Curry Blake on What Not To Say and Do!

curry blake

Curry Blake on What Not To Say and Do!

Curry Blake the General Overseer for John G. Lake ministries with a smashing video on what NOT to say and what NOT to do to expose yourself further as a false teacher.

The saying:

He quotes Smith ‘punch people in the stomach to heal them’  Smith Wigglesworth:

“If the spirit didn’t move me, I moved the spirit.”

Gosh, what power he must have had that he could forcibly move God.  What manipulative con artists and smooth talkers.

Angus Buchan constantly mentions Smith Wigglesworth as being a great man of God.

Todd Bentley used to punch people in the stomach as well to supposedly heal them.

Curry Blake and Kobus van Rensburg

I hear Curry Blake made an appearance at Kobus van Rensburg (Spirit Word Ministries) 

The Conclusion:

All these false teachers spread out like a spider’s web, each strand linking together. The message might be the same, it might even differ here and there, it might even seem like an entirely different message. But the centre of the web is the false Christ, the antiChrist, Satan. He takes the truth and splits it, twists it and manipulates in to a billion different ideas.

But it all comes from him and it all leads BACK to him.

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Deborah (Discerning the World)

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I used to be a big follower of Curry Blake a few years ago.

I even had a few blog posts with summarised teachings and quotes from him.

I had been giving a few teachings in MP3 format and a few PDF’s that I also shared with my readers, but being careful to always point people to the JGLM ministries’ online shop.
One day, Curry Blake himself (supposedly), commented on my blog and warned me to take the resources down as the blog is receiving traffic from Google and taking people away from the JGLM official pages.

Needless to say the blog doesn’t exist anymore and I have since grown a lot spiritually to such a degree that I no longer follow Blake.



Johan wrote:

I have since grown a lot spiritually to such a degree that I no longer follow Blake.

I guess you did grow some. But I suspect you did not listen to him carefully enough because if you did, you would have never followed Curry in the first place.

Tom Lessing (Discerning the World)

Hi Nate. The apostle Peter also grew spiritually when he stopped his nonsense to not eat with Gentiles.


The man gets results! Anyone willing to criticize Mr Blake may want to review Matthew 7:5. I seriously doubt anyone whining in this thread is courageous and selfless enough to give their life in service to God to this degree.

Tom Lessing (Discerning the World)

James. First do your home work by searching the Scriptures to be able to discern Curry Blake’s teachings and then come back to make some sensible comments.

Donald Summerlin

What classifies Curry Blake as a false teacher of the Gospel, and who says so?

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