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Word of Faith / Apostolic

Word of Faith Latter Rain

Exposing:- Word of Faith / Apostolic and Prophetic Movement.

In alphabetical order.


T.B. Joshua’s Evil Doings Finally Exposed!

T.B. JoshuaT.B. Joshua’s Evil Doings Finally Exposed! 

Clueless in Nigeria?

by Mike Oppenheimer – Let Us Reason Ministries

Christian America has been saturated with miracles, by the TV, books and crusades. But it has have not changed our country. We have been the center of miracle men for a decade but now there are miracle men arising on other continents. There is someone new ARISING on the continent of Africa that is similar to the likes of William Branham in America over 50 years ago. From what I have heard some of those from Toronto have already paid him a visit to see the miracle man from Nigeria. Lee Grady in charisma writes “several prominent charismatic leaders have visited Joshua’s compound and returned with favorable impressions. These include Canadian renewal leader John Arnott, Pittsburgh pastor Joseph Garlington, Louisiana evangelist Marvin Gorman and New Zealand minister Bill Subritzky.”( Charisma news article “Famed Nigerian Faith Healer ‘Dangerous to the Body of Christ” by J. Lee Grady)

The Synagogue Church Of All Nations has About 100,000 members. T.B. Joshua (TB stands for Tenitope Bolegun) the founder is called a prophet and a healer. He is 38 years old, married and has children. He began his synagogue 10 years ago with only a handful of people and he now has the attention of many people because of the powers he exhibits.

Deon Hockey – Bringing the Toronto Blessing ‘Fire Serpent’ to a Church Near You

Deon HockeyDeon Hockey a South African pastor from Healing Ministries International is a Faith healer who has seen many a so called genuine healing take place under his hands.   Deon is affiliated with Pastor Steve Hill from the USA who started the Pensacola Brownsville Revival (a lead on from the Toronto Blessing).

“It was back in 1991 at a Benny Hinn Crusade that we see laughter break out among the children and  srcset=Rodney Howard-Browne is on stage and called forward by Hinn. Rodney, God has given you a great anointing for this. Let the holy laughter hit them in Jesus’ mighty name…it’s coming [zapped him]…. Pick him up. Now release it on the people, Rodney!” Hinn laid hands on his forehead (transferring the anointing) and he goes down. He then picks him up and inaugurates him into ministry by saying go ahead Rodney. Rodney starts by saying “I command you to laugh in Jesus name “and repeats over and over ad nauseam. This is not the polished stick that the world was exposed to on TBN, airing him on Praise the Lord program or at the Carpenters Home Church. It was raw and awkward but worked nonetheless on those  with weak minds that are willing to receive a suggestion they think is of the Holy Spirit…..

Peter Popoff – A Con-artist, Twisting God’s Word For Gain

 srcset=Twisting God’s Word For Gain – Christians Continue To Give Money To Con Men

Peter Popoff has been preaching about God and money for decades.

His shows that he pays BET and other cable and TV channels to appear on are non-stop crusades about spirituality and overcoming addictions, but most of all, they’re about helping people erase mountains of debt.

“I’m telling you that God teaches in His word that He wants to cancel, erase, wipe out, obliterate your debt,” Popoff says in a video ad.

Chris Oyakhilome – Jesus is NOT Gods Word anymore, You are!!

Chris OyakhilomeChris Oyakhilome – Jesus is NOT Gods Word anymore, You are!!

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome says:  You Are God’s Word!   –  March 23rd, 2010

“God gives us His Words for the purpose of making us His word…”

Do you know you are God’s Word?  When you were born again, you were born by the Word of God. This means your destiny in the realm of the Spirit is to be the Word of God because you were born by the word of God. It means your nature is of the Word and your character is of the word. Glory to God!

Mountains and hills refer to authority (Isaiah 55:1- 12) and they shall break forth before you; the trees which are people shall clap their hands as you pass by! Isn’t this awesome?  That’s what God’s word says about you. Are you ready to accept it and function therein?  —    [Emphasis added]

In this snippet from video below:

Benny Hinn – Miracle Service in Durban – 13 Mar 2010


Benny Hinn is Back is South Africa

To Con the living daylights out of People who don’t read their bibles.

