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Professor Johan Malan – Forgiveness and Reconciliation

Professor Johan Malan - Forgiveness and Reconciliation

forgivenessDeborah and Prof Johan Malan have forgiven each other and reconciled.

Prof Johan Malan has rendered proof that his friendship with Calvinists has in no way influenced his doctrinal position, and that he still stands by everything that he has published to refute Calvinism. DTW staff have wrongly concluded that the aforementioned friendship represented a deviation in his theological thinking, but this has now shown to be not the case. DTW is sorry for the articles and comments that were published against him, and sincerely apologise for that.  Mutual trust has been restored between Johan and Deborah, who both have their own independent ministries but work together when the occasion demands.

Please see all articles on Prof Johan Malan here: Johan Malan

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9 comments to Professor Johan Malan – Forgiveness and Reconciliation

  • Johan Vermeulen

    Hi there

    This is really good and I thank you for apologising to Prof Malan. We should be carefull before we jump to conclusions and even accuse Gods children. We all make mistakes and it is good to see when people admit that and humble themselves.

    regards Johan

  • Deborah (Discerning the World)


    >> we jump to conclusions and even accuse Gods children.

    It was not solely just my side, the Prof has broken away from those 2 Calvinists (as you yourself stated in another comment to me; as the Prof told you via email).

    Just because I have asked the Prof for forgiveness and reconciled does NOT MEAN that I back down from what I believe.

    So I would like to state that even though the Prof says says he is against Calvinism he divides Calvinism into Hyper Calvinism and moderate Calvinism. In other words, hyper Calvinist are bad Calvinists, and moderate Calvinists are GOOD Calvinists. This is why he was friends who those 2 Calvinists in the first place because he believed them to be moderate Calvinist, and not staunch Calvinists.

    There is no such thing as a hyper Calvinist and moderate Calvinist, Calvinism is Calvinism. If you believe you are elect you are elect, FULL STOP. You cant be majorly elect and moderately elect – that is the biggest fallacy ever.

    If you read his articles on Calvinism you will see that he states this emphatically that there are two types of Calvinism. http://www.discerningtheworld.com/2010/04/13/calvinism-a-heretical-doctrine-thats-what-the-bible-says/

  • Johan Vermeulen

    Dear Deborah

    Let is put Calvinism aside for a moment because you and I both are not in agreement with Calvinism neither is Prof Malan. But once again I must tell you that referring to Grant and Elmarie as “those 2 Calvinists” shows contempt for them as people. You can disagree with them but you dont have to treat them with contempt. That is what I continuously notice in you that you have a disregard for others even though you have a lot of knowledge.

    My sister please consider your ways

  • Dan

    Very good news indeed. Praise the Lord.

  • Deborah (Discerning the World)


    I will not put Calvinism aside, it is a doctrine that sends people to hell.

    Why are you against me? It is not contempt Johan. You do not know the meaning of the word contempt. I call them ‘those 2 Calvinists’ because I am legally not allowed to mention their names on my website for fear for a legal suit from them – They have attacked me +/- 7 times with legal notices trying to shut this website down. And Prof Malan has all along being friends with these people. I have tried so many times to warn him about them – and this is what the whole argument has been about, including their horrific doctrine they believe in that is plastered all over their website for ALL TO SEE with open eyes.

    Johan, you do not know what you are speaking about. You do not know the whole story. So please stop with your comments as though you do.

  • Johan Vermeulen

    Dear Deborah

    I am not against you at all, I am for you that is why I take the time to make comments. Please understand that I have cautioned you on what I have picked up the way I saw it, and I will do so again if I feel that it is warranted. In rugby they say play the game and not the man, the principle is speak against false doctrine but dont attack the people even if they are conveyers of false doctrine. I appreciate your exposing Calvinism and speaking against it, the doctrine is not scriptural it is false.

    Then I want to ask you something to maybe consider writing an article on an issue that I am still trying to figure out. Where can I send my request for you to consider?


  • Deborah (Discerning the World)


    >> Please understand that I have cautioned you on what I have picked up the way I saw it,

    Please understand that I caution you, do make sure you get your facts straight before you caution me ok? :) Thanks

    >> Then I want to ask you something to maybe consider writing an article on an issue that I am still trying to figure out. Where can I send my request for you to consider?

    You can post your questions here: http://www.discerningtheworld.com/2012/07/02/the-general-conversation-section-if-you-dont-know-where-to-say-it-say-it-here/
    If someone knows the answer to your question, they will possibly give you an answer right away in the comments section; we usually do that :) Otherwise we ‘might’ write an article on it, if it fits into our bucket list of what we are going to be writing about anyway.

  • Sharon

    It is always a good thing when one asks for forgiveness and then receives forgiveness. I sought forgiveness from my best friend for my attacking her about Calvinism. We both know how the other believes and that is clearly understood. But God didn’t put me on earth to fight. I will stand for the truth of the Word of God. It is in standing that we fight. It is remaining faithful to the Lord only. While she and I view Calvinism very differently I will not attack and do what I have always accused the Calvinist of doing.

    Deborah, I had to ask God basically to strip me of my pride and to show me what made me attack my friend. He did show me. It hurt to know some bitterness I was still harboring inside my heart. She really had nothing to do with it. It was totally about an unchecked area in my heart.

    We can disagree without being disagreeable. But as for the wolves out there…let’s go get them. Wolves are experiencing a population boom. So we “double load” and let them have it. Peace is a good place to be in.

  • To attack a person’s postion, not the person, is not necessarily pride. It can be, but pride can take many forms. False humility, for example, is pride. Atacking a person is wrong. That’s a different thing.
    Attacking Calvinism cannot be wrong because, as Debs says, it sends people to hell.
    It is not even wrong to attack Calvin himself when it is regarding his unbiblical heresies. We wouldn’t think it wrong to attack Hitler or Stalin personally for their views. To call Hitler and Stalin evil for murdering millions is surely okay.
    We have to contend for the faith [Jude 3]. If someone is attacking the faith it is correct to name them if they are doing so. Paul named names when he had to.
    Heretics and unbelievers, when they don’t mind going on the attack (and they often do), shouldn’t be too concerned if they get replied to in the same way. If it bothers them, then they are hypocrites to boot, knowingly or not.
    As you say, Sharon, “We can disagree without being disagreeable. But…” I would emphasise the “but”! Sometimes we have no option.
    Let us remember that offence is often taken when it is not given. When that’s the case it’s usually taken by those who don’t mind giving it. One thing I’ve noticed about Debs is that some of her detractors give it yet take it when it isn’t given.
    Keep contending, Debs!

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