The 3rd Lausanne Congress Opens in Cape Town – 16 Oct 2010

Lausanne Congress

Updated:  John Piper a speaker at Lausanne Congress!

The Third Lausanne Congress Opens in Cape Town

MEDIA ADVISORY, Oct. 16 /Christian Newswire/ — The Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization opens in Cape Town this weekend, Sunday 17 October 2010. It draws together 4,000 invited participants from 197 nations, and extends through GlobaLink sites to 90 countries. The Congress theme is ‘God in Christ, reconciling the world to himself’ (2 Corinthians 5:19) and how to bear witness to Jesus Christ and all his teaching in every region of the world and every sphere of society.

The Lausanne Movement, founded by Billy Graham, is uniquely placed to gather evangelicals for a common purpose. The Congress will reaffirm the primary truths of biblical Christianity, and engage with critical issues set to face the Church over the next decade. These issues have been identified through consultations around the world. Doug Birdsall, Chairman of The Lausanne Movement, said:  ‘We have worked to engage evangelical leaders on all continents. This is the first Congress of its kind in the digital age, and we’re praying it will herald a new moment for the Church.’

In this information age, traffic on the eight-language Congress website is expected to be high, and radio networks will relay programmes across Africa and Latin America, on the themes of the Congress.

The 1974 Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization produced The Lausanne Covenant, widely regarded as one of the most significant documents in recent church history. Reflecting on this, Archbishop Henry Orombi, Chair of the Africa Host Committee, declared: ‘Under God, the legacy of The Third Congress is up to us!’  The Cape Town Commitment: a statement of belief and a call to action, will be published out of the Congress. Dr Chris Wright, Director of Langham Partnership International, is the chief architect of the new statement, working in partnership with senior theologians from all continents.

Each of the six days of the Congress will begin with a study in Ephesians, led by pastor-theologians from around the world. ‘We will be studying Ephesians as a global community,’ said Blair Carson, Congress Director. ‘We want it to be a grounding for a whole new movement of communicating the gospel of Jesus Christ.’

John Stott and Billy Graham have sent personal greetings, assuring the Congress of their daily prayer. Both are now becoming frailer, but have lost none of their passion for Christ and his gospel. Billy Graham, reflecting on the huge scale of changes in the world, wrote from his home in North Carolina, ‘One of your tasks during Cape Town 2010 will be to analyze those changes, and to assess their impact on the mission to which God has called us in this generation.’

John Stott expressed his particular pleasure that the Congress is being hosted in Africa: ‘I pray that you will be able to share richly in the blessing God has poured out on the Church in that continent, as well as sharing in the pain and suffering of his people there.’

Participants in the Congress truly stand on the shoulders of giants.

For more information, or for media access to photographs, news releases and audio / video clips, email

The Lausanne Movement is a worldwide movement that mobilizes evangelical leaders to collaborate for world evangelization.


Lausanne Movement brings every Christian denomination and movement  into dialogue under the auspices of evangelising the world.  It is a smokescreen, behind which lies the One World Religion backed by a New World Order.  Billy Graham, founder of Lausanne in 1974 is a Roman Catholic trained evangelical.  Lausanne is there purely to advance the Vatical II Evangelisation program with it’s ecumenical themes for evangelicals.

“Cape Town 2010, held in collaboration with the World Evangelical Alliance, will bring together 4,000 leaders from more than 200 countries to confront the critical issues of our time – other world faiths, poverty, HIV/AIDS, persecution, among others – as they relate to the future of the Church and world evangelisation.”

“Serving the Suffering” and “Growing in Humility as We Experience Community” are just some of the topics of discussion that have taken place prior to the congress starting.  These sound wonderful, but social justice is not the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The term “World Evangelisation” might sound biblical to you, but when the Evangelisation is another gospel, what you do have is a coming together of people from all around the world forming part of the spiritual “World Tower of Babel” as they in effect are opposing God to set up their own foundations and structures.

The term Evangelization is a term coined by Vatican II, and used by all ecumenical (false) Christian movements to gain support of churches, church groups and networks, throughout the world.  The word Evengelization entails political action and social justice along with spreading a false gospel.  The saving of the ‘soul’ is not the concern of Evangelization, it’s the saving of nations and then the entire world under a New World Religion championed by a New World Order headed by the Anti-Christ.

Billy Graham has fooled millions over the years, proclaiming to be an evangelical Christian when in fact he was none other than protoge of Vatican II’s Evangelization project.

I am following this congress via the internet, I will post any names I find of importance.

See the list below as to who is attending the Lausanne Conference and sitting on the council:

  • Dr. Billy Graham  Founder, Lausanne Movement
  • Dr. John Stott  Honorary Chairman, Lausanne Movement
  • Dr. Leighton Ford  Honorary Chairman, Lausanne Committee
  • Dr. Miriam Adeney  Professor, Seattle Pacific Seminary
  • Dr. Leith Anderson  Senior Pastor, Wooddale Church, President, US National Association of Evangelicals
  • Dr. Bryan Chappell  President, Covenant Seminary
  • Dr. Loren Cunningham  Founder, Youth with a Mission (YWAM)
  • Mr. Jim Daly  President, Focus on the Family
  • Dr. Steve Douglass  President, Campus Crusade for Christ
  • Dr. Ken Fong  Pastor, Evergreen Baptist Church
  • Dr. Timothy George  Dean, Beeson Divinity School
  • Dr. Os Guinness  Author
  • Dr. Gary Haugen  President, International Justice Mission
  • Dr. Dean Hirsch  President, World Vision International
  • Dr. Tim Keller  Pastor, Redeemer Presbyterian Church
  • Dr. Duane Litfin  President, Wheaton College
  • Mr. Hugh Maclellan  President, The Maclellan Foundation
  • Dr. Jesse Miranda  Hispanic Evangelical Leadership Alliance
  • Dr. Richard Mouw  President, Fuller Theological Seminary
  • Dr. David Neff  Editor, Christianity Today
  • Mr. Peter Ochs  President, First Fruit Foundation
  • Mrs. Jane Overstreet  President, Development Associates Int’l
  • Dr. Luis Palau  President, Luis Palau
  • Dr. John Perkins  President, John M. Perkins Foundation
  • Dr. John Piper  Pastor, Bethlehem Baptist Church
  • Mrs. Becky Pippert  President, Salt Shaker Ministries
  • Mr. Bill Pollard  Chairman of the Board, BGEA
  • Dr. Wess Stafford  President, Compassion International
  • Dr. Tite Tienou  Dean, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
  • Mr. Paul Tokunaga  Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship
  • Dr. Mike Treneer  President, The Navigators
  • Dr. Rick Warren  Pastor, Saddleback Church
  • Dr. George Wood  General Superintendent, Assembly of God

