Latter Rain NAR – Has it Poured into Your Church?

lion of judah - latter rain / NAR / New Apostolic Reformation

What are the tell tale signs to know if your church is following Latter Rain / NAR / Manifest Sons of God teaching:

Here from is an explanation of what Latter Rain teaching is. Sounds very Christian, sounds even biblical, but it is far from it.

“The Latter Rain is God’s great end-time ministry. The Latter Rain is the Restoration of the Church and the Harvest of souls, the gathering together of His people to be God’s Kingdom on earth. The Latter Rain is the promise given to us in the last days for the outpouring of the Holy Ghost. The Latter Rain blesses each of us with times of refreshing, it is for you and all who love peace to enter into now.

The foundation of the Latter Rain Page is firm in the pursuit of truth, justice and mercy. Deliverance to the captive church from the traditional legalism and quenching of the Spirit is through pointing you to the love of God through Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit.

The Lord has given Christians the grace to reconcile the children to their Fathers As One Body

* We prepare for the Marriage Supper of the Lamb
* Harvest the Fruit of the Latter Rain
* Follow Him as the Army of the Lord into His Glory”

The shortened version: Latter Rain / Manifest Sons of God (MSoG is the more extreme version of Latter Rain) is a doctrine that the Assemblies of God (AOG) rejected in 1949/50. They rejected it because it went AGAINST orthodox/normal Christian teaching.

This teaching was made very popular via the following person: William Branham (1909-1965) who held massive revivals in 1947.  He even came to South Africa.  Before that F.F. Bosworth (1877-1958) held big tent revivals during the 1920’s.  Bosworth and Branham met and become good friends as both men followed in the teachings of E.W. Kenyon (1867-1948).

E.W. Kenyon took Metaphysical occult teaching (New Thought – Phineus Quimby) and mixed it with Christian teaching…

Metaphysical definition: 1 

Philosophy to understand the fundamental nature of all reality; seen and unseen realms. Believing in, studying the supernatural (metaphysical). 

Ontology: The study of Being and existence; includes the definition and classification of entities, physical or mental, the nature of their properties, and the nature of change.

Natural Theology: The study of a God or Gods; involves many topics, including among others the nature of religion and the world, existence of the divine, questions about Creation, and the numerous religious or spiritual issues that concern humankind in general.

Universal science:  The study of first principles, which Aristotle believed to be the foundation of all other enquiries. An example of such a principle is the law of no contradiction and the status it holds in non-para-consistent logics.

Metaphysics = mysticism and occultism

Metaphysical cults:

  • International Church of the FourSquare Gospel (Aimee Semple McPherson 1890-1944).
  • New Thought (Phineus Quimby 1802-1866).
  • Higher Life movement / Christian Holiness movement / Keswick movement (William Boardman 1810-1886).
  • Christian Science (Mary Baker Eddy 1821-1910).
  • Unity School of Christianity / Unity Church / Unity (Charles Fillmore 1854-1948, Myrtle Fillmore 1845 1931).
  • Mind Science / Science of Mind (Ernest Holmes 1887-1960).
  • Theosophy (Helena Petrovna Blavatsky 1831-1891).

Kenneth Hagin (1917-2003) did very well to adopt E.W. Kenyon’s teachings too, so well that he has been accused of plagiarising many of E.W. Kenyon’s work as his own. Kenneth Hagin later became known as the  father or granddaddy of the Word of Faith movement, of which many of his followers refer to him as Dad Hagin or Papa Hagin.

William Branham however was so popular (healing, miracles, signs and wonders) that he is regarded by all popular Word of Faith preachers and those in the Apostolic Reformation as a great man of God.

So Kenyon mixed it – Bosworth revived it – Branham popularised it
Hagin stole it and renamed it ‘Word Faith’

