The Rapture: The Corrie ten Boom Trump Card (#1)

Corrie ten Boom-The Rapture-Part1The Corrie ten Boom Trump Card #1

The anti-Pre-tribulation cohorts, including Jacob Prasch, John Haller, Joe Schimmel and Scott Pruitt, to mention but a few, are fond of using Corrie ten Boom as an example to corroborate their views on the Rapture. Here’s what Jacob Prasch wrote on his site:


Written by James Jacob Prasch

by Corrie Ten Boom

NOTE: Miss Corrie Ten Boom was a Dutch survivor of the Nazi Concentration Camps, and a lifelong missionary. Corrie was a believer in facing tribulation. She was one of the many people who were persecuted in concentration camps during World War II. Her family was murdered before her eyes, but though her life was threatened, God led her through that terrible time. Here is her exhortation to us from a letter she wrote in 1974:

There are some among us teaching there will be no tribulation, that the Christians will be able to escape all this. These are the false teachers that Jesus was warning us to expect in the latter days. Most of them have little knowledge of what is already going on across the world. I have been in countries where the saints are already suffering terrible persecution. In China, the Christians were told, “Don’t worry, before the tribulation comes you will be translated – raptured.” Then came a terrible persecution. Millions of Christians were tortured to death. Later I heard a Bishop from China say, sadly, “We have failed. We should have made the people strong for persecution rather than telling them Jesus would come first. Tell the people how to be strong in times of persecution, how to stand when the tribulation comes – to stand and not faint.”

I feel I have a divine mandate to go and tell the people of this world that it is possible to be strong in the Lord Jesus Christ. We are in training for the tribulation, but more than sixty percent of the Body of Christ across the world has already entered into the tribulation. (Emphasis added)

Trumping Corrie ten Boom‘s Trump Card #1

Corrie ten Boom rubbishes the intelligence of many Christians when she says, “There are some among us teaching there will be no tribulation, that the Christians will be able to escape all this.” No Christian in his right mind will ever say or has ever said or believed that the saints will be able to escape all this (persecution and tribulation).

Why would saints do such a senseless thing when they are thoroughly familiar with Paul’s words in 2 Timothy 3:12, and the many other passages in Scripture warning the saints that persecution and suffering are inevitable?

In fact, what these saints, whose intelligence she and her friends scorn and ridicule, actually do believe, is the promise that they would escape God’s wrath (Seven-Year Tribulation). (1 Thessalonians 5:1-11). Even Jacob Prasch believes this to a certain degree.

As we shall see later in his end-time timeline, he makes a distinction between the wrath of God (Day of the Lord) and the wrath of Antichrist and his master Satan, as if they are going to be the ones to let loose the seven-year tribulation on the inhabitants of the earth when the first six seals are opened.

If sixty percent of the Body of Christ across the world has already entered into the tribulation (similar to the seven-year tribulation), it means that the first of the seven seals in Revelation 5 and 6 must already have been opened. It is vitally important to understand that the seven-year tribulation cannot kick-off until the Lamb who is the only Person worthy to break the seals has opened the first seal. (Revelation 5:1-7).

Moreover, if sixty percent of the Body of Christ across the world has already entered into the tribulation (similar to the seven-year tribulation), someone else and not the Lamb of God must have opened the first of the seven seals somewhere along the line in the past, attributing to him or her greater worthiness or at least the same worthiness. As you may have seen, in essence, this alone encroaches on the Gospel of God, for it ascribes to someone else greater or at least the same praiseworthiness to sinful and mortal man.

I can already hear the cries of discontent, “How dare you say something so out of touch with what we believe the Rapture to be?” I dare so because the Antichrist cannot be unleashed to do his damnedest in the world unless the only One worthy to open the seven seals has broken the first seal.

The kings of the earth and the false teachers are doing everything in their power to cast off God’s bands and cords of restraint. They will finally be allowed to do so when God opens the first seal to let loose the Antichrist. The bands and cords of restraint in Psalm 2 alludes to the restraining office of the Holy Spirit in 2 Thessalonians 2:6 when God is finally going to remove the restraining work of the Holy Spirit who dwells in the Bride of Christ, the salt of the earth, and are presently restraining Satan’s and his followers evil works – Matthew 5:13) at the Pre-tribulation Rapture.

