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Rending the Veil from the Bottom to the Top

Introduction And, behold, the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom; and the earth did quake, and the rocks rent; (Matthew 27:51) What do you think the result would be if we were...

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Guilt by Association

Many well-known and greatly esteemed preachers and teachers have absolutely no qualms whatsoever about their association with some of the weirdest, worst and most dangerous false prophets in these last days’ of exponential apostasy. Here are a few well-documented examples....

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Vermetele Woorde Teen God

Ons vriend, Stephan Joubert, skryf op 25 Mei 2015 op sy webblad “ekerk,” Die Vermetele Woorde van Stephan Joubert en sy Vriende teen God Inleiding Ter inleiding, wil ek die lesers graag eers daarop wys hoe valse leermeesters se vermetele...

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Hoe Om Mense Met Liefde Hel toe te Stuur

(English translation below.) Toe Jesus vir Petrus vra: “Het jy my lief, meer as hulle hier?” het Hy na regte vir Petrus geleer wat ware liefde is en hoe om dit van ‘n valse en helse soort liefde te onderskei....

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‘Everything Must Change’ Back to Roman Catholicism

There is a conversation going on at the Emerging Africa website under the post Christian Piracy regarding my defence for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and my ongoing never to end ‘good fight’ for the TRUTH.  I made a comment there which was supposed to...

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Emergent – Another Student at TUKS Theology Loses the Plot

Emergent – Another Student at TUKS Theology Loses the Plot Freddie honestly believes that born again Christians and the Emergent Christian are the same.  Freddie honestly believes therefore that when ‘Christians’ are questioning what they believe and preach they are...