Lee Grady – Take the Holy Ghost out that box He is stuck in

 width=J Lee Grady – Take the Holy Ghost out that box He is stuck in

Can someone put J Lee Grady into a box please.  The hypocrisy of this man is astounding.  Or is it just plain foolishness to think he can get away with disagreeing with  ‘one thing’ one day and then agreeing the the ‘same thing’ the next day.

J Lee Grady, for the last time. The Holy Spirit abides in YOU when you are truly saved.  He does NOT hang around performing tricks and jumping out of boxes for people who have no interest in a genuine relationship with Jesus Christ the Son of God.

I would have to say that what you have written below is blasphemous.


J Lee Grady says:   Don’t Try to Tame the Holy Ghost

Tuesday, 02 March 2010 04:56 PM EST J. J Lee Grady Newsletters – Fire In My Bones

Hundreds of years before the Holy Spirit was poured out on the early church on the day of Pentecost, the Old Testament prophet Ezekiel, newly anointed as a priest, got a free preview of how God would send the Holy Spirit to empower His people. The preview came in the form of a Technicolor vision that included a stormy wind, a cloud that glowed with fire, flashes of lightning and strange, four-faced cherubim that were empowered by God’s divine energy.

Ezekiel wrote of these heavenly creatures: “In the midst of the living beings there was something that looked like burning coals of fire, like torches darting back and forth among the living beings. The fire was bright, and lightning was flashing from the fire. And the living beings ran to and fro like bolts of lightning” (Ezekiel 1:13-14, NASB).

 “Let’s not become so trendy and culturally relevant that we lock the Holy Spirit in a cage … so that He doesn’t mess up our scripted show”

Ezekiel also got a close-up view of these angelic creatures. They each had four faces and four wings. Their feet, which looked like calves’ hooves, seemed to glow like bronze (v. 7). And the fantastical creatures had the faces of a bull, a lion, an eagle and a man. Sounds like something we might see on the Syfy channel, or read about in a J.R.R. Tolkien novel, but this is in the Bible. It is a pre-Pentecost look at Pentecost.

[DTW note:   You compare the what happened to Exekiel in the Bible to the demonic creatures of SciFi movies and the demonic creatures in JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings.  How Christian of you to do that.  God is sure to be highly impressed with that.]

I used to dismiss Ezekiel’s amazing vision as nothing more than a description of strange looking angels in heaven. But now I realize more is implied in the prophet’s vision. The four-faced creatures are described in detail to remind us that anyone who is anointed by the Holy Spirit will be transformed into something wild! These animals represent qualities of God’s nature that He shares with us.

The “living creature” Ezekiel saw had the face of man. This symbolizes human nature. All of us are frail vessels of clay, and we will always deal with flaws, temptations and weaknesses. But the creature also had the faces of three wild animals. This signifies to us that when we are filled with God’s Holy Spirit, He shares with us His supernatural attributes. Our very nature is infused with a raw, holy zeal.

[DTW note:   Lee, Lee, Lee. Let me explain this to you and I pray you get it.  When you are born again, you are immediately filled with the Holy Spirit as He comes to make a home in your heart.  And HE STAYS THERE.  There are no supernatural attributes that occur, except for the Holy Spirit convicting you of the sin in your life and bringing you to your knees asking Jesus Christ for forgiveness on a daily basis. ]

The bull speaks of apostolic strength. It is what the psalmist had in mind when he wrote: “You have exalted my horn like that of the wild ox; I have been anointed with fresh oil” (Psalm 92:10). When the oil of the Spirit touches us afresh we receive rare, unexplainable power to accomplish what we could not do before. We are able to advance in the Spirit and take territory for the Lord.

[DTW note:  Ok again let me explain this to you.  When you are truly born again, the Holy Spirit comes to abide in you and HE STAYS THERE.  He does not leave and come back and leave and come back each time there is some fresh anointing wafting over the earth.  And I used the word ‘wafting’ because this ‘wind’ is not Godly.   Your Dominionist Kingdom Now colours are shining through again.]

The lion speaks of evangelistic courage. As Proverbs 28:1 says, “The wicked flee when no one is pursuing, but the righteous are as bold as a lion.” This animal fears nothing and no one. His roar is the loudest sound in the jungle. Truly Spirit-empowered Christians cannot stop talking about Jesus.