Isak Burger, world president of the Apostolic Faith Mission, from South Africa, participated in the recent Cape Town planning meetings for the Lausanne Congress.

Pastor Rick Warren  –   Senior Pastor, Saddleback Church

Member, Cape Town 2010 Advisory Council

“I invite every Christian leader, church, denomination and believer-anyone who cares about reaching the world for Christ-to join hands and band together backing the 2010 Lausanne Congress. It’s truly that important.”

* Dr. Michael Cassidy:   – Founder and International Team Leader,  African Enterprise

Chairman, Cape Town 2010 Mission Committee

“A key to successful world evangelization is embracing the richness of the entire body of Christ. Cape Town 2010 will rally the global church to advance the Great Commission.”

Mr. Steve Douglass  – President, Campus Crusade for Christ International

“A key to successful world evangelization is embracing the richness of the entire body of Christ – and then inviting its participation. The Cape Town 2010 Congress will enthusiastically rally the global church to complete the Great Commission.”

Dr. Jack W. Hayford  – President, Foursquare Church and Chancellor, Kings College and Seminary

Member, Cape Town 2010 Advisory Council

“It will be our great privilege as South African believers to host the Cape Town 2010 Congress in Cape Town. Cape Town 2010 will add enormous impetus and encouragement to the African church to fulfill its destiny in World Mission in the 21st century. I rejoice also to see this renewal and rejuvenation of the Lausanne Movement at a time when many in the church across the world are losing their nerve about evangelism in a post-modern era. The need is great and urgent to revisit our theology both of evangelism and the uniqueness of Christ, and then be motivated afresh as those at Edinburgh in 1910, into the evangelization of our world in this generation. We need to show that our changeless Gospel is more relevant than ever in these changing times.”

Rick Warren – Saddleback Church

Ralph Winter – Fontier Mission Fellowship

Paul Eshleman – Campus Crusade for Christ International

Geoff Tunnicliffe – World Evangelical Alliance


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Deborah (Discerning the World)

Deborah Ellish is the author of the above article. Discerning the World is an internet Christian Ministry based in Johannesburg South Africa. Tom Lessing and Deborah Ellish both own Discerning the World. For more information see the About this Website page below the comments section.

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  1. alert says:

    Thank you for letting me use your article on my blogg:

  2. Donna says:

    Thanks for the report & the video. Yes, this Lausanne Congress is of another gospel, another Jesus, & another spirit.

    Well let’s see, we have Billy Graham, 33rd degree Mason & his social/polluted/ gnostic gospel & all the hypocrites who are not even in Christ attending this Congress w/ no discernment as to what’s really taking place!

    Let’s look at the fruits of their delusion since 1974. Everything is worse in Christendom & should we expect any better since sectarianism/denominationism/divisions is something that God hates–it is an abomination! And a kingdom that is divided cannot stand! In reality, this system is a REJECTION OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD! And look what this system has produced–nothing short of the WORLD & it’s delusions & lies, harlotry, confusion & deceptions WITHIN IT’S WALLS & SANCTUARIES!!! Nothing short of Babylon imprisoning it’s people within it’s invisible walls of Judaistic Christianity, which is satan’s system! It’s the system of the Nicolaitans

    Greek Construction of the word Nicolaitans
    The word Nicolaitan (Greek: Νικολαΐ́της or Nikolaitës, Strong’s Concordance Number #G3531) is a compound word which is composed of THREE Greek words. Because of it being a proper noun, the word Nicolaitan is TRANSFERRED instead of being translated into English. Thus, it is subject to the laws of Greek construction in regard to ellipsis, contraction and phonetics.

    The three Greek words used in the construction of the word Nicolaitan are:

    •NIKOS, of which we use the English equivalents instead of the Greek letters, as we shall also of the other two. Nikos is defined as “a conquest; victory; triumph; the conquered; and by implication, dominancy over the defeated.” Another transferred name in which this term is used is “Nicopolis,” which is composed of Niko, which means conquest and polis, which means city. Hence, the city of conquest, or city of victory.

    •LAOS, which means people. Another use of this word is found in NICOLAS, which is transferred and is composed of Nikos-laos and means one who is “victorious over the people,” the letter “s” being in both words the nominative case ending, which is retained only at the end of the word to denote the case, while “a” short and “o” short are contracted into “a” long.

    A still further transferred use of LAOS is found in the name Lao(s)diceans (Greek: Λαοδικεύς or Laodikeus, Strong’s Concordance Number #G2994), compounded with DIKE or DICE as the Greek “k” is the equivalent English “c.” Thus, in the name Laodiceans, we have LAOS, meaning the people, and DICE, meaning judgment or vengeance, i.e., the people of my judgment, or of my vengeance. Also the Greek word la(ic)os, which means “laymen,” of which LA-OS is the root and stem, which selfsame word, with the “o” short contracted to “i”, to which root and stem the plural definite article TON is joined to form LAITON, which is a Greek phrase meaning “the laity.”