A few Word of Faith / Latter Rain / NAR / Apostolic teachers:  Oral Roberts (Oral Roberts University), Pat Robertson, Kenneth Hagin (, Kenneth Copeland, Marilyn Hickey, Kathryn Kuhlman, Todd Bentley, Benny Hinn, Rick Joyner, Rodney Howard-Browne (The River Church), Earl Paulk, Peter Popoff, Fred Price, Morris Cerullo, Patricia King (Extreme Prophetic), Paul Cain, Charles Capp, Joyce Meyer, Paul Keith Davis, Joel Osteen, Paul Yonggi Cho, Randy Clark, John Kilpatrick, Jack Coe, Mike Bickle (IHOP) and Ray McCauley (Rhema Church- South Africa-  Rhema Bible School established by Kenneth Hagin), Jack Deere, Creflo Dollar, Paul and Jan Crouch (TBN), A.A. Allen, John Arnott, John Avanzini, Wendy and Rory Alex (God TV), John Scotland, Robert Tilton, John Wimber, Cindy Jacobs, Bob Jones, Kim Clement, Angus Buchan (Faith like Potatoes), Theo and Beverley Wolmarans (Christian Family Church- South Africa), Kobus van Rensburg, At Boshoff (Christian Revival Church – CRC ),  et al.

Today, Word of Faith / Latter Rain / NAR teaching has grown and grown, bigger and bigger, taking over the church completely. 80% or more of the books in your local Christian bookstore are Word of Faith / Latter Rain / NAR.  The other 19.9% are New Age / Mysticism / Emergent / Unity,  where all faiths lead to one god in a one world religion.

And don’t be fooled, the Baptists have been infiltrated too.  Louie Giglio who promotes himself heavily as a Baptist/Calvinist teaches a message that smacks Emergent teaching, as he relentlessly focuses on the youth as he pushes for a “Radical Generation”.

Everything you thought was Christian is no longer Christian.

In fact you can just add the above movements and their percentages together for Word of Faith (WoF), Latter Rainer (LR and MSoG), the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR), and the Emergent’s (EC) are all leading in the SAME direction.  They just use different terminology and different ways to explain things but the end game is the same:  everything is god, you are a god. 

This is one of the apostasies Jesus Christ spoke of that would totally invade the world:

  • A new faith to replace the old faith.
  • A new Christian to replace the old Christian. 
  • A new way of doing things that HAS already REPLACED the Biblical way of doings things. 
  • The Bible matters no more, in a New Age we become the gospel.


1)   Spiritual warfare:

  • Spiritual warfare conducted through intense worship and praise.
  • Spiritual mapping (geographical areas are hot-spots for gateways and portals to be opened to connect heaven and earth).
  • Identifying strongholds (hatred, adultery, heresies, jealousy, idolatry, murder, etc).
  • Rebuking demonic powers and binding territorial spirits. Spiritual Warriors and Intercessors (pray to open gateways, portals, increase membership of churches, even hired out to Christian businesses to pray for an increase in wealth.
    • Walking through towns, praying over buildings to remove/bind evil spirits (prayer walks).
  • Immobilising prayer groups (see below under Joel’s army).
  • “…Trips to mountains like the Everest, libations, etc. The believers must topple the heavenly powers & take their place in order to rule over the earth.” (Cristolaverdad)

Sole purpose:  to reclaim towns, cities, states/provinces, countries, and finally the earth for Christ (called the 7 Mountains or 7 Spheres).

  • If evil moves out, Christians will move in.
  • If they bind the evil, people will get saved and come to Jesus.

2)   Signs and wonders:

  • Massive amount of focus on signs and wonders which will prepare you for:
    • An Elite group of over-comer’s (false prophets) who WILL produce signs and wonders unlike anything ever seen.
    • Healing ministries.
  • “The ‘Signs & wonders’ manifestations of gold dust, feathers, gems, diamonds, dripping oilstigmata, etc. in their meetings & congregations, which reminds me of some of the manifestations seen in Virgin Mary’s worship & cults. Remember Jesus said ‘Except ye see signs and wonders, ye will not believe‘ (John 4:48), & ‘An evil and adulterous generation seeks after a sign‘ (Matt.12:39). Seeking after signs & wonders is NOT a good thing, but it is lack of faith.” (Cristolaverdad)

4)    They believe in the restoration of the 5 fold ministry.

  • Offices of apostles and prophets.
  • The apostles and prophets have authority.
  • Their focus is strong shepherding and discipleship.
  • If one needs Christian counseling it is to be done via the apostles, prophets or pastors who follow the same teachings.

5)  A perfection of the saints.

  • Immortalising.
  • The attainment of being Christ as we become just like Christ in nature and ability.