Business enterprises and even governmental institutions are increasingly beginning to work feverishly in tandem with the church (albeit a false church, a.k.a. the RCC and Rick Warren who was handpicked and hand-trained by the business freak, Peter Drucker, and many other false teachers who regularly assemble at Davos to implement their PEACE PLAN – 1 Thessalonians 5:3; (“sudden destruction” alludes to the seven-year tribulation) to establish a better world (their own Kingdom Now programme).

Together, they are venturing to overthrow the government of God, and especially his own establishment of a kingdom on earth under His Messiah. It indicates a prevalent state of the human mind as being impatient of the restraints and authority of God, and especially of the dominion of his Son, whom He has already anointed as King of kings. Their impatient endeavors to establish God’s Kingdom on earth of their own accord and in their own strength will eventually lead to the following scenario on earth.

And I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seals, and I heard, as it were the noise of thunder, one of the four beasts saying, Come and see. And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer. (Revelation 6:1-2; Daniel 8:25),

The fact that the Antichrist has not yet made his entrance on the world scene proves that the first seal has of yet not been opened. Therefore, the tribulation which Corrie ten Boom, Jacob Prasch, Scott Pruitt and many others refer to as the tribulation,” in the very same breath as the seven-year tribulation, are all woefully wrong.

Had they believed Jesus Christ who unequivocally said, “For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be (Matthew 24:21), they would never have considered the present persecution and tribulation among the saints as being equal to that of the seven-year tribulation.

The seven-year tribulation is one of a kind and uniquely a once-off event consisting of a series of tightly consecutive events that will occur only a single time in human history and never again. You cannot have similar incidents preceding it throughout human history during which time “more than sixty percent of the Body of Christ across the world has already entered into,” as Corrie ten Boom erroneously believed. Had it been true, Jesus would have been a liar when He said, ““For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.”

Once again, one can just about hear the cries of discontent of the anti-Pre-tribulation crowd filling the airwaves when they contend that Jesus spoke of the Great Tribulation and not the entire seven-year tribulation period. So what! The fact remains that the first three and a half years of tribulation immediately precedes the second three and a half years of tribulation.

There won’t be any prolonged periods of tribulation and persecution in which “more than sixty percent of the Body of Christ across the world has already entered into” prior to the Great Tribulation. There is a vast difference between the persecution and tribulation of the saints throughout human history and the tribulation that is going to come upon the entire world during the seven-year tribulation.

We Have Failed

It’s a pity that no one reminded the Chinese pastor of Revelation 12:11. Had he known this verse he would never have said: “We have failed.” Victory in death is hardly a failure, especially when that victory is wrought through the Blood of Christ. Nonetheless, they have the nerve to boast that they have the power, the expertise and the divine calling to make saints strong in the Lord because they have something to offer that is far more potent than the blood of Christ.

As far as I know, it is the Holy Spirit indwelling the saints’ spirits who make them strong in the Lord, and not the miserable little attempts the enemies of a Pretribulation Rapture try to forge. Paul affirms this in 2 Corinthians 12:9-10 when he says he relishes and takes pleasure in persecutions and distresses for Christ’s sake because his weaknesses are the fertile ground for God’s strength and power. There is definitely not a hint of failure in Paul’s magnanimous victory credo.

It is this very credo that enables the saints to fulfill their divine mandate to go into all the world and make disciples of all the nations and not to spread the lie that there is no such thing as a Pretribulation Rapture (Matthew 28:19-20). Did anyone prepare Saul of Tarsus for suffering and persecution? Ananias didn’t even want to receive him and objected when God commanded him to go to the home of Judas and lay his hands on Saul so that he may receive back his sight (Acts 9:11-16), let alone prepare him for suffering and persecution.

God never once advised Ananias or anyone else to prepare Saul of Tarsus for persecution and suffering. God Himself said: “for I [Almighty God and not Ananias, Corrie ten Boom, Jacob Prasch, Chinese pastors or anyone else who boastfully think they have a mandate to teach saints how to be strong during tribulation] will make clear to him how much he must suffer and endure for My name’s sake” (Acts 9:16).

