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We Do Not Play ‘Sloshed in the Spirit’ Anymore

← the New Apostolic Reformation / Latter Rain / Manifest Sons of God (slowly but surely merging with the Emergent Church)  Magazine When all these intoxications, slain in the spirit, convulsing, laying paralysed on the floor...


Latter Rain – Taking Dominion with another Gospel another Christ

Please read the below…  I know a lot of good people caught up in this, thinking that what these ‘pastors’ are preaching is ok and they can’t see any harm in it.  They can’t...

Todd Bentley - Georgian Banov

Blasphemous Prophecy at Todd Bentley’s Ritual Ceremony

George Banov prophecies 2 scriptures that were for Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ ONLY over Todd Bentley.    Georgian Banov’s Blasphemous Prophecy at Todd Bentley’s “Ordination.” July 1, 2008  by Craig “Lee” Dorsheimer In Todd Bentley’s initiation “ordination”...