Angus Buchan and the Roman Catholic Reconciliation

Angus Buchan - belfastAngus Buchan and the Roman Catholic Reconciliation

In 2008 I wrote an article on Angus Buchan called The Dominionist Faith of Angus – Faith Like Potatoes and in it I noted the following:

Angus recently went to Ireland and preached to Protestants and Roman Catholics: [Emphasis added below]

 **  “This Sunday I will be in Durban and next week I go to Belfast, Northern Ireland to preach to the Protestants and the Roman  Catholics and the whosoevers.” [3]

**  “We saw many healings, salvations and re-commitments and a stirring in the hearts of the Irish people.” … [16]

** “At our meetings we had Catholics and Protestants together, surrendering their lives to Jesus Christ. It was a wonderful time of reconciliation.”[16]

Re-commitments?  To what? ….

How can a Roman Catholic re-commit to Jesus Christ? I am sure the Pope is jumping with joy at this – a reconciliation of all faiths to one Christ. So we now have Protestants and Catholics accepting a false Christ or re-committing to their false Christ, going back to their respective churches, never denouncing their heretical beliefs that go against the Word of Godand repenting and thinking themselves ‘saved’.

Any discerning Christian knows that the Vatican is the either the antichrist or false prophet mentioned in the book of Revelation.

Then on the 27th and 28th May 2011 –

“South African farmer and evangelist Angus Buchan is trusting God to move mightly in the hearts of Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland when he shares the gospel with them at the Odyssey Arena sports and entertainment centre in Belfast this weekend (May 27 and 28).

 width=The 15 000-capacity arena, which is rated as one of the six top indoor event arenas in the world, was chosen as a neutral venue that would make it as easy as possible for both Catholics and Protestants  to attend, said Buchan in an interview.  “It is an indoor stadium, the biggest one in Northern Ireland.  It is at the waterfront in Belfast.  I am not a priest or a reverend, I am a farmer, and  we are trusting that that is going to bring the two groups together.

In June last year Buchan addressed 7 500 people during a 3-day outreach, billed as “Maize n Grace”, at an equestrian centre in the Northern Ireland village of Fintona . He said it had been an “absolutely  amazing” time and that both Catholics and Protestants had responded positively and whole families had attended.

“I think that there is a real hunger in Ireland for the truth.  As we know, from Europe and Britain and from Ireland, many missionaries have gone all over the world, but they are in a state of darkness at the moment and we trust that just by preaching the simplistic gospel of Jesus Christ, getting back to grassroots in other words, that it will bring revival there,” said Angus Buchan.

Asked what he expected from the weekend, he said: “The only way reconciliation will come is when Jesus Christ is the central figure.  It is the same in our beloved South Africa.  It is only Jesus that can make the difference and that is exactly what I am going over to tell them.  I believe it will work because it has worked here, as you know, with the Mighty Men Conferences, and we are believing for nothing less than Holy Ghost revival!” [Emphasis added]   (Deborah note: It worked here?  Really?  On what planet does Angus Buchan reside on?  All we have here in South Africa are massive camping and braai festivals (disguised as Christian conferences) where men blow Shofars in a self-righteous act of ‘let’s see who can blow theirs the loudest, and just maybe God will hear them and respond because of the holy noise‘.)   — see full article here:  link has been remove from internet

“We saw the power of God moving in no uncertain terms and experienced the peace of the Lord which passes all understanding,” said Angus Buchan of his recent two-night evangelistic outreach to Roman Catholics and Protestants at the Odyssey Arena in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Catholic IRA movement


About 12 000 people attended the meetings on May 27 and 28, and in an unprecedented development the co-leaders of the Northern Ireland Government, First Minister Peter Robinson (Democratic Unionist Party, with strong links to the Protestant churches in Northern Ireland) and Deputy First Minister Martin Mc Guinness (Sinn Fein – regarded as the political wing of the Catholic IRA movement) contacted the outreach organisers before the event and said they wanted to endorse Buchan’s message.  [Emphasis added]

Robinson said: “Angus Buchan has a reputation as an international evangelist but also as a humble man. As a South African he comes from a country that has experienced division and conflict but is seeking to build something new. He is coming here with a message of how God’s power is able to change lives and transform communities. Anyone who comes here with a message of hope for the future is to be welcomed.”  [Emphasis added]

Mr Guinness said: “In the Executive we are aiming to deliver a better future for all in society and this is as event where everyone should feel comfortable. I particularly welcome the participation of the Omagh – Waterford Peace Choir. Angus Buchan has talked of how he and many people in his country are praying for reconciliation among all people here, old and young and of all backgrounds. As we look to the future we can only welcome such a hope.”…….  [Emphasis added]

“What a wonderful people the Irish are, so open to receive God, the Prince of Peace.  That war that is taking place there is a religious war, it has nothing to do with Jesus The people responded like I have never experienced before.  The leader of the IRA was at the Saturday meeting.  We thank God that there was a photograph in the local newspaper of him and the First Minister, the leader of the Protestants, shaking hands with a picture of Faith Like Potatoes behind them, truly a miraculous happening.”  [Emphasis added]  — see full article here:  link has been remove from internet