6)  Christians will rule the earth (Dominion/Kingdom Now/Replacement Theology)

  • “The Dominion mandate – The Church is to “possess the land” and rule on earth BEFORE Christ can return. They claim Jesus cannot return until all His enemies have been put under the feet of the Church.” 
  • The Church replaces Israel.
  • Anti-Semitic teaching: since the Jewish nation had Jesus crucified they have now forfeited their right to salvation.
  • Gentiles – the church have become God’s chosen people instead.
  • Jerusalem (The Holy Land) belongs to the Church and Joel’s Army is going to fight for it.

7)  They mostly deny a rapture in the classic biblical sense.

  • Some replace it with individual raptures.
  • A collective transformation to immortality on earth.
  • Some mention they believe Jesus Christ is coming back (as per scripture) but the Jesus they refer to is another Jesus.  A Jesus who unites all religions throughout the world
  • “They don’t believe in the Millennium reign of Christ, nor the classic understanding of the Rapture, the Tribulation, the Second Coming and the Millennium.”
  • “Rapture of the wicked, (ie taken in judgment) & the Church will eventually overcome death itself in a counterfeit of the Rapture, explained as a feeling of excitement,  “caught up” emotionally when the Lord returns to receive the kingdom from our hands.”

8)  Word of Faith / Latter Rain / NAR / Manifest Sons promoters are Kingdom Dominionists

9)  Great Harvest of souls (forms part of Revival):

  • An end time harvest of billions of souls.
  • Majority of the world will be won to Christ.
  • A Kingdom would be established or ready to be received by Christ.
  • Or the church will become Christ.

10)  Transformation/Reformation and Reconciliation based on Christian principles (see Christian values/Kingdom values below)

  • Pastors and Youth Leaders to come together.
  • Family to come together.
  • Political leaders to come together.
  • Businesses to come together.
  • Government to come together.

Areas targeted:  family, the community, the arts, sciences, media, law, government, schools and business and the youth. (also known as:   7 Mountains or 7 Spheres).

  • Roman Catholic church / Emergent Church have youth organisations called Change Agents or Transformation Agents, that seek to do the same thing.

11)  Focus on Revival:

  • Sunderland Outpouring, Azusa Street, Pensacola Revival, Holy Laughter Movement (Rodney Howard Browne), Brownsville, Toronto Blessing, Lakeland (Todd Bentley).
  • Global and International Prayer days, Global Revival, Unity through Diversity.
  • Promise Keepers, Mighty Men Conferences.
  • Youth generation, strong focus on the youth, conferences, concerts, prayer gatherings.

Main aim:  United power of agreement for global revival (preparing Joel’s army).

12)  Extra-biblical teaching (New revelations, fresh new ideas):

  • Prophecy spoken that points to-wards any of the points listed in this article.
  • New revelations and new knowledge that falls outside of orthodox (i.e., normal) Christian teaching.
  • They say that they believe the Bible to be the final authority; God’s Word that is complete and never changes – yet also accept new revelations, new information and new ways (actually ancient ways just repackaged as  new ways) of doing things in the Church.
  • New & extra biblical revelations, that supposedly God tells them, like prosperity gospel, sowing seeds, spiritual exercises to hear God’s voice (Shawn BolzShannon Johnson, Mark Virkler, etc.), contemplative prayers, the teaching that Jesus needed to be born again:

“Or the doctrines found in Talmud & kabbalah i.e. that Adam was hermaphrodite or bisexual (& that God is androgynous).  Please see video below:  Kris Vallotton sr. assoc. pastor of Bill Johnson (Bethel Church in Reding Calif.).” (Cristolaverdad)

13)  A Governing body for the Church:

  • “Restoration of the Apostles and Prophets – The need of the five (5) fold ministry at the top of a leadership pyramid and submission to Elders (Shepherding) to bring about the perfecting of the saints.” (Cristolaverdad)
  • Lead by self appointed apostles and prophets.
  • Rule the Church through establishing independent churches.
  • Non-denominational and unaffiliated however all under the central leadership of the apostles and prophets.
  • Christian unity (all faiths professing some form of Christianity are considered Christian).

14)  The Apostles and Prophets of today:

  • Consider themselves GREATER than Jesus disciples and the early church Apostles who were commissioned to go preach the gospel to the nations.
  • Support and appoint each other because all movements branch off/link to each other as they hold onto common beliefs).

15)  Blessings and Curses:

  • The apostles and prophets will give blessings on those who agree and follow them.
  • And curses upon those who don’t follow them.

