Replying to Comments

Replying to CommentsReplying to comments

  1. Some comments might automatically land in the spam section. The Administrator will check regularly and approve any comments that are not considered spam.
  2. If your comment was accidentally deleted;  the Administrator will apologise and will ask you to post it again.
  3. The authors of this website will comment when time permits or deem it necessary to comment.
  4. If we don’t reply to your comment,
    • it’s because we are busy and don’t have time,
    • or feel that your comment has already been  answered in the articles we wrote,
    • or someone has already asked a similar question which has already been answered.
  5. We request you read all the comments written under an article.

IMPORTANT: Because this world is becoming more evil by the minute and Discerning the World is coming under attack more often from people with some very nasty dispositions, we now have ‘Terms and Conditions for Submission of Comments‘ which you need to agree too before you can comment – this is to protect us and you when you comment on this website.  If you are not here to harm Discerning the World and it’s authors, please comment away – otherwise please don’t comment.

Thank you 🙂