If God made it so abundantly clear to Paul how much he had to suffer for His Name’s sake, why would He not have made it clear to the Chinese saints who suffered so much for their faith? Had Corrie ten Boom been aware of the passage, Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth” she would at least have known that the seven-year tribulation shall be a time radically different from the usual run or the mill persecutions saints have been enduring since the beginning of time.

Firstly, the most manifest difference is that the seven-year tribulation will be a global event and not just a localized one in China or any other place in the world, or that more than sixty percent of the Body of Christ across the world has already entered into the tribulation” whilst the remaining forty percent remain unscathed. Secondly, the seven-year tribulation will be a unique once-off occurrence, as I said earlier. The verse clearly says, “which shall come upon all the world” and not just 60% of the Body of Christ who allegedly had already entered the tribulation. Moreover, the purpose of the final tribulation, also called the hour of temptation, will be to try the unbelieving Jews who had rejected their Messiah for so long in order to bring them back to God (“them that dwell upon the earth”) and not the Bride of Christ.

The Corrie ten Boom Trump Card #2

Corrie wrote:

There is no way to escape it. We are next. Since I have already gone through prison for Jesus’ sake, and since I met the Bishop in China, now every time I read a good Bible text I think, “Hey, I can use that in the time of tribulation.” Then I write it down and learn it by heart.

When I was in the concentration camp, a camp where only twenty percent of the women came out alive, we tried to cheer each other up by saying, “Nothing could be any worse than today.” But we would find the next day was even worse. During this time a Bible verse that I had committed to memory gave me great hope and joy.

“If ye be reproached for the name of Christ, happy are ye; for the spirit of glory and of God resteth upon you; on their part evil is spoken of, but on your part He is glorified.”(I Peter 3:14).I found myself saying, “Hallelujah!

Because I am suffering, Jesus is glorified! “ In America, the churches sing, “Let the congregation escape tribulation”, but in China and Africa the tribulation has already arrived. This last year alone more than two hundred thousand Christians were martyred in Africa. Now things like that never get into the newspapers because they cause bad political relations. But I know. I have been there. We need to think about that when we sit down in our nice houses with our nice clothes to eat our steak dinners. Many, many members of the Body of Christ are being tortured to death at this very moment, yet we continue right on as though we are all going to escape the tribulation.

Several years ago I was in Africa in a nation where a new government had come into power. The first night I was there some of the Christians were commanded to come to the police station to register. When they arrived they were arrested and that same night they were executed. The next day the same thing happened with other Christians. The third day it was the same. All the Christians in the district were being systematically murdered.

Trumping Corrie ten Boom‘s Trump Card #2

Indeed, suffering on behalf of Jesus glorifies Him. However, eating a nice juicy steak may also glorify Him, as it is written,

He that regardeth the day, regardeth it unto the Lord; and he that regardeth not the day, to the Lord he doth not regard it. He that eateth, eateth to the Lord, for he giveth God thanks; and he that eateth not, to the Lord he eateth not, and giveth God thanks. For none of us liveth to himself, and no man dieth to himself. For whether we live, we live unto the Lord; and whether we die, we die unto the Lord: whether we live therefore, or die, we are the Lord’s. (Romans 14:6-8).

Suffering and rejoicing are a corporate phenomenon among real Christians and not just an individualic one somewhere in some remote part of the world.

And whether one member suffer, all the members suffer with it; or one member be honoured, all the members rejoice with it. (1 Corinthians 12:26).

Remember those who are in prison, as though in prison with them, and those who are mistreated, since you also are in the body. (Hebrews 13:3)

It is rather unfortunate and sad that the enemies of the Pretribulation Rapture rely on the testimony of a single person who experienced some of the most horrific and excruciating tribulation and suffering in the Nazi concentration camp, Ravensbruck, during World War II instead of on the Word of God.

Why do Jacob Prasch, Joe Schimmel, John Haller and Scott Pruitt, and so many other enemies of the Pretribulation Rapture, willfully ignore the many examples of severe tribulation and persecution mentioned in the Bible to support their infamous war on the Pretribulation Rapture? Surely there are many more examples of tribulation and persecution in the Bible that surpass to a much greater degree the tribulation and persecution Corrie ten Boom and her family experienced in Ravensbruck. I am not trying to tone down or belittle their tribulation and suffering but would like to ask our noble friends what is worse—death in a concentration camp or to be sawn asunder?

