Top 10 Most Influential Christian Leaders of 2010

[DTW note: The most amazing things about all these men and women is this:  None of then are actually Chrisitan. They say they are Christian as they present you with their branded version of the Gospel. But that does not count.  You are either for Jesus Christ 100% or you are against him.  These people below preach another gospel, follow another Christ – therefore it is safe to say that they are 100% against Jesus Christ. – Please see notes next to each persons name.]

Top 10 Most Influential Christian Leaders of 2010

Taken from Christian Telegraph


Evangelist of the year – Reinhard Bonnke

The legendary evangelist has brought million of people in Africa to the Lord. Even as Reinhard is in his 70’s, his passion for Jesus is still going strong and he desires to awaken Europe, which has been spiritually asleep, to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. In addition to massive crusades, he views the internet as a great tool for evangelism and updates his Facebook page everyday. Reinhard has also prepared a successor for himself. [DTW note:  Reinhard Bonnke: Word of Faith / Latter Rain teaching – False Faith healer.  Caught lying about raising someone from the dead.]


Writer of the year – Lisa Bevere

Being an international speaker, author of many bestsellers and TV show hostess, Lisa Bevere is one of the few who encourages women all around the world to raise their voices and change this world for the better. In 2010 Lisa wrote the book “Lioness Arising: Wake Up and Change Your World,” in which she shared a prophetic message for women.   [DTW note:  Lisa Bevere:  Word of Faith / Latter Rain teaching / Contemplative spirituality]


Missionary of the year – Jaerock Lee

This pastor knows that Christians lives are to be holy and should be empowered by the Holy Spirit. He founded a mega-mega-church in Manmin, South Korea and works to bring revival and the Gospel to the most remote corners of the world. Just a few of the other countries he has impacted are Israel, Peru, Estonia, the United States of America, India, and countries in Africa.  [DTW note:  Jaerock Lee:  Word of Faith / Latter Rain teaching:  False Faith Healer, Lee has stated that he is “sinless and exempted from dying” S. Korean evangelist’s Uganda visit prompts cult jitters, Kyōdō, 2000-07-10]

 width=Diplomat of the year – Rick Warren

The pastor of the mega-church Saddleback was named one of the most popular and influential users of Twitter. Rick Warren is one of the few pastors who publicly speaks with influential governmental officials. In 2010 he interviewed former United States of America president George W. Bush in his church.  [DTW note:  Rick Warren:  Purpose Driven Church – He will preach anything you want to hear. Currently promoting New Age Teaching including Reiki]


Philanthropist of the year – Franklin Graham

Franklin Graham has dedicated his life to preaching the Gospel and to helping those who are in desperate situations, including economically and medically. He is the President of the world-wide relief organization Samaritan’s Purse and the President of the Billy Graham Evangelical Association. Samaritan’s Purse is working in more than 100 countries.   [DTW note:  Franklin Graham:  Following after fathers Ecumenical footsteps. Interfaith combined with Word of Faith preaching]


Pastor of the year – Paul Melnichuk

Being the son of Ukrainian immigrants, Paul Melnichuk built a multi-national mega-church called The Prayer Palace in Toronto, Canada. Despite the very liberal society around him, Paul preaches the uncompromised Gospel. The Prayer Palace unites Christians of more than 50 nationalities.   [DTW note:  Jaerock Lee:  Word of Faith / Prosperity Preacher.  Probed by the Star for becoming RICH overnight while the congregation remained dirt poor.]


Leader of the year – James Davis

James Davis is the co-founder of the growing coalition of ministries and denominations called Billion Soul Network. It includes more than 350,000 churches. James is a gifted leader and his goal is to strengthen relations between pastors in order to plant five million churches and bring one billion people to Christ.  [DTW note:  James Davis:  An Ecumenical businessman with a goal that is unbiblical and goes AGAINST the grain of end-times scripture.  James Davis will plant a church no matter WHAT FAITH is preached.  See website and pictures of James Davis with the likes of Reinard Bonnke and Leonard Sweet.]


Reformer of the year – Mark Driscoll

He is the Pastor Mars Hill Church in Seattle, Washington and is working to reform the approach of having church and being a community of believers. He is using the latest technologies to do that. Mars Hill Church has created its own internet network, which is a virtual community that helps church members build strong relationships.  [DTW note:  Mark Driscoll:  Ties with Rick Warren and John Piper.  Founder of NEW CALVINISM]


Broadcaster of the year – James Dobson

After more than 30 years of ministry and as the leader of one of the most influential pro-family organizations in the U.S.A., Focus on the Family, James Dobson left the ministry that he founded and started a new radio program called Family Talk. The focus of the new program is to strengthen the institution of family, which James says is the foundation of a strong society.   [DTW note: James Dobson:  Focus on everything but the Gospel of Jesus – uses ‘Christian’ psychology. Helped bringing psychology and self-esteem teachings into the church.]