The eagle speaks of missionary speed as well as spiritual strength and keen prophetic insight. The prophet Isaiah understood this when he said that those who wait for the Lord “will gain new strength; they will mount up with wings like eagles, they will run and not get tired, they will walk and not become weary” (Isaiah 40:31).

[DTW note:  Do you have prophetic insight Andrew?  If so, maybe you will understand this:  When you are born again, you are immediately filled with the Holy Spirit as He comes to make a home in your heart.  And HE STAYS THERE.  And He convicts you of sin and brings you into a relationship with Jesus Christ.  To be continuously filled by the Holy Spirit does not mean you need to go find another wafting wind blowing somewhere.  No it means;  the more you OBEY the Holy Spirit who lives IN YOU the more He continues to FILL YOU.]

What God was sharing with Ezekiel was the miracle of Pentecost, when God would clothe His people with power from on high. Not only would the early disciples hear the sound of a rushing wind and see flames of fire descend on every believer’s head. Those believers would be infused with untamable qualities-supernatural strength, fierce courage, uncanny boldness and an unusual ability to see into the invisible realm of God’s mysteries.

[DTW:  Oh sighs, are you rubbing shoulders with Todd ‘Bentley and Rick Joyner again?  Or is it Patricia King who also had an article in Charisma Mag just the other day.  Anyhow, busted.]

When I say that the Holy Spirit is wild, I am not suggesting that He brings disorder or chaos. God is not the author of confusion, and He certainly cannot be blamed for any of the foolish “charismatic chaos” we have manufactured in recent years. But too often the American church has tried to put the Third Person of the Trinity in a box. We want to confine Him, muzzle Him, constrain Him or shoot Him with a tranquilizer gun so we can maintain control.

[DTW note:  would you mind Andrew if I mentioned this – When you are born again, you are immediately filled with the Holy Spirit as He comes to make a home in your heart.  And HE STAYS THERE.  And He convicts you of sin and brings you into a relationship with Jesus Christ.  To be continuously filled by the Holy Spirit does not mean you need to go find another wafting wind blowing somewhere.  No it means;  the more you OBEY the Holy Spirit who lives IN YOU the more He continues to FILL YOU.    He is the gentle whisperer of all things true and brings us into constant remembrance of who Jesus Christ IS.  He is our councillor, He is our comforter, He convicts us on a daily basis when we start moving off away from His Word, He guides and assists with the most tender love, each born again Christian into a relationship with Jesus Christ that is beyond words to describe.   This is a born again Christian’s Holy Spirit, Lee.  Not the false spirit you speak about who hangs around in the atmosphere waiting to be called out of his box.] 

Many of our trendy churches are doing this today. We’ve built an impressive evangelical culture with great music, hip lighting and stage design, and cool videos and Power Point presentations. We even have smoke machines and rock star pastors. I have nothing against any of those things if they help make the gospel relevant to the younger generation.

But I just want to remind everybody: None of those things can replace the Holy Ghost. Let’s not become so trendy and culturally relevant that we lock Him in a cage … so that He doesn’t mess up our scripted show.

J. J Lee Grady served as editor of Charisma for 11 years and is now contributing editor. You can follow him on Twitter at leegrady.

Source:  http://charismamag.com/index.php/fire-in-my-bones/26423-dont-try-to-tame-the-holy-ghost#ixzz0hBW6831r

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13 Responses

  1. Bud Press says:

    The following quote is in the tenth paragraph. Is it a typo? Did I read it right?

    “The Holy Spirit is NOT a clown. He is Jesus Christ, He is God’s Spirit who abides IN BORN AGAIN CHRISTIANS.”

    Bud Press

  2. Bud Press

    Sorry, by saying “the Holy Spirit is NOT a clown” I was referring to Lee Grady saying that “We want to confine Him, muzzle Him, constrain Him or shoot Him with a tranquilizer gun so we can maintain control”. But that is a very badly constructed sentense. In fact I am not even sure why the rest of the sentence is there, that is completely wrong. Oh crickey. I’ll just remove the whole sentence. What a mess. Sorry.

  3. carrie daniel says:

    I read this on charisma last night. I always thought those cherubs were to signify or protect God’s holiness, also they are a picture of the person of Jesus Christ. The face represents the Son of Man, the ox, the suffering Servant, eagle, Son of God-the diety of Christ; and the Lion the King of Kings. Maybe I am wrong; and they go along with those attributes in the 4 gospels. Has nothing to do with what J.Lee is talking about. These people threw the Person of Christ out along time ago and are simply trumping up how great people are with a counterfiet holy spirit.

