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‘Everything Must Change’ Back to Roman Catholicism

There is a conversation going on at the Emerging Africa website under the post Christian Piracy regarding my defence for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and my ongoing never to end ‘good fight’ for the TRUTH.  I made a comment there which was supposed to...

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Worlds Most Metaphorically Dangerous Job

Worlds Most Metaphorically Dangerous Job:  The Metaphorical Suicide Bomber: Preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ which includes repentance of Sin. Having 1 person listen to God’s Word, repent of their sin through His Son Jesus Christ and be saved: cost:  Free and...

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Peter Veysie from Ridgeway Ministries trying to ‘Bridge’ that Gap

Peter Veysie commented here under my Change Agents article:  Ee-mmergency – Releasing Christian youth into the fire  Peter said:  “I am first of all hoping that you are a brother or sister in Christ and that your defence of the gospel...

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Satan the Trickster – Embracing the Emerging Snake

Satan the Trickster – Embracing the Emerging Snake Nic Paton from ( has this thing about being credited for his work, his thoughts, his beliefs.  He has been making comments on my blog telling me that he can’t find Jesus...