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Andrew Murray 2

Andrew Murray – Masonic Charismatic Calvinist

Many people view Andrew Murray as a great preacher, a godly man, while others believe there is something not quite right about him.  I have spent many a month investigating Freemasonry with regards to pastors in churches in South Africa....

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Just-as-you-are 0

God Loves You Just as You Are?

God loves you just as you are? – Riekert Botha seems to love posting posters on his Facebook that, at first glance, look genuine Christian-like. But, are they? Riekert Botha’s maxim on the left can be viewed from two perspectives...

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christ in me-international-heresy - Xandré Strydom 5

The Heresy of Xandré Strydom

Madeleine from Discerning the Worlds’s Facebook group asked about Xandré Strydom of Christ in Me International. I went to investigate. Xandré Strydom is the Senior Pastor from Christ in Me International and teaches the heresy that Jesus was not born...

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Net twee dinge 2

Net Twee Dinge – Vita Dei Woordskool

Net twee dinge nodig om te weet? Net twee dinge om te weet – In die meegaande YouTube video van Vita Dei Woordskool, waarin Riekert Botha die Berg van Verheerliking in Matteus 17 bespreek, sê hy ’n baie eienaardige ding...

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Shutting Up Jesus – The ugly verses 0

Shutting Up Jesus – The Ugly Verses

Shutting up Jesus – the ugly verses: Some of the things some of the Mosaïek Kerk fraternity say are thoroughly teachable wisdoms. If only some of them would listen carefully to these wisdoms, they might learn something profoundly biblical from...

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Crucifixion3 6

Who killed Jesus Christ?

Who killed Jesus? Are Riekert Botha and his Facebook followers Christ killers? Are Riekert Botha and his Facebook pals Christ killers? – is a shocking question and will definitely offend people, especially Riekert Botha’s Facebook friends. Some of them may...

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Shakespeare-abuses - Riekert Botha 2

Riekert Botha: Noise versus Authority

Riekert Botha’s William Shakespeare Abuses Noise vs Authority – The reason for writing this article is to show how biblical discernment is being ravaged big time in our day and age. Christians who, in obedience to Christ Jesus’ command, sincerely...

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The-true-message 9

Riekert Botha’s True Message

Riekert Botha’s True Message – It must be said again that Riekert Botha has the knack to say the most magnanimously superb and celestially inspired words imaginable. No true Christian will disagree that the authority of the Son is non-negotiable....

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True-Identity-of-Jesus - True-Identity-of-Jesus - Riekert Botha 0

Riekert Botha se Markiestent

Wat is Gevaarliker . . .? Wat is gevaarliker, ’n bose terroriste aanval waarin duisende mense hulle lewens verloor of ’n engel van die lig wat duisende mense leer dat God se leerstellings en doktrines nie so belangrik is nie?...

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Riekert Botha - Shakespeare-Manewales 2

Riekert Botha se Shakespeare Manewales

Riekert Botha se William Shakespeare Vergrype Riekert Botha se William Shakespeare Vergrype – Aanhalings uit die geskrifte en boeke van wêreld beroemde skrywers soos William Shakespeare (Willem Wikkelspies, soos die ou mense hom genoem het) kan baie handig te pas...

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Riekert Botha - Wegraping 13

Riekert Botha – “Ek Gaan om vir Julle n Plek te Berei”

Inleiding: Lofsange aan Botha Een van Riekert Botha se nuutste YouTube videos oor die Wegraping “115 Vita Dei Woordskool: Ek gaan om vir julle plek te berei” word groot lof toegeswaai op sy Facebook. Dalene Nel Soos altyd net die...

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Mystery Babylon - A Strong Delusion 9

Mystery Babylon is Surely a Strong Delusion

Mystery Babylon: Paganized Christianity – the equalizing of Jesus Christ and Satan making them one and the same, and the turning man into a god – for this is surely a strong delusion. Thanks to the movie industry, the music...

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Ore plat praat 0

Moenie mense se ore pap praat nie.

In een van sy nuutste Ekerk artikels beveel Stephan Joubert predikers om mense se ore nie pap te preek nie. Hy sê onder andere “Ons dwing nie ons opinies op ander af nie, ook al meen ons dit kom van...

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