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To Lent Or Not To Lent, That is The Question

To Lent or Not to Lent, That is the Question. Introduction The heading of this article “To Lent or not to Lent, that is the question” is, as our readers can see, a skit on one of the most famous...

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Who is Rema Marketing (Global Watch Weekly)?

Rema Marketing article updated: 4/4/2015; 17/4/2015; 27/4/2015; 9/8/2017 Who is Rema Marketing (Global Watch Weekly) and what do they believe? It really upsets me when so called ‘Christian’ ministries lie.  It upsets me even more when so called ‘Christian’ ministries charge...

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Latter Rain NAR – Has it Poured into Your Church?

What are the tell tale signs to know if your church is following Latter Rain / NAR / Manifest Sons of God teaching: Here from is an explanation of what Latter Rain teaching is. Sounds very Christian, sounds even...

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Retha McPherson’s Message from Another God – (Part 2)

Continuation from:    Retha McPherson’s Message from Another God – (Part 1) If you have not read Part 1, please do so before you continue to read Part 2 in order to have a full and correct understanding of the...

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The New Evangelical – Evil fit for a New Dark Age

The New Evangelical – Evil fit for a New Dark Age I have been looking into Vatican II for a long time now wondering just how many of our well known pastors are Pope sympathisers.  Then the Emergent Movement exploded onto the scene,...

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Vatican II and The New Evangelization World Wide Take Over

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John Shelby Spong – Victory over Biblical Christianity

A Manifesto! The Time Has Come! By John Shelby Spong (retired Episcopal bishop of Newark) – October 15, 2009 I have made a decision. I will no longer debate the issue of homosexuality in the church with anyone. I...

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Latter Rain – Taking Dominion with another Gospel another Christ

ANOTHER GOSPEL – Please read the below…  I know a lot of good people caught up in this, thinking that what these ‘pastors’ are preaching is ok and they can’t see any harm in it.  They can’t see any harm...