Had they lived in the time of Nero (AD 67), Domitian (AD 81), Trajan (AD 108), Aurelius Antonius (AD 162) or in the Middle Ages, just to mention a few, they would have said exactly the same thing because then there were similar tribulations and persecutions, and perhaps even worse than what Christians are presently experiencing.

Christian martyrs have endured the most horrendous and cruel bodily and psychological tortures imaginable since Emperor Nero first began to persecute the saints in A.D. 67. When he ordered Rome to be burned and was subsequently blamed for his corrupt conduct by his own people, he diverted the blame to the Christians. He promptly began to persecute them in the cruelest manner imaginable. Here are some examples.

  1. He had some sewed up in skins of wild beasts, and then worried by dogs until they expired;
  2. And others dressed in shirts made stiff with wax, fixed to axletrees, and set on fire in his gardens, in order to illuminate them.

This persecution was general throughout the whole Roman Empire, but it rather increased than diminished the spirit of Christianity. In the course of it, St. Paul and St. Peter were martyred. These harsh persecutions continued unabated under Emperor Domitian (A.D. 81) who was naturally inclined to cruelty.

  1. Simeon, bishop of Jerusalem, was crucified;
  2. and St. John, who was boiled in oil, was afterward banished to Patmos.

During the third persecution under Emperor Trajan (A.D. 108) many were crucified, crowned with thorns, and spears run into their sides, in imitation of Christ’s passion. Following these horrendous persecutions were the fourth under Emperor Marcus Aurelius Antonius (A.D. 162), the fifth under Severus (A.D. 192), the sixth under Maximus (A.D. 235), and the seventh under Decius (A.D. 249), during which time Alexander and Epimachus, of Alexandria, were apprehended for being Christians: and, confessing the accusation, were beaten with staves, torn with hooks, and at length burnt in the fire. Two more persecutions followed, the eighth under Valerian (A.D. 257) and the ninth under Aurelian (A.D. 147).

These persecutions took place when the Roman Empire was infested with pagan religions. Nevertheless, it was paganized Christianity, known as Roman Catholicism, that became the most persecuting faith the world has ever seen. Apart from Islam, no other religious system murdered, massacred and ravished the lives of innocent people under their Christianized emperors called popes and their Christianized pagan hierarchy, like the RCC.

Lord Acton, a Catholic, called the Inquisition “murderous” and declared that the popes “were not only murderers in the great style, but they made murder a legal basis of the Christian Church and the condition of salvation.” (A Corrupt Tree: An Encyclopaedia of Crimes committed by the Church of Rome against Humanity and the Human Spirit. Volume 1 – The Unholy Popes and the Debasement of Western Civilization.” P 699)

However, the difference between the failure of the persecution the Chinese Christians experienced, and the persecution in the book of Hebrews, was that the Christians in Hebrews 11:39 “obtained a good report through faith.” In fact, they rejoiced in their persecution in the very same way the apostles rejoiced because they were “counted worthy to suffer shame for his name” (Acts 5:42).

To be counted worthy of his Name’s sake can hardly be called a failure, as Corrie ten Boom’s Chinese pastor said. Whoever teaches that the Pretribulation Rapture’s main purpose is to escape the tribulation and suffering, and yet experience persecution and suffering in the face of the promise of a Pretribulation Rapture, will always see their suffering and tribulation as a failure. The true purpose of the Pre-tribulation Rapture is not to escape persecution, suffering, and tribulation. Its purpose is to be with the Lord for evermore. Listen carefully to what Paul wrote.

Wherefore comfort one another with these words. (1 Thessalonians 4:18).

What are these words of comfort to which Paul refers? Well, read the previous verse 17.

Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we escape the persecution that is coming upon the entire world. (1 Thessalonians 4:17).

Oops! Sorry! We wouldn’t want to distort Scripture the way the enemies of a Pretribulation Rapture are doing without any compunction or holy fear of the Lord, now would we? So let’s quote it the way Paul penned it down.

Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord  – (FOREVER).

