Televangelist James Robison Praising Catholic Priest

Because we are living in the last days (and boy are we in the last days), we are seeing more and more ‘Evangelists’ like James Robison turning to Rome, and speaking a message that Pentecostals, Protestants, et al need to come together with Rome and work together on common ground.

Too work with Catholics or Roman Catholics is to work with the FALSE PROPHET of Revelation 13:11; 5:6 and deny the true Jesus Christ of the Bible.

See this article: Vatican Fulfulls Biblical Prophecy (Rev 13, 17 and 18) – The False Prophet

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  1. Burning Lamp says:

    Regarding Robison, where is the outrage over this travesty by one of the most popular TV programs on the air today, even on some secular stations? Robison cloaks his betrayal of God’s truth in humanitarian works that pull at the heartstrings showing starving children. Of course we care about children who have no shoes and people who don’t have clean water to drink, but God’s truth is paramount.

  2. maizie says:

    I was troubled some years ago when I saw vitamins being sold on the program with James R.
    I have heard him and seem God use him to minister healing to people so if James R. has left his first love than I am sad about this.

  3. Bea K. says:

    Here we go again with the, “Catholics believe in and serve the same God and Savior that we do” mess, when we KNOW for certain nothing could be further from the Truth. It is my earnest prayer that many more will, “come out of her” before the Lord returns but saying that the ‘one true church’ follows the precepts of the Bible (from cover to cover), is most definitely NOT THE GOD’S HONEST TRUTH (and I hope Robison and his followers find that out before it’s too late).

  4. Bea K

    Sorry Bea but you are wrong, Catholics are PAGAN.

  5. Betty Harmon says:


    I was raised in a strict Catholic environment and even went to Catholic schools at the age of 6-7. I began to get ill when attending with my father every Sunday – my Mother wouldn’t attend at all.

    As a child, it is hard to DISCERN at times what is the actual problem but I can assure you God wanted me out of there. As I look back I know it was God telling NOT FOR YOU DEAR! And besides when I got older and read the verse of scripture CALL NO MAN FATHER FOR THERE IS ONLY ONE FATHER AND THAT IS YOUR FATHER IN HEAVEN. Need I say more! I probably shouldn’t say more.

    God Bless, B Harmon

  6. Catholic4Life says:

    Obviously you all don’t know your Church History. The Catholic Church which was founded by Jesus Christ (Who taught His Apostles all He wanted Christians to know) is the same Catholic Church today. if you want to use the priest scandal as an excuse for your attacks- all Catholics are upset by the sins of those priests. The Catholic Church never
    instructed them to commit those crimes. By bashing Catholics-
    you are attacking Jesus’ Church. i feel sorry for you as you do not receive Jesus True Presence in The Eucharist because you are not also do not obey the Scripture that says “Judge not, lest ye be judged,” i will
    pray for your conversion & awakening to God’s truth. We are All Children of God- Let us love one another- as He loves us.”.

  7. Robbie says:


    You have been deceived in more than one instance. You ask “is it possible”??
    – You misinterpret our duties regarding judging. AND,
    – we are not all God’s children… His creation yes.
    – etc… etc.

    As for your life commitment to the RCC… Admin will direct you soon I am sure.