    •TON is the third and last word entering into the construction of the proper name Nicolaitans. TON, in which Omega, the long “o”, is contracted into long “a”, thus making the word TAN which is the genitive case plural in all the genders of the definite article ‘the.’
    We therefore have, without the legal Greek construction, the English hyphenated word NIKOS-LAOS-TON, but which, with its lawful elisions and contractions, becomes the English name: Nicolaitans.

    The full meaning of the word Nicolaitans
    The full meaning of Nicolaitans, in its native tongue and in its ecclesiastical setting, is that the bishops and prelates of the Church have gained a triumphal victory or conquest over the LAITON, the laity, until they have been compelled to submit to the arbitrary dominion of men who have become that thing which God hates – ‘Lords over God’s heritage’:

    “The elders who are among you I exhort, I who am a fellow elder and a witness of the sufferings of Christ, and also a partaker of the glory that will be revealed: Shepherd the flock of God which is among you, serving as overseers, not by compulsion but willingly, not for dishonest gain but eagerly; NOR AS BEING LORDS OVER THOSE ENTRUSTED TO YOU (‘lords over [God’s] heritage’ in the KJV Bible), but being examples to the flock;” (1Peter 5:1-3).

    See “The King and His Kingdom” by Peter Whyte (out of print but Amazon has some copies) Also, “Come Out of Her, My People” by Peter Wyte is online at:

    May our Lord empower all of us who are truth seekers, who have the love of the truth, to continue pursuing Him & His Kingdom alone! In Christ’s Name, Donna

  3. Burning Lamp says:

    Thank you Debs for your vigilance. This is under the radar in the states as far as I know.
    And BG is such an icon that anyone who speaks the truth about him is immediately villified. He is in fact an IDOL that many have set up.

    Franklin carries on the legacy receiving automatic approval and applause. Also his daughter Anne who retains the family name and was her father’s representative at the Pope’s funeral and reported the experience in glowing terms.

    It all contributes to the Great Apostasy in which we find ourselves but few seem to comprehend the enormity of it.

    And John Stott much lesser, but he fell off the truck years ago but still retains respect.

  4. Burning Lamp says:

    Donna, we need to be careful about our facts. There has been speculation, but there is no proof that BG is a member of the Masonic Lodge. That is not helpful. There is enough true documented facts about him and words from his own mouth that this is not needed.

  5. FollowsTheWay says:

    Any large, mass following by DEFINITION should be suspect:

    Matthew 7:13 Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide [is] the gate, and broad [is] the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat:

    14 Because strait [is] the gate, and narrow [is] the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.

    Fitting that the next verse is:

    15 Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

  6. FollowsTheWay says:

    Billy Graham and Freemasonic connections(?):

  7. Donna says:

    BL, Yes, that’s quite true that BG has exposed himself numerous times w/ his own mouth but why is BG’s statue at the Crystal Cathedral along w/ Pat Robertson’s mason)(& Robert Schuller? (mason)
    Also Check out:

    Here’s a list of the freemasons:
    Revised: April 1996 Note: This list has been laundered by Freemasonry. Billy Graham is no longer on the list at the Masonic page which was our source page (see link below). Anyone posting the original list in the USA will likely be threatened by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association with a lawsuit. Kindly copy this list and be ready to post it if we also are threatened. Keep it moving around the world.

    Cutting Edge is a very good source.

    Thank you for your input.

  8. Burning Lamp says:

    The Reverend Billy Graham is not a freemason. The following correspondence to a reader of the Cutting Edge Ministry makes this very clear:
    Subject: Freemason
    Date: Wed, 16 Jul 97 11:23:21 -0500
    From: (Don Kinde)

    Thank you for your e-mail message. We understand your concern about rumors that Mr. Graham is in some way associated with Freemasonry. The reports are erroneous — though we continue to hear them. Mr. Graham is not, has not been and does not expect ever to be involved in Freemasonry. Your help in keeping the record as accurate as possible would be much appreciated.
    Don Kinde
    Christian Guidance Department
    Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
    One possible source of this rumour was Composite Lodge No. 595’s website in Santa Monica, California, USA. The brother maintaining the site reproduced a list of famous freemasons that mistakenly included the Reverend Billy Graham’s name. Once the error was brought to his attention, the list was amended on December 28, 1996. Other masonic websites unwittingly reproduced the list and several years passed before most, if not all of them, were corrected.

    On 13 June, 1997 anti-mason and fundamentalist Christian, Steve Van Nattan went on a syndicated Christian Fundamentalist radio talk show, “The Cutting Edge,” to announce his “proof” that Graham was not only a freemason but that the freemasons were trying to hide his membership. The Cutting Edge Ministry subsequentially accepted the denial issued by Billy Graham’s office.

    The link to Cutting Edge with their acceptance has been removed. Strange.

    Although one cannot question the sincerity of TCE, it dwells a bit too much on the dark and conspiratorial side for my taste. The site does contain much helpful information, but is tainted by the sensationalism that is not helpful to the Christian community. Evil is evil which the Bible tells us, but to dwell on it too much is not healthy in my opinion.

    There is a cloud over BG’s connection to Freemasonry and it is best to leave it alone. There are plenty of other valid issues without going there.

  9. Burning Lamp says:

    None of the links in the second despatch link work. There is one that is supposed to link Freemasonry with Jewish Zionism – but not there.
    That would show an anti-semitic bias that is unacceptable.

    This statement on the first despatch link is absolutely outlandish –
    If Billy Graham is a 33rd degree Freemason, and I personally believe the converts out of Freemasonry who claim this, then his god is the male organ. Utter rubbish!

    These are all bunny trails that distract from the main issue, that of the Gospel and the betrayal of it through ecumenism. Efforts to link BG w/Freemasonry are fruitless – the BGA has denied it and supposedly cutting edge accepted it, but the link has been removed. Please let it rest. It is not helpful.

  10. Donna says:

    BL I wrote one sentence in my first comment re BG. All the rest of my comment was important in helping others to understand the seriousness of sectarianism, denominationalism. I’m not out to prove anything re BG–God knows.


