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Rhema Bible Church – Hands of Compassion, Curses you!

Rhema Bible Church - Hands of Compassion

Rhema Bible Church – Hands of Compassion

I was sent an email by someone who showed me something rather shocking regarding Rhema Bible Church’s Hands of Compassion.

She said:  “I was looking at drug rehab centers and came across Rhema Bible Church’s Hands of Compassion website, a drug rehab center run by Pastor Alan and Pastor Xana McCauley.  Rhema Bible Church is run by Pastor Ray Mccauley.

As you scroll down the page you are introduced to Hands of Compassion.  People who would search for a rehab center are people with serious dependency issues, be it alcohol, drugs etc.  On the front page they have a prayer for addicts, a pray that is supposed to be a Christian prayer but when you read it carefully you will see that this is a prayer to another god.

The first lines of each paragraph of the prayer are curses that you would pray over yourself, and these curses are hidden in plain sight.   Notice the words in CAPITAL letters.”


Help Bail Ray McCauley out of Debt!

BIG SPENDERS: Ray McCauley and wife Zelda Picture: SEFAKO MABUYA - © 2009 AVUSA, Inc.

BIG SPENDERS: Ray McCauley and wife Zelda Picture: SEFAKO MABUYA – © 2009 AVUSA, Inc.

Right now I wish it was the 1st of April because Ray McCauley is in serious financial debt and you can help him out, no really, you can help him out and send him your cash.

But we have decided that instead of sending him cash, cheques and electronic money transfers via the Internet we will recommend the following books that we believe will assist him greatly:

  • Ray McCauley:  Expect More: Living Your Vision
  • Morris Cerullo:  Financial Breakthrough Bible
  • Joel Osteen:  Your Best Life Now: 7 Steps to Living at Your Full Potential
  • Joel Osteen:  Making Wise Choices – Your Decisions Determine Your Destiny
  • TD Jakes:   Reposition Yourself: Living Life Without Limits
  • Joyce Meyer:   Prepare to Prosper: Moving from the Land of Lack to the Land of Plenty
  • Joyce Meyer:  The Secret Power of Speaking God’s Word 
  • John Bevere:   Honor’s Reward: How to Attract God’s Favor and Blessing
  • Kenneth Copeland:  Laws Of Prosperity – The Principles With Kenneth Copeland – September 20-22, 1984 – Live From The Church At Eagle Mountain – Forth Worth, Texas
  • Joseph Prince:  Destined to Reign: The Secret to Effortless Success, Wholeness and Victorious Living
  • Kenneth E. Hagin:  You Can Have What You Say!

Or, better yet, there is this thing called debt counselling where you learn to manage your money like an adult.  I also recommend you have a psychological assessment done as you display the classic signs of a white collar criminal who cunningly steals from people using the best of tactics: playing on people’s emotions with regards to health and finances.  You place people under spiritual bondage that if they don’t pay tithes God will not be pleased with them, and you do all of this using the name of Jesus Christ.

As for your son, well his only concern is that he won’t get any more pocket money if your life goes pear shaped…


Ray McCauley & Joel ‘Stop talking to God’ Osteen – Coca Cola Dome (23-24 Oct 2009)

joelolsteen-cocacolaoct2009 Ray McCauley

The time for only 2 DAYS OF HOPE draws nigh…

Updated  20th October 2009 (See notes at end of article)

Oh the invasion continues.  Joel ‘stop taking to God’ Osteen and a pack of friends are gracing us with their presence in October 2009 at the Coca-Cola Dome for a mere R325 if you pay for a ticket before the 5th April and R375 after the 5th April [2]. What a bargain!  Two days of nothing but Latter Rain and Emergent false teaching to transform your soul.

Besides the hefty price, notice the psychology – get it before the 5th April at R325 otherwise their teaching becomes more expensive after that date.  Do these people also work on inflation as well?  Hang on *whips out calculator* that’s an increase of 15.4% – way above inflation.  Oops sorry my fellow South Africans, it’s now the 29th May; you are gonna have to cough up more.

It’s so sad that it’s ONLY two days of hope.  So once they have left all hope is gone?  And what about before they arrived?  Hmm…

Jacob Zuma & Ray McCauley: National ‘Consciousness’

Jacob Zuma - Ray McCauley

The Gospel of Christ Consciousness by President Jacob Zuma & Ray McCauley from Rhema Bible Church

Hmmm how odd. Rhema (Ray McCauley) denies access to the ‘African Christian Democratic Party’ after they extended a public invitation to all parties to come speak at their church.  But they let President Jacob Zuma from the ANC (a communistic atheistic party) onto their stage.

I thought Rhema was a Christian church?  Oh wait a second, how could I forget that they aren’t and never were.

Now I know this is kinda old news, but I have added some underlining emphasis, and posted a letter written by Rhema Church with regards to President Jacob Zuma.

Why does Angus Buchan get promoted by God TV

Angus Buchan God TVWhy does Angus Buchan get promoted by God TV so much?

Because Wendy and Rory Alec (founders of God TV) are South African and so is Angus Buchan. (South Africans support one another hole heartedly when it comes to false teaching.)

Rory Alec was born in Rustenburg, Wendy was born in London and moved to South Africa at a very young age.  Wendy studied at Rhema Bible College – Ray McCauley.

God TV has guest speakers like:   John Hagee (Latter Rain / Emerging Church), Ron Luce (Latter Rain / Youth Ministries), Rick Joyner (Occultist), Reinhard Bonnke (Word of Faith / Latter Rain) and Kim Clement (Spiritualist) among other major false teachers and prophets.