Strategist of the year – Leonard Sweet

Leonard Sweet is a historian of the American culture, futurist who sees the trends in the society that are unnoticed by others and a writer. Leonard is also a consultant to many churches and develops strategies to fulfill the Great Commission in the digital age of the 21st century. [DTW note: Leonard Sweet:  One of the fore-running Emergent Leaders at the moment.  Promotes everything to do with contemplative spirituality and mysticism, i.e, anything ungodly.]



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  1. John (samuel1953)

    I found your comment in the spam section, not sure how it landed there, but it’s safe and sound now.

  2. Lee says:


    and also one more thing Hester like Debs has said,

    “Regarding your colleague – sounds like my grandmother, except my grandmother has told me I am not saved because I am not baptized in the Holy Spirit. She refuses to want to listen to any reasoning. I have given up trying to speak to her. You sow your seeds and then leave it alone if you see you are getting nowhere.”

    I agree! Hester, Just point them back to the Bible and scripture. Debs has always done that on here so I don’t see why that shouldn’t be the ultimate authority in discussions like these.

    “One of my colleagues at work was trying to let me see the “light” as he feels if you are unable to speak in tongues you are not baptised in the Holy Spirit and after a while i realised that he will not as much not hear what i have to say, he just can’t. Almost like he has made up his mind like that is how it is and anything outside of that is not true.” –

    Yeah I’ve had this before Hester. I USED to speak in Tongues( err actually it may have been gibberish but I believed back then that when I did God spoke to me) but somehow I had this perception that when you fell into sin, you couldn’t speak it lol! But I stop doing that now because its not even biblical. If people would just read the bible then they would know that God gives gifts etc as He Wills, not us!

  3. Hester says:

    I know the whole Kruger rand thing was also a little weird but i was telling my friend this afternoon about this letter and exactly what Samuel1953 said, i said that I felt that he definitely intimated that maybe Paul was gay as well (at least that’s how i felt).

    Just want to share this little story about tongues. This friend i was talking to this afternoon, and I had an elder pray over us about two years ago so that we can receive the Holy Spirit and he was “leading” her into speaking in tongues. Now picture the scene, all these people in a circle praying and very serious. So, he was like saying these almost inexpressible words and asked her to just let her tongue loose and she can utter these words too. After much coaching, my friend opened her eyes, looked at him and said “uh hu, I’m still English”. No need to tell you we both packed up laughing and decided there and then if we were going to speak in tongues then it will supernaturally come and no amount of cohercing was going to make it happen. We still giggle about that and we still English.

  4. samuel1953 says:

    Hi Debs. I left another short comment about 15 minutes ago – and it disappeared as soon as I clicked the Post Comment block. Its probably gone to spam as well. Perhaps it should have … Regards John
    PS This one worked (This PS is an edit)

  5. Burning Lamp says:

    Lee, there are true believers who do have a prayer language for their prayer closet only – it is not for God to talk to them, but them to talk to God. The issue of tongues has been so perverted, abused and misinterepreted that many believers have taken a “hands off” position and you can’t blame them. AofG says you have to speak in tongues to have the Baptism of the Holy Spirit – a lie of Satan! There are so many lies out there and people speaking gibberish in services and creeping people out. But if the Word is rightly divided, there is a legitimacy to this issue, but sadly man’s flesh and Satan make it next to impossible to find that balance.

  6. Jasen Hatten says:

    The only time I see Jesus arguing with people was when He was dealing with the self-righteous, religious leaders. What is the purpose of this website if the focus is not on the person who is lost and needs Jesus, but rather on proving who has more knowledge of the Scriptures?

  7. Hester says:

    Well I am so glad you back!!! Did i offend you with my ‘still english’ story or dit you disappear off the network??

    I have been going on to your webpage since the 4th October and it was like frozen and when I got your mail this morning I leaped for joy!! Thought maybe you showed me the backdoor?? lol

    Okay I am soooo happy you back and I see I have missed out on a lot of action – reading Reinard Bonnke raising the 3rd Old.

    Looking forward to reading some more.

  8. Burning Lamp says:

    Jason, if all you see that is happening on this website is arguing, and one upmanship about proving who is a better student of the Bible, you need to put on your discernment glasses and take another look.

    Have you read the letters of the Apostle Paul and how we are to expose the deeds of darkness?

    Yes, we are to reach the lost, but the other part of that is to teach truth and expose error. Of course that will be resisted, just as the enemy resists in every work for God.

    Deborah is following a call of God to help those who are caught up in error and are being lied to and damaged by the enemy of our souls, the father of lies. If the Church is being deceived it cannot be effective in sharing the Gospel which by the way has been compromised and watered-down.

  9. Hester

    Lol, no. I’ve been having internet hassles for the last 2 weeks. I managed to get online last week and then promptly lost my internet connection again. It’s a long story but I hope to be online now permanently. Pray no storm comes up again and destroys my internet ‘infrastructure’.