  12. James Sundquist says:

    Dear Lausanne Conference,

    I believe this to be of the utmost urgency because I note that you are promoting John Piper and Rick Warren at your conference. I have written two books on Rick Warren and two articles in conservative theological journals.

    In this regard, I invite you to read and hear a more extensive exposition of Rick Warren’s teachings, I invite you to preview our new website:


    Two Investigations are complete and now released:

    1. I just finished producing and co-hosting with Richard Bennett, Berean Beacon Ministries and former Roman Catholic Priest a new DVD on the MYSTIC PLAGUE entitled:
    Experiencing God through Deceitful Mysticism now available on the media page of our new website.



    This story was first reported on CBS Television News: “Assemblies of God Seize and Padlock local AG Church”

    My complete report on this story and Emerge Ministries, Inc., is now available at:

    My extensive investigation of Leonard Sweet and the Emerging Church will be released shortly for your highly esteemed consideration.

    Hope you will report this news.
    “Loren Davis is a missionary in Africa, and resident of Kenya , who has conducted major evangelistic crusades in Africa for a quarter of a century. He personally has witness the destruction that Rick Warren has wrought over there. This is a six minute excerpt of his recent riveting interview on Southwest Radio Church. He leads the fight in opposing Rick Warrens teachings and programs in Africa and has inspired a host of pastors in Africa to reject Rick Warren’s Purpose-Driven Global Peace Plan. James Sundquist addresses what Rick Warren is doing in Africa in his book Rick Warren’s Global Peace Plan vs. Scriptural Teachings on Peace in the Chapter ‘Purpose-Driven Country'” Todd Hudnell, an Assemblies of God Pastor, led the campaign in Kenya, on behalf of Rick Warren and the AOG General Superintendent George Wood has brought Warren fully aboard its national and international agenda to transform the AG into another gospel.”

    “We had a major victory in Kitale, Kenya. Rick Warren’s held a pastor’s conference targeting 1000 pastors, but after my CD about him was distributed in that area, only 100 pastors showed up. They were very disappointed.” Loren Davis

    Just posted by Berean Beacon:

    Hope you will sound the alarm on His Holy Hill to your students regarding:
    “Loren Davis is a missionary in Africa, and resident of Kenya , who has conducted major evangelistic crusades in Africa for a quarter of a century. He personally has witness the destruction that Rick Warren has wrought over there. This is a six minute excerpt of his recent riveting interview on Southwest Radio Church. He leads the fight in opposing Rick Warrens teachings and programs in Africa and has inspired a host of pastors in Africa to reject Rick Warren’s Purpose-Driven Global Peace Plan. James Sundquist addresses what Rick Warren is doing in Africa in his book Rick Warren’s Global Peace Plan vs. Scriptural Teachings on Peace in the Chapter ‘Purpose-Driven Country'” Todd Hudnell, an Assemblies of God Pastor, led the campaign in Kenya, on behalf of Rick Warren and the AOG General Superintendent George Wood has brought Warren fully aboard its national and international agenda to transform the AG into another gospel.”

    “We had a major victory in Kitale, Kenya. Rick Warren’s held a pastor’s conference targeting 1000 pastors, but after my CD about him was distributed in that area, only 100 pastors showed up. They were very disappointed.” Loren Davis

    Just posted by Berean Beacon:



    For a complete expose on Rick Warren’s speech at John Piper’s Desaring God Conference, you can hear it at:

    Chris Rosbrough extensive commentary exposing Rick Warren’s speech at 2010 Desiring God Conference October 4, 2010 151 minute and Justin Edwards exposes:
    (scroll down to Pirate Christian Radio)


    Kindest regards in Christ,

    James Sundquist
    Rock Salt Publishing
    Perfect Peace Plan

  13. Burning Lamp says:

    Donna, one statement regarding a rumor can cause the whole to be discounted. That was my point. We must be very careful about being able to document with no doubt what we say.

    I didn’t mean to discount anything else you said. You are right, it is very important to point out the things you mentioned.

    Dear sister, we are on the same page. We have to stay the course and speak the truth even when it is not popular.

  14. James

    Um, I think the Lausanne congress is a fitting place for Rick Warren and his new friend John Piper – to ask the Lausanne conference to not let Rick Warren speak there is like asking the Pope to not attend mass. They fit together perfectly.


    Do you understand what the Lausanne congress is? The Lausanne congress is anything but holy!

  15. Regarding the audio from Chris Rosebrough, I have listened to this and I am unhappy to hear that Chris Rosebrough thinks Total Depravity is a biblical teaching.

  16. jesse mcgrady says:

    paul wrote a letter to a corinth in which he both reprimands for heretical belief and thanks them for supporting the church in Jerusalem. Working together does not have to mean embracing the beliefs of the heretics.

  17. Burning Lamp says:

    Holy Hill? As Debs says, there is nothing holy about this conference! Writing to them is futile and pointless. And is would appear that Chris Rosebrough is a Calvinist.

    Thanks to Debs and this website for exposing that false doctrine even under fire.

  18. Burning Lamp says:

    Oh and Billy Graham has no problem with Warren. He endorsed his Purpose Driven Life book. Yes, they are birds of a feather.

  19. Mary says:

    Dear Deborah,

    Just curious what is your belief regarding Total Depravity?

    Being pesuaded by Psalm 14:1-3, 53:1-3 included in Romans 3:10-12 “as it is written, There is none righteous, not even one; there is none who understands, there is none who seeks for God; all have turned aside, together they have become useless; there is none who does good, there is not even one.”

