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What is More Dangerous – Terrorism or Deception?

Terrorism or Deception – What is More Dangerous? The recent terrorist attacks in France have once again drawn the world’s attention to the fact that we are living in a very dangerous world. In fact, the understatement of the year would...

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Ray McCauley & Joel ‘Stop talking to God’ Osteen – Coca Cola Dome (23-24 Oct 2009)

The time for only 2 DAYS OF HOPE draws nigh… Updated  20th October 2009 (See notes at end of article) Oh the invasion continues.  Joel ‘stop taking to God’ Osteen and a pack of friends are gracing us with their...

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Does Rob Bell teach Kingdom Now Theology?

Does Rob Bell teach Kingdom Now Theology?    Rob Bell is part of the Emerging Church, but wait, see how Kingdom Now Theology, Dominionism, Word of Faith and the Emerging Church all interlink: Emerging Church.  Is a movement that is succeeding very...