Cindy Jacobs – Right Wing Xtian Nazi Communist

Cindy JacobsCindy Jacobs – Right Wing Xtian Nazi Communist

Seeing as though I have been following the history of Cindy Jacobs for about 3 years now I thought I would do an expose on one of the falsest prophetesses currently roaming the streets today.

On the 23rd May South Africa is hosting the Global Day of Prayer in which Cindy has been invited to speak a long with a whole host of false-christian teachers and preachers.

At the GDOP all the little false christian movements are coming together, to hail the anti-Christ.  Pushing their god’s plan, and their god’s dream of Communism for the World Where everyone will be equal they say, where everyone will be one they say, and where you will love everyone who agrees with you and love those to death who disagree with you.

1 John 4:1.    “Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world”


Here are is a very telling conversation with Cindy Jacobs from a video, which was aired on Sky Angel TV, USA:

“Joy Strang, related to Stephen Strang publisher of CHARISMA magazine introduced Cindy Jacobs as “the president of Generals of Intercession” and as someone who “has been used around the world in stirring revival, raising up a spirit of intercession across the world.”

[Emphasis added / DTW notes in Green]

Cindy Jacobs: “We’re here because there’s a changing of the guard in the heavenlies.”

[DTW note:   Don’t you mean it’s the changing of the god in the heavenlies?  Where the anti-Christ is about to make his entrance soon?  It must be, because there is no scripture for ‘a changing of the guard…”]

Cindy Jacobs: “Why Daytona Beach? You see God is very particular about places. He chooses places as he chooses people. There are places that there are redemptive deposits of anointing, visitation and what we have found and what we discussed in the speakers’ meeting, caused us to realize we’re here for such a time as this……”Churches like in Denver, Colorado, where Kathryn Kuhlman preached and places that seemingly at this moment are not experiencing what even they want to experience, there are visitations by such people as Smith Wigglesworth and Aimee Semple-McPherson and Kathryn Kuhlman. I feel like the Holy Spirit is saying, ‘where are the Aimee Semple-McPhersons?’ I believe God is raising up a nation, a company of Aimee Semple-McPhersons, Kathryn Khulmans.”        

[DTW note:   There are visitations by dead people?  That’s necromancy.]

Through years the fire goes out. And God will bring people to a place to light the fire.”        

[DTW note:   I had no idea the Holy Spirit could be extinguished in a born again Christian – scripture please?  Oh wait, your god was extinguished 2000 years ago by Jesus Christ and His sacrifice on the cross.]

Cindy Jacobs: “I know and the visitations that I’ve had from the Lord even recently, when that glory of God has come, I thought I would die! I thought I physically could not stand the glory. I just simply felt . . . unclean. . . But we don’t need to be afraid of the fire. We need to welcome it cause God wants to have a holy bride.”

[DTW note:  You felt unclean!?!?  So your god wants to defile the bride?  You should be very afraid of the fire – it’s called Satan.   This ‘fire’ has been spread across the world by false-christians. They transfer it to you, they lay hands on you, they call this fire down over crowds – if you want the fire you will get it.  It will blind you to the truth – see article here on The Biblical Holy Spirit vs.The False Unholy Spirit of Fire]

Here are some disturbing facts regarding Cindy Jacobs:

  1. Kenneth and Gloria Copeland claim her to be their own personal Prophetess.
  2. Cindy Jacobs says,   “Peter Wagner is really my spiritual dad … he is very much like a dad. I call him my dad”  — Sky Angel TV on 29 May 1999 (Jackie Alnor)
  3. Cindy Jacobs prophecies appear on the website ‘The Elijah List’ which is blatantly occult.

Here is a really disturbing fact regarding Cindy Jacobs:

Recently, Cindy Jacobs and friends sang in front of statue of a golden bull in front of Wall Street for God to save the USA economy.  How ironic, the praising of a golden statue of a bull – is it because their god is Baal? (video: 27 sec)

Picture snapshots.  Below you can see Cindy Jacobs and her husband touching the ‘golden calf’ as people worship their god in song, dance and the blowing of Shofars.



Listen to this utter unbiblical rubbish by Cindy Jacobs:


Quote from Cindy Jacobs book:

“Possessing the Gates of the Enemy”

Cindy Jacob’s says,   “Another stronghold on a personal level is that of SELF. Any right that we try to hold onto will be played upon by the enemy of our souls in time of battle. Some of the rights we have to give up in order to tear down strongholds are:     [Emphasis added]

Give up the right…

  • the right to criticize
  • the right to be offended
  • the right to our time
  • the right to do what we want with our posessions
  • the right to self-pity
  • the right to self-justification
  • the right to be understood

[DTW  note:  This is TOTALLY and utterly unbiblical.   These points above are the epitome of Socialism where you have to give up your rights.]


The Bible Is Our Government

Freedom Federation’s “The Awakening” Conference (16 April 2010)

Cindy Jacobs says,    “…the bible is the government of the people, by the people, for the people…”

Cindy Jacobs says:   “…Does the Creator have a right to say how nations are governed? Of course he does. I think it’s John Wycliffe, I know it is, in 1382 that said “the Bible is the government of the people, by the people, for the people.” And many of us don’t even understand that in the United States today our roots, everything we are, is based upon the Manufacturer’s handbook. That we took our law from English common law and that what we have and who we are works because the Creator put it into a constitution…”

“I believe this is why we are here. We’re here for a great awakening to understand that politics are simply the ideological vessel that God has allowed to be in society today that will determine what happens in the soul of the nation…”

“I believe we are on the verge of the greatest awakening, not only what we would say just in the church, but we are on the verge of the greatest awakening that we have EVER SEEN in our history as a nation, to understand, that I am going to say something radical…”

“It’s not the faith and the founders that are going to heal this nation, it is a people who will rise up and understand that the bible is the government of the people by the people for the people and I believe there is an awakening that is not going to begin but has already begun and will do just that!”