    Along with “So then as through one transgression there resulted condemnation to all men, even so through one act of righteousness there resulted justification of life to all men. For through the one man’s disobedience the many were made sinners, even so through the obedience of the One the many will be made righteous.” Romans 5:18&19

    Along with Scriptures Psalm 51:5, Genesis 6:5; Job 15:14-16; Psalm 130:3; 143:2 Proverbs 20:9;Ecclesiasdstes 7:20; Isaiah 64:6; Jeremiah 13:23; John 3:19; James 3:8; 1 John 1:8; John 6:44; 6:65;8:43-45;10:26; 12:37-41 John 14:17; 1 Corinthians 2:14; Genesis 2:16-17; John 3:5-7;Colossians 2:13;Genesis 6:5; 8:21; Ecclesiastes 9:3; Jeremiah 17:9; Mark 7:21-23; John 3:19-21; Romans 8:7-8; Ephesians 4:17-19; 5:8 John 8:34; 8:44; Romans 6:20; 2 Timothy 2:25-26; Titus 3:3; 1 John 5:19

    Ephesisans 2:1-5 “And when you were dead in your trespasses and sins in which you formerly walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, of the spirit that is now working in the sons of disobedience. Among them we too ALL formerly lived in the lusts of our flesh, indulging the desires of the flesh and of the mind and were by nature children of wrath, even as the rest. But God, being rich in mercy, because of His great love with which He loved us, even when we were dead in our transgressions, made us alive together with Christ (by grace you have been saved)”
    Thank you for your diligence in being a light for Christ in a dark world. May these verses be a blessing. Grace and peace in Christ alone

  20. Jesse

    You are one very confused person.

  21. Mary

    Thank for your comment 🙂

    Read this carefully, right to the very end.

    There is a difference between biblical Depravity and Calvinism’s ‘TOTAL depravity’.

  22. Donna says:

    Dear BL,
    As to your reply to me on 1/18, 7:36PM, please see the following link re the letter you included written by Don Kinde. You also said that I didn’t have any proof re BG, yet you so willingly believed that letter that Don wrote. WHY would he write anything else?! If you don’t see the seriousness of this issue from this article & others, then I would suggest there is a block in you re BG for some reason. I love the truth so it matters not to me what a man or woman’s name or ministry is & I think that you also do not regard man. I think we’re all in a process of having more & more layers removed from us b/c of the worldly church system that has affected our thinking before we were awakened & even now there is always a need to be alert & discerning as we are looking to Jesus Christ to empower us w/ His Holy Spirit.

  23. Donna says:

    Deb, great reply to James regarding that UNholy Hill! James seems to have some good info. re the heretical characters but as to try to wake up these people, I liked your statement, “is like asking the Pope not to attend mass”!

  24. Burning Lamp says:

    Donna, you are missing the point……..again.
    First of all, I have ZERO respect for BG and have not had for a very long time. I have ZERO respect for his son Franklin and his daughter Anne Graham Lotz. Got that loud and clear?

    Now – it cannot be documented without a doubt tht BG is/was a Freemason. It is a “he said-she said” type of thing. There is absolutely no sense in barking up that tree. It only makes us look foolish and undermines credibility. If the horse is dead, GIT OFF! There is enough that IS solidly documented either through his own statements or actions that are damning.

    Do we understand each other? Hope so! I am against every damnable heresy including Free Masonry and it needs to be exposed for what it is. But it is only one facet of evil.

  25. Cyber Attack Hits Global Church Gathering – Malicious hits from multiple locations crash system

    SOUTH AFRICA 20 OCTOBER 2010 Organizers of Cape Town 2010, the widest gathering of Christians in the history of the Church, today announced that their internet communication to the outside world had been hacked. ‘We have 700 GlobaLink sites in 95 countries extending the Congress to 100,000 people’, said Victor Nakah, GlobaLink Chair for the Congress. ‘Finally, after two rough days, they are being served as planned.’

    The sophisticated computer network developed for sharing Congress content with the world was compromised for the first two days of the Congress. ‘We have tracked malicious attacks by millions of external hits coming from several locations’, said Joseph Vijayam, IT Chair of The Lausanne Movement, sponsor of the gathering. ‘Added to this was a virus brought into the centre on a mobile phone.’

    Asked if he could confirm where the hacking came from, he replied, ‘We have a pretty strong indication, but one can never be absolutely certain, so we prefer not to share our suspicions.’

    The Congress has drawn carefully-selected participants from 198 nations representing many of the best minds and the most courageous practitioners in the Church. Joseph Vijayam explained that two cousins from Bangalore had largely been responsible for solving the difficulties, due to their unique expertise in the exact problems the Congress was experiencing. Vijay Kumar, an employee of Unisys Global Services, and Daniel Singh, a pastor with a doctorate in computational biology, came forward to help when they learned of the situation. They had come to the Congress as volunteers to help hook up printers and other basic IT tasks. ‘I believe God in his sovereignty.



    Participants from 198 nations Grapple with the Role of the Church as it Relates to Poverty, Ethnic Conflict and Climate Change.

    CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA, 19 October 2010—The second full day of the Cape Town 2010 Congress focused on the role of the church in the ministry of reconciliation—reconciliation of women and men with God’s creation, reconciliation between people of different economic status, and reconciliation between people of different ethnic and racial backgrounds.

    Ruth Padilla DeBorst, the General Secretary of the Latin American Theological Fellowship, began the day by leading participants through a study of Ephesians chapter two. She provided thoughtful insights about the nature of God’s transformative power in changing people and societies.

    “Jesus made peace by doing justice, by restoring to rightful place and right relations those who were being deprived of them by unjust systems, human greed and abuse of power,” Ruth Padilla Deborst said. “God lives wherever men and women together allow the Community-of-love to imprint God’s image on them, to speak reconciliation into being in their midst, to tear down all humanly constructed walls and spiritually bolstered exclusions so that unity becomes visible, to remind them that once we were all together in death and that our lives, our value and our purpose depend entirely on God’s unmerited grace. God yearns to build the world church today into his earthly dwelling place.”