  10. ian says:

    [delete – this is not an advertising space for Pastor Melnichucks]

  11. Maxine says:

    [deleted – don’t threaten me]

  12. Martin Horan says:

    I saw a television documentary on Reinhard Bonke where he was preaching to Africans. Bonke was chauffeur driven to a stadium full of poor, ragged people waiting to see miracles.
    The reporter said nothing but filmed everything. He let Bonke and his gang speak for themselves.
    What Bonke’s stooges didn’t know was that they were being secretly filmed as they were telling an old lady, blind in one eye, what to do when on stage. She was told to cover her seeing eye and they were showing her where the handkercheif would be from her when Bonke was waving it.
    So when she went on stage, she grabbed where she was shown. Bonke took the applause each time the woman snatched the thing. Bonke is a wicked charlatan.
    If that wasn’t enough–you’d think it would be enough that these quacks are robbing dirt poor people as it is–but a man who had a dying child was kept from gettin into this show.
    So the man went and waited at Bonke’s Rolls Royce. The poor man was shooed away from this limousine.
    However, his child soon died. So the man went back to the car to wait for the Geat Showman himself to turn up. Again Bonke’s henchmen chased the man away with the little corpse after he’d laid it on the bonnet of the Rolls Royce. (No mere ordinary car for Bonke.) He was hoping Bonke would see it and raise the child.
    Why would they chase the man away if their boss can raise from the dead? There was their chance to show the world the Bonke could do it.
    But no, they chased the poor man away with his child’s corpse.
    They were protecting their big boss from a poor, helpless and probably hungry African because they knew very well that their boss was a liar, cheat, con-man and (whether they knowi it or not) headed straight for the pit of hell unless he repents.
    And so are they for carrying out his dirty work.
    How people can do such work when they can see poor people being, as the Bible says, being made merchandise of.
    The thing that confuses and baffles me is that God has given us His Bible showing us how to spot these conning charlatans for what they are. Yet “Christians” still defend these servants of the devil.
    That’s all they can possibly be when they defy the very infallible Word of God so blatantly.
    It’s obvious! Bonke wouldn’t dare try that kind of thing here in Britian. He would be sent packing. That’s why that abuser does it with the poor, gullible Africans.

  13. Arthur Lockridge says:

    Romans 3:4 let God be true, but every man a liar. I am a man that deserves death. I am a sinner but I am after Gods heart with all of my heart. I graduated from bible school with John Bevere in the 80’s. The school was Word of faith bible school. Founded by Robert Tilton which spelled backward is notlit. I believed every lie he preached for 10 years. The church had 8000 members and in 93 Bob divorced Marte and married a beauty queen. This startéd the death of the church. The church was torn down a few years Ago and now there is a hockey complex now. I moved back to Georgia and joined an AOG church the tabernacle.I believed every thing the pastor preached for 5 years. This church was racist and were split because my wife died of cancer on thanksgiving 98. And I married a Black minister from the 99. I am white. This did not set well with my white relatives and the church. I left that church and my black wife and I started our own church. I believed every thing she preached for 4 years. well she divorced me in 2003. I joined another mega church in Norcross Georgia. Victory World Church.a member of association of related churches under guru John fleece the flock to the Maxwell.28 months ago Jesus ask me if I was ready to die and I having all my heart after God said yes yes yes.Jesus said Do What I Did. DWJD. So I did what Jesus Did. I took up my Cross. I denied self. And I am following the real Christ not the counterfeit that is being preached in every church and website in the eârth. I give my perverse flesh to Satan many times a day. Christ gave his flesh to satan in john 13:26/27. Try it you will love it. Now I know the Truth. I am still in bondage to my own evil flesh but satan looses the power God gave him when he gets what belongs to satan. Give the devii what he owns and give God what God owns. My spirit and soul can get a new body but my flesh cannot get a new spirit and soul. Only God dréw me to Jesus. No man told me the Truth. Let God be true but every man a liar. God made it this way so he could have mercy on all. In the beginning GOD.

  14. Cathy says:

    It is interesting to note that NONE of these influential leaders comes from Africa. Is it that there are no influential Christian leaders in Africa or this a reflection of ignorance and tunnel/single focus and perspective.

  15. Cathy

    Do you note that these so called influential leaders are all FALSE TEACHERS? You ask, “Is it that there are no influential Christian leaders in Africa or this a reflection of ignorance and tunnel/single focus and perspective.” No Africa has thousands of false teachers just like America, the difference is they don’t have the money to back themselves up. Then again, what about TB Joshua, a false teacher/witchdoctor who is a wealthy as can be.

  16. Brad Williams says:

    Check this out just posted today:

  17. Mike Evans says:

    They should have titled this list “The Top 10 Most Influential Heretics of 2010”.
    That said, there is stiff competition for this “honour” and it appears to be growing daily…..
    Have there been yearly updates?
    BTW, I found some of the comments and Deborah’s responses to them informative and highly entertaining.

  18. Mike

    I am too scared to see if there are any updates 🙂

    Thank you for your comment!

  19. Mike Evans says:

    It may have been cited on this site before, but I was intrigued to learn that Bonnke has ties with Rick Joyner – and with Bethel Church/Jesus culture-…/evangelist-reinhard-bonnke-at-jesus.html
    Nothing further needs to be said……….these are arch-heretics, not average ones. No wonder the NAR are making headway in Africa.

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