  8. Martin Horan says:

    Hi Catholic4life,
    as a former RC, and someone who has studied Catholic history and dogma in detail, it is apparent that you know little about either Catholic doctrine or the history of the Catholic church. It’s a pity. I feel sad that Catholics are kept in such ignorance as it keeps them from knowing the truth of salvation.
    In the first place, Jesus made it clear that “Salvation is of the Jews” [John 4:22] and that the Resurrected Christ is still a Jew [Rev 5:5]. No Catholics are taught these things–which are very basic scriptural teachings–or that as history screams out, via the Crusades, Inquisition, &c., that Catholicism is as anti-Semitic as Islam.
    Like Islam, the Vatican sided with Hitler; and Hitler built his Gestapo on the the Jesuits, even calling Goebels his Ingatius Loyola. Indeed, the Nazis got the idea of making the Jews wear a yellow star from the Catholic church’s idea of making the Jews wear an identifying mark throughout history. It was the papacy who first hounded the Jews into ghettos.
    The Scriptures are full of prophecies that the Jews would be back in their land in the Last Days, which the Catholics deny, claiming that they have replaced Israel in God’s plan. The last pope actually had a phone line to his friend the terrorist Arafat in his Ramallah bunker. And the pope did so while Arafat was training children to be suicide bombers.
    So Catholicism is at variance with the Scriptures there on the points of Israel alone.
    Although God says that He magnifies HIs Word above His Own Name [Psalm 138:2] Catholics are taught little or nothing of that Holy Word. That is not an opinion but is from personal experience of being taught in Catholic schools, as were my four other siblings and many friends.
    The claim that Peter (an apostle, no less) was the first pope is, frankly, ridiculous.
    Ironically, the Vatican chose the most chauvinistically Jewish apostle for their first pope. And let us bear in mind that Peter had to be corrected of this Jewish chauvinism by the rabbi and ex-PHARISEE Paul [Galatians 2:11]!
    Also, the fact that Peter was castigated by Paul in front of the other Jewish Christians hardly shows an infallible pope! It certainly shows that Peter had no pre-eminence above any other ordinary Christian. In fact, the New Testament makes it clear that no Christian has any pre-eminence over another. That is merely a Catholic and neo-Catholic/Calvinst idea. The Scriptures warn against such ideas of being masters or of having spiritual masters [Matthew 23:10, 3 John 9, James 3:1, &c., &c]. Besides there wasn’t even a Catholic church before the time of Constantine.
    Jesus particularly said for us not to even call anyone our spiritual father [Matt 23:9]. The word pope actually means father and every Romanist priest takes the title, “Father”.
    There is not even the slightest hint in the Bible or in secular history that Peter was a Roman bishop, let alone a pope. We don’t even know who the first Roman bishops were, never mind the Roman Catholic ones. Even then, none held any power over bishops elsewhere. Historians claim that the nearest thing to a pope was Leo I who was the first to claim superiority over othe popes and his reign wasn’t until 440-461 and his claims of superiority were rejected.
    The first real pope was Gregory I (circa 590-604) and he was involved in simony, as were other popes.
    In fact, “infallible” Popes contradicted other popes. Virilinus, Innocent III, Clement IV, Gregory XI, Hadrian VI and Paul IV all rejected the doctrine of papal infallibility. So we had infallible popes claiming they were not infallible! (How could infallible popes know that they were not infallible?) Thus the Vatican Council of 1870 sought to make the definition apply only to “ex Cathdera”, meaning when a pope makes a statement he defines as a doctrine of faith or morals it is to be held by the whole church (Catholic Encyclopaedia Vol 7, page 796). Though this proved nothing, papal infallibility became an official dogma of the Vatican Council of 1870.
    Of the several bishops who opposed this contradictory dogma, Joseph Stossmayer (1815-1905), pointed out that popes opposed other popes(Catholic Encyclopaedia Vol 14, p. 136). Particular mention was made of when Pope Stephen VI (896-897) brought former Pope Formosus (891-896) to trial. Formosus had been dead for eight months but his corpse was brought from the tomb and placed on the papal throne. Before a group of bishops and cardinals the corpse was dressed in papal dress, including a crown on his skull and sceptre stuck in the fingers of his rotting hand.
    The stench of the rotting corpse filled the assembly hall as Stephen questioned Formosus. As Formoses did not answer it was obvious he was guilty! So the crown was ripped from his skull, the opulent robes were ripped off him, the fingers used for blessing were hacked off and thrown into the street, and what was left of the corpse was dragged behind a cart through the streets and then thrown into the Tiber (Catholic Encyclopaedia Vol 6. p. 141).
    The same Catholic Encyclopaedia states: “… the second successor of Stephen VI had the body of Formosus, which a monk had drawn from the Tiber, reinterred with full honours in St Peter’s. He furthermore annulled the decision of the court of Sephen VI, and declared all orders conferred by Formosus valid. Pope John IX confirmed these acts at two synods. Yet Sergius III (904-911) approved in a Roman synod the decisions of Stephen’s synod against Formosus. Serguius and his party meted out severe treatment to the bishops consecrated by Formosus, who had meanwhile conferred orders on many clerics, a policy giving rise to the greatest confusion (Ibid).
    Pope Honorious I was denounced as a heretic by the Sixth Council in 680. Pope Leo II confirmed this condemnation.
    The Council of Trent (Sess IV) states “…the Holy Scripture does not contain all that’s necessary to salvation.”
    The Bible says otherwise: Psalms 19:8-11; 119: 9, 11, 24, 50, 97, 99, 100, 105; Isaiah 8:20; Jeremiah, 23:29-31; Luke 8:11-12, 28; John 8:32; 20:31; Romans 1:16; 10:17; 1 Corinthians 10-11; 15:1-1; Ephesians 6:17; 1 Peter 1:23.
    Actually, I could go on and on with lists of Romanist dogmas that clearly contradict the Bible.
    What actually saddens me is that millions of poor catholics are deceived and we have few champions of Christianity in the mainstream churches who champion the Bible to expose Catholicism for the sake of those souls.
    Many of them seem to be utterly ignorant of the teachings of Romanism or spend their time attacking smaller cults. In the cases of Billy Graham and Robert Schuller, these men know better and are aiding and abetting the cover-up of Roman’s history and doctrines. It strikes me that they are instumental in keeping Catholics ignorant and, like the Pharisees of old, shutting out the kingdom to others.
    Anyone who dares mention real history, or shows what the Catholic church actually teaches that contradicts Scripture, are called Catholic bashers. Yet we would not call people Nazis bashers for exposing what Hitler taught so what makes the Papacy so special?
    It is a tragedy that millions of souls are part of the world’s largest cult and the mainstream churches look the other way in the manner of Graham and Schuller. Shame on all of them!
    Dear Catholic4life, what you really need to become is a Christian4life because time is running out for this world and it’s running out fast. Please read the Scriptures for yourself and ask God to guide you through His Holy Spirit when you read them. Also try reading objective histories of Christianity, not ones written though the religious paradigms of people who want you to follow their beliefs.
    May God bless you.

