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Rema Marketing Global Watch Weekly 44

Who is Rema Marketing (Global Watch Weekly)?

Rema Marketing article updated: 4/4/2015; 17/4/2015; 27/4/2015; 9/8/2017 Who is Rema Marketing (Global Watch Weekly) and what do they believe? It really upsets me when so called ‘Christian’ ministries lie.  It upsets me even more when so called ‘Christian’ ministries charge...

Angus-Buchan2 97

Angus Buchan, Benny Hinn and God TV

Angus Buchan, Benny Hinn, and God TV I recently read an article written by Prof. Johan Malan in which he expresses his concerns about Angus Buchan. He says, amongst other things, the following in his article “Spiritual Deception, Revival and Angus...

Angus Buchan God TV 9

Why does Angus Buchan get promoted by God TV

Why does Angus Buchan get promoted by God TV so much? Because Wendy and Rory Alec (founders of God TV) are South African and so is Angus Buchan. (South Africans support one another hole heartedly when it comes to false teaching.)...