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Rending the Veil from the Bottom to the Top

Rending the Veil from the Bottom to the Top. What do you think the result would be if we were to do a survey asking people the question: “If you were able to bring about the most important and revolutionary...

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Dries Cronje – In and Out, Right or Wrong, Which one are you?

Dries Cronje – Your In and your Out… Would you penalize me when I change a certain Bible verse very slightly? Yes? Ok! so here goes: He who possesses the Truth has the only Truth; he who does not possess...

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Contemplative Spirituality: The Throne of Satan

Contemplative Spirituality Contemplative Spirituality – The followers of the Emergent Jesus are completely enamored, captivated, bewitched, besotted, and smitten by hidden secrets, so much so that they are continually boasting that they have found this or that new hidden secret...