  9. Sharon says:

    He is a product of the “Toronto Revival” At one time he was one of the most respected and sought after preachers in the Southern Baptist Convention. But his wife went to the Toronto Revival and came back speaking in tongues. I cannot help but wonder if their marriage was perhaps on the fritz and James bowed to his wife’s will rather than God’s.


  10. Sharon says:

    I do know church history and no, Jesus Christ did NOT start the Roman Catholic dare I say church. I surely will not “bash you” for being a Roman Catholic, you have the right, the free will to believe any thing you choose. See God is a gentleman, he will never force himself on you. He is a BIG and AWESOME God, the Great I AM. When Jesus started His True Church it was not built on Peter but Jesus himself is the Rock. Peter (Petros) means a stone or pebble. Jesus Christ is the Rock. Lets see some KJV Scriptures, which the Pope and his boys HATE the KJV and that makes me love it all the more.
    Deuteronomy 32:4 He is the Rock, his work is perfect: for all his ways are judgment: a God of truth and without iniquity, just and right is he. (this verse is an Old Testament reference of Jesus Christ.) the next verse is another reference of Jesus Christ. Deuteronomy32:18 Of the Rock that begat thee thou art unmindful, and hast forgotten God that formed thee.
    Deuteronomy 32:31 For their rock is not as our Rock, even our enemies themselves being judges. Do you see the word Rock with a capitol R….yep, it’s Jesus again. See Jesus is the whole theme of the Bible. He is in every book.

    Look here in the New Testament 1Corinthians 10:4 And did all drink the same spiritual drink: for they drank of that spiritual Rock that followed them: and that Rock was Christ.
    1Peter 2:8 And a stone of stumbling, and a rock of offence, even to them which stumble at the word, being disobedient: whereunto also they were appointed.

    The church of the Lord Jesus Christ is built on himself and Paul and Peter were very careful to say so.

    Matthew 16:13 When Jesus came into the coasts of Caesarea Philippi, he asked his disciples, saying, Whom do men say that I the Son of man am?
    Matthew 16:14 And they said, Some say that thou art John the Baptist: some, Elias; and others, Jeremias, or one of the prophets.
    Matthew 16:15 He saith unto them, But whom say ye that I am?
    Matthew 16:16 And Simon Peter answered and said, Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God.
    Matthew 16:17 And Jesus answered and said unto him, Blessed art thou, Simon Barjona: for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee, but my Father which is in heaven.
    Matthew 16:18 And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.
    Mat 16:19 And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.

    It was Peters confession of who Jesus is that Jesus told him that flesh and blood had not revealed the true identity of exactly who Jesus is.

    Peter was never a Pope. You will not find the word Pope in scripture. You will not find the word Nun in scripture. You will not find the words Rosary Beads. You will not find Communion being the literal Body and Blood of Jesus Christ…that would be cannibalism. You will not find the word Indulgences or Purgatory…there is no such place. When Jesus was a baby he was not Christened.