Cindy Jacobs entire ministry and that of all these false Christian movements is to spread the anti-Christ message of SOCIAL TRANSFORMATION also known as ‘Revival’


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Dominionism or Kingdom Now teaching is the ‘religion’ that Cindy Jacob’s and all her friends like George Otis Jr, follow.  George Otis (The Sentinel Group) is another Apostle in the ICA.   See these articles below to see who George Otis Jr is and his influence in South Africa goes back quite a few years:  See the following articles:


Dominionism and the Rise of Christian Imperialism

By Sarah Leslie – Discernment Research Group

Dominionism in brief:

Throughout the 2000 year history of Christianity there has always been a vein of Dominionism embedded in the strata of doctrines. This seam has ebbed and flowed for 20 centuries, sometimes submerged, sometimes exposed. Whenever out in the open, it has given rise to horrible abuses done in the name of Christ. In the early 21st century, once again this vein is now showing and active. Keep in mind:

  • Dominionism is always an aberration of true Christian theology.
  • A remnant of believers has always opposed it, often suffering a martyr’s fate at the hands of intolerant Dominionists.

Traditional Christianity teaches:

The Gospel of Salvation is by faith in Jesus Christ and His shed blood on the cross. The emphasis is placed upon repentance and conversion of individual souls. The Kingdom of God in this age is spiritual and grows through efforts of evangelism based on teaching the Bible. It is “not of this world” (John 18:36), but a spiritual rule in the hearts of men (Luke 17:20-21). Furthermore, the Kingdom of God is only finally realized upon Christ’s second return to Earth, whereby He Himself establishes His literal and physical reign.

The evangelism mandate by Word and Spirit

Christ never intended that His gospel should be propagated by fire and sword or His righteousness wrought by the wrath of man. When the high praises of God are in our mouth with them we should have an olive-branch of peace in our hands. Christ’s victories are by the power of His gospel and grace over spiritual enemies, in which all believers are more than conquerors. The word of God is the two-edged sword (Heb. 4:12), the sword of the Spirit(Eph. 6:17).5 [emphasis added]

Matthew Henry, circa 1700

Dominionism teaches:

The Gospel of Salvation is achieved by setting up the “Kingdom of God” as a literal and physical kingdom to be “advanced” on Earth in the present age. Some Dominionists liken the New Testament Kingdom to the Old Testament Israel in ways that justify taking up the sword, or other methods of punitive judgment, to war against enemies of their kingdom. Dominionists teach that men can be coerced or compelled to enter the kingdom. They assign to the Church duties and rights that belong Scripturally only to Jesus Christ. This includes the esoteric belief that believers can “incarnate” Christ and function as His body on Earth to establish His kingdom rule. An inordinate emphasis is placed on man’s efforts; the doctrine of the sovereignty of God is diminished.

The new dominion mandate by control

Dominion theology is predicated upon three basic beliefs: 1) Satan usurped man’s dominion over the earth through the temptation of Adam and Eve; 2) The Church is God’s instrument to take dominion back from Satan; 3) Jesus cannot or will not return until the Church has taken dominion by gaining control of the earth’s governmental and social institutions.6 [emphasis added]

Al Dager, Vengeance Is Ours: The Church In Dominion

Dominion theology is a heresy. As such it is rarely presented as openly as the definitions above may indicate. Outside of the Reconstructionist camp, evangelical Dominionism has wrapped itself in slick packages – one piece at a time – for mass-media consumption. This has been a slow process, taking several decades. Few evangelicals would recognize the word “Dominionism” or know what it means. This is because other terminologies have been developed which soft-sell Dominionism, concealing the full scope of the agenda. Many evangelicals (and even their more conservative counterparts, the fundamentalists) may adhere to tidbits of Dominionism without recognizing the error. This is because Dominionism has “crept in unawares” (Jude 4) to seduce an undiscerning generation.

To most effectively propagate their agenda, Dominionist leaders firstdeveloped new ecclesiologies, eschatologies and soteriologies for targeted audiences along the major denominational fault lines of evangelical Christianity. Thenthe 1990s Promise Keepers men’s movement was used as a vehicle to “break down the walls”, i.e., cross denominational barriers for the purpose of exporting Dominionism to the wider evangelical subculture.7This strategy was so effective that it reached into the mainline Protestant denominations. Dominionists have carefully selected leaders to be trained as “change agents” for “transformation” (dominion) in an erudite manner that belies the media stereotype of southern-talking, Bible-thumping, fundamentalist half-wits.

The 3 sects of evangelical Dominionism:

There are three predominant sects (or movements) that propagate dominion theology which hold considerable influence over evangelicaldom.

