Cindy Jacobs – Right Wing Xtian Nazi Communist

Deborah (Discerning the World)

Deborah Ellish is the author of the above article. Discerning the World is an internet Christian Ministry based in Johannesburg South Africa. Tom Lessing and Deborah Ellish both own Discerning the World. For more information see the About this Website page below the comments section.

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  1. carrie daniel says:

    thanks for all this interesting info.

  2. carrie daniel says:

    the todd bently baptism thing was scary and I would be worried about the people drowning flailing around like that. Cindy is a devil and the United states was stolen from the indians, by the constitution guys. That is a good example of dominionism I guess, stealing land from those not in your program. Also looks like ol Cindy wants to throw out the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ and get us back to the garden “mandate” sorry but this ol earth will be burnt up and all the works in it. Sincerely Carrie Daniel

  3. Deborah (Discerning the World) says:


    Garden mandates are cool lol. I walked around my little garden 8 times, sprayed ant poison, and commanded the critters to leave. It worked! However 2 weeks later even bigger ants took over the garden. Now I have a real problem!!!!

  4. carrie daniel says:

    If I am not mistaken Cindy flashed the el-diablo hand sign on the garden mandate clip at just past 1 minute. My garden mandate is to protect my lettuce and beets from hail damage.

  5. Jean says:

    Hello Deborah !

    You are so right in this expose of Cindy and Co. It is so sad that people never go and check it to the Word of God… I mean, why did God give His Word to us ???

    Another “extreme” example is how people “abuse” worship for a good experience or a miracle … Just look at this link below and see the latest “in-thing”.

    It is called “The Holy Ghost hockey pokey” !!!

  6. Elmarie A says:

    Deborah (Discerning the World)

    Thank you for your hard work on this article Debs :-)

    May many read and learn on this post.

  7. Burning Lamp says:

    One thing really troubles me about Bentley, Joyner, Jacobs, Browne, Hinn and others who “impart” demonic influences upon children and gullible adults. What effect does this have on people, especially children, this kundalini-type of voodoo making them shake and gyrate and fall under the power. Think of the demonic influence present in these people and if those who come to receive a healing are not saved, they are probably either possessed or obsessed by evil spirits. Am I correct in assuming this? Does anyone have any thoughts on this? I think of the multitudes who follow these perveyors of evil.

    I had a dear Christian friend who followed Benny Hinn, fell under the spell of holy laughter, etc. I have no doubt she was saved, just deceived. I tried to convince her of their false teaching, but she adamantly maintained her belief that they were of God. She contracted cancer and when I joined the family to keep vigil as she slipped into a coma, we expected her to pass peacefully. But that was not the case. It was anything but peaceful. It was horrible to watch. She was not in physical pain, but she must have been experiencing something disturbing in the spiritual realm. What I don’t know, but I often think it might be connected to her participation in the occult-like practices of these false teachers.

  8. Deborah (Discerning the World) says:

    Burning Lamp

    If the person is not saved they will be 100% susceptible to this false-holy-spirit. If the person is saved, or the Holy Spirit is speaking to that person and that person is listening they will feel uneasy and if they do par-take they have a better chance of being freed from this spirit than the one who have rejected the truth.

    This spirit will cause the person to fall deeper and deeper into apostasy. Some might get ill and get healed (not by God) but because Satan carries on playing his game and sends you to another false teacher and you are healed though him. You then follow this man and his teachings are very occult…and so it goes – till you are completely lost.

    Or, the person gets ill and passes away never repenting of losing sight of Jesus, or repenting and God forgives them before they pass away. Or GOD heals this person and they never stray from Jesus again.

    Or, the person never gets ill and just progresses deeper and deeper into occult teaching, start having, dreams,visitations, and other demonic (disguised as light) things happen to them.

    A born again Christian can’t be possessed, but most certainly can be oppressed or afflicted by something due to disobedience of which asking Jesus for forgiveness for what you did or delved into delivers you – and then not doing it again which the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

    Illness. I love the way WoF state that if you are sick you have demon in you. This ridiculous idea progresses further on down the line into this ‘godliness’ teaching. If you are a god, you can’t be sick, or sin.

