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IMPORTANT:   Because this world is becoming more evil by the minute and Discerning the World is coming under attack more often from people with some very nasty dispositions, we now have check box for our ‘Terms and Conditions for Submission of Comments‘ which you need to agree too before you can comment – this is to protect us and you when you comment on this website.  If you are not here to harm Discerning the World and it’s authors, please comment away – otherwise please don’t comment.

The following conditions does not mean that the authors of Discerning The World permit only opinions that are in agreement with us. This also does not mean that we fear dissenting opinions or ideas that are contrary to the beliefs that we hold (and/or that of the revealed Scriptures of the Holy Bible).

However, since abuse from commentators has occurred on Discerning The World, the following conditions apply:

All comments on this site are moderated. That means that they need to be approved before they go live by the Administrator/Moderator.  This is not an automatic process.  We do this for SPAM reasons. Also note that Discerning The World will post all comments, except in these circumstances:

  1. We do not do meetings.  We prefer if things are said in public, in the comments section on this website for all to hear.
  2. This website is operated and maintained by Tom Lessing and Deborah Ellish, i.e. this is our website. Your readership, participation, and commenting is appreciated but not expected. If you don’t like what you read on here please be aware that you are under no obligation to remain or return to Discerning The World. Conversely if you become a disturbance or nuisance and overstay your welcome, we will shorten your stay by deleting your comments.
  3. You are a guest on the Discerning The World website. Your ability and permission to leave comments on this website is a privilege, not a right.
  4. Discerning The World will not tolerate anyone who sets up camp on this website merely to disagree with everything that is posted on here.
  5. Discerning The World does not need a resident troll either to counter-act or counter-balance articles and comments.  If this is your intention, please take up residency elsewhere.
  6. Discerning The World will not tolerate demeaning, harsh-toned, vitriolic, abrasive, coarse, condescending, vindictive, abusive, insulting, disrespectful and/or downright mean-spirited comments, comments repeated across posts, advertising, foul language, multiple user names for different comments, and blatant lying.  The Administrator/Moderator has no problem what so ever deleting your comments.
  7. If you leave comments under the disguise of being a ‘fellow’ Christian, yet you consistently espouse ideas antithetical to the foundational doctrines of the Christian faith, expect your comments to be moderated much more carefully. It usually takes just one or two out “strange and of the ordinary” comments for our discernment radar to pick up on you and sound the alarms.
  8. We will not provide a platform for you to spread your seeds of doubt, hate and outright damnable heresies in an attempt to hijack this website for your own beliefs and teaching.  Instead, you will be stripped of the sheep’s cloak you’ve disguised yourself in and you will be driven from the flock like the wolf you are.
  9. Discerning The World will not tolerate your intolerance of our so called intolerance.
  10. If you leave a comment like this: ” I agree with everything you said, but I don’t like the way you said it.” then perhaps you would be better off finding a website that you agree with and they say it the way you like.
  11. Don’t leave a comment where you ‘judge us’ for ‘judging others‘ – Same goes for ‘criticising us’ for ‘criticising’ – just silly.
  12. Discerning The World is a A Genuine Christian website for Genuine Christians.  We are here to defend the Christian faith, and stand up for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We are not ashamed.
  13. If you leave a comment with links to heretical, apostate websites, etc., to direct people to those links because you think it’s the truth, they will be deleted. We reserve the right to redirect readers to the truth, not further into error.
  14. Lastly and most importantly;  demeaning, harsh-toned, vitriolic, abrasive, coarse, condescending, vindictive, abusive, insulting, disrespectful and/or downright mean-spirited comments against my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ the Only Son of God will lead to comments being deleted.  See point 12.
  15. We will not tolerate the above listed unacceptable behaviour. If it is found that someone leaving comments on Discerning The World cannot be trusted to do so without violating the above conditions, do not be surprised if your entire comment is deleted without notice.  Without notice means that while you are on your lunch break we will pack your bags for you, clear out your draws and disable your read and write privileges to read only.

Please read full Terms and Conditions for Submission of Comments before proceeding to comment on Discerning the World.

Thank you 🙂