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ANC likens Madiba to Moses

[Picture added to post by DTW] ANC likens Madiba to Moses NEWS 24 – 2010-07-15 22:46 Johannesburg – The ANC on Thursday paid tribute to former president Nelson Mandela likening him to Moses, who rescued the Israelites. “Madiba is like...

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Zuma and Ray McCauley want a Moral Code for South Africa

Now this is interesting.  President Zuma and Ray McCauley want a moral code for South Africa.  Has he forgotten that the Word of God contains every instruction for living a Christian life but ONLY thought Jesus Christ the Son of God and...

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Thabo Mbeki, Jacob Zuma and Angus Buchan

Thabo Mbeki, Jacob Zuma and Angus Buchan Is Jacob Zuma a Freemason?  This is one of the Google searches that came through on my stats.   And this got me thinking about information I had read recently. Well is Zuma a Freemason? ...

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Jacob Zuma & Ray McCauley: National ‘Consciousness’

The Gospel of Christ Consciousness by President Jacob Zuma & Ray McCauley from Rhema Bible Church Hmmm how odd. Rhema (Ray McCauley) denies access to the ‘African Christian Democratic Party’ after they extended a public invitation to all parties to come...