    In the bible there were people who were possessed, afflicted and just plain ill. And there were more ill than possessed.

    Children being caught up in this lot is atrocious. The effects and be any of the above.

    But the main aim of this false-holy-spirit (besides sending you straight to hell) is to throw you into the hands of the anti-Christ. This false-spirit speaks the same message to everyone – this is why all these people sound the same, speak the same message and have totally lost their minds.

    For now the message is love and brotherhood, in time it will only be love and brotherhood for those who agree. As in communism – as per recorded history – your own family would hand you over to be killed.

    Luke 12:51-53 “Do you think that I have come to give peace on earth? No, I tell you, but rather division. For from now on in one house there will be five divided, three against two and two against three. They will be divided, father against son and son against father, mother against daughter and daughter against mother, mother-in-law against her daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law against mother-in-law.”

  9. Deborah (Discerning the World) says:


    Yes she did, I didn’t meantion that just incase it was an involantary hand movement. However it was a pretty perfect sign.

  10. Burning Lamp says:

    Thanks Deborah. The friend I previously mentioned was influential in my life long ago and I attended some meetings where the speaker was slaying people in the spirit. She laid hands on me and it had no effect at all on me. I praise God for that.

    It makes me cringe and shudder especially about the innocent children, even babies who are taken to these meetings in good faith by their parents who would not intentially harm them but are in essence gifting them to Satan. When one considers the masses of people who have been “zapped” by Bentley and all these false teachers it enough to scare the pants off. I think it is a serious thing NOT to warn others about these false teachers – there are consequences to getting involved. But sadly most won’t listen but are willing to be misled.

    May the Lord bless you for the work you are doing. I have directed quite a few to this site and this is the only discernment ministry I trust these days. I know you are not perfect, and I will point out things and watch your back from time to time, but your heart is that of one who has a heart for God and a heart from the truth. You are open for correction when needed but you have incredible spunk and courage that is needed to bounce back from the verbal beatings you have to endure. Great will be your reward……….in heaven! And I look forward to meeting you there!

  11. Burning Lamp says:

    P.S. It seems another thought always comes to mind after I post. It really rankles me when Christians take such a benign attitute toward TBN. I call them The Blasphemy Network. Those who watch TBN and fall for Hinn and others see Adrian Rogers (now deceased), David Jeremiah and Chuck Smith on Praise! and don’t take a stand against this stuff. There are serious consequences. These men may teach sound doctrine but they are negating it by their association with TBN.Pastors who don’t warn their flocks to stay away from this cesspool and not drink from it will be held accountable.

  12. Deborah (Discerning the World) says:


    >> These men may teach sound doctrine but they are negating it by their association with TBN

    NOW, this is something I have been wanting to speak about for a while. I think I will do an article on this tomorrow.

    [side note…If I don’t eat dinner now I am going to pass out lol.]

  13. Elmarie A says:

    Lol i just got this idea CJ and EM have the same hair style oooiii so that should not be a problem at GDOP for the two.

  14. JAM says:

    This is kind of on the subject yet off of it. Burning Lamp mentioned going to a meeting and not being slain in the spirit. Kundalini has also been mentioned in previous posts. I warn Christians to stay away from eastern healing- acupuncture, yoga and awakening the kundalini, applied kinesiology, crystals, reiki, energy work, network chiropractic (not all forms of chiropractic are occult) etc. It opens the door to the demonic. My experience in health care for the past 20+ years is that there is some protection for born again Christians from these techniques, but if they push it the door to the occult will open. The person will fall further and further into error and will get involved in the occult. I have seen it numerous times. Unfortunately in our small town these people end up going to the Vineyard where doctrine doesn’t matter, behavior doesn’t matter (I have never seen such a bunch of people so disrespectful toward the Lord during a service) and having visions and goofy things happen is the norm.

  15. Deborah (Discerning the World) says:


    Agree with you totally.

