Jacob Zuma & Ray McCauley: National ‘Consciousness’

Jacob Zuma - Ray McCauley

The Gospel of Christ Consciousness by President Jacob Zuma & Ray McCauley from Rhema Bible Church

Hmmm how odd. Rhema (Ray McCauley) denies access to the ‘African Christian Democratic Party’ after they extended a public invitation to all parties to come speak at their church.  But they let President Jacob Zuma from the ANC (a communistic atheistic party) onto their stage.

I thought Rhema was a Christian church?  Oh wait a second, how could I forget that they aren’t and never were.

Now I know this is kinda old news, but I have added some underlining emphasis, and posted a letter written by Rhema Church with regards to President Jacob Zuma.

EyeWitness News – Mandy Wiener  4/1/2009

The Rhema Bible Church in northern Johannesburg turned down the African Christian Democratic Party’s request to address its congregation.

The party’s leader Reverend Kenneth Meshoe asked to speak there after Pastor Ray McCauley said any political organisation would be allowed to use its pulpit.

A request from the United Democratic Movement was also turned down.

African National Congress President Jacob Zuma’s visit to the church last month sparked widespread debate about campaigning at places of worship.

Meshoe said he was disappointed by the church’s claims it invited individuals to speak to the congregation.

“What I find shocking is that this implies that some of us have been trying to invite ourselves. If they did not make that public invitation I would not have applied because I have known for years that the pastor is a staunch supporter of the ANC,” he said.   [emphasis added] [1]


Pastor Ray McCauley congratulates Zuma

07 MAY 2009, Johannesburg – Rhema Bible Church’s leader Pastor Ray McCauley has wasted no time in congratulating Jacob Zuma and offering prayers for his presidency following Zuma’s election yesterday in the National Assembly as the fourth democratically elected President of South Africa.

“As the Senior Pastor of Rhema Bible Church (North) and President of the International Federation of Christian Churches, I would like congratulate you on your election as President of the Republic.

We wish you much goodwill as you undertake the office of the President of South Africa. We hope we will be able to work with you, your administration and our fellow citizens in tackling the challenges that have faced our great country in recent years.”

McCauley said he was heartened by Zuma’s allusion during his acceptance speech at the National Assembly that he will not allow partisan politics to hamper our collective response as a nation to the challenges South Africa faces.

“One of the praiseworthy elements of Zuma’s acceptance speech is the call not to allow partisanship to blunt our national consciousness. There is an unmistakable desire on his part to engage others in dialogue,” said McCauley.

Zuma yesterday called South Africa a “remarkable country with very special people”, having made history in 1994 when “together we discarded our tragic past and opted for harmony, peace, and stability.” He promised to follow Nelson Mandela’s path in his interaction with the opposition and general leadership style.

Zuma has already shown that real achievement does not come through the defamation of one’s political opponents and using power to advance one’s own individual will. He ran a clean a campaign for the elections recently held and SA may see a rejection of politics as usual during his presidency, McCauley said.    [emphasis added]  [2]

Jointly issued by:
Rhema Communications

Did Ray McCauley preach the gospel of JAcob Zuma?

Hmmm I wonder if Ray McCauley preached the gospel of Jesus Christ to Zuma?  I bet my bottom dollar that he didn’t.  Otherwise the above letter would have said so.

I also find it highly disturbing that Ray McCauley can view blatant references to New Age ‘national’ consciousness as praiseworthy.  But then again “the pastor is a staunch supporter of the ANC”

Also I am not sure what was so heartening about anything in Zuma’s acceptance speech never mind his ‘allusions’.  There was NO Christian message in it what-so-ever.  Just like there is no genuine Christian message preached at Rhema bible church.

Where in the bible did the Jesus Chrisr or the disciples or apostles ever entertain political parties at their gatherings or show support for politics?  If they sat down with politicians it would be to preach the gospel to then, not show your support for their ungodly campaign.


[1] http://www.ewn.co.za/articleprog.aspx?id=10479
[2]  article removed from internet
Jacob Zuma and Ray McCauley image from here:  photo taken by ELIZABETH SEJAKE

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3 Responses

  1. Paul says:

    This is just more proof that Rhema is evil, it would have to be evil to allow evil in its pulpit.

  2. Atalia says:

    I hope all this accusation about the man of God are not true, if they are, then SA we need to pray harder especially for him, its unbelieveble, how could he do such a horrible thing, Zuma ooh no, Bazalwane, we are in the last days., God have mercy, ur people are doomed.

  3. Atalia

    >> I hope all this accusation about the man of God are not true,

    It’s very true! Ray McCauley is not who he proclaims to be. He is a false teacher; who preaches truth mixed with a lot of ERROR. And a gospel filled with ERRORS is no gospel at all.

    >> then SA we need to pray harder especially for him,

    And no amount of us praying for Ray is going to change Ray, Ray needs to pray and change his ways and…

    a) stop following false teaching – Word of Faith is false teaching!
    b) stop trying to unite all churches – interfaith dialogue
    b) stop meddling in politics

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