16)  Words and Faith:

  • The power of their words would bring results (Word of Faith).
  • God inhabits your praises.
  • The more faith you have the more Christian you are.
  • You can speak healing into your life through words/faith.
  • Faith is a force.
  • Faith brings wealth and health:
    • The healthier you are the more faith you have.
    • The wealthier you are the more faith you have.
  • The main belief of Prosperity is this:
    • God will reward His faithful.
    • God will transfer wealth to his faithful children.
    • Transfer of wealth will go from ungodly people to godly people (His faithful).

Main aim:  Christians need wealth to  reclaim the earth for Christ (Kingdom Now / Dominion).

17)  Christian Values / Kingdom Value:

  • Values that can be learnt and applied to one’s life which brings about the appearance of a Christian life.
  • The REAL Holy Spirit is not involved in bringing this change into people’s lives.

18)  Fake holy spirit: 

  • Counterfeit spirits (FIRE called down from heaven / slain in the spirit) are transferred onto people through laying on of hands, touching, gesturing, blowing, etc.   See article: Biblical Holy Spirit vs unholy spirit of fire.   
  • Strange manifestations (Kundalini spirit manifestations).  See No. 42)
    • Speaking in unknown Tongues (see article: Gift of Speaking in Tongues, Prophecy and Healing)
    • Laughing and other sounds.
    • Drunkenness.
    • Electricity sensation.
    • Feeling of heat in the body.
    • No control of your body.
    • Paralysed on the floor.
    • Convulsing, jerking or flailing about.
    • Visions.
    • Visitations.
    • Trips to Heaven and Hell.

19)  Anointing:

  • Multiple anointings – there is an anointing for everything.
  • Anointings can be transferred from one person to another.
  • Anointing/false spirit transferred via:  touching, thought, blowing, gesturing, laying on of hands, hands held above the person, etc.

20)  Mantles:

  • Multiple mantles – there seems to be a mantle for everything.
  • Mantles can be passed from person to person.
  • Most famous Mantle: William Branham’s Mantle.

21)  Occult experiences:

  • Out of body experiences Third Heaven or trips to heaven and hell experiences.
    • Visiting people in dreams.
    • Visiting places (earthly or heavenly).
  • Communicating with the dead in visions (be it saints or angels) is necromancy.

22)  Angels:

  • Angels that accompany the pastor.
  • Angels that bring people messages from God.
  • Angels that bring healing.
  • Any focus on angels; speaking with angels, visitation by angels etc.

23)  Believe and teach things that New Age and/or Occultists believe/teach/practise:

  • Portals, gateways, spiritual gates.
  • Heavenly realms, prayer realms, seer realms, glory realms.
  • Spiritual altars.
  • Drumming circles.
  • Spirit or Angel guides.
  • Opening the Heavens.
  • Ekstasis Worship.
  • Spiritual hot-spots, geographical areas that are more spiritual than others.
  • Atmosphere, vibrations, light, sound, colours and crystals.
  • Numerology / Kabbalah – applying symbolism or significance to numbers.

24)  What they really mean by repentance of sin:

  • Repentance of sin is either completely ignored or there is very little focus.
  • Repentance of sin becomes a group affair in other words the entire congregation will repent of sin in unison.
  • Repentance for other peoples sin or the sins of the country.
  • The Holy Spirit is not what brings about repentance.
  • There is no conviction from the Holy Spirit.
  • Living a good life is considered repentance of sin and can be achieved just though counseling and practice.
  • Being baptised by FIRE is for remission of sin, it burns away your chaff.  You have to be completely on FIRE to be purified for the end times.

25)  Visitations by a Jesus:

  • A Jesus appearing to people in visions or physically appearing to people.

26)  Strange prayer practices:

  • Meditation (clearing the mind).
  • Yoga :  This incorporates breathing, posture, silence and emptying of thoughts.
  • Centering Prayers.
  • Contemplative Prayer (Lectio Divina or Sacred Divination).
  • Breathing practice (this also includes yoga).
  • Reciting scripture or a word or phrase over and over again (also known as a Mantra).
  • Reciting someone else’s prayer e.g., The Prayer of Jabez.
  • Soaking.
  • Walking Labyrinths.