  4. Bud Press says:

    Hi Deborah:

    My focus on the sentence was not about the Holy Spirit, but the way the sentence was worded. The wording made it appear that the Holy Spirit is Jesus Christ:

    “The Holy Spirit is NOT a clown. He is Jesus Christ, He is God’s Spirit who abides IN BORN AGAIN CHRISTIANS.”

    Bud Press 🙂

  5. Bud Press

    Yes I know. That was the part that should not have been there, it’s incorrect. It was a very bad typo. Sorry. The Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit are 3 seperate persons in One. After Jesus ascended physically He sent the Holy Spirit who abides in us when saved.

  6. Thanks for showing me though. Gosh.

  7. S. Dobbs says:

    I have to come to Lee Grady’s defence here. In 2008 he did start out supporting Bentleys “Florida Outpouring” but soon after had the honesty and guts to voice his concerns about the many strange unscriptural beliefs and spiritual practices that Bentley was into. He did this at a time when others were scared to speak out because it was not popular and despite receiving what almost amounted to threats from some of those who blindly followed Bentley. During that same season I found that none of those I knew who followed Bentley had bothered to research what he believed or check him out at all. Instead they blindly followed the crowd and then fell into discouragement when they realised his many claims of raising the dead and even most of the healings could not be backed up by any evidence at all.
    If they had listened to Lee Grady they would have spared themselves this. Those who will not even listen to anyone who disagrees with them are surely walking on a dangerous path, they seem to think they actually know these ministers who are nothing but complete strangers to them not members of their own families. Why not for e.g. at least give consideration to Todd Bentley Updates such as this one: [EDITED: URL removed]
    You don’t have to agree with it all. Or are you so fearful of falling out with the ministers you idolise that you dare not even contemplate the possibility they may not be all they themselves claim to be. The people of the world are far wiser in their dealings with one another than many Christians just as Jesus Himself said in the gospels.Very few unbelievers will blindy follow people making such extraordinary claims without at least spending 10 minutes to check out if all they say is genuine.

  8. S Dobbs

    Ah but of course yes. You even think the visitation of the Christ that appeared over Mossel Bay here in SA could be of God and whatever it was holding in it’s arms looked like a dove to you. I proved that the visitation was a lie, on 2 counts. 1 because the Bible says so and 2 becuase the group of ‘christians’ who took the picture are a cult who follow the Book of Enoch.

    This article by Lee speaks for itself. No rocket science involved in this one.

    And ohhh pleaseeee “if they had listened to Lee Grady…” what a joke. He endorsed it though and through and then jumped ship when everything fell apart. And still to today can’t keep his story straight. One minute it’s ‘rebuke the NAR’ next day ‘love the NAR’, next day, ‘Everything is false’, next day, ‘Oh it was definitely God moving’. Lee Grady even had the gall to say that those discerning that the Lakeland revival was false and warning were wrong, wrong, wrong and that because no one in the NAR had said what was happening at Lakeland was false, it was therefore right, right, right.

    Yada yada yada… I wish people would actually open their eyes. And if you just took 10 minutes to read the Word of God you would clearly see that everything that goes on at Charisma magazine is false.

    The only reason I like to mention Lee Grady at the moment is because of Andrew Strom who is running around all ‘undercover Christian’ taking back Africa for whoever and rebuking the Apostolic and Prophetic when he is still part of it all.

  9. cecilia says:

    >> S Dobbs, 4 March: “If they had listened to Lee Grady they would have spared themselves this.”

    oh yes??? how about If they have but tested it by the Word of God themselves? why do people always look for another human being to save the day?

    >>> “at least give consideration to Todd Bentley Updates ”

    I see… my eyes are wide open: on his site he advertises a ‘This exciting school by Todd Bentley and Fresh Fire Ministries USA combines teaching on prophetic ministry with instruction on how to engage the revelatory realm of heaven.’

    it includes to:
    How to Stir Up the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation
    Angelic Hosts (I wonder if angel emma is back in his life?)
    Prophetic Activation
    Throne Room Encounters
    Birth and deliver a prophetic word
    Understand the levels of the prophetic mantel

    I’ll stop here, this was just pulling out some of the main ‘teachings’…. mere man’s teachings…

    so T Bentley did not repent of his old teachings (or did I just missed it?)… he goes on in his old new ways as always, as if nothing has happened… and like so many other leaders in our days, his aim is THE YOUTH, because they don’t have background knowledge, and are easily influenced because they learn by what their eyes see, not so much as to what they hear.