    Here are some dates for you: Up until AD 1179 there was no catholic teaching called Transsubstantiation. It was then that Pope Innocent decided they needed more Mysticism in the “faith”. Then it was declared that salvation only comes through the Catholic “church.” If that were true then Jesus would not have been crucified and shed his precious blood to atone for the sins of man.

    I do not know where you live in this world, but if you can find a little book called “The Trail of Blood” you will learn that a lot of the things you have been taught simply aren’t true.

    You also say that Jesus taught His apostles all that he wanted us to know? Sorry that is not true. The Word of God at the direction of the Holy Spirit will teach us all we need to know. I also know that for centuries the Roman Catholic Religion has forbid the flock from reading God’s word for themselves. Have you never wondered why? The reason is that when reading for ones self the Holy Spirit may just use the passages you read will really teach you the truth.

    No my friend, the Savior I know, one Lord Jesus Christ did not start the Roman Religion. Did you know that Romanism is rooted in Babylonian Sun Worship. Every “Denomination” except one came out of the Roman “Church” and we can see that the Mother Whore is calling those Harlots back into the fold.

    The one denomination that was in existence before the Roman religion the Ana-Baptists.

    It is truly your right to believe what ever you choose to believe; God will let you do that. But if you are relying on your infant baptism, your “church”, or anything but the shed blood of Jesus Christ to get you into heaven then I am truly sorry for you. Catholic4Life, interesting name. Being a Catholic for life, not even being a Baptist for life will get you into heaven. But falling on your face, praying to Jesus Christ to forgive you for all of your sins and trusting him, now that will get you to heaven.

    Peace to You

    Catholic4Life wrote:

    Obviously you all don’t know your Church History. The Catholic Church which was founded by Jesus Christ (Who taught His Apostles all He wanted Christians to know) is the same Catholic Church today. if you want to use the priest scandal as an excuse for your attacks- all Catholics are upset by the sins of those priests. The Catholic Church never
    instructed them to commit those crimes. By bashing Catholics-
    you are attacking Jesus’ Church. i feel sorry for you as you do not receive Jesus True Presence in The Eucharist because you are not also do not obey the Scripture that says “Judge not, lest ye be judged,” i will
    pray for your conversion & awakening to God’s truth. We are All Children of God- Let us love one another- as He loves us.”.

  11. Sharon says:

    Baal is The “Catholic” God

    1. The nativity of the Sun, the birth of Tammuz Dec. 25
    The nativity of Jesus, or “Christmas” is held on December 25

    2. The Midsummer festival of the Pagan was held on June 24 of each year
    The Nativity of St. John is held every year on June 24

    3. The assumption of Semiramus who became the mother goddess of all Pagans
    The assumption of Mary, who became the mother of God to all Catholics

    4. The mother goddess was given the title, and worshipped as the Queen of Heaven. Jer. 7:18
    The Virgin Mary is given the title, and worshipped as the Queen of Heaven by all Catholics.

    4.a “Queen of Heaven” is wrath subduer of the Pagan god
    Mary, “Queen of Heaven” subdues the wrath of Christ and His Father against sinners.

    5. Cakes decorated to the goddess with a “+” drawn on it. Jer. 44:17,19
    Hot cross buns are backed for Mary in most Roman Catholic churches

    6. 40 days fasting before Easter for Tammuz, Ezek. 8:14
    Catholics fast 40 days (Lent) before Easter

    7. Sexual festival of Easter. Ezek 8:16
    The Roman Catholic church initiated the sexual festival of Easter first in Christiandom

    7a. Gathering at sunrise for worship Catholic church started Easter sunrise services first in Christiandom
    8. The resurrection of Tammuz on Easter, and the procession of graven images during Easter holy week
    All Roman Catholic churches parade partake in processions of graven images of Jesus, Mary, and Peter, and of the saints during Easter week

    9. Veneration of graven images of Baal, Ishtar, Tammuz and lesser gods in the heavens
    All Roman Catholic churches venerate graven images of Jesus, Mary, Peter, and of the “lesser” saints in the heavens

    10. The belief of the constant immortality of the soul, and burning place of eternal torment
    Rome teaches the belief of immortality of the soul and a burning place of eternal torment

    11. Pagans believed in the doctrine of purgatory
    Rome teaches the doctrine of purgatory

    12. The belief of the dead visiting the living on a certain day each year. A feast is then held for all the dead on first day of November. (Called all souls day)
    Rome teaches they must hold a festival for the dead on all souls day held Nov. 2, and all saints day held Nov. 1 of each year

