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The Rapture: The Corrie ten Boom Trump Card (#5)

The Parable of the Sower: Can We Apply it to Jacob Prasch’s Pre-Wrath Rapture? The demarcation between followers of Christ Jesus and of Antichrist will be much sharper and more distinct during the seven-year tribulation than what we are presently...

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The Rapture: The Corrie ten Boom Trump Card (#4)

The Day of the Lord According to Prach’s timeline of the Day of the Lord, God’s wrath begins with the seventh seal and continues throughout the seven trumpets and seven bowls judgments, plus the 30 days reclamation period of Daniel 12:11. It...

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The Rapture: The Corrie ten Boom Trump Card (#1)

The Corrie ten Boom Trump Card #1 The anti-Pretribulation cohorts, including Jacob Prasch, John Haller, Joe Schimmel and Scott Pruitt, to mention but a few, are fond of using Corrie ten Boom as an example to corroborate their views on...

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Pre-Trib – Suppressing the Truth in Unrighteousness

  PRE-TRIB:  SUPPRESSING THE TRUTH IN UNRIGHTEOUSNESS  (UPDATED – See Addendum) In this article, which is a follow-up of “PreTrib Rapture vs PostTrib Rapture” I aim to discuss the many questions I asked the No Pre-Trib crowd, Scott Pruitt among...

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Pre-Trib Rapture vs Post-Trib Rapture

LEFT BEHIND OR LED ASTRAY:  PRE-TRIB RAPTURE vs POST-TRIB RAPTURE FACTIONS AND DIVISIONS Pre-Trib Rapture vs Post-Trib Rapture:  Factions and divisions have always been commonplace among Christians. How do we know this? Paul himself wrote: “For first of all, when...