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Ons eie eg Suid-Afrikaanse “Emergent Pinocchios”

Ons eie eg Suid-Afrikaanse “Emergent Pinocchios” – Die ander Waarheid Die siening dat die geskiedenis geneig is om homself te herhaal is nogal waar . . . of is dit maar net ’n langneus Pinocchio-leuen om ons ’n rat voor die oë...

Guilt by Association 3

Guilt by Association

Many well-known and greatly esteemed preachers and teachers have absolutely no qualms whatsoever about their association with some of the weirdest, worst and most dangerous false prophets in these last days’ of exponential apostasy. Here are a few well-documented examples....

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Emergent Mysticism (5)

Emergent Mysticism: A biblical appraisal of the Mosaic Church Congress –  Johannesburg (4-5 Sept. 2009) – Part 5  Session 3: Being a radical pilgrim and prophet – Stephan Joubert (Continued) To summarize what Stephan Joubert has said so far the...

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Johan Geyser and The “Mosaiek” Seat of Moses

Johan Geyser and The “Mosaiek” Seat of Moses In 1926 a unique stone seat was found near the southern wall of the Chorazin synagogue. Since then it has been called the “Chair of Moses.” The Chair of Moses is a special...

Stephan Jouberts deconstruction of Christianity 3

Stephan Joubert’s Censorship of Paul and Deconstruction of Christianity

Stephan Joubert is constantly criticizing the Church. In his newest blog commentary on echurch he says that the Church needs simple Simons to cure the Church. Cure the Church of what and to which Church is he actually referring?  –...

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Integral Spiritual Experience come New Years Eve 2009

Global Spirituality Event and Ken Wilber (The Author Rob Bell Loves!) So how does a supposed Christian minister of the Gospel [Rob Bell] end up promoting someone [Ken Wilbur] teaching doctrines of demons? (All spiritual paths lead to your highest...