    13. Burning incense and candles Jer 11:17; Ezek 8:11
    Rome, as well as every Satanic church burns incense and candles in their “masses”

    14. Chants and repetitive prayers. Beaded prayer chains.
    Rome as well as Satanists use chants and the beaded prayer chains. (Rome calls the chant “Gregorian chant” and the beaded chained “Rosary”)

    15. Symbol of the cross as symbol of Sun worship. Mesopotamian cylinder seals of old have been found that depicted the “cross in the sky” as a symbol of sun worship. Ancient carvings of an Assyrian kings have also had huge crosses carved on their chest. The oldest pictures in the world from Mesopotamia has text with is explaining the “cross” in the sky as the symbol for the sun. This particular archeological find is on display at the University Museum in Philadelphia PA.
    The Roman Catholic church displays a plus sign “+” cross symbol not only on the walls, paintings, windows, and roofs of their churches. Their priests also have these crosses on their clothing. Many other churches also use them and even place them inside a circle as a double symbol of Baal. The crucifix itself is an elongated version of the cross of Baal as well. Pagan Rome of old offered human sacrifices to Baal on these crosses as well.

    16. Pagans wear amulets and idols to scare away evil spirits
    Roman Catholicism teaches the wearing of crucifixes and medals as a method of protection. The scapular is proof of that fact.

    17. The round disk “sun” wafer with the IHS symbol for Isis, Horus & Seb, was eaten as food for the soul and worshipped as Baal incarnate
    The Roman Catholic Eucharist / wafer also has the IHS carvings on it for Isis, Horus, and Seb. And it is also given as food for the soul, and is worshipped as god incarnate.

    18. Pagan’s would paint the child Tammuz and his mother Semiramus with the glory of the Sun around their heads
    Rome paints the child Jesus and his mother Mary with halos of the Sun around their heads

    19. Pagan’s performed infant baptism, and the sprinkling of holy water
    Rome practices infant baptism, as well as the sprinkling of holy water

    20. Pagans taught Necromancy (Talking to the dead)
    Rome teaches Mysticism (Novenas/prayers to the dead)

    21. The first day of the week kept sacred to honor the Persian sun god Mithra. The name of the day was changed to “SUN”day
    Rome admitted they changed the Sabbath from day 7 to day one in honor of “SUN”day

    22. The title Pontifex Maximus was given to the chief head of the pagan Babylonian system of idolatry
    The title Pontifex Maximus is the main title of the Popes of Rome

    23. Pagan gods (Janus and Cybele) were believed to be holders of the keys to Heaven and Hell
    The pope claims to have the keys of Peter within his clutches

    24. The highest Pagan priest kings was carried on a throne to the to the Temple of his god in special ceremony
    The Pope is carried on a portable throne to the Basilica of St. Peter (Sedia Gestoria) in special ceremony

    25. The Pagan high priest king is believed to be the incarnate of the Sun god
    The Pope proclaims to be Jesus Christ in the flesh on Earth

    26. Pagan are taught to perform offerings of “good works” to appease the gods
    Catholics are required to do penance, purchase indulgences, and perform many good works to gain salvation

    27. Pagans had special houses for the virgin priestesses to be employed at Pagan temples. Some of these women were used as prostitutes for the heterosexual priests
    The Roman Catholic church has Nuns

    28. Pagan often had human sacrifices burned by fire as an offering to appease the sun god
    Many millions of opposers of Roman Catholic doctrines were burned at the stake

    29. Pagans believed that gold was the flesh of the “Sungod” and would fill their temples of worship with as much as possible
    The Vatican is literally drenched in gold throughout, as are numerous cathedrals the world over

    30. Pagans often placed stone carving of Gargoils upon their roofs as a pagan god of protection
    The Vatican as well as thousands of Catholic churches across the globe have gargoils on their roofs

    31. Phallic symbol of the male sex organ were placed on the roofs, or in courtyards of pagan temples
    The Vatican has the largest phallic symbol in the middle of St Peter’s square. Plus all Roman Catholic churches have them on their roofs. Today, we call them steeples.