1. SPIRITUAL WARFARE PRAYER MOVEMENT:The Kingdom of God must be advanced on Earth through hyper-spiritual “warfare” activities against the devil. A veritable supermarket of verbal and physical prayer techniques such as chanting, walks, and marches are employed in this effort. Believers are told their prayer power creates spiritual “canopies” over regions, preparing the way for “revival.” In this sense, prayer warfare is seen as preparatory work so that the other two movements can build the kingdom. Recently the contemplative prayer movement – which includes meditation, fasting, and labyrinths – has been brought into the spiritual warfare prayer “arsenal.” Prayer serves as a convenient decoy for covert operations. All three sects are utilizing massive statistical databanking resources (e.g., the World Prayer Center in Colorado Springs) and sophisticated psycho-social group manipulations to forge kingdom “transformation.” One key leader of this sect is Cindy Jacobs, who is closely associated with C. Peter Wagner (see below). Her website epitomizes the militant doctrines and practices of the spiritual warfare sect.

Prayer before fighting

Our calling is to be worshippers, warriors, and workers. We must first offer our lives as a living sacrifice in worship to God. From our worship will flow our intercession and warfare as we fight with weapons of righteousness in our right hand and in our left. Only after we have worshipped our God and fought the fight in the Spirit will we proceed to work in the harvest fields, advancing the Kingdom of God.8 [emphasis added]

Promoting these prayer warfare activities are hyper-charismatics from the “signs and wonders” movement, which include self-anointed, self-appointed “apostles” and “prophets” who are preparing to govern the world through their “New Apostolic Reformation.” This Dominionist sect is a direct offshoot of the Latter Rain cult (also known as Joel’s Army or Manifest Sons of God).9Chief architect of this movement for the past two decades is C. Peter Wagner, President of Global Harvest Ministries and Chancellor of the Wagner Leadership Institute. His spiritual warfare teachings have been widely disseminated through mission networks such as AD 2000, which was closely associated with the Lausanne Movement. A prominent individual connected to this sect is Ted Haggard, current head of the National Association of Evangelicals.10

The New Apostolic Reformation

Since 2001, the body of Christ has been in the Second Apostolic Age. The apostolic/prophetic government of the church is now in place. . . . [W]e began to build our base by locating and identifying with the intercessory prayer movements. This time, however, we feel that God wants us to start governmentally, connecting with the apostles of the region. God has already raised up for us a key apostle in one of the strategic nations of the Middle East, and other apostles are already coming on board. Once we have the apostles in place, we will then bring the intercessors and the prophets into the inner circle, and we will end up with the spiritual core we need to move ahead for retaking the dominion that is rightfully ours.11 [emphasis added]

C. Peter Wagner

2. MISSION AS TRANSFORMATION movement:The words “revival,” “reformation” and “transformation” now carry embedded Dominionist connotations. “Fulfilling the Great Commission” (Matthew 28:18-20) no longer means spreading the Gospel message by speaking the Word of salvation from the Bible. The Dominionist focus is placed upon the phrase making disciples, with an incorrect exegesis that is disconcertingly compulsory. Traditional mission evangelism, done one-on-one using the Bible, is being replaced with a slew of “kingdom building” corporate activities for cities, regions and nations. The disingenuous phrase “bless the nations” is often used to conceal Dominionism. Dr. Bill Bright of Campus Crusade for Christ International and Ralph Winter, founder of the U.S. Center for World Mission and editor of the Perspectives on the World Christian Movementcurriculum (which has taught Dominionism to an entire generation of missionaries), have been among the chief architects of this movement.12

Dominionism supplants biblical evangelism

“The Church must grow past the ‘Gospel of Salvation’ message and understand that it is only when we begin to implement the principles of the ‘Gospel of the kingdom’ that we will really begin to see change in lives and cities and nations. The Church has no understanding of this realm. . . The Church must grow up. . . . 13 [emphasis added]

Dale Neill, president of ICCC


Beyond Salvation

“. . . God’s concern goes beyond the salvation of individual people. His redemptive plan encompasses the healing and transformation of entire nations . . . . Nations are discipled as the church makes the invisible Kingdom visible by faithful obedience to God’s Word throughout culture–in every area of life, and every realm of society including the family, the community, the arts, sciences, media, law, government, schools, or business. . . .”14 [emphasis added]

Disciple the Nations

3.  PATRIOTIC AMERICAN movement: Patriotic Dominionists, most of whom are not Reconstructionists, teach that political action will advance the kingdom of God in America. Using the vehicle of Christian media, they have taught evangelicals for the past three decades that America is a Christian nation and needs to return to its roots. Almost every evangelical in the pew has been influenced in one way or another by this sect. Patriotic Dominionist leaders and their organizations have been closely interlocked financially and politically with the conservatives from the political Right. The secular conservatives purport to uphold morality, which appeals to evangelicals. The combined force of conservatives and evangelicals flexes its political muscles in Washington. One of its most powerful leaders is James Dobson of Focus on the Family. Patriotic Dominionism was widely disseminated through the activities of Jay Grimstead, founder of Coalition on Revival (COR). From its earliest inception COR managed to successfully bring together key leaders from all three Dominionist sects, including the Reconstructionists, to promote the most ruthless doctrines of Dominionism.15

Grimstead’s COR Steering Council letter, dated May 1993

1. The Kingdom of God was inaugurated and the King was installed and seated in the First Century A.D. and we need not wait for the King’s second coming to get the Kingdom started here on earth.