That should be the only legitimate incentive for a Pre-tribulation Rapture – to be with the Lord in his glorious holy presence for evermore. That should be very Christian’s, Blessed Hope. The only inference is that Jacob Prasch, Corrie ten Boom and their cronies are the liars and the false teachers because not a single Pretribulation supporter has ever said: “there will be no tribulation” (John 16:33).

However, according to their false and notorious appraisals, they want to make these tribulations mentioned above, and the one that is going to occur during the seven-year tribulation (Matthew 24), equal in scope, purpose, and intensity, despite Jesus’ statement in Matthew 24:21. In fact, they are not only accusing the Pretribulation supporters of being false teachers but Jesus Himself.

What are the consequences of their inordinate reasoning? Let’s take a look. Having already publicized worldwide in his timeline of the seven-year tribulation that the tribulation of the saints, which has been going on since the very beginning of human history, is consecutively Antichrist’s and Satan’s wrath, then the first six seals must have been opened already, and we are now only waiting for the seventh (God’s wrath) to be opened.

Therefore, according to Prasch’s scheme of things, we are already experiencing a very long and drawn-out timeline of Antichrist’s and Satan’s wrath (the persecution of the saints) and waiting for God to rapture them between the 6th and 7th seals before He pours out his own wrath on the entire world. If the tribulation/persecution of the saints throughout history is the proof, litmus test, and prototype that the present-day saints (the Bride of Christ) will go through the first six seals of the seven-year tribulation, then his timeline should not begin with the signing of a covenant with the many but with the very first mass persecutions and tribulations of the saints.

I am pretty sure our friends would agree that the sawing in two of flesh and bone is a thousand times more painful than merely dying in a concentration camp. The word πρίζω (prizō) in Hebrews 11 and verse 37 means to be sawn in two. But, let’s go there and read it out loud so that Jacob Prasch, Joe Schimmel, John Haller and Scott Pruitt may understand it more clearly.

Hebrews 11:36-40

And others had trial of cruel mockings and scourgings, yea, moreover of bonds and imprisonment: They were stoned, they were sawn asunder, were tempted, were slain with the sword: they wandered about in sheepskins and goatskins; being destitute, afflicted, tormented; (Of whom the world was not worthy:) they wandered in deserts, and in mountains, and in dens and caves of the earth. And these all, having obtained a good report through faith, received not the promise: God having provided some better thing for us, that they without us should not be made perfect. (Please make a mental note of the portion in red which I shall be discussing in more detail later).

Please read:

Tom (Discerning the World)

Discerning the World is an internet Discernment ministry based in Johannesburg South Africa that was founded in 2008. Tom Lessing originally founded the website “Waak en Bid/Watch and Pray”. Tom Lessing joined Discerning the World in May 2013 and all his articles were moved across to DTW.

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  1. Thanks again Tom for an excellent article. The blessed hope is to be with Jesus Christ…not to escape tribulation / persecution…but to escape THE tribulation. Isn’t Corrie ten Boom a Calvinist?

  2. Thanks, Debs,

    Yep, she was a Calvinist. The ten Boom family were strict Calvinists who believed in election and predestination unto salvation. However, it is said that she believed that God loves all. But, so does John MacArthur who says that God’s love for the elect is a special kind of love whilst his love for the non-elect relates to the fact that He sends rain to fall on both the just and the unjust (Matthew 5:45). His love for the non-elect is temporal. What Corrie ten Boom meant by God loves everyone is therefore rather difficult to discern. Be that as it may, the fact that she was a Calvinist makes it so much easier for Calvinists to defend their doctrine of grace. In many of my debates with Calvinists on the Internet, they referred me to Charles Spurgeon to validate Calvinism as the only true and reliable biblical gospel. The fact that she assisted many Jews to escape the Nazi scourge is to be appreciated with much gratitude. Nonetheless, it is well-documented that many Catholics also helped Jews to escape the Nazi death camps. Does that validate Catholicism as a biblically sound religion?

  3. Hi Tom

    You said “The fact that she assisted many Jews to escape the Nazi scourge is to be appreciated with much gratitude. Nonetheless, it is well-documented that many Catholics also helped Jews to escape the Nazi death camps. Does that validate Catholicism as a biblically sound religion?”

    That is correct, all over the world you have people of different religions helping others, ones good works does not validate the religion you belong too.