    32. The Solar wheel is a symbol for Baal and was given reverence by the Pagans of old. This wheel can be found carved into ancient as well as modern Buddhist temples and carved into ancient ornamental form representing Osiris.
    St Peter’s square has largest solar wheel on the planet. ALL Catholic churches have numerous solar wheels in stain glass windows as well as many other areas of the church. Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris sports a very huge one on its face. There is a great one in ceiling as well as the floor tiles of the monastery of St. Ignatius Loyola in Spain. Numerous paintings, statues, ornaments, and letterheads of all Catholic churches have one or more “solar wheels” depicted upon them. And the ONE WORLD CHURCH that started on June 26, 2000 uses the solar wheel as its official logo on their letterhead

    33. Archeologists have found numerous carvings of the serpent on Pagan Rome bath houses
    The symbol of serpent can also be found on numerous Catholic churches in door handles, Papal crests, etc.

    34. Pagans have depicted “Atlas” as carrying the universe on his shoulders. They would place a large globe upon his shoulders.
    Numerous Popes have been depicted in paintings in the exact same manner. There are also some paintings and statues of Mary doing same

    35. Pagans used the symbols of the “Unicorn, Peacock, and Phoenix” to signify some of their sun gods
    Symbols of the “Unicorn, Peacock, and Phoenix” used to symbolize the “communion” of Christ are found carved in gold in many churches on doors or chapels as well as the small sanctuary buildings housing the Eucharist or wafer god of Rome

    36. Crescent moon used to signify moon goddess “Nanna” was depicted in numerous paintings, etchings, carvings and statues. It was also used to cradle the sun god in wafer form before the people for worship
    The crescent is also used to cradle Eucharist in the Monstrance of the Roman Catholic church, and is paraded before the people for worship. It is also seen in countless paintings, etchings, carvings, and sculptures

    37. The three letters “S.F.S” within a small blaze was used to represent the universal mystery for the number “6” in the Pagan mysteries
    S.F.S in a small blaze is boldly carved into the Vatican Monstrance for all to see in the Vatican museum as well as many monstrance’s in churches the world over

    38. Alternating rays of the sun burst used to represent unity of “man and woman” common in all aspects of Paganism. (Curved ray = female “yonic” Straight ray = male “phallic”)
    The monstrance of Catholicism, as well as many paintings and sculptures all depict same rays of both the “phallic and yonic” symbol can be found literally all over the Roman Catholic churches.

    39. Carvings of “nature spirits” (fauns or satyrs) depicting a horned, hoofed-god were a common feature in all Pagan churches
    Carvings of “nature spirits” (fauns or satyrs) depicting a horned, hoofed-god are found all over the Treasury of the Vatican beneath St Peters square as well as many Cathedrals around the world

    40. The statues of a “Madonna” can be found in all Pagan churches as well as the Egyptian Madonna, Isis, with her son Horus, or Hindu churches with Divaki and her son Krishna
    Mary is found in all Catholic churches holding baby Jesus wearing the same clothing, as well as Jesus making the same hand signals

    41. The statue of Zeus holds symbol of thunder and a lightening bolt Pagans taught symbolised his position as a god.
    Mary has been depicted in many statues in same manner all throughout the Vatican as well as many churches

    42. Pagans have demi-gods holding crooked diving staffs that represent the serpent as well as the lightening bolt
    The Pope himself carries the exact same staff today. (serpent crosiers) He is photographed often with it as well

    43. In Pagan Rome you would find, Adad, Enlil, Baal, Neptune, Poseidon and other “gods” of storm and sea being depicted as carrying tridents in their hands
    Crosses as well as statues of Jesus and Mary in Cathedrals all over the world carved with tridents on them. There is even a gold statue of baby Jesus in the Vatican with three tridents coming out of his head. All three tridents also depict the phallic and yonic symbolism as well in that statue. They even curved the forks to make that fact known.

    44. Hand gestures in the form of a trident can be found depicted in Pagan gods such as Jupiter, Buddah, Appollo, and Hindu diety’s as well. They are called “votive hands” in pagan temples
    Statue of St. Peter (Originally the old Jupiter statue of Rome) as well as millions of other statues, paintings, photos, and videos of everyone from Jesus and Mary to priests, cardinals,bishops, all the Popes, Vatican guards, and even lay people themselves in the Catholic church can be seen holding up the three finger trident salute of pagan Rome. (Now called the salute to the Trinity)

    45. Pine cones used to represent the deity of a solar god Osiris, Bacchus, Dionysus, as well as Mexican gods, Hindu gods, and Assyrian gods can be found all throughout Pagan Rome
    The largest pine cone sculpture in the world is found in the “Court of the pine cone” at the Vatican. The pine cone is also found carved into the crooked pagan staff (serpent crosier) of the Popes of Rome. In fact the pine cone is found all throughout the Vatican as well as Cathedrals as decoration. The staff the pope holds with the deformed Jesus and crooked cross on it has a pine cone under the base of the cross.