  16. FEEFA says:

    More Baal worship with the “soccer prayer” [edited by DTW] See it at:

  17. Deborah (Discerning the World) says:

    From the Pope…
    “May the game of soccer always be more of a means of teaching the values of honesty, solidarity and fraternity, especially among the younger generations.” —


  18. Elmarie A says:

    Deborah (Discerning the World)

    Dear Soccer Fans, We are very pleased to welcome you to our website dedicated to the presence of the Catholic Church in South Africa, on the occasion of the 2010 Soccer World Cup.

    The World Cup has offered a unique opportunity, one we don’t want to miss!

    Sooo that says it all!!

  19. Elmarie A says:

    Soccer World Cup prayer

    Almighty God,
    creator of all, as people from
    every nation gather with excitement
    and enthusiasm for the 2010 World Soccer
    Cup may South Africans be good hosts, our
    visitors welcomed guests and the players from
    every team be blessed with good sportsmanship
    and health. May your Spirit of fairness, justice and
    peace prevail amongst players and all involved. May
    each contribute in his own positive ways to prevent,
    control and fight crime and corruption, hooliganism of
    any kind and exploitation and abuse, especially of
    those most vulnerable. May those far away from
    home and those in their families find much joy
    in this occasion to celebrate the beautiful
    game of soccer and the beautiful
    game of life according to Your
    plan for the common good
    of all. Amen

  20. Burning Lamp says:

    JAM, good info. That stuff just kinda bounced off me and then I came to realize the truth and how the Lord had protected me during that time as I didn’t get involved in any of the weird stuff. But my short time of being in contact with it gave me the “credentials” to later expose it.

    This is why we desperately need warnings issued in the Church. But that is so spurned today and as a result the craziness has momentum and the leaven is left to spread and multiply like a cancer.

  21. JAM says:

    The problem is that when people hurt or are sick and traditional medicine doesn’t give them the results they want they will try almost anything to feel better. They will not listen to reason. Actually I think there are plenty of spiritual problems with traditional medicine too. Pharmakeia=sorcery

    An interesting story from the lady who turned me on to this blog. :)

  22. Amanda says:

    Prophetic words for SA- from Cindy Jacobs, Chuck Pierce and Barbara Yoder – during April 2010

    Pophecies over South Africa released at Watchman Intercessor Assembly – at Christian International Ministries 6-10 April 2010
    Cindy Jacobs 2010-04-06

    I am coming to deal with corruption even in Africa. And the Lord says I have a Cyrus for South Africa that I have prepared says the Lord. I am preparing a leader who will come and step into place and the Lord says the old season is passing away and I am going to roll away the reproach of South Africa of that what was in the old season but there will be a new South Africa that will arise from the ashes. Arise and shine South Africa for your light has come, you are going to light up the dark continent with My glory. I am going to pour out My Spirit in ways that you can not imagine for there is a hidden remnant that is greater than the deep, deep root of corruption. I am going to pluck it up says God and I will shake every thing that can be shaken. There will be shaking even physical manifestations of shaking not only in South Africa but across Africa.

    There is more pophectics…

  23. Amanda says:

    I sure hope Dr. Dion Forster sets the charm level on “stun” while Cindy is here.

    When Cindy Jacobs Caused Washington DC to Flood

    Whereas people like Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell regularly made (and, in some cases, continue to make) news for claiming that specific natural disasters were the result of God signaling his displeasure with humanity, activists like Jacobs regularly take responsibility for unleashing these sorts of events.

    In her book, Jacobs recounts an incident in 2006 when she came to Washington, DC for a conference. During her visit, God gave Jacobs a “prophetic word” that He was going to “wash Washington” and gave her a vision of “angels in chariots of fire encircling the area, waiting to be invited in.” Jacobs delivered her prophecy to the conference, noting that “not only were we interceding for the upcoming mid-term elections in our nation, but for righteousness and justice to be released into the courts.”

    According to Jacobs, “there was tremendous warfare in the heavens that night” following her prophecy … which was then followed by a rainstorm which flooded the nation’s capital.