4. At this moment of history, all humans on earth, whether Jew or Gentile, believer or unbeliever, private person or public official, are obligated to bow their knees to this King Jesus, confess Him as Lord of the universe with their tongues, and submit to His lordship over every aspect of their lives in thought, word and deed.

5. Biblical evangelism according to the Great Commission of Matt. 28:18-20 is not truly accomplished unless that message of Christ’s lordship from point #4 above is given to the person being evangelized so that they know that an attempt at personal neutrality before King Jesus is sin and treason in this universe.16 [emphases added]

Dominionism goes global

Since the latter half of the 1990s the three major Dominionists sects have openly converged into an ecumenical force. These three branches of Dominionism are linked historically at many levels, and there is solid documentation to support the idea that the current convergence was planned and intentional.17

While Leftists focused their attentions on political Dominionists in American politics and what was going on in Iraq, the three movements went global. This new confederation of Dominionists has been rapidly advancing its kingdom across the globe through “economic, social, political and spiritual transformation.”18To achieve this paradigm shift, the global Dominionists have employed sophisticated psycho-social methodologies, statistical research, socio-economic development tools, marketing research, strategic planning, assessments, databanking and monitoring, and technical assistance. They are also aggressively forming alliances with national and international governments, corporations, individuals, private agencies, philanthropic groups and other entities. Below are some key examples of this rapid convergence around a global kingdom worldview.

1. Global “spheres.”Observers from the Left were infuriated when the Coalition on Revival political Dominionists cranked out documents during the 1980s addressing a Christian worldview in seventeen “spheres” of life and ministry – education, health care, the family, the arts, sciences, law, media, government, business, etc. This is because COR didn’t just write a philosophical statement. COR “determined that it is mandatory for all Christians to implement that worldview in society, particularly as it applies to the Dominionist interpretation of the Great Commission.”19These spheres didn’t disappear when COR began to fade off the radar screen. They have a new life. The worldview sphere documents have now gone global by becoming incorporated into mission agendas. Mission groups are now partnering with national and international governments, business corporations, NGOs, humanitarian entities and others to build their kingdom in the cultural spheres of selected nations around the globe.

Mission incorporates COR’s spheres

The seven spheres of influence described below will help us shape societies for Christ. God gave us these handles to use in carrying out Matthew 28 and discipling nations for Him. We believe He is wanting all His people to see the importance of these seven areas and work in them to extend Christ’s reign throughout the earth. The Family & Health Care; Commerce, Science and Technology; The Church; Government; Education; The Media; The Arts, Entertainment and Sports20

Disciple the Nations

2. The 3-legged stool.The dominionist’s kingdom must be advanced on Earth by gaining control of governments (State), utilizing business (Corporations) and partnering with social sector (Church) institutions. New bridges are being built based on triangular relationship between all three sectors of society. The Church is forming partnerships (or collaborations) with State and/or Corporate interests in order to implement dominion. Peter Drucker, the management guru, was instrumental in overseeing the implementation of this agenda – to create a three-legged “healthy society” globally – via Rick Warren of purpose-driven fame. Warren was mentored by Drucker, as were a number of other evangelical leaders such as Bob Buford of Leadership Network. Buford trained an entire generation of aspiring megachurch pastors in Drucker’s social philosophies. The megachurches are based on the Drucker corporate business model. Drucker’s ideas also undergird the faith-based (Church-State) movement which has been politically championed by the neoconservatives in Washington.21Dominionism is significantly breaking down the walls between Church and Corporations (see point 4 below). In brief, the three-legged stool of dominionism looks like this:


STATE + CHURCH = Faith-based

CHURCH + CORPORATE = Fusion: the Merchant Church

Drucker’s 3-legged stool model

. . .[The Peter F. Drucker Foundation for Nonprofit Management], created ten years ago to honor Peter Drucker’s contributions to management and leadership, believes that a healthy society requires three vital sectors: a public sector of effective governments; a private sector of effective businesses; and a social sector of effective community organizations, including faith-based organizations. It furthers its mission to lead social sector organizations toward excellence in performance by providing educational opportunities and resources.22

Leadership Network

3. The phenomenon of Rick Warren.Rick Warren has single-handedly accomplished more to bring about a public convergence between the three sects of dominionism than any other individual. Warren received his doctorate from Fuller Theological Seminary under the tutelage of his advisor, C. Peter Wagner of the spiritual warfare dominionists.23Dubbed “America’s Pastor” by the media, he is now embarking on an aggressive marketing campaign to set up a model of Peter Drucker’s “healthy society” in Rwanda, ostensibly under the banner of missionary and charitable endeavors. Warren has launched a grandiose plan to “transform” Africa – to “cure AIDS,” “end poverty” and “fulfill the Great Commission.” Warren transcends evangelicalism. He easily moves in internationalist circles (Aspen Institute) and aligns himself with rock stars (Bono). Warren has audaciously called for a “Second Reformation” based upon his global P.E.A.C.E. Plan, which is a study in dominionism.24 Leftists who fret over Warren’s foray into AIDS25may miss the more serious dominionist ramifications of his overall global plan. Warren intends to amass the world’s largest volunteer “army” of “one billion foot soldiers” to implement his global P.E.A.C.E. Plan.26

The global P.E.A.C.E. plan to make disciples

In addition to its message of compassion, the [Saddleback Church AIDS] conference sought to impart several other points emerging from Warren’s global P.E.A.C.E. plan.