    46. Oanne, the Babylonian fish-god (half man half fish) was depicted by Pagan high priests by wearing a fish head mitre (head dress) upon a mans head to symbolize man and fish joining when the “sun god” set into the ocean. (Neptune = case in point. Half man half fish) One particular Biblical deity that confirms this is “Dagon” found in 1Samuel. (Dag=fish On=sun)
    Mitres or head dresses that are worn by all Popes of Catholicism are an exact duplicate of these Dagon head dresses.

    47. The Roman sun-god face with the alternating yonic and phallic symbols surrounding his head was found carved in excavated Roman bath houses in England. It is also found as “Apollo” on the facade of the Pergamum Museum in East Berlin.
    Almost all Catholic churches have the exact same carving above their pulpits, pillars, on statues, as well as carved into ceilings above altars. Some Catholic churches actually have it carved into the Eucharist itself. There is also a statue in Rome of Mary cradling the face within a blaze in her arms as if he is her child. Plus, many Weather reporters use this face inside a solar blaze as a graphic for their weather reports

    48. Statues of the Romanized Egyptians Isis with globes in her hand, Hercules as a solar deity carried the very same globe in his hand, and the Persian sun-god Mithra is also depicted with the globe in his hand as a sign he is ruler of the Universe.
    The Vatican has a solid gold statue of Jesus with the globe in hand, a black marble statue called “the black virgin of Montserrat” and a statue of a “child Jesus” with globe in hand as well as countless other statues all over the world with Mary and others holding the globe

    49. Coptic shells were carved to symbolize the Universe as well. Roman grave stones used them to represent the Heavens. Statues of Atlas can be found carrying the “universe” shell upon his shoulders. Pagan Rome carved Poseidon with the shell as part of his head. Venus was said to be born from within a Coptic shell.
    St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican has this Pagan symbol within the papal crest upon the wall. The Coptic shell is also found over the crypt of St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. This cosmic symbol is often used as a font for holding holy water in Catholic churches the world over. They even have statues of angels holding this pagan symbol filled with holy water

    50. The large evil eye can be found carved on a Roman sarcophagus in the National Archaeological Museum in Rome Italy. Masonic pendants have them as well. Hathor, the “eye of Osiris” can be found all over Egyptian temple. It was commonly used as protection against evil magic
    This very same evil eye within the pyramid is found on Roman Catholic pulpits, ceilings, altars, doors, pendants, medals, etc. It is also on the back of the dollar bill of the USA on the left side floating above an unfinished pyramid.

    51. The multi-level crown of the high Pagan priest was first worn by old Babylonian gods in 1800BC. The horned tiara was carved atop Assyrian winged-bull cherubims as well. The Jewish Kabbalistic solar deity wore this very same tiara, as did Krishna.
    The bronze tomb of Pope Sixtus depicts his dead body in bronze with this three ringed tiara on his head. On that tiara you can also see 6 serpents upon it. All the Popes have worn the tiara as a symbol of their authority as “gods of the earth, heaven, and hell.” Hence, the “three rings” upon it. The Vatican has a solid gold tiara on display in the Vatican treasury at all times. This is the very crown the Pope will hand to Antichrist when he arrives to impersonate Jesus Christ in the days ahead.

    52. Quetzalcoatl, “the lord of life and death” in the Aztec and Toltec cultures of 1000 AD had an opened chest with an exposed heart displayed in his statues. This was believed to be nourishment offered to the sun gods.
    Literally hundreds of thousands of statues, paintings, posters, lithographs, rings, medals, and icons have Jesus as well as Mary depicted in the exact same manner with what the Catholic church calls “The sacred heart.” Notice that these “sacred hearts” also have the symbols of the sun god Mithra glowing rather boldly behind them at all times.

    53. Assyrian carvings show eagles as genies hovering over the dead. Their “book of the dead” depicts just such a picture on its cover. Eagles are used as symbols all over the Roman Catholic church. See Rev 18:2 for it speaks of the Vatican as the “hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.”

    Now do you understand WHY the Vatican is called the “WHORE OF BABYLON?

