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Touch-not-mine-anointed 9

“Touch not mine anointed” they command!

In a time of catchy phrases and clichés’, Christians can be no different. Whenever you question the validity of a false teachers doctrine you almost immediately get the “Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm” or “Do...

Apostles versus Super Apostles 4

Apostles vs Super Apostles

A comment from ‘searching_sound_doctrine’ about Apostles, speaking in tongues and salvation: “1) Do apostles still exist today or was that only for the 12 apostles that witnessed the first hand death and ressurection of jesus christ?2) Are speaking in tongues...

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Are Prophets for Today or has Prophecy Ceased?

No, there are no prophets today because genuine Prophets are mentioned in the Bible – they were the foundations of the church and secondly the gift of prophecy has ceased. The office of Prophet and Apostle was temporary… and only necessary for the church before the...

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False Foundation of Five-Fold Ministry

FALSE FOUNDATION BUILT BY MEN Christian Research Institute Journal The Faulty Foundation of the Five-Fold Ministry by Robert M. Bowman, Jr. from the Viewpoint column of the Christian Research Journal, Fall 1987, page 31. The Editor-in-Chief of the Christian Research...

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Latter Rain – Taking Dominion with another Gospel another Christ

ANOTHER GOSPEL – Please read the below…  I know a lot of good people caught up in this, thinking that what these ‘pastors’ are preaching is ok and they can’t see any harm in it.  They can’t see any harm...