Main aim:

  • Remove all thoughts from your mind or escaping from your thoughts by repeating mantras (words, phrases, verses from scripture) to achieve an altered state of consciousness.
  • Allowing thoughts or a ‘small voice to come into your mind giving you revelation into scripture (usually done by following the above points).
  • Focusing inward to the Christ Within until you become aware that you are a god.

27)  Joel‘s Army:

  • Joel’s army started marching at the start of the Azusa Street Revival, and has since been dubbed the Blessing movement.  The marching has intensified and will continue to gather force.
  • Joel’s army is made up of a group of immortal beings (or so they think) that will bring judgment upon the ungodly.
  • The  ungodly are those who oppose them.
  • The mention of a Christian army of any kind is Joel’s army.
  • Immobilising prayer groups.
  • All who do not accept the authority of the new apostles and prophets will be  removed.
  • Cleansing of the earth of evil to establish His Kingdom (Spiritual Warfare).
  • Call for a Civil War within the church.

28)  Gideon‘s Army:

  • Another kind of Joel’s army, but smaller in size (300 in number as in OT).
  • They will besiege the high places in Israel in prayer and spiritual warfare (see point 1 above).

Note:   Gideon’s army has already taken upon their first assignment from the Lord.  They entered Israel on the 25 Oct – 3 Nov 2008.  It has been called, a strategic and groundbreaking prayer event. 2

29)  Divisions of Joel‘s Army:

  • Isaiah 57 company.
  • The Elijah force.
  • The Warriors of Gilead.
  • Samuel’s army.
  • etc.

30)  Focus on Youth:

  • Focus on youth and Christian values/Kingdom values.
    • Focus on youth for they are the least discerning.
    • Focus on youth for they will lead the future – Children are the future.
    • Create a Radical Generation for Jesus.

Main aim:

  • Parents will encourage their children because of the wonderful change in their lives.
  • Children/Teenagers are being taught the practices mentioned in point 26).

31)  Holy Land / Israel:

  • Applying scripture meant for Israel to the church and vice versa.
  • Move back into the law through the Hebrew Roots movement.
  • Main aim:  Latter Rainer’s are going to try take the Holy Land for themselves.
    • Having to use Hebrew names for God and Jesus.
    • Hebrew greetings.
    • Trying to be Jewish in some form or another, e.g., Jewish dancing in church.

32)  Christian unity:

  • “Unity of all believers (including Catholics & mystics) necessary and vital they say, since Jesus cannot incarnate into a divided Body.”  (Cristolaverdad)
  • All faiths that profess some kind of Christian teaching are considered Christian.
  • Conferences are held where all Christian faiths come together.
  • They all believe in a Christ and they call him Jesus but it’s not the biblical Jesus Christ.
  • The earth is going to be one big happy family under Christ.
  • Global peace plan.
  • Unity at all costs, excluding the Truth.

33)  Christ comes into the church before he comes for the church:

  • That the Church, his body will actually become Christ on earth, glorious and triumphant.

34)  Divinity, becoming a little god:

  • Teaching that when you accept Jesus into your life you become like Christ or start to actually become like Christ.
  • Word of Faith affirms this by teaching that we can speak things into existence just as God did when He created the earth.
  • They are progressing in their godliness:  The Christian life has levels to go through to reach maturity:
  1. The first level is that of servant of God.
  2. The second level is that of a friend of God.
  3. The third level is to become a son of God which means you are now a god or a little god , you are on the level of Christ.
  • This is only obtained via revelation from the apostles and prophets (new revelation that falls outside of the Bible).
  • When you enter Heaven you will be on the same level as  Jesus Christ.

35)  Global Warning and the Environment:

  • Focus on saving the earth (Mother Earth, Mother Nature, Mother Gaia).

36) Purpose Driven:

  • Moving the earth into a one world faith (Rick Warren and other Emerging teachers).
  • Ties with teachers from the Emergent Church:  Brian McLaren, Rob Bell, Leonard Sweet, Stephan Joubert, etc.,

37)  Ancient knowledge is now new knowledge:

  • Moving back to the early church fathers who used contemplative spiritual practices.
  • Emerging ideas overtaking all thinking in universities, seminaries and colleges which has then being filtered down into the churches.
  • Roman Catholicism and the Catholic church is now considered Christian.
  • Post-modernism.
  • Pantheism.
  • Panentheism.
  • Emerging Dialogue and debate on what Truth actually is i.e., truth can be anything you deem to be correct depending on your situation, age, gender and culture, etc.)
  • Spirituality is experienced with all 5 senses:  touch, smell, taste, seeing, hearing.