    Calvinists are very anti pre-trib rapture as most if not all are amillenialists, like Corrie ten Boom. Just thought I would point out that this is now the second time that Jacob Prasch has commended a Calvinist and their doctrine. The first time was here, Jacob Prasch – But By The Grace of God [those Calvinists] . . . Tell The Truth! Now it’s Corrie ten Boom.

  4. D.W. Cusens says:

    Hi I believe in a Pre-Wrath Rapture. We Christians are not destined for the vial wrath judgments of God in Revelation 15 & 16. We will go through tribulation.
    2 Thes. 2:1-5 says we will see the Beast. 1 Cor 15:51-52 says we blast off at the last Trump. Last trump is in Rev 11:15, Rev 10:7, Rev: 14:12-14 The Mystery is revealed. We go through the seals and trumpet stages.
    Just my take on things

  5. Dear D.W. Cusens

    Fortunately it’s “just your take on things” and not biblical truth.

  6. Lisa says:

    The problem with your article is the beginning premise is wrong. God’s wrath is NOT the entire seven years of tribulation. God’s wrath on mankind is only the last seven bowls He pours out on the beast kingdom. The rest of the tribulation is man’s wrath on man. Jacob Prasch and John Haller are right and so was Corrie Ten Boom.

  7. Lisa says:

    Reading more into your article, boy are you going to have to stand in judgment of your false accusations towards Jacob Prasch. Jacob Prasch is the most skilled true man of God that I have ever listened to. You call someone like that names and falsely accuse him, thats really bad, you will have to answer for it someday.

  8. Lisa says:

    Jacob Prasch is very anti Calvinism, you do not know what you are talking about. A lot of misinformation surrounding this article. Deborah (Discerning the World) wrote:

    Hi Tom

    You said “The fact that she assisted many Jews to escape the Nazi scourge is to be appreciated with much gratitude. Nonetheless, it is well-documented that many Catholics also helped Jews to escape the Nazi death camps. Does that validate Catholicism as a biblically sound religion?”

    That is correct, all over the world you have people of different religions helping others, ones good works does not validate the religion you belong too.

    Calvinists are very anti pre-trib rapture as most if not all are amillenialists, like Corrie ten Boom. Just thought I would point out that this is now the second time that Jacob Prasch has commended a Calvinist and their doctrine. The first time was here, Jacob Prasch – But By The Grace of God [those Calvinists] . . . Tell The Truth! Now it’s Corrie ten Boom.

  9. Lisa

    Who opens the very first seal? Are you suggesting that Jesus Christ is not God and the ONLY ONE worthy to open the seals? The very first seal presents the coming of Antichrist. (Revelation 6:1-2). God’s wrath was often in the form of Him granting Israel what they wanted. There are several examples in Scripture which I refuse to mention to you because you can look it up for yourself. Prasch, a Jew, should know this. I am not a spoon feeder. Jesus precipitated his “giving-what-they-wanted-kind-of-wrath” when He said: “I am come in my Father’s name, and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive. (John 5:43). He was referring to Antichrist whom He alone is worthy to release on the world scene when He opens the first seal.

    Answer me this: Will the Antichrist be able to appear on the world scene if Jesus Christ did NOT open the first of the seven seals? The number seven alone in the “seven seals,” “seven trumpets” and “seven bowls” prove that the entire scope of the seven-year tribulation is GOD’s wrath. Hopefully you know and understand that the number seven is God’s number. Or do you also, like Prasch and his cohorts, believe that 666 equals 7 when they say that the first part of the seven years is Antichrist’s and Satan’s wrath and not God’s wrath?

  10. Lisa wrote:

    “Jacob Prasch is the most skilled true man of God that I have ever listened to. You call someone like that names and falsely accuse him, thats really bad, you will have to answer for it someday.”

    You have a very awkward and unbiblical way to identify a real man of God. You must have read this article.

    Oh, but he is a skilled real man of God and therefore won’t need to answer for it someday?? Bully for him!

  11. Lisa says:

    I see although you allowed two of my comments you did not allow my response to Deborah. Jacob Prasch is very anti-Calvinist. Take a moment to view his YouTube Calvinism videos. Proof is in his words.

  12. Lisa

    I’m pretty sure Deborah is quite capable of answering comments addressed to her. But since you have asked, read this article.