Angus’ trip to Ireland once again was a mission of ‘reconciliation’.  And Angus Buchan views Roman Catholics to be Christians, all they needed was to hear the gospel spoken to them from a ‘grassroots’ level and that would awaken something inside them to hug their protestant neighbours.  The same applied to the Protestants.  They would hear Angus’ message and they would in turn accept Roman Catholicism.  Bravo – unity achieved, and that would in the end able them to move forward into a hope filled future.  Religions coming together to work together under one Christ, moving swiftly into a New World Order.

 width=Mary the Queen of Heaven

The Catholic ‘Mary’ is not the Mary of the Bible but a demonic Goddess incarnated throughout the ages, see here:  Mary Queen of Heaven – Whore of Babylon and she will unite Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and Roman Catholicism in a One World Religion within a New World Order.

Did you know that this demonized ‘virgin‘ is mentioned no less than 34 times in the Koran?  Mary gives the Sura XIX its name and is its central figure as the mother of Jesus.

“Mary’s childhood, as seen through the Koran narration and Islamic tradition, is entirely a miracle. Mary grows under direct divine protection, she is nourished daily by angels (III, 32) and has visions of God every day. Everything contributes to making her and her Son a signum for mankind (V, 79; XXI, 91; XXIII, 50).”

See here for full article:  THE VIRGIN MARY IN THE KORAN

Did you know that Buddhists, Islamists and Hindus use prayer beads also know as Rosaries?

Prayer beads are used by members of various religious traditions such as Roman Catholicism, Orthodox Christianity, Anglicanism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Bahá’í Faith to count the repetitions of prayers, chants or devotions, such as the rosary of Virgin Mary in Christianity and dhikr (remembrance of God) in Islam.”    —

See more articles on Angus and view articles on Angus Buchan’s friends:

[3] (These links have been removed when they improved their website)
[16] (These links have been removed when they improved their website)
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48 Responses

  1. robert beattie says:

    In Angus Buchan daily devotion of the 28th June 2014 speaking about suicide I quote his words” We need to pray for those who have taken their lives and ask for Gods abundant mercy to be with them- but God does not look favourably upon suicide”

    Does Angus Buchan believe in praying for the dead if so I find this quite disturbing.

  2. robert beattie,

    Could you please provide us with a link to the source where Angus said it?

  3. robert beattie says:

    Thomas Lessing (Watch and Pray / Waak en Bid) wrote:

    robert beattie,

    Could you please provide us with a link to the source where Angus said it?

    In daily devotional A MUSTARD SEED under June 28th states that which I quoted in the article regarding those that committed suicide.
    Hopes this helps

  4. robert beattie says:

    has anyone who uses Angus Buchan daily reading “A Mustard Seed ” read June 28th with the rteference to people who have committed suicide ie praying for them.
    This to my mind is praying for the dead and would welcome comments from true believers as i find I have been deceived by Angus and this doctrine is truly disturbing,perhaps Angus himself could or would comment.
    Robert Beattie

  5. robert beattie says:

    God’s tells us that the truth will set us free,I have made an enquiry regarding one of the most serious statements I consider to be made from an evangelist of the reformed faith in relation to A Roman Catholic dogma,doctrine and cannot get any believer even to make a comment.
    It is time people who profess the name of CHRIST stand for what is bibical and speak out against herisy and yet on this web site silence speaks louder that the voice of God.
    I am most disappointed at the reaction received.

    ROBERT Beattie
    Shalom alichem B’Shem Yeshua

  6. derek says:

    I know that this article is old, I went to Angus Buchen’s homcell before he went out as an evangelist, your attack on him is NOT cool, or true. I know his heart, and if God can bring people Together, so be it, whether the Catholic church is of God or not, God can touch them. My wife was 3rd generation mormon, in a mormon church, when she met the true Jesus, it was ONLY then that she saw the deception. Stop your nasty criticism and back patting and do what the bible says, GO OUT AND REACH THE LOST WITH THE GOSPEL!

  7. derek

    >> Stop your nasty criticism and back patting and do what the bible says,

    You are the back patter. You wont stand up for the truth. You would rather pat Angus’s back than face the fact that he is a false teacher siding with the Roman Catholic church. You say you know his heart? How is this possible? No one knows the heart of another man/woman except God alone. You believe that he is a good, loving man, but satan appears as an angel of light does he not?

    Of course God can and does save people out of the Roman Catholic church, but that in no way means you are to side with them and call them brothers. When you see a Catholic you are to preach the truth to them.

    The same goes for your wife. When she was still in the Mormon church she was an unbeliever and someone needed to show her the truth in what she was believing. Did you do that or did you just leave her? The Holy Spirit then opened her eyes to the truth and she was saved out of the Mormon church.