Based on the Great Commission to make disciples (Matthew 28:18-20) and the Great Commandments to love God and to love our neighbors (Mark 12:28-34), the plan is Warren’s approach to attack what he calls the five “global giants” — spiritual emptiness, egocentric leadership, extreme poverty, pandemic diseases and illiteracy and poor education, by Planting churches, Equipping servant leaders, Assisting the poor, Caring for the sick and Educating the next generation. [emphasis added]27

“Involvement in AIDS crisis urged at Saddleback conference,” Baptist Press

4. Marketplace ministries. Corporate business ventures are cloaking themselves in missionary garb to enter a nation and effect change. Creating an outpost for new corporate markets in undeveloped Third World countries, particularly those rich in natural resources, is being done in the name of “kingdom-building.” In order to establish a spiritual aura for these activities, a high-tech Global Day of Prayer was established in May 2005 by the Spiritual Warfare sect working together with Rick Warren.28This annual event is designed to promote the dominionist agenda worldwide. Corporate “marketplace ministry” expansion is being done with claims of sustainable development, free-trade, and other community development activities that could screen the dominionist agenda. An influential marketplace mission organization is Transform World, which is one of the most patent examples of dominionism.29 Mission groups are taking up the quest for corporate expansion and financial gain by linking with business corporations, who are taking up the “mission” to expand their markets in the name of kingdom-building. Meanwhile, C. Peter Wagner has cooked up a new definition of ekklesia (Gk. church) to fuse the Church with the Corporate workplace.30

Marketplace Dominionism

What is required is a change of heart. The heart of the nation is the marketplace-the combination of business, education and government, the three arteries through which its life flows. If we take God’s power and presence to the marketplace we will see nations changed . . . .

To change a man you must first change his heart. This approach, of course, is typical of missionary organizations. Silvoso’s idea, though, is far more radical. Cities can be changed in nature. Countries can be redeemed. Entire cultures can be brought to “salvation.” The land itself, in fact, can be healed.

And such a miraculous change is brought about through one primary avenue: God working through the marketplace. . . .

The primary means to true revival, though, takes place first in the marketplace.31 [emphases added]

Business Reforminterview with Ed Silvoso of Harvest Evangelism


The “business mission company”

To achieve its purpose, the business mission company must develop and invest in Great Commission efforts that are synergistic with and leveraged by the company’s presence in strategically selected markets. It must set standards for evangelism and discipleship, measure results, and evaluate results per dollar invested for every sphere of influence identified in the market analysis. Company spheres of influence and the spheres of influence of each team member are specific market segments targeted for impact…. Any parts of the company that do not produce to standards are pruned. An axe is laid to the root of those that do not produce at all.32 [emphasis added]

John Cragin, On Kingdom Business:
Transforming Missions Through Entrepreneurial Strategies


The “business mission company”

To achieve its purpose, the business mission company must develop and invest in Great Commission efforts that are synergistic with and leveraged by the company’s presence in strategically selected markets. It must set standards for evangelism and discipleship, measure results, and evaluate results per dollar invested for every sphere of influence identified in the market analysis. Company spheres of influence and the spheres of influence of each team member are specific market segments targeted for impact…. Any parts of the company that do not produce to standards are pruned. An axe is laid to the root of those that do not produce at all.32 [emphasis added]

5. Militant rhetoric.There is a notable increase in the stridency and urgency of “strategic level” prayer warfare rhetoric which is linked to global “transformation” (dominionism).33False prophets regularly pump out new “prophecies” and “decrees” to shore up the kingdom mandate. These “prophecies” function like oracles – they are a major avenue for communicating “God’s plan” for the next step in kingdom-building. False apostles have been anointed, appointed as leaders of regions around the globe, and charged with wielding the king’s authority. The doctrines of the New Apostolic Reformation have been promulgated throughout the mission movement by C. Peter Wagner, Cindy Jacobs, Chuck Pierce, Bill Hamon, a group known as the “Kansas City Prophets,” the Vineyard Fellowship, and many others. At the highest echelons these organizations all have interlocking boards of directors. Two noteworthy internal organs for disseminating false prophecies and new doctrines include The Elijah List and Joel News.

A militant false prophecy

We are coming to the times when passive Christianity and passive Christians will cease to exist. There is a maturity, a discipline, and a divine militancy coming upon the people of God. Those who have succumbed to humanistic and idealistic theologies may have a hard time with this, but we must understand that God is a military God. The title that He uses ten times more than any other in Scripture is “the Lord of hosts,” or “Lord of armies.” There is a martial aspect to His character that we must understand and embrace for the times and the job to which we are now coming.34

Rick Joyner, “TAKING THE LAND”

6. Neoevangelical and neoconservative allies. The December 2005 issue of Mother Jonesmagazine was devoted to examining the Patriotic dominionists. It included an article about the National Christian Foundation, a philanthropic group linked to neoconservative organizations. This brief article called attention to a vast network of interlocking boards of directors and financial ties between neoconservatives and neoevangelicals.35 The website explores Patriotic Dominionist financial ties to neoconservative groups,36but it does not delve into the considerable linkages between the other two sects and the neoconservatives. Some of the bonds between these individuals and organizations go back over half a century, and some connections are alarmingly anti-semitic.37Corporate acts of charity, especially through the influence of the philanthropic groups, are supplanting the traditional doctrine of “let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth” (Matthew 6:3). Marketplace transformation is also forging many new political alliances. Dennis Peacocke of COR is an influential marketplace transformation leader who is also a member of the International Coalition of Apostles (the spiritual warfare dominionists).38Peacocke, who easily moves in all three sects, has suggested changing global economic structures.39

