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Rhema Bible Church - Hands of Compassion 4

Rhema Bible Church – Hands of Compassion, Curses you!

I was sent an email by someone who showed me something rather shocking regarding Rhema Bible Church’s Hands of Compassion. She said:  “I was looking at drug rehab centers and came across Rhema Bible...

Ray McCauley 45

Help Bail Ray McCauley out of Debt!

Right now I wish it was the 1st of April because Ray McCauley is in serious financial debt and you can help him out, no really, you can help him out and send him your...

Ray McCauley 66

Ray McCauley & Joel ‘Stop talking to God’ Osteen – Coca Cola Dome (23-24 Oct 2009)

The time for only 2 DAYS OF HOPE draws nigh… Updated  20th October 2009 (See notes at end of article) Oh the invasion continues.  Joel ‘stop taking to God’ Osteen and a pack of...

Jacob Zuma Ray McCauley 3

Jacob Zuma & Ray McCauley: National ‘Consciousness’

The Gospel of Christ Consciousness by President Jacob Zuma & Ray McCauley from Rhema Bible Church Hmmm how odd. Rhema (Ray McCauley) denies access to the ‘African Christian Democratic Party’ after they extended a...