    Are you saying that you think Mormons like Catholics can bring the church together? If that is the case you are one very confused person. Because first you say different religions can bring Christians together and then you say you wife was saved OUT OF mormonism. Or is she still in Mormonism but saved?

    I am confused by your thinking.

  8. Zach says:

    HIS name is not jesus HIS name is YASUHA(hi woh comes in the name of YAWHE jesus is god of litning jesus meens hail zesus and was born on the 25 of dec wake up peopel the wold is wating for jesus return and the roman cothlics going to give the jesus (antichris)ould angus and the rest is in for the money honey if angus was a tru beliver then he shold have know rick joiner is a satanist and should not have preadch with him

  9. Zach

    Is your name Zach or Zachariah?

  10. Jeremy says:

    indeed Rick Joyner is problematic, what about that other character who Mr Joyner endorsed, can’t remember his name; and on Mr Buchan, what kind of a gospel of salvation does he or does he not preach, i imagine it is the typical altar call type which is badly overused by all of our modern day revivalist come faith preachers as an easy mechanism to cause growth, which i fear often results in a falling away

  11. Amorette says:

    We live in the last days, waiting for that last treaty to be signed where the Pope and Israel sat down. And we are in the age of the BIG LIE. I found that many Church leaders have no discernment at all. And they lead the sheep astray, but that is prophesied in the profits. One of my mentors said this: FALSE TEACHERS ARE GODS JUDGEMENT to peoples who doesnt want GOD, all they want is a new house, new car. But I dont feel anything regarding these false profits, because GOD says in HIS WORD HE will send a strong delusion in the last days that they will believe the lie. I thank GOD and my saviour GOD YAHVAHSHUA for giving me also the discernment in these perilious times. I feel very sorry for those that doesnt want to hear or cant hear. But everything WILL happen as the Word says it would, and NOTHING can change it. GOD doesnt go back on HIS WORD. AND yes this roman anti-christ will be revealed and GOD have mercy on the peoples of this world.

  12. Ida says:

    Thank you Deborah for assisting in discerning the world. I support you. I used to look up to my church leaders but sadly, the only One that can save us is the True Savior, the one who died and paid the price, His own blood atonement for us. I heard uncle Angus himself saying that the script that he is reading is from the Catholic Church….. but not the Roman Catholic Church…. boy was I confused… he is leading the sheeple by their noses. My man is not going to any mighty men conference, not even over my dead body. Angus could be a Jesuite… wolf in sheep clothing, under cover Roman Catholic Church agent like there has been for decades.

  13. Hi Ida :hi:

    Yes I’ve noticed how people are now trying to distinguish the Roman Catholic Church from the Catholic Church. But they are one and the same. Just as the Coptic Church, Episcopalian church, Anglican Church and even Methodist Church etc, etc, etc, they etc are all branches of the RCC. And Pentecostalism, Charismaticism, Apostolic and Prophetic churches (Latter Rain / NAR) Calvinism, etc, are also branches of the RCC – it’s just taken many many years to realise this, but unfortunately it’s too late to reverse the damage done by Rome’s Evangelization Program to bring all churches in the world back under her roof. So now people need to come out of all these churches as the bible commands.

  14. Amorette says:

    Hi Deborah

    They showed a dvd recently in a church on the coast about a young girl from some River Church, I think it is the Rodney Howard Brown bunch. She is maybe 10 years old? Preaching about receiving the blessings? Have you seen it? Would appreciate your view on it too please?

  15. Hi Amorette :hi:

    Tom and I will check it out and see what we can find on Youtube etc. In the mean time if you can also look for the video and post the link here, that would help us a lot.

  16. Maureen van Heerden says:

    I like many of you writing have questioned many teachings and churches. We must pray for God’s true children that God will protect their spirits and souls and their families. Yes there are many false prophets, teachers apostles etc out there. Yes there are many people who are satanists and joined the churches. They know the walk and talk yet they still belong to satan. I encourage every true child of God daily take your Bible and read first the New Testament form cover to cover a minimum of 4 times then the Old Testament. In this way you will be able to with God’s help know who are of God and who are not of God. The dancing and the laughing, slipping and sliding all over the floor, falling down and much more. This is not God’s Holy Spirit. God is a gentlemen so is God’s Holy Spirit. Was this happening in Jesus New Testament no. Get out and find a sincere church who are sincere worshippers of God and believe and receive Our Lord Jesus Christ as God’s only begotten Son who gave His body for us and died and poured out His Very Blood on Golgotha restoring us to God as we confess our sins as well.

    Sadly many churches are on the same level as a disco. This is true. Jesus commands us to be Holy as God is Holy. We must turn away from all sin we know what sin we each are doing the Law of God is written in our hearts. I cry for the churches how in the world they have become. God loves everyone but not the false preaching, money hyping up by just want prophecies. I can guarantee people who are not prophesying by God’s Holy Spirit know they are wrong. Satan himself came to me and offered for me to be a fortune teller as I would be good. I turned it straight down and test everything that is preached and is done in the churches. If it is not 100% in line with God’s Word throw it out

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