    He is really bad news… my document about him is now over 338 pages long… oh yes, I checked out what he (say)teaches, more than 10 min.! NOT GENUINE – not according to Scripture anyway!

  10. Bud Press says:


    Thanks for clearing that up.

    God bless you,
    Bud Press

  11. Bud Press says:

    S. Dobbs:

    First, please be informed that God has zero tolerance for false prophets and false teachers. There is no fellowship between God, false prophets, and false teachers (Jeremiah 23:31-32; Ezekiel 13:9; Matthew 7:21-23; 2 Peter 2:1). And God will deal with them severely at His appointed time (Matthew 7:21-23; Revelation 20:11-15).

    Second, Lee Grady has been with Charisma many, many years. He has been confronted by discerning Christians numerous times, and encouraged to repent and separate from Charisma magazine and the Word of Faith movement.

    Third, over the years, Charisma magazine has advertised, promoted, and encouraged a warehouse of false prophets, false teachers, and false healers–including Todd Bentley.

    Lee Grady, Stephen Strang, and Charisma magazine are part of the problem, not the solution.

    Fourth, heretical teachings not only shipwreck the faith of a believer, they drive the unsaved deeper and deeper into sin and further away from God. Where a person will spend eternity is primary.

    Finally, one can’t be a false prophet and a false teacher and a Christian at the same time. Take a serious look at 2 Peter 2:1:

    “But false prophets also arose among the people, just as there will also be false teachers among you, who will secretly introduce destructive heresies, even denying the Master who bought them, bringing swift destruction upon themselves” (NASB).

    Did you notice the words, “even denying the Master who bought them”?

    Charisma magazine is NOT a Christian publication, and Lee Grady is not my brother in Christ.

    Bud Press

  12. Bud Press

    No worries, I must say I was in a bit of shock when I saw the sentence and had my hand over my mouth wondering ‘how on earth am I going to explain this mistake’. Oh my goodness. But hey it’s corrected. I could have argued with you and said, ‘touch not gods anointed’ 😉 LOL.

  13. What Might it Be About: In That Day?
    By Robert Winkler Burke
    Of inthatdayteachings.com
    Copyright 4/21/11

    It isn’t computers, robots or aliens oppressing man,
    It isn’t one-world conspiracies or wounded environment!
    It isn’t global warming or the price of food or oil,
    Could it, well, be: sub-thought wolf enslavement?

    It isn’t a computer chip numbered: Six-Six-Six,
    It isn’t lack of Israeli knowledge,
    It isn’t lack of weird visions and dreams,
    But might it be: mental slavery college?

    It isn’t lack of reading eight-hundred pages,
    Of bible taught over and over again,
    Might it be: being eight-hundred page, rigid,
    Sub-scripture taught, blind as sin?

    Might it be: being sub-taught by blind sub-taught wolves,
    To have no faith, but hate, for solution?
    To be pre-programmed to deny Gordian sword cuts knot,
    To vilify God’s pioneers of restitution?

    Might it be that Indwelling, Western Enlightenment,
    Correction and Higher and Greater Teachings,
    Are pre-programmed to be loathed, despised, hated!
    So that none, or few, can achieve higher reachings?

    Might it be God planned this,
    In That Day all along?
    That we might worthily grow,
    In courage, and be strong!

    Thus it now,
    In That Day: IS,
    That in God,
    Have we this: bliss!

    To grow through the muck of man’s mind,
    To transcend from mushroom to mighty oak!
    To this, God seems dedicated,
    His glory-mind in us! Every yoke: broke!

    But oh God, it is hard!
    The hardest thing to imagine or perceive!
    The most rigid, most dumb,
    Be uplifted: that Christ-in-him, receive?

    Oh, the glory!
    Oh the magic!
    God reverses,
    Man’s path: tragic!

    Because the most bad, very dumbest,
    Yes dumbest, by far, of them all,
    Are the eight-hundred page sub-taught,
    Blind seers who resist: God’s call!

    That’s actually what a disciple is,
    Friends, In That Day,
    The most rigid: become flexible,
    Hip-hip hurray!

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