So Benny ‘$1000, that’s $1000 for salvation, $1000, …going…going…gone.  Sold to the man in the back’  Hinn is back in SA.  Woe to us.

If words don’t get the message across, maybe a little cartoon will.  The below two cartoons are from Sundays English and Afrikaans newspapers – 2010-02-27.


The Afrikaans version of the cartoon below, is different from the English version.  Did they censor it so as to not offend their readers?  Do they think English people can handle the truth and Afrikaans people can’t?  Or what?  I’m confused…

Rhema Church – Believe Belong Become God

ray and zelda mc cauley

Finally I got pictures of the huge billboard outside of Rhema Church in Randburg pastored by Pastor Ray McCauley.  In fact for all those signs and wonders  seekers out there, this is a SIGN just for you.  Beware of what Rhema Church preaches…


Marjoe Gortner – Oldest Tricks in the Book

Marjoe GortnerI so wish that people could understand this verse properly, and by that I mean;  people read it but don’t grasp what it’s actually saying.

So I am hoping by explaining it thoroughly and then giving you the best example I can find to aid my explanation, you will grasp that just because someone preaches in Jesus’ name does not make them Christian.  Just because someone says they are Christian does not make them Christian.  Just because someone goes to church does not make them Christian.

This is why you need to EXAMINE what they say and JUDGE their teachings.  Jesus says those that pay attention to this warning are WISE and those who don’t are FOOLISH.

Matthew 7:  21-23

21  Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father who is in heaven will enter.   22  “Many will say to Me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name, and in Your name cast out demons, and in Your name perform many miracles?’    23  “And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; DEPART FROM ME, YOU WHO PRACTICE LAWLESSNESS.’

Morris Cerullo – Financial Breakthrough Bible To Build Joels Army

Morris Cerullo BibleFinancial Breakthrough Spiritual Warfare Bible

by Morris Cerullo 

Morris Cerullo“What a wonderful Bible with beautiful bonded leather and silver gilded edges. The 2040 pages include 152 pages of concordance, 500 pages of commentary, 750 pages of chain references, and over 100 pages of illustration and charts. Learn how to receive biblical financial breakthroughs, including how to survive the coming worldwide financial crisis. Learn the nine scriptural guidelines for giving. Discover the spiritual warfare symbols throughout God’s Word. This one-volume combines the best teachings by Morris Cerullo and is available to you for a limited time for your gift of $100 (USD) or more. Order your copy today.”

Morris Cerullo’s Online Store: 

Benny Hinn’s Online Store: 

There is much to say about the above bible, but if I started I would get a bit carried away so the only thing I am going to say about Morris’ bible is this:

Ray McCauley & Joel ‘Stop talking to God’ Osteen – Coca Cola Dome (23-24 Oct 2009)

joelolsteen-cocacolaoct2009 Ray McCauley

The time for only 2 DAYS OF HOPE draws nigh…

Updated  20th October 2009 (See notes at end of article)

Oh the invasion continues.  Joel ‘stop taking to God’ Osteen and a pack of friends are gracing us with their presence in October 2009 at the Coca-Cola Dome for a mere R325 if you pay for a ticket before the 5th April and R375 after the 5th April [2]. What a bargain!  Two days of nothing but Latter Rain and Emergent false teaching to transform your soul.

Besides the hefty price, notice the psychology – get it before the 5th April at R325 otherwise their teaching becomes more expensive after that date.  Do these people also work on inflation as well?  Hang on *whips out calculator* that’s an increase of 15.4% – way above inflation.  Oops sorry my fellow South Africans, it’s now the 29th May; you are gonna have to cough up more.