  13. Dear Lisa

    You talk about us falsely accusing Jacob Prasch, yet you falsely accuse us, you say: “you did not allow my response to Deborah.”

    We have not stopped you from commenting. After you comment there is a message that says “Your comment is awaiting moderation – please be patient

    You said “You call someone like that names and falsely accuse him, thats really bad, you will have to answer for it someday.”

    We have not called anyone names, again you accuse us falsely. As Tom pointed out to you, it’s Jacob who calls people names – see the proof.

    You said “Jacob Prasch is very anti-Calvinist. Take a moment to view his YouTube Calvinism videos.”

    Prasch speaks out of two sides of his mouth, on one side he disagrees and on the other side he praises. Just like he praises Corrie ten Boom (A Calvinist) and her teaching – yet he has youtube videos against Calvinism. Go figure.

  14. Martin Horan says:

    If there is to be no Rapture then the Bible contradicts itself. That’s because all the Rapture Scriptures and all the Second Coming Scriptures (clearly two different times) would be the one time. PROOF:
    RAPTURE Scriptures: John14:1-3, Rom 8:19, 1 Cor 1:7-8; 15:51-53; 16:22, Ppns 3:21; 4:5, Col 3:4, 1 Thes 1:10; 2:19; 4:13-18; 5:9, 23, 2 Thes 2:1, 1 Tim 6:14, 2 Tim 4:1, 8, Titus 2:13, Heb 9:28, James 5:7, 9, 1 Pet 1:7, 13; 5:4, 1 John 2:28; 3:2, Jude 21, Rev 2:25; 3:10.
    SECOND COMING Scriptures: Dan 2:44-45; 7:9-14; 12:1-3, Zech 12:10; 14:1-15, Matt 13:41; 24:15-31; 26:64; Mark 13:14-27; 14:62; Luke 21:25-28, Acts 1:9-11; 2:19-21, 1 Thes 2:8; 3:13, 2 Thes 1:6-10, 1 Pet 4:12-13, 2 Pet 3:1-14, Jude 14-15, Rev 1:7; 19:11—20:6; 22:7, 12, 20.
    RAPTURE: 1 Christ comes in the AIR and FOR His own. 2 Rapture of all Christians. 3 Christians taken to the Father’s house. 4 No judgment on earth. 5 Church taken to heaven. 6 Imminent–could happen at any moment. 7 No signs required. 8 For believers only. 9 Time of joy. 10 BEFORE the Day of Wrath. 11 No mention of Satan. 12 Judgment Seat of Christ. 13 Marriage of the Lamb. 14 Only His own see Him. 15 Tribulation begins.
    SECOND COMING: 1 Christ comes WITH His own to EARTH. 2 No-one is Raptured. 3 Resurrected saints don’t see the Father’s house. 4 Christ judges the inhabitants of earth. 5 Christ sets up His kingdom on earth. 6 Cannot occur for at least seven years. 7 MANY signs for Christ’s physical coming. 8 Affects ALL humanity. 9 Time of mourning. 10 Immediately AFTER Tribulation (Matt 24). 11 Satan bound in abyss for 1000 years. 12 No time or place for Judgment Seat. 13 His bride descends WITH Him. 14 Everyone will see Him. 15 1000 year kingdom of Christ.
    So, Mr Prasch, are they two different times or does the Bible contradict itself?

  15. Dennis says:

    In my humble opinion, Jacob Prasch comes across as brash, and a loud mouthed know it all. It’s his way, or the highway!
    There are millions of teachers/preachers in the world professing to interpret the word of God correctly…….who can we trust/follow? As believers and saved blood bought children of God we are admonished to search the scriptures always ,to see if what “these teachers ” say is true.

    Let the Holy Spirit guide you in all things pertaining to His word,and remember,it’s ALWAYS,HIS grace through our faith, that he has saved us.One does not need to have all the “knowledge” on midrash,Hebrew roots that Jacob teaches in order to be saved! Why, the thief on the cross had no time for any of this stuff, he merely believed and trusted in Jesus that day and was eternally saved.

    The gospel is so simple,and just as Jesus said even a child would get it, amen and amen Clap/ Thank/

  16. Martin!! Hi/

    So glad to see you!! Thank you for your comment Smile/

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