    Reconciliation with Creation

    In an afternoon session a panel of environmental leaders from five continents focused on the role of the Church in the global environmental crisis. Panelists challenged participants to consider their doctrine of creation, to remember God’s mandate to care for the earth, and to think about how changes in the environment are negatively impacting the poor.

    “Christians have been attacked for a wrong interpretation of the biblical doctrine of creation,” said Ken Gnankan. “We have mandate from God for us to be keepers, tenders, stewards of God’s creation. So, I think there is no opting out of it.”

    Sir John Houghton, co-chair of the intergovernmental panel on climate change (IPCC), showed how rising sea levels could displace significant populations of the world’s poor in places like Bangledesh where more than one million people live in an area projected to be consumed by the sea.

    “[Environmental change] is a Christian issue because it’s affecting the world, the ecosystem, God’s creation—and because it affects the poor more than anything,” Houghton said.

    Reconciliation with the Poor

    Ajith Fernando, who since 1976 has served as the National Director of Youth for Christ in Sri Lanka, encouraged Christians to think about how fully reconciling with the poor requires changes in lifestyle, organizational structures and work philosophies.

    “One of the things we found as soon as the poor started coming to Christ was that we encountered strong anger within them because they suddenly realized that they were equal in Christ but they had not been treated as equal all these years,” said Ajith Fernando. “That began a process of about 30 years of adjusting our organizational structure and our philosophy of working so that the poor can emerge as leaders in our movement.”

    Reconciliation with Difference between Peoples

    Antoine Rutayisire, Dean of the Anglican Cathedral of Kigali, Rwanda and commissioner of the National Unity and Reconciliation Commission, said that working with the poor was essential for bringing restoration to a nation and its people. He said that people who are poor live in the midst of injustice and for that reason can be susceptible to promptings to violence.

    “I come from a broken nation, but a nation that is healing, and I grew up wounded,” said Rutayisire. “I grew up angry. I grew up full of hatred and bitterness, but the cross of Jesus Christ has made a difference in my life. Because we are a holy nation of God, we are not Hutu or Tutsis or . . . white or black or yellow or green or whatever we may call it; we are a holy nation to God and Christ Jesus.”

    Sharing the podium together, a Palestinian Christian and an Israeli Messianic Jew talked about the power of reconciliation in their lives. Shadia Qubti, the Palestinian, serves with Musalaha, an interdenominational initiative seeking to expand reconciliation between Jewish and Palestinian believers in Christ.

    “As a Palestinian, it’s very difficult to reach out to my enemy,” said Qubti. “But as a Christian Palestinian, I have the ability to do that. Because Jesus gives me the eyes to see them as he sees me, Jesus gives me the confidence to go against my society; he gives me the power to embrace them.”

    Daniel Sered, the Director of Jews for Jesus in Israel, described how difficult it would be for his family to see him standing next a Palestinian. Yet he emphasized the power of reconciliation in the ethnic conflict between Jews and Palestinian Arabs.

    “When Israeli Jews and Palestinian Arabs can say to one another, ‘I love you in Jesus’ name,’ the world will see the powerful reconciliation work of the good news,” said Sered. “The only hope for peace for the Middle East is truly Jesus.” [Emphasis added]


    The scary thing is they will say I love you in ‘Jesus name’ when the anti-Christ arrives on the scene. But it’s not the Jesus of the Bible. There will be peace in Israel and Palestine and the world will follow in amazement the man of lawlessness who can do nothing wrong for 3.5 years.



    John Piper set the stage with a cosmic-sized message.

    Bigger than the Cosmos

    As you will remember, we talked about how the first day set the stage by affirming our foundation of Truth in Christ. Then on the second day we built on that foundation with “Living Stones” – the incarnational ministry of believers reaching out and engaging in the injustices of our day. Well, today John Piper built out the roof of that holy temple that God has constructed out of our very lives. He showed that while we must be passionate about the issues of the day and reach out in love for our neighbor, there is a cosmic and eternal reality that is just as deserving of our attention. That cosmic reality challenges us to see beyond the physical realities of our day to the eternal reality of God’s holiness. A “both/and” perspective again is critical. Each person may be wired to think more of one or the other, but in the end our God is building His Church with both in mind.

    Chris Kidd blogged the following:

    Scene 1: The Great Cosmic Purpose of God is to make know the glory of his wisdom to the demonic powers of the universe

    John challenged us to not just focus on world evangelization but instead to see that it is the cosmic universal mystery

    Scene 2: God gathers a people from the nations through the suffering of the missionaries.

    Paul draws attention to his suffering because it becomes our glory. God’s design is for the church to be drawn into the unsearchable glory through the suffering of ministers and missionaries. Why do it this way? Because it displays God’s infinite wisdom.

    Scene 3: God has chosen that the supernatural power required to see the glory of his wisdom and to suffer for his name come to us through earnest prayer

    Paul prays throughout the book of Ephesians, especially that this practice will match his teaching. It’s only when the Spirit works in us that anything divine will happen.
    At this point he re-goes through the sermon adding more detail.

    Scene 1:

    1) the wisdom of God manifest to the powers – demons and satan himself
    2) the unsearchable riches of the glory of Christ
    3) revelation of the mystery of the ages

    What is the relationship between these 3 parts? It’s found in the meaning of mystery. The mystery is that the Gentiles and all nations are now fellow heirs (members of the same body). There is nothing greater for the global church than the fact that God wants to use us to make his stunning cosmic plan happen. At this point John then makes some very clear points on the theme of penal substitution dipping in and out of
    1 Corinthians: we have no choice over our nature, we are by nature sinful and so God is angry, this is the greatest problem in the universe. There are two truths that are then in tension in the global church today:

    1) When the gospel takes root in our souls it pushes us to resolve injustice in our world.
    2) When the gospel takes root it awakes ourself to our horrid impending suffering from a perfect just God.