The new “Apostles” move into governments

Apostle Jim Hodges took the stage on Wednesday evening to introduce an exciting new venture for FMCI: a permanent presence in Washington, D.C. called the International Leadership Embassy (I.L.E.). The I.L.E. will position FMCI more directly to affect our government, our nation, and world nations by establishing contacts with government officials, D.C. citizens, and international diplomats. The ILE will, further, facilitate on site intercession efforts in D.C., host visiting prayer teams, sponsor Kingdom oriented teaching for government officials, employees and interns, and Christian leaders.40 [emphasis added]

Federation of Ministers and Churches International

7. Whose kingdom come? There has been a significant rise of cross-pollination between evangelical Dominionists and New Age Theosophists.41Since the late 1970s there has been a closeted fraternization between Dominionists and Theosophists for the purpose of finding common ground for the future. Both groups seek to bring in a “Christ” figure to solve the world’s problems. Both groups have grand utopian plans to create “peace” on earth. During the past decade, the two groups began borrowing doctrinal terminologies from one another and working on common theologies. The events of 9/11 gave a new impetus to this effort.42Jay Gary, who has been a leader within all three sects of Dominionism has had close ties with the Theosophists43and is adopting new theologies, including a hybrid of Preterism called “transmillenialism.”44Bob Buford of Leadership Network (mentioned in point 2 above) has been working since the mid-1990s to create a youth culture based on “emergent” theologies called the Emergent Church – a mixture of New Age paganism, eastern mysticism and evangelical dominionism.45And Patriotic Dominionist leaders have long-standing, close ties with the Rev. Sun Myung Moon, who has his own messianic kingdom ambitions.46

“Christ’s” Law

The crime of separation, of division, of lawlessness must go from the world. All that hinders the manifestation of man’s divinity must be driven from our planet. My Law will take the place of separation.47

Maitreya the “Christ”

8. The stewardship deception. The “Transformational Covenant”48by Luis Bush is a key document which outlines the new theology of stewardship dominion. Bush has held very influential positions in the mission movement as a leader in AD2000, World Inquiry, and the Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization. He now serves as the international facilitator of Transform World. By linking a reinterpreted Genesis 1 “stewardship of the earth” mandate to the reinterpreted Great Commission doctrine, there is a volatile new doctrine of Dominionism doctrine rising. This “stewardship” mandate was actually first proposed as a deceptive strategy in the late 1970s by Jeremy Rifkin in his book The Emerging Order.49 Rick Warren and others have now picked up the theme.50George Otis of the Sentinel Group (spiritual warfare Dominionist), suggests that by taking dominion of the Earth (he calls it “transformation”), paradise can be restored (as in Genesis 1 before the Fall) – an old Latter Rain cult heresy that presents an alternative eschatology of dominion.51

“Cultivating the Great Commission Ecosphere”

EFMA exists to cultivate the Great Commission Ecosphere so that it bears good and abundant fruit and God is glorified among all people. To this end the Fellowship works in depth with members to enhance mutual effectiveness and increase capacity as we work to extend Christ’s Kingdom. EFMA works broadly within the mission community who share a commitment to Christ, the Scriptures, and obedience to God’s command to disciple the nations.52

Evangelical Fellowship of Mission Agencies


The Genesis 1 stewardship mandate

. . . [W]hen God created man, he gave man dominion over the earth. Adam relinquished man’s dominion by disobedience. Redemption and restoration of man’s dominion over the earth, as well as his reconciliation with God, was made possible by Jesus.53

International Christian Chamber of Commerce

9. Leftist Dominionists. Evangelical Leftists (Tom Sine, Ron Sider, Jim Wallis and others) have always hobnobbed with the Dominionists.54Many of the key Leftist Dominionists have been coalescing around an agenda to eradicate world poverty, laboring with Rick Warren to implement the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals. Micah Challenge is one of the key organizations operating in this realm. A number of international mission networking agencies have formed alliances around these mutual kingdom aspirations. Working to end poverty may seem laudable on the surface. But scratch the surface and Dominionism appears.55Charity is not what it seems. Charity is a vehicle to maneuver dominionism into the best possible international publicity spotlight. And altruistic appeals for charitable sacrifice are a mechanism to sign up recruits in the billion man army.

WEA, Micah Challenge and Wolfowitz

The Church is “God’s primary instrument of transformation within the local community,” says Tunnicliffe, chair of Micah Challenge Canada and international director of the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA). Canadian churches and Christian organizations must evaluate must evaluate what they’re doing to serve the poor. They must keep themselves informed about issues surrounding poverty, and strive to find meaningful, practical outlets for people to respond. . .

While in Washington, the group also met with the new president of the World Bank, Paul Wolfowitz, who reportedly told the Christian leaders that the Church could become a more significant player in the role of responding to global poverty.

The World Bank, a source of financial and technical assistance to developing countries around the world, has traditionally worked with governments. But Tunnicliffe says they want to evaluate the possible role that could be played by the faith-based community in such work. A small body has been set up by the faith-based community to advise the World Bank in setting policy. The WEA has been asked to participate.56

The Merchant Church

This kingdom being built is not OF Jesus Christ OF the Bible. It is not FOR the Jesus of the Bible. It has nothing to do with Him, but everything to do with an antichrist zeitgeist that is frightening, appalling and massive in its build-up.