  12. Andrea MacIntyre says:

    It is more than obvious that all you so called Christians have never experienced the profound love and peace of being in a relationship with our loving Savior Jesus Christ.. All that nonsense posted above is pure fiction. Because Catholicism is the one Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church and Faith, the enemy of our souls has worked on the minds and hearts of people down through the centuries to buy into all that silly nonsense and outright lies about the Catholic Faith. There is more with us than against us.. I challenge anyone reading this to ask the Holy Spirit to lead and teach you about the Divine Truths of the Holy Catholic Church. You will come to understand the words of Jesus. “Thy Kingdom Come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. May you be blessed with Divine Revelation and surprised by the TRUTH?

  13. Andrea MacIntyre

    There is more with us than against us..

    Majorities don’t count in God’s eyes. In fact, it means nothing, nada, zilch.

    Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it. (Mat 7:14)

    Thou shalt not follow a multitude to do evil; neither shalt thou speak in a cause to decline after many to wrest judgment. (Exo 23:2)

    The worst evil in Catholicism is their idolatry (praying to and worshiping Mary).

    Get out, my friend before its too late.

  14. Hans says:

    Andrea you said:”I challenge anyone reading this to ask the Holy Spirit to lead and teach you about the Divine Truths of the Holy Catholic Church”. I wish to bring two things under your attention. Pease, please, try to understand! 1.The Holy Spirit will only teach us about the word of God and will only testify to the word of God, and will testify to the truth of the word in the church of God. It is not any “church” that has divine truth, it is God. 2.Just as I can’t talk to your spirit without talking to you, so can no-one talk to the Spirit of God without talking to God himself. It is not biblical to ask the Spirit of God anything, but it is biblical to ask God anything in the Name of Jesus Christ.

  15. K.P. says:

    Bea K. wrote:

    Here we go again with the, “Catholics believe in and serve the same God and Savior that we do” mess, when we KNOW for certain nothing could be further from the Truth. It is my earnest prayer that many more will, “come out of her” before the Lord returns but saying that the ‘one true church’ follows the precepts of the Bible (from cover to cover), is most definitely NOT THE GOD’S HONEST TRUTH (and I hope Robison and his followers find that out before it’s too late).

    I find it interesting that your concepts and beliefs in God, Jesus, and eternal truth all came from the Catholic Church – The only Christian Church for the first 1500 plus years of Christianity. Your Bible is a translation of theirs. You obviously have no real knowledge of the history of your own beliefs. I would love to debate you on this topic. Jesus homself said that he built his church on Peter, the Rock. All of you protestants and supposed evangelicals are memvers of sects that have picked and chosen their beliefs and indeed Bibles, from those of rhe Catholic church. Where did the founders of your sects of Christianity get permission to alter Christianity. From a bunch of stodgy old idealogues in the post-middle ages? From Kings who rewrote the Bible and ordered books of it removed, because they didn’t like or agree with parts of it. Perhaps you falsely believe that Catholics ‘pray’ to the Pope or you don’t believe on the communion of Saints as in all Christan Bibles. Stop listening to televangelists. Buy tbeir vitamins, buy their products, but please stop buying their divisive ideas.

  16. K.P. wrote:

    I find it interesting that your concepts and beliefs in God, Jesus, and eternal truth all came from the Catholic Church – The only Christian Church for the first 1500 plus years of Christianity.

    You are either thoroughly misinformed or you are deceived, to put it in lay person’s language.

    Please read here. These are the facts. And while you;re doing that, you may also want to read the following article to get the facts straight.

  17. Paul c Draper says:

    Wow! The article above simply suggests that James Robinson (not a fan) was praising one Catholic priest. Jesus praised a Samaritan, an adulteress and a whore who turned to Him.
    Having said that, the RCC is without question the whore of Babylon, and the false prophet who changes the days (Sun-day), the feasts (Easter and Christmas), and the calendar (Gregorian), has all the nations of the world “in bed” with her presently and historically, utters blasphemies (pope as vessel and voice of God on earth) and kills the saints (Crusades, Inquisition) and works wonders (bleeding crucifixes, visions of Mary, etc.)
    Emotions aside I am one former RC who succinctly sets forth facts. <

    Can a Catholic be a Christian? Yes, but I do believe most Christians who find themselves in the RCC, will have an increasing intolerance for the doctrines that clearly go against God's word in scripture. ~BTW, impressive list Sharon!

  18. Paul C Draper wrote:

    Wow! The article above simply suggests that James Robinson (not a fan) was praising one Catholic priest. Jesus praised a Samaritan, an adulteress and a whore who turned to Him.

    The difference is the adulteress and whore turned to Christ and repented (was saved). And so should you if you are a Seventh Day Adventist .

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