    John believes that too often in the church today we love one of these two truths but not both. John would prefer us to have one truth:
    For Christ’s sake we care about all suffering especially eternal suffering

    Scenes 2 & 3:

    At this point Piper moves to scenes 2 and 3 and unfortunately rushes them. His key theme is the Christ is more precious than prosperity and even life. No one would ever choose suffering, prison, pain etc., without divine supernatural omnipotent power that is in our lives when we pray. That is the wisdom of the cross.

    I wish he’d spent more time on these last two scenes – I’d have loved to have heard his thoughts developed on how prayer leads us into suffering which leads to God being glorified.

  28. Apparently 4200 pastors/ministers/reverends have no idea that there is an looming Tribulation about to knock on their DOOR. Just shows you how much they read their bibles.


    CAPE TOWN, South Africa (19 October) Christians need to be good stewards of the environment as the world struggles to agree about how to tackle the environmental crisis, a prominent Christian leader has argued.

    Speaking at Cape Town 2010: The Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization, this afternoon, Las Newman, President of the Caribbean Graduate School of Theology in Jamaica, called the crisis a ‘stark reality that compels us to act.’

    He added: ‘We are believers in a Creator and a Redeemer God and hence have a great responsibility to act on God’s behalf in our world today.’

    Dr Newman was speaking at a Multiplex session of the Congress alongside Ken Gnanakan, President of ACTS Group of Institutions in Bangalore, India, which includes primary and secondary schools, colleges and a private university.

    They said that acting on God’s behalf must include giving people the right knowledge and skills to combat environmental problems, as well as advocating alternative energy sources and seeking to ensure that each locality was an ‘ideal eco-habitation.’ The speakers also pointed out that the impact of environmental change will be felt most keenly, and potentially catastrophically, in the poorest nations of the world. The one hundred countries most at risk have a combined population of almost one billion people, but produce only 3.2 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions.

    ‘The climate is changing,’ said Las Newman during a follow-up press conference. ‘Some say it is cyclical, some say it is man-made. Those of us living with the reality of it are “impatient of the debate.” As Christians, we have a moral responsibility to care for creation.’

    Arguing for Christians neither to assume the sceptical position, dismissing it as a non-issue, nor to join the ‘prophets of doom who have exaggerated claims for their own personal agendas, Drs Newman and Gnanakan pointed out that Christians had been presented with a real opportunity.

    ‘In the face of the failure of global leaders to come to any clear solutions, the role of the Christian community becomes even more urgent,’ they said.

    ‘We must mobilize community awareness, education and action in our immediate communities. And we must set up or support poverty alleviation projects of all kinds to help decrease the gap between the rich and poor.’

    Las Newman and Ken Gnanakan were speaking on the second full day of The Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization.


    What a joke!

  29. Burning Lamp says:

    It isn’t the “environmental crisis” that should concern them – it is the “heart crisis” – things of eternal significance. Just shows how far they have drifted from their moorings – that is they ever were anchored in truth to begin with. Oh the magnitude of the deception!

  30. BL

    I tell you, it’s shocking.

  31. Christiaan says:

    Hi Deborah,

    Once again, excellent article, with lots of usefull info, and warnings on Rick Warren, and the Lausanne Conference. So Izak Burger too hey! I noticed your short, to the point reply to “Mary”? So I studied her reply again, and then realized that she is speaking the doctine of C.U.! (christian universalism) Jesus came to save eeeverybody! This false doctine denies hell, and eternal punishment, and embraces many other false teachings, like the absence of free will in man, no need for repentance, etc. May God bless you!
    Regards, J

  32. Hilgard Muller says:

    [EDITED: Your article has been moved to BOBS YOUR-ANCHOR NEWS DESK:

  33. Christiaan says:

    Doctrine! doctrine!

  34. Hilgard

    I have a special place for all news, articles etc. Under Bobs Your-Anchor News: Each month I start a new one. To find Bobs News, click on Bob’s picture on the right hand side of the website and then go to the latest month then place your comment.

    I’m gonna move your comment there for now.

    Just a quick one, the URL is broken…. or is that the way it’s supposed to be with a – at the end?

  35. Hilgard

    Ahh the URL is not broken, I just checked.

  36. Burning Lamp says:

    Donna, regarding BG, you like to quote Cutting Edge. The following was posted by another discernment ministry on their website.
    Saying BG is a Mason and the Rowling is a Satanist (someone else did that on this site, thinking an internet rumor was a fact) is spreading false rumors. We are to be about TRUTH.


    We have finally received a response from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association that Mr. Graham is NOT a Freemason. We totally accept this denial at face value, as we reprint this response in its entirety!!

  37. BL

    That is correct, truth is truth! Can’t have ‘maybe’s’ or ‘ifs’ or ‘guessing’.

    And LOL, of course he will deny he is a Manson, it’s a SECRET society. As a double whammy, Pastors are not supposed to be Masons either, so if he is one, we will never know.. *plays ominous scary music*

  38. Here we go… unity in diversity,

    October 22 Daily Wrapup: Celebrating Snowflakes

    Written by Jon Hirst
    Friday, 22 October 2010 18:00

    “When we freeze water, we make ice cubes. When God freezes water, he makes snowflakes – each one different.” Vaughn Roberts (via Justin Long)

    Our Lord is infinitely creative (as evidenced in the uniqueness of each snow flake) and able to bring millions of unique members of humanity together in His Global Church to accomplish His cosmic plans for the redemption of this world. Vaughn Roberts, rector at St. Ebbes Church in Oxford, England, shared from Ephesians 4 about the need for unity in the Church within a context of unique gifts and perspectives.

    With phrases like, “Unity doesn’t mean uniformity.” He challenged the Church to a standard of Truth but a posture of love and acceptance within that context. See Justin Long’s live blogging of that session for more.