    Then again:

    Jacobs: May Day 2010 Saved Times Square

    If, like us, you thought Janet Porter’s May Day 2010 prayer rally at the Lincoln Memorial was an unmitigated disaster because the event only attracted a crowd of a few hundred when they were expecting 8,000, no members of Congress showed up, Porter was left covering tens of thousands of dollars in costs while having a distributor drop her radio program due to her involvement in dominion theology, you would be mistaken.

    As it turns out, the event was a massive success because, according to an email from Cindy Jacobs and Generals International, it was their May Day prayers that caused the bomb in Times Square to fail to detonate.

    But don’t get your hopes up yet:

    Prophecy and Political Update With Cindy Jacobs

    She goes on to prophecy that the upcoming Global Day of Prayer, which coincides with the Day of Pentecost, will lead to news reports all over the world of “great and mighty miracles.” In addition, there will be great breakthroughs in fighting human trafficking, as well as earthquakes, flooding, and the bursting of dams as God prepares to show the world that he is in command.

    Smile, Dr. Dion, smile!

  24. Amanda says:

    GOD TV Unites Christians in Worldwide Prayer

    GOD TV viewers can participate in the LIVE event as they tune in on Sunday May 23 from 5.30am through 3pm (EST) with a 3-hour highlights program on Monday May 24 at 2.30pm.

    Over the past weeks the GOD TV family around the world have been trusting God for breakthrough for the Network and in every area of viewer’s lives. GOD TV’s partners have been sending in prayer requests and pledges by their thousands and the Network’s founders will be presenting these to the Lord and petitioning Heaven for God’s sudden intervention in people’s lives, as they stand in faith for miraculous answers to prayer.

    The Cape Town stadium event will include a prayer for the world that Christians in every nation on earth will pray. The broadcast will also feature well known faces on GOD TV such as: Cindy Jacobs, Ed Silvoso, Mark Anderson, Dick Eastman, Loren Cunningham, George Otis, Floyd McClung amongst others.

    “As the eyes of the world begin to focus on South Africa for the 2010 Soccer World Cup, GOD TV is pleased to bring our viewers LIVE coverage of this nation leading the world in prayers of repentance,” said GOD TV Co- founder and Director of Television, Wendy Alec. “As we humble ourselves and pray, we will see healing and revival come to our nations.”

  25. Elmarie A says:

    I will just fold me paws over me head and glare awhile here and sigh while reading ………….

    Ha so they praying for 2010 SWC ok nothing wrong with that but now when they start idol worshipping that is a problem. ooooi and misuse the venues under false pretences aaagh man you know.

    oooh ja there it is “As we humble ourselves and pray, we will see healing and revival come to our nations.”” now that is where they are wrong cause that is not going to happen toooo many false teachers out there.

    aaarhg naaa I going to bed now yaaawn.

    Thanks for info Amanda just as we thought these people are making me want to don CR thinggie lol lol

    Well lets see what else gonna happen eh

  26. Deborah (Discerning the World) says:


    We need to understand that there is a difference between herbal medicine vs herbal medicine that is used in an occult way. For instance, I do not believe that reflexology is occult. It’s when people who are New Age have taken the concept of reflexology and applied it to the occult. The same time pharmaceutical medicine is not occult. But occult knowledge was applied to medicine, hence the medical logo of the serpents.

    We do ‘reflexology’ on our feet when I walk outside barefoot. If God leads a person who is sick to a specialist doctor who uses pharmaceutical medication and it helps then thank Jesus!

    Science is not occult. It’s what Satan has taken that God created and used for his evil doings. Satan since time has withered mankind down to a bunch of sick, withered, stressed out people, with hereditary ailments coming out of our ears. With each problem he provides a ‘solution’ to the problem he created. We live in a sinful world, there is nothing we can do about what has happened and what is still going to happen. As born again Christians we hold fast to what is good and stay away from what is evil.