38) Vatican II Re-Evangelization Program:

39)  Rise of the Issachar Prophets:

Based on Genesis 49:14-15 the New Apostolic Reformation have stated that there will be Prophets unlike any other…they will be called Issachar Prophets.

These Issachar Prophets will rise up in the last days and have the anointing of the Issachar tribe.

These Issachar Prophets will be accurate in all their prophecy from:  dreams, visions, predicting earthquakes, disasters, even sports scores, etc.

The New Apostolic Reformation believe that these Issachar Prophets will lead the church into the last days and give them direction and prepare them.

Rick Joyner says on his Morningstar ministries website“Years ago, I became very concerned that the body of Christ should have a true and dependable “sons of Issachar” ministry for the times to come, which is the ministry of knowing the times and what God’s people should do to be prepared for them.”

Steve Shultz from The Elijah List had this to say of Chuck Pierce; …the Issachar tribe “understood time and could interpret the Word of God in time.” We need the Issachar anointing for ourselves and from those who can interpret God’s word and time in the hour, like Chuck Pierce.”

Chuck Pierce says:  “THE TIME IS NOW! All nations in the earth can now become His inheritance.” and “God wants us to understand and interpret our times so we can prosper in every season and have wisdom to advance!” and “By understanding times, you will prosper!”

The Issachar anointing is stepping into your ‘manifest sons of God’ position on earth.  You will be able to engage Heaven making decrees and Heavenly laws.  You will be able to seek and receive all that God has to offer for His sons/daughters, that being:  revelation, transformation and empowerment on earth. You will be able to step into the fullness of your identity (Christ Consciousness), and receive your inheritance and authority as ‘manifest sons of God’ so that the ‘church’ (Roman Catholicism) can fulfill her kingdom destiny on earth in preparation for Christ’s return.

  • Manifestation of the Sons of God . They are the mighty Army of the Lord a.k.a. Joel’s Army, those in the Body who are perfected by the works of their Apostles & Prophets, and brought (literally) to ‘the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ.’  These will receive their final redemption, the immortalization of their carnal bodies & they will have every right to be called gods.”

40)  The Third Day Church Arising

  • The New Apostolic Reformation is raising up a church, called the Third Day Church.  Just as Jesus Christ was raised up on the 3rd Day, so will this church.
  • This Third Day church is just another name for Joel’s Army.
  • Chuck Pierce “wrote a chapter on the Third Day Church Arising in The Future War of the Church. Know the time and what to do! On the Third Day, He will raise us up!”
  • God apparently wants His Church to operate with immense power.
  • Warfare is shifting.
  • This age needs God’s warriors to arise in triumph.
  • Apostolic right are preparing for civil war within the church.  See point 27)

41) Going back to our Jewish Roots

  • The New Apostolic Reformation teach that because of antisemitism brought into the Church in Constantine’s day, the Church rejected much of the blessing/inheritance Christians are supposed to receive.
  • According to the NAR we need to learn how to restore the blessing of our lost Biblical inheritance when we embrace the Jewish roots of our Christian faith.

42) Latter Rain / NAR warns of Kundalini spirit.

  • The NAR are now warning people about the Kundalini Spirit that has invaded the church.
  • They are denouncing the Kundalini Spirit yet still calling FIRE DOWN FROM HEAVEN.  
    • Revelation 13:13 “And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men”
    • Luke 9:54-55  “54 And when his disciples James and John saw this, they said, Lord, wilt thou that we command fire to come down from heaven, and consume them, even as Elias did? 55 But he turned, and rebuked them, and said, Ye know not what manner of spirit ye are of.”
  • This warning started years ago with Andrew Strom’s DVDs on the Kundalini Spirit, yet Andrew Strom remains NAR.
  • The NAR are now desperately trying to make a distinction between the Kundalini Spirit and the so called ‘baptism of FIRE’ with blatant lying so as to still catch people off totally off guard.
  • It’s the same spirit, but now under a different name…can you guess what name? The biblical name of ‘The Holy Spirit’.
  • Same manifestations, the only difference is the Kundalini spirit just lost its name.