It’s so sad that it’s ONLY two days of hope.  So once they have left all hope is gone?  And what about before they arrived?  Hmm…

The Gnostic Roots of the Latter Rain/Word of Faith Movement

Word of Faith Latter Rain

Why Latter Rain (Word of Faith), and Dominion Theology is a Lie

The latter rain movement as it has come to be called actually began in 1948 from a Pentecostal Assemblies of God revival in a ministry school in Saskatchewan Canada. The terms New Order” and “Latter Rain” were coined from this movement. One of the main tenants of this new Latter Rain theology was the belief in the restoration of the ministry of the Apostle and Prophet to the modern day church. From that time on the idea that God was restoring these offices began to be disseminated first in the mainline Pentecostal churches and then in evangelical spirit filled churches as a whole.

William Branham was connected to the revival in that the men who started the revival had been ministered to and spiritually affected by Branham’s ministry. In 1948-1950 some took the title of Prophet and set out preaching, teaching and prophesying. In so doing, they spread the seeds of this movement into mainline Pentecostal churches.

The following was taken from the website “It is readily acknowledged by many charismatic leaders that Branham taught heresy but they still believe he was a true prophet. How can a person teach utter lies and nonsense on the one hand, yet hear so clearly and accurately from the Lord on the other? Branham was asked if the Holy Spirit did the supernatural works in his meetings. His response was, no his angel did these things! He denied the Trinity of God, believed in UFO’s, and gave out many predictive prophecies which were proved to be false. He thought he was one of the two witnesses found in the book of the Revelation. At his death many Latter Rain ministers prayed for him to be raised from the dead for days (he is still dead). Branham had literally no education at all, not past the eight grade at most.”

Might I add here that Todd Bentley who touched off the Florida outpouring (also known as the Florida Healing Revival) holds William Branham in high regard. In fact Todd Bentley claims that he now has the angel of William Branham! This must be the same angel that Branham claims did all the supernatural works in his meeting. Did you catch that?   It is not the Holy Spirit who is responsible- it is an angel!


Does Rob Bell teach Kingdom Now Theology?

Emerging Collage DTW - Kingdom Now TheologyDoes Rob Bell teach Kingdom Now Theology?   

Rob Bell is part of the Emerging Church, but wait, see how Kingdom Now Theology, Dominionism, Word of Faith and the Emerging Church all interlink:

Emerging Church. 

Is a movement that is succeeding very very quickly in uniting all faiths together under the banner of a One World Religion.

We are to reclaim this earth for Christ. The Kingdom of God belongs to us.  However only the illuminated/those who have reached god level can be part of this plan; the rest need to be ‘removed’.

The bowels of this movement is the Roman Catholic Church. The Emergents therefore can think of themselves as ‘Light Leaders’ because their road leads back to Rome.   Mary, Queen of Heaven is what links all religions together.  The Eucharist Christ is the false Christ.

New Apostolic Reformation (Dominionism/Kingdom Now Theology):

Preach:  Dominionism, Kingdom Now, Replacement Theology.   We are to reclaim this earth for Christ, the Kingdom of God belongs to us. However only the illuminated/those who have reached god level (the manifested sons of God) can be part of this plan .  Those who disagree with their new gospel need to be ‘removed’.  This is done through intense Spiritual Warfare and the raising up of a new breed of Christian, an Army of God, like the Crusaders.


What does an Encounter mean or is that a G12?

Encounter ChristWhat does an Encounter mean or is that a G12?

There seems to be a few Word of Faith churches in South Africa who speak of encounters.  Multiple ones might I add.  Now…this encounter terminology is Occult terminology.  Here is a Church in Port Elizabeth (Word of Faith Christian Centre – Jimmy and Mariana Crompton) who is attracting people to their church via Spiritualism, they call it the G12 (what ever that means…quite frankly it does not matter, they could have called it ‘Bullet Point •’ when one views a bullet point in HTML Code it shows up as the following:  •

When you enter a trance like state either after intense ‘praise and worship’ or ‘getting people to open themselves up and express their emotions’ or via contemplation, mantras or clearing ones mind, yoga, breathing, etc. You encounter ‘yourself’.