At the present time it is still possible for seekers after truth to access the old doctrines and old sermons in books and on the Internet. The time has nearly come when these traditional Gospel doctrines will be declared heretical and a threat to the false king and kingdom that are being set up.

The Bible speaks of a latter day heresy called “mystery Babylon” which is a merger of Commerce and Church. This unholy dominionist mixture – a modern-day alchemy – is what appears to be forming before our very eyes:

The global merchants

And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird. For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies . . . .

And the merchantsof the earth shall weep and mourn over her; for no man buyeth their merchandise any more: The merchandise of gold, and silver, and precious stones, and of pearls, and fine linen, and purple, and silk, and scarlet, and all thyine wood, and all manner vessels of ivory, and all manner vessels of most precious wood, and of brass, and iron, and marble. And cinnamon, and odours, and ointments, and frankincense, and wine, and oil, and fine flour, and wheat, and beasts, and sheep, and horses, and chariots and slaves, and souls of men. (Revelation 18:2-3; 11-13)

© 2005 Discernment Research Group


“Those Jews”

Cindy Jacobs preaching at the International Prophetic Conference (21-24 August 2008) in Indonesia.  Note that Indonesia is a Muslim country where Jews are prohibited from entering the country.  (22 sec video)

How Neo-Nazi of Cindy Jacobs to say such a thing.


Graham Power, Dion ‘Cosmic Christ Follower’ Forster, Angus Buchan, Elza Meyer, Bennie Mostert, and all those from Moreleta Park Dutch Reformed Church are proud to welcome Cindy Jacobs to the Global Day of Prayer 2010:

“To further celebrate His Glory, leaders from various networks and ministries (Prayer, Transformation, Mission, Church and Youth) will be gathering together from around the world for the GDOP2010 Conference (20 & 21 May 2010), to share the ‘untold stories’ of the ‘unknown heroes of faith’!” 

 width=Dr. Cindy Jacobs is the co-founder, along with her husband Mike, of Generals International, formerly known as Generals of Intercession. Intercession is still a major thrust of the ministry as they have “generals” around the world who are starting prayer networks in regions such as Central Asia and Turkey.

Cindy is called to prophetic intercession. She travels the world ministering to crowds and heads of nations around the world. Her ministry has included work among the unreached people groups. Cindy has many publications, has authored many books and has been a guest on a number Christian television broadcasts. Cindy and Mike also host their own television show, God Knows which can be watched on the God Channel. In addition, they have web and pod casts which can be viewed from around the world as well.      Cindy has been married to Mike for 36 years, they have two children and four grandchildren.


The New Apostolic Refomration’s false Lakeland Revival with Todd Bentley:

Cindy Jacobs is an Apostle/Prophetess in the International Coalition of Apostles (ICA) headed by C. Peter Wagner.  width=

During the Lakeland Outpouring (Revival) in Florida USA in 2008, a heavily tattooed man by the name of Todd Bentley supposedly ran a Christian revival where millions were healed and millions of dollars were collected.  He had a healing angel that accompanied him called Emma and had the most bizarre visions of trips to heaven; stuffing their pockets with gold from Heaven’s Treasury room.  And then the more horrific visions of him seeing an Angel cutting his stomach open with a chainsaw, removing his insides and filling the space with little white boxes.

Todd kicked a man diagnosed with cancer in the stomach so that he would be healed and hit an old women because God told Bentley to, “slap her in the face”.  He raised approx 23 people from dead (who were never found to verify the miracles).  Thousands upon thousands were healed (they said) each night for the 4 months the revival ran.

Todd Bentley hits old woman  (1:28)

Bentley was constantly drunk in the spirit, shaking, convulsing and lying through his teeth.  He performed a blasphemous baptism where he baptised people in the name of the Father, the Son and the BAM, or the name of the Sheeka BoomBa Bam or nothing at all!

This is a shocking video of the satanic Sheeka BoomBa baptism.  Listen at 1:24 how his voice changes into a growl when he baptises one guy.

Fortunately things at Lakeland started to take a tumble as websites warned people that this movement was NOT a move of God.  And ABC Nightline decided to take Todd Bentley up on his offer to prove to the world that miracles were taking place at Lakeland.

Todd Bentley exposed on Nightline – Part 1 & Part2

The Apostles and Prophets cottoned on, that ‘some’ of the public had cottoned onto their lies width= after the ABC Nighlines show.  So, C. Peter Wagner and gang decided that steps needed to be taken by the International Coalition of Apostles (ICA) as a whole, to show everyone that Todd Bentley was indeed a great, great, man of their god.

These steps involved ceremoniously including him into their inner circle as an Apostle, live on stage for the world to see.  They needed to bring Todd Bentley into alignment.

They held a special commissioning evening where many Apostles came onto the stage with Todd Bentley and decreed over him;  wealth, health, power, holiness, happiness, and many other glorious things, in the name of ‘The Lord’.  A few weeks later, Todd Bentley divorced his wife for a woman who he had been having an affair with during the entire Lakeland circus.   The revival of blasphemies shut down and their god moved outta town.

 width=Rick ‘Freemason’ Joyner from then took Todd Bentley under his wing for forgiveness and restoration.   Some of the Apostles that organised the ceremony were:    C. Peter Wagner, Ché Ahn (Harvest Rock Church), John Arnott (Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship),  Bill Johnson (Bethel Church), Lou Engle (The Call), etc.