It is easy to see how all forms of Pentecostalism are coming together under the invisible cloak of the Roman Catholic Church.   Churches today do not realise they are in fact a Roman Catholic church.  Soon the Roman Catholic Church will throw off her invisible cloak and she will exposed herself as a woman drunken with the blood of the saints; the mastermind behind the unity of all faiths, into a One World Religion.

Revelation 17:6 “And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration.”

43)  They don’t believe in a literal hell.


Mike Bickle (IHOP) & wife Diane with Pope Francis, June 2016

Kris Vallotton (right) and Che Ahn (left) meet the Pope:

Follow the trail of bedfellows:

Some keywords of the NAR / Latter Rain Movement:

New Apostolic Reformation NAR, apostolic, new wine, glory, Shekinah glory, refreshing, latter rain, glory cloud, soaking (same as meditating), seasons, move into the supernatural, prophetic, new breed, third wave, purpose driven life, purpose driven church, winds of change, winds of revival, supernatural motion, glory of the Lord, birthing, God’s kingdom is further being established on earth as it is in heaven, as above so below, angelic hosts being released, connection points, portals, revival hubs, releasing, impartations or imparted, DNA, quantum, spiritual covering, global harvest, rains of revival, awakening, great awakening, new age, new dawn, suddenlies, oneness in Christ, secret place, glory of God manifests on earth, visitation or visitations from angels or a figure who claims to be Jesus Christ, paradigm, shifting, alignment, transported, prophetic towers, mountains,  revolution, revolutionary, vertical and horizontal apostles, new beginnings, soaking in the Glory, operate in the glory and power of God, city transformation, activating and mobilising others into their gifting, accurate prophetic words, prophetess, Nazarite, passion for revival, intercessor, releasing power and glory, Promise Keepers (Mighty Men Conferences by Angus Buchan, Iron Men), rise up an army of believers, passing on the mantle, Elijah legacy, anointings named after biblical people, slain in the spirit, fire tunnel, transformation, reformation, third heaven, opening the heavens, God is doing a new thing in your life, increasing your anointing, pulling up the tent stakes, don’t put God in a box, God is increasing your territory, emerging, emergent, unity in diversity, postmodernism, spiritual formation, directors, spiritual directors, new era, golden rule, yoga, meditation, breathing, the silence, the secret, secret places of God, thin veil, contemplation, cosmos, candles, stations of the cross, Labyrinth, radical generation, boiler rooms, healing rooms, Spirit of ‘name some biblical character’, labyrinths, tree of life, awakening, treasure inside you, new levels, new heights, prophetic levels, prophetic colours, self-realization, divine self, Christ within, Christ consciousness, higher self, presence movement, hearing the voice of God, the presence of God, entering into the presence of God,  blowing the Shofar, sound in the heavenlies,  journey, paths, breath of God, breathing in God, The Message Bible, Alpha course, A Course in Miracles, unity in love,  etc.

Last updated:  12 June 2019


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Deborah (Discerning the World)

Deborah Ellish is the author of the above article. Discerning the World is an internet Christian Ministry based in Johannesburg South Africa. Tom Lessing and Deborah Ellish both own Discerning the World. For more information see the About this Website page below the comments section.

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  1. Colleen says:

    This is the BEST article on this topic I have read in all of my 8 years of research/studying. It ties everything together and gives me the BIG picture instead of just bits and pieces of the puzzle. It shows how all of the “church” movements that I have been studying about and coming into contact with in my own life are coming together into one and being used by Satan to set up his kingdom on earth. I felt like I had been missing something, and you just gave me the missing piece! Thank you so much! Now I have better understanding and a clear view. May God bless you for your work and dedication to Him. You are such a blessing to so many people!

  2. Thank you Colleen! :hi5:

    We give all the praise to Jesus Christ. 🙂

    In fact looking at it again there are many new things I can add, many updates as everything merges into a One World Religion. I’ll update this article soon.

  3. Smuggler says:

    Hallo Debs
    See this article on a new “Passion Translation” being release today, 500 years to the day of Martin Luthers 95 statements being “hammered” to the church door.

    They are REALLY twisting the TRUTH now . . . . :dazed:


  4. Thanks Smuggler!

    This is interesting. This FIRE in the church is so Satanic. The PASSION (FIRE) of the Eucharist Christ.

  5. William says:

    Hi Deborah
    Is it possible to forward me yours or Thomas Lessing’s e-mail address? (Re-Personal)

  6. Hi William :hi:

    You can email and I will forward your email to Tom.