    There are people out there who will not touch pharmaceutical medicine because it’s supposed to be evil and will actually risk death because of stupidity. Then you have people who don’t believe in herbal medicine because they have been persuaded by paramedical companies that it wont work. Ridiculous. 1/4 teaspoon (not heaped) drunk with water works wonders for a stomach ulcer.

  27. Lori says:

    Dear Deborah,
    I just came across this site today. I’m not sure what I think of it yet, but I feel that if it was more factual, and had less comments on topics that you don’t seem to understand it would be better.
    First I must say that the past several years I have not watched much Christian TV, and do not agree with everything out there.
    When the ministers all laid hands on Todd B, and promoted him, I lost faith in many ministers because my spirit said something is bad wrong with Todd and the whole thing, and it bothered me that they did not see it. Though my faith does not rest in men, (as they are only men and will make mistakes) my faith rest in God and Jesus Christ.

    I do not know if all that you say about these people is correct,or if things are partially read into something that is not completely the whole picture. (Maybe because there has been some things out of order in some of their lives?)
    I do know Jesus told us to watch and pray and if that is what you are trying to do here that is good. But I feel lead to bring some understanding to a few things you said,

    “Through years the fire goes out. And God will bring people to a place to light the fire.” [DTW note: I had no idea the Holy Spirit could be extinguished in a born again Christian – scripture please? Oh wait, your god was extinguished 2000 years ago by Jesus Christ and His sacrifice on the cross.]

    I believe what she means here is that people can grow cold at times, or get so busy with life that they are not spending as much time in prayer and the word and it affects them. Jesus said in Matt.24:12, “the love of most grows cold” He also warned us in Rev 3:16 about being lukewarm. etc..

    The next thing you said,
    Cindy Jacobs: “I know and the visitations that I’ve had from the Lord even recently, when that glory of God has come, I thought I would die! I thought I physically could not stand the glory. I just simply felt . . . unclean. . . But we don’t need to be afraid of the fire. We need to welcome it cause God wants to have a holy bride.” [DTW note: You felt unclean!?!? So your god wants to defile the bride? You should be very afraid of the fire – it’s called Satan. This ‘fire’ has been spread across the world by false-christians. They transfer it to you, they lay hands on you, they call this fire down over crowds – if you want the fire you will get it. It will blind you to the truth]

    My comment, anyone who would say, (So your god wants to defile the bride?) does not understand at all what she ment. What she is saying here I completely understand. Many years ago at home praying alone in my livingroom, the Lord showed up in a powerful way, when the presence of God is that strong in your presence it makes you feel unclean because we are only a human person in the flesh, you feel so undone and you just want to repent of anything because His holiness is so pure and powerful you can feel it. I could not stand either, I bowed down on my floor.

    And the fire is not just from satan, the fire is the glory of God that is a refiners fire that purifies us, (His bride.)For He is like a refiner’s fire and like fullers’ soap. “And He will sit as a smelter and purifier of silver, and He will purify the sons of Levi and refine them like gold and silver. Mal 3:2-3
    He is a all consuming fire many places throughout scripture. Not just satan and hell.God’s fire is more than consuming it protects and empowers Gods people to stand and not grow weary, and to do all God calls us to do.

    The LORD was going before them in a pillar of cloud by day to lead them on the way, and in a pillar of fire by night to give them light, that they might travel by day and by night. Ex 13:21
    and 2 Chr 7:1-3 Now when Solomon had finished praying, fire came down from heaven and consumed the burnt offering and the sacrifices; and the glory of the LORD filled the house. And the priests could not enter into the house of the LORD, because the glory of the LORD filled the LORD’S house. And all the sons of Israel, seeing the fire come down and the glory of the LORD upon the house, bowed down on the pavement with their faces to the ground, and they worshipped and gave praise to the LORD, saying, “Truly He is good, truly His lovingkindness is everlasting.”

