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Jan van der Watt: The Rapture Error

The following video is an extract from a second in a series of two made by Stephan Joubert’s Ekerk on the theme, “The Mark of the Beast and other problems in Revelation.” (12 May 2021). Problems? The word “problem” and...

Afrikaner: Who-is-Behind-Mayhem-and-in-SA 4

The New Israel: Who is Behind the Violence and Mayhem in SA? (Part 4)

The New Israel: From the Frying Pan into Strange Fire? Several churches have experienced major exoduses in these last few decades. One of the more recent ones to have taken place in South Africa was when thousands upon thousands left...

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Incarnational Spirituality

WHAT IS INCARNATIONAL SPIRITUALITY? Lesslie Newbigin offers one of the best definitions of incarnational spirituality. The following is an excerpt from “Assessing Missional Orientation: Observing Biblical Community, Incarnational Service, Bold and Humble Witness, and Reproduction of Disciples in The Light...

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Hoe Om Mense Met Liefde Hel toe te Stuur

(English translation below.) Toe Jesus vir Petrus vra: “Het jy my lief, meer as hulle hier?” het Hy na regte vir Petrus geleer wat ware liefde is en hoe om dit van ‘n valse en helse soort liefde te onderskei....