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Supersessionism, also called replacement theology or fulfillment theology, is a Christian doctrine which has parallels in Islam and Christianity. Supersessionism is a theological view on the current status of the church in relation to the Jewish people and Judaism. It holds that the Christian Church has succeeded the Israelites as the definitive people of God or that the New Covenant has replaced or superseded the Mosaic covenant.

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Stephan Joubert se Deurlees van die Boek Openbaring in Koronatyd Herbesoek – Deel 1

Inleiding Dit is opvallend hoe die boek Openbaring ’n oplewing ervaar in die gesprekke, onderhoude en preke van ons land se mees vooraanstaande geestelike leiers. Twee name wat onmiddellik die aandag trek, is Stephan Joubert en Riekert Botha. Korona Virus...

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The Scourge of Antisemitism and Replacement Theology

Replacement Theology and Antisemitism is arguably the uppermost reason why Jews have been rejecting Jesus as their Messiah for so long. I would even go so far as to say that anyone who nurtures the slightest feeling of animosity against,...

Paul Benson – Bucket Full of Holes 7

Paul Benson – A Bottomless Bucket (Part 6)

Paul Benson’s Elect In my previous article (Part 5 in the series) I ended with a quote and a short history of its origin. There Are None So Blind as Those Who Will Not See: According to the ‘Random House...

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Replacement Theology – A Doctrine of Demons

Replacement Theology Paul Wilkinson, the author of many books defending God’s immutable covenants with the nation of Israel (Zion and Jerusalem), among them “Understanding Christian Zionism” says in a radio interview with Tom McMahon: ” . . .  this doctrine,...

Amillennialiism vs Dominionism 3

Amillennialism vs Dominionism

Amillennialism and Dominionism fits “like a hand in a glove”, says C. Peter Wagner, head apostle from the New Apostolic Reformation.  Below we will analyze the two and we will see that he is quite right. What is Amillennialism: Amillennialism...

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NAR Invasion of SA – Rick Joyner, Angus Buchan, Danie Slabbert, Nevil Norden @ Apostolic Prophetic Conference – July 2012

NAR Invasion of SA – Rick Joyner, Angus Buchan, Danie Slabbert, Nevil Norden I knew it would happen and I waited patiently for this day, the day that Rick Joyner (Apostle in the New Apostolic Reformation NAR) teamed up with...