  7. William says:

    Thank you Deborah

    I appreciate your quick response.

    God bless

  8. Dear William

    Email forwarded to Tom, I too have replied to you. :nod:

  9. Updated today:

    39) Rise of the Issachar Prophets!
    40) The Third Day Church Arising
    41) Going back to our Jewish Roots

  10. Updated today:

    12) Extra-biblical teaching (added videos – on “Jesus needed to be born again”.)
    42) Latter Rain / NAR warns of Kundalini spirit.
    43) Hell

    Added pictures of Apostles with Pope Francis.

  11. Phillip says:

    Discerning The World
    This is more of a ‘what they are saying and why’ type of article. If others find it exceptionally useful and you think it does more harm then….hmmmmm….*ponder ponder*

    Btw, there is hardly any scripture for the rubbish these people are speaking…so now what? Is that a good or bad thing? lol I mean really, if you can find a scripture to back up…I dunnooo say….gateways and portals for instance then…well…I will congratulate you in advance.

    Hello Deborah,

    I trust you are well.

    As I have commented on another of your threads the silence of the scriptures on a lot of this stuff is deafening and should be enough to raise suspicions. The closest thing I can find in the scriptures to a gateway is the gate that leads to life. But, it as a narrow gate and a difficult way and few there be that find it.

    Best wishes.

  12. Dear Philip

    You said “The closest thing I can find in the scriptures to a gateway is the gate that leads to life. But, it as a narrow gate and a difficult way and few there be that find it.”

    Indeed, broad is the way to find this “gate” of the Latter Rain New Apostolic Reformation movement, and very sadly many are on it.

  13. Phillip says:




    Could I please ask you not to prostitute a platform to throw bricks? When you throw bricks you cut off ears. It seems to me that you would commend your comments to a wider audience if you would present reasoned arguments from the sacred scriptures and do so with grace, seasoned with salt.

    Best wishes.

  14. Joline says:

    Tom and Deborah,

    Ek dink julle twee moet ‘n byeenkoms reël wat baie groot is. Dan moet julle die waarheid verkonding

    39) Rise of the Issachar Prophets!
    40) The Third Day Church Arising
    41) Going back to our Jewish Roots

    aan die werêld dat die mense se oë kan oop gaan. Gaan bid daaroor en dalk wil God julle magtig gebruik. Bid vir julle. Ek is eintlik afrikaans. Mag God julle ryklik seën vir julle groot werk wat julle vir hom doen. Dink baie mense sal tot bekeering kom.

    God Bless 🙏 🙏 🙏

  15. Zee says:

    Hello, I recently found your page and still have a lot to read through. Are you able to recommend any churches in Gauteng or online that preach/teach sound doctrine?

  16. Hi Zee. We are often asked the same question, “Where can we find a sound biblical church in Gauteng?” The very first thing you need to do is to study the Word from Genesis to Revelation by youjrself and ask the Lord for wisdom.

    Here are a few sites you may find interesting.

  17. Deborah (Discerning the World) says:

    Dear Zee

    Tom has an article about what’s its like to be a Christian in these last days.

    You can also look at

  18. Rebecca Sanders says:

    Missionary Spencer Smith, needs to see this. I don’t know how to send. He is on U Tube. He is a missionary for Africa.

  19. Enrico Abrahams says:

    I think even someone with very basic biblical literacy under the guidance of the real Holy Spirit that guides us into all truth (John 16:13) should be able to see that there are many things wrong with this movement, however if one is not motivated in that direction but is content with these leaders doing one’s thinking and studying, then it’s easy to get to that place of just following whatever THEY say.

    But how do we get there? I think in the times before we were so bomdarded with entertainment and media, we read more, studied more, discussed more, listened more, and perhaps even argued more respectfully, and the deeper we are getting into entertainment, not only as youth but even the older adults (we’re all saved by grace, no one is saved by age) we are becoming mentally lazy, vegetatiing in front of big screens and surround sound, and we wonder why mental illness is on the rise

    It’s time to get generally literate
    It’s time to get BIBLICALLY literate
    It’s time to follow the BIBLE prophets in order to discern whether these so-called modern day prophets are really hearing from God….do the biblical prophets agree with their testimony?

  20. Enrico Abrahams. So true and well said.

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