    You can read about Gods holiness and fire in Ezekiel too.
    The Lord of hosts will visit them with the flame of devouring fire,Isa 29:6, 2Ne27:2
    The righteous will be preserved by fire, 1 Ne. 22: 17. The wicked will be destroyed by fire, 2 Ne. 30: 10.
    Then look at Matthew 3:11 & Luke 3: 16 “As for me, I baptize you with water for repentance, but He who is coming after me is mightier than I, and I am not fit to remove His sandals; He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire.
    The Lord makes his ministers a flaming fire. Ps 104:4 (This means to spread to others, therefore they will not be lukewarm, but on holy fire reaching the lost.
    (But as you put it, laying hands and spreading it and then we are blinded to truth.)
    Maybe that can happen with the wrong people who have the wrong spirits, but be careful not to categorize all the same. Some of us walk with Jesus, have the Holy Spirit and yes, we pray in the spirit, and the understanding, and yes we lay hands on the sick and we see people healed. And yes I believe in seeing in the spirit, seeing Jesus or angels, and that some dreams and visions are from God.(It’s all Biblical.)While some vision, visitations and dreams are demonic and can get into new age. We must discern the difference.

    We must be careful not to bad mouth what we do not understand. God loves you and He loves them, and the body of Christ and the lost He’s trying to reach; we must be careful how we uncover people and be sure we are doing justice and not harming the body of Christ and those searching for truth. Our call is to be the light and salt of the earth that can reach the lost, and that is the most important thing to Jesus.

    If people are doing wrong I pray that the light will expose it and set captives free. I always want to walk in the light and be a light to those who are trying to find Jesus the light source. I hope I helped bring some understanding to some areas that may have been missunderstood.
    God bless you.

  28. Burning Lamp says:

    Lori, welcome to the site. We invite your participation!

    You said:

    And the fire is not just from satan, the fire is the glory of God that is a refiners fire that purifies us, (His bride.)For He is like a refiner’s fire and like fullers’ soap. “And He will sit as a smelter and purifier of silver, and He will purify the sons of Levi and refine them like gold and silver. Mal 3:2-3
    He is a all consuming fire many places throughout scripture. Not just satan and hell.God’s fire is more than consuming it protects and empowers Gods people to stand and not grow weary, and to do all God calls us to do.

    Satan has a counterfeit for every valid aspect of God, including fire – it is strange fire. Several things come to mind – the Mormons and their burning in the bosom; the fire tunnels of the Toronto Blessing

    I think that as you become more familiar with this site you will come to know the heart of Debs and company, that they love the truth with a passion and hate false teaching (not the teachers.) and believe it is their calling to alert the Church and minister to those who have been disenfranchised.

  29. Adam Tousley says:

    Wow, This is a radical site! This is a research tool for Bereans that deserves to be out in front with all the other “Apostacy” sites.

    Thank you for your hard work here bro.

    Blessings and shalom! Adam Tousley

  30. You says:

    The article you have posted about Cindy Jacobs is a lie. You are twisting her words and everything she stands for. I was there in NYC when she prayed at the bull statue-they all prayed for God to heal our nation because of the the wall street crisis.

  31. Deborah (Discerning the World) says:


    The picture of her praying of Todd is NOT Cindy Jacobs? That will be that day. I took those pictures from the video footage ceremony of Todd Bentley with C Peter Wager and Cindy Jacobs and all the others. I think you need to get your eyes checked.

  32. Zelda says:

    Indeed the lady praying over Todd Bentley is not Cindy Jacobs bur Dr Clarice Fluitt, who also has a claim to being a prophetess of some sorts…. sorry…..I see the correct title is Bishop ?

  33. Deborah (Discerning the World) says:

    Oh darnit. They look the same. Oh well. I will edit that piece from the article then. Done!

    Now where were we…

  34. Lee says:

    oooo dear, boy am I glad I dunno half these people apart from Todd Bentley. Never been led to go to them or listen to them….and never will do!

    actually reminds me of the church I went to that always had ties with Copeland and Hagin always referring to Hagin as “Daddy” lol!