    This focus on unity built on the first three days where we were challenged to see our roles in God’s cosmic plan that is based on eternal Truth and manifest in our transformed lives. Ephesians 4 was critical to setting the stage for the focus on 21st Century evangelism and the priorities of our work. Why was this so important? Because the many countries now defining the missions movement and the new generation that is preparing to lead these new efforts are going to come with new ideas, different strategies and unique perspectives. The Church as a whole must find ways to stand on the same foundation but allow for the unique outpourings of God’s Spirit as He seeks to redeem the world. READ MORE HERE:


    Notice the buzzwords, ‘unity in diversity’, ‘global church’, ‘cosmic plan’ aka God’s Dream.

    And what a load of nonsense. Stand on the same foundation but allow for unique outpourings of God’s spirit? LOL. Never have I ever heard such rubbish. ALL born again Christians have the SAME message, ALL the time, EVERY time.

  39. This is an interesting one. How to get to the point of combining the Church and State? Start at the workplace!

    Being the Whole Church: Leaders Encouraged to View the Workplace as Mission

    CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA, 24 OCTOBER 2010 — At The Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization, Willy Katiuga said he believed the workplace is the ideal setting for ‘embodying the gospel.’ Willy’s panel discussion on faith in the workplace on Monday of the week-long Congress was so popular that the ‘People at Work: Preparing to Be the Whole Church’ multiplex session was repeated on Saturday.

    According to Glenn Smith, Cape Town 2010 Programme Committee, about 1300 packed out the Monday meeting. In addition, four smaller dialogue sessions on the topic during the week were full, accommodating about 80 people each, he said.

    In a paper posted online prior to the Congress to stimulate global discussion, Willy Katiuga said, ‘We live in a secular-sacred paradigm that separates the Church from what happens in the workplace. [However,] the workplace is ideal for embodying the Gospel, living a life that reflects grace and truth. There are very few evangelistic outlets where this is possible.’

    He urged that this must change to make the most of this mission field.

    ‘The church has to become alive at the workplace by making the workplace sacred,’ he wrote. ‘We need to rethink globally the role of the church in supporting our workplace emissaries and to rethink the role of work in motivating emissaries.’

    In essence, Willy says, the Church needs to move from ‘working for a living’ to ‘breathing God’s life into work.’ He describes his company scenario in which he has built a work culture that values accountability, responsibility, excellence, teamwork, discussions in a learning environment, risk-taking, forgiveness, support and celebration……… read more:

  40. John Piper who was out during those 8 months making best friends with Rick Warren who is NOW doing this: WARNING!!!

  41. Paul says:

    Hello Deborah,
    This post is related to Donna’s post of Oct 17, 2010 (one of the first posts).
    I’ve read Peter Whyte book “Come Out of Her, My People”. It touches me a lot. It almost describes exactly what I am going through in my life right now. I have lived in deception for almost the past 19 years of my christian life, in religion. The Lord Jesus in His grace is openning my eyes to get out of this deception and religion. But I’m just afraid I might get deceived again. I’m so cautious now. So I was reading this book with a lot of suspicion. What do you know about this Peter Whyte? Is he genuine? What do you think of his book? Does he have anything to do with New Age philosophies? Is he commendable?
    What about his other book “The King and His Kingdom”? If he is commendable, is there any way I can get a pdf copy of that other book?

  42. Paul says:

    The reason of my question about New Age in my post above is because the site (by Joshua Guild) where I downloaded the book “Come out of her my people” is obviously a New Age philosophy,

  43. James Sunduist says:

    Dear Lausanne Covenant Members,

    I just wanted to update you on Rick Warren and his partner John Piper.

    Rick Warren clamored for his Global Peace Plan and touted it to included Muslims. He even changed the P from Plant Churches to Promote Reconciliation in order diffuse any chance of offending Muslims. Even tried to invoked Scripture to justify it including Muslims…long before the recent uproar in the OC Register. What does he take us all for…fools? Who does he think he is kidding? And as you both point out he signed the Christian Response long before the OC uproars. This is beyond the pale!



    “Rick Warren Caught Fibbing?” World Net Daily


    Islamic Jesus vs. Biblical Jesus video online Methodist Church defiles its sanctuary and defies founder John Wesley on Islam

    “Ever since the religion of Islam appeared in the world, the espousers of it…have been as wolves and tigers to all other nations, rending and tearing all that fell into their merciless paws, and grinding them with their iron teeth; that numberless cities are raised from the foundation, and only their name remaining; that many countries, which were once as the garden of God, are now a desolate wilderness; and that so many once numerous and powerful nations are vanished from the earth! Such was, and is at this day, the rage, the fury, the revenge, of these destroyers of human kind.” Doctrine of Original Sin, Works (1841), ix. 205.

    ► 59:44► 59:44 minutes 25, 2011 – 60 min – Uploaded by BereanBeacon
    Shariah Law Being Used in U.S. Courts to Decide Cases …
    Muslim Jesus vs. Biblical Jesus in Arabic Language: مسلم يسوع ……/muslim-jesus-vs-biblical-jesus-in-arabi...
    May 18, 2011 – ISLAMIC JESUS vs. BIBLICAL JESUS IN ARABIC LANGUAGE يسوع مسلم مقابل يسوع الكتاب المقدس عشرين سببا ديني لماذا أنهم ليسوا يسوع …


    MAKING MERCHANDISE OF MEN’S SOULS film documentary documents Islamic confiscation of the promised land and ultimate boundaries of Greater Israel trailer can be viewed at


    On Feb 26, 2012, at 11:58 PM, Paula Coyle wrote:


    James Sundquist
    Director Rock Salt Publishing

    DISCLAIMER: Rock Salt Publishing was founded by author James Sundquist as a voluntary discernment ministry to assist those who have been affected by the abuse of ecclesiastical power or false doctrine. The contents of all of the emails, articles, blogs, books and broadcasts have been researched very thoroughly and carefully. Where applicable, both documentation and supportive Scripture references are provided. It is a very serious matter to bring charges against any organization or individual, and therefore if anyone reading these charges is able to substantiate that they are false, please bring this to our attention.

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