See picture here of Rick Joyner in his ‘Knights of Malta’ costume:  Rick Joyner – Dressed as a Knight of Malta

Currently Todd Bentley is back preaching again….


PLEASE READ:  Are Prophets for Today or has Prophecy Ceased?


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Deborah (Discerning the World)

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  1. You

    The picture of her praying of Todd is NOT Cindy Jacobs? That will be that day. I took those pictures from the video footage ceremony of Todd Bentley with C Peter Wager and Cindy Jacobs and all the others. I think you need to get your eyes checked.

  2. Zelda says:

    Indeed the lady praying over Todd Bentley is not Cindy Jacobs bur Dr Clarice Fluitt, who also has a claim to being a prophetess of some sorts…. sorry…..I see the correct title is Bishop ?

  3. Oh darnit. They look the same. Oh well. I will edit that piece from the article then. Done!

    Now where were we…

  4. Lee says:

    oooo dear, boy am I glad I dunno half these people apart from Todd Bentley. Never been led to go to them or listen to them….and never will do!

    actually reminds me of the church I went to that always had ties with Copeland and Hagin always referring to Hagin as “Daddy” lol!

    When I saw Bentley on TBN, I didn’t know what to think to be honest, I had no opinion but some people I know said he was of God..but I was like….haha “I dunno about this” especially the BAM BAM BAM, it really causes my stomach to go to knots and my heart to beat fast and feel uneasy. Then I didn’t know what to think but oh boy loool have I never followed those people.

  5. Leon says:

    Sir, I really think you have a problem with the prophetic word. That is how God spoke to His people through Moses, Isaiah, and many other prophets. Yes, descern the word. These are well known God workers and is being used in awesome ways. Be careful to critize the prophets of God!!!!!!!

  6. Burning Lamp says:

    Leon, do you mean that one about “don’t touch my anointed?” Puleeeeeeeeeeze!!

  7. Lee says:


    >>”Sir, I really think you have a problem with the prophetic word.”

    who me? have a problem with the prophetic word? whos word exactly?

    >>”That is how God spoke to His people through Moses, Isaiah, and many other prophets.”

    Yeah but don’t compare Bentley to Moses, Isaiah and others.

    >>”Yes, descern the word. These are well known God workers and is being used in awesome ways. Be careful to critize the prophets of God!!!!!!!”

    be careful of what prophet? Bentley aint no prophet. I’ve heard that one before.

  8. Martin Horan says:

    So Todd Bentley had the Lord tell him to slap an elderly lady in the face. How did he know it was the Lord who told him and not the Prince (of Darkness)? If he’d read the Scriptures he’d have proper discernment and know it was the latter, or most likely, one of Satan’s minions who told him.
    Can we find one instance in the Bible of Jesus Christ healing in such a way? Where did he ever hurt someone to heal them, or do so in such a theatrical manner? Nowhere! In fact, Jesus told people not to broadcast the fact of His healings.
    Why do people keep falling for this bunkum?
    As to Cindy Jacobs and her comments about Jews: a friend of mine, a young Scottish lady, was arrested in Egypt for merely having the surname of Jacobs. The Egyptians supposed–incorrectly, as it happens–that my friend was Jewish. Both she and her companion could not believe what was going on. She was finally released. In fact, Cindy Jacobs herself could end up in an Arab prison and would have ended up in a concentration camp in Nazi Germany merely for having the surname she has. That surname, even under the communists in supposedly atheist Russia would have been a case for her to suffer persecution.
    Is the woman so stupid that she doesn’t even realize that?
    Anti-Semitism is demonic [Gen 12:2-3; Romans 11] and we Christians should bless the Jews. Cindy Jacobs, who claims to be a Christian obviously does not know this.
    She goes to a Moslem country which hates both Jesus Christ (substituting a false Christ–therefore a demon–Isa in His place) and the Jews and she preaches her nonsense there. The fact that they listen to her is further proof of her apostasy.

  9. Mom says:



    Dear beloved brethren,

    Much greetings through the exalted name of our Loving savior Jesus Christ from
    I am very much pleased to tell you that your teachings on your website are a
    great blessing to me, my family and the young independent christian fellowship
    that I founded when I got the call of the Lord to do so.
    So, I, my wife , children and some few brethren from the community we are
    serving the Lord under this christian fellowship.

    The fellowship is of 13 members I also take care of 44 orphans whose parents died In this I am requesting you to send us more teachings that will enable us, as a small church to grow spiritually.As well it is my kind request that you also remember these needy orphans under my care in your daily prayers that God can open them ways for their needs both in physical and spiritual growth.As well I kindly invite you to come here in Kenya and bless our people with the gospel of our Lord Jesus.Kenya needs mighty people of God to lead her in to salvation and know the Living God. Please have a kind consideration to extend your kind cooperation for the extension of the Kingdom of God.Also I would be happy if you will accept us to be part of your fellowship.
    Pass our sincere regards and greetings to all Brothers and Sisters in Christ.
    yours pastor Reuben..

  11. Dear Pastor Reuben

    You are welcome to print out all the articles on this website to use as teaching in your church.

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