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Its Time – Angus Buchan 25

IT’S TIME – Transformation South Africa

IT’S TIME FOR “MY PEOPLE” – “MY PEOPLE?” Please note how Angus Buchan changed 2 Chronicles 7:14. Instead of quoting it correctly as “and will heal THEIR (THE JEWS) land (ISRAEL), he very subtly changed it to read as “and...

Guilt by Association 3

Guilt by Association

Many well-known and greatly esteemed preachers and teachers have absolutely no qualms whatsoever about their association with some of the weirdest, worst and most dangerous false prophets in these last days’ of exponential apostasy. Here are a few well-documented examples....

Letter from Graham Power to DTW 0

Letter from Graham Power to DTW

Letter to DTW from Graham Power – 18/6/2015 DTW stated in another article that Graham Power was a Freemason. This has been retracted as per Graham Power‘s request, unless we want legal action taken against us.  Graham Power please read:  (1 Corinthians...

pope francis and graham power 7

Graham Power meets Pope Francis

Graham Power meets Pope Francis from the Roman Catholic Church Just recently Graham power went to meet Pope Francis to discuss how Christians can take a stand against corruption.  After Graham Power met with Pope Francis he then traveled to the...

Mogale for Christ 12

Mogale 4 Christ (2014)

One of the most magnanimous episodes in the the life of Jesus Christ – when He still roamed the earth just prior to his ascension – was when He gave his disciples the following marching orders:- “We all recognize a...

capetownforjesus 5

Cape Town 4 Jesus (2010)

Amillennialiism vs Dominionism 3

Amillennialism vs Dominionism

Amillennialism and Dominionism fits “like a hand in a glove”, says C. Peter Wagner, head apostle from the New Apostolic Reformation.  Below we will analyze the two and we will see that he is quite right. What is Amillennialism: Amillennialism...

ElzaMeyer1 5

Elza Meyer – Hearing God’s Voice the Contemplative Way

Elza Meyer is part of the New Apostolic Reformation and is a minister at Moreletapark Church and Dutch Reformed Church’s and is big friends with Angus Buchan (Shalom Ministries), Stephan Joubert, Isak Burger, Graham Power (Transformation Africa), Bennie Mostert (Jericho Walls), et el.  Elza...