back online again.  The only difference between this article and my last one is I found another prophecy by Cindy Jacobs for Zimbabwe and Africa which is very very interesting.

Cindy Jacobs is part of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) Apostle / Latter Rain Movement (Joel’s Army) run by C. Peter Wagner and Chuck Pierce, etc.   These new modern day prophets insist that the church is to be governed by them based on the structure of  the Ephesians 4:11 Fivefold ministry – with absolute authority.  Such leaders include Earl Paulk, John Gimenez, David Cannistraci, Ken Sumrall, Gary Greenwald, Norvel Hayes, Bill Hamon, Terry Virgo, Lou Engle, Rick Joyner, George Otis Jr, (Bennie Mostert, Angus Buchan, Dirkie van der Spuy (Moreletapark GemeenteNG Kerk), Wendy and Rory Alex (God TV), Charisma Magazine, Joy Magazine (South, Africa) etc, etc, etc,.

Prophetic Word For Zimbabwe #1

A Prophecy Given by Cindy Jacobs (President of Generals of Intercession)

30/10/1998 – Guatemala City, Guatemala.