    When I saw Bentley on TBN, I didn’t know what to think to be honest, I had no opinion but some people I know said he was of God..but I was like….haha “I dunno about this” especially the BAM BAM BAM, it really causes my stomach to go to knots and my heart to beat fast and feel uneasy. Then I didn’t know what to think but oh boy loool have I never followed those people.

  35. Leon says:

    Sir, I really think you have a problem with the prophetic word. That is how God spoke to His people through Moses, Isaiah, and many other prophets. Yes, descern the word. These are well known God workers and is being used in awesome ways. Be careful to critize the prophets of God!!!!!!!

  36. Deborah (Discerning the World) says:


    Ohhhh I wrote an article just for you, please read it:

  37. Burning Lamp says:

    Leon, do you mean that one about “don’t touch my anointed?” Puleeeeeeeeeeze!!

  38. Lee says:


    >>”Sir, I really think you have a problem with the prophetic word.”

    who me? have a problem with the prophetic word? whos word exactly?

    >>”That is how God spoke to His people through Moses, Isaiah, and many other prophets.”

    Yeah but don’t compare Bentley to Moses, Isaiah and others.

    >>”Yes, descern the word. These are well known God workers and is being used in awesome ways. Be careful to critize the prophets of God!!!!!!!”

    be careful of what prophet? Bentley aint no prophet. I’ve heard that one before.

  39. Martin Horan says:

    So Todd Bentley had the Lord tell him to slap an elderly lady in the face. How did he know it was the Lord who told him and not the Prince (of Darkness)? If he’d read the Scriptures he’d have proper discernment and know it was the latter, or most likely, one of Satan’s minions who told him.
    Can we find one instance in the Bible of Jesus Christ healing in such a way? Where did he ever hurt someone to heal them, or do so in such a theatrical manner? Nowhere! In fact, Jesus told people not to broadcast the fact of His healings.
    Why do people keep falling for this bunkum?
    As to Cindy Jacobs and her comments about Jews: a friend of mine, a young Scottish lady, was arrested in Egypt for merely having the surname of Jacobs. The Egyptians supposed–incorrectly, as it happens–that my friend was Jewish. Both she and her companion could not believe what was going on. She was finally released. In fact, Cindy Jacobs herself could end up in an Arab prison and would have ended up in a concentration camp in Nazi Germany merely for having the surname she has. That surname, even under the communists in supposedly atheist Russia would have been a case for her to suffer persecution.
    Is the woman so stupid that she doesn’t even realize that?
    Anti-Semitism is demonic [Gen 12:2-3; Romans 11] and we Christians should bless the Jews. Cindy Jacobs, who claims to be a Christian obviously does not know this.
    She goes to a Moslem country which hates both Jesus Christ (substituting a false Christ–therefore a demon–Isa in His place) and the Jews and she preaches her nonsense there. The fact that they listen to her is further proof of her apostasy.

  40. Mom says:



    Dear beloved brethren,

    Much greetings through the exalted name of our Loving savior Jesus Christ from
    I am very much pleased to tell you that your teachings on your website are a
    great blessing to me, my family and the young independent christian fellowship
    that I founded when I got the call of the Lord to do so.
    So, I, my wife , children and some few brethren from the community we are
    serving the Lord under this christian fellowship.

    The fellowship is of 13 members I also take care of 44 orphans whose parents died In this I am requesting you to send us more teachings that will enable us, as a small church to grow spiritually.As well it is my kind request that you also remember these needy orphans under my care in your daily prayers that God can open them ways for their needs both in physical and spiritual growth.As well I kindly invite you to come here in Kenya and bless our people with the gospel of our Lord Jesus.Kenya needs mighty people of God to lead her in to salvation and know the Living God. Please have a kind consideration to extend your kind cooperation for the extension of the Kingdom of God.Also I would be happy if you will accept us to be part of your fellowship.
    Pass our sincere regards and greetings to all Brothers and Sisters in Christ.
    yours pastor Reuben..

  42. Deborah (Discerning the World) says:

    Dear Pastor Reuben

    You are welcome to print out all the articles on this website to use as teaching in your church.

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