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Jesus Christ, a Dismal Failure?

Calvinists Claim that Jesus Christ, a Dismal Failure? I happened to come across this site this morning (not really, because I clicked on a link on another site and I was taken there) and could not help but smile again...

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Nelson Mandela as Jesus Christ

Nelson Mandela as Jesus Christ.  This is disgusting and utterly blasphemous.  But then again what’s new in this evil world we live in. The ultimate portrayal Local banker offers $2.5m for recreation of Da Vinci’s most famous work Aug 19,...

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Moreleta Park, Bruce Wilkinson and the Amazonic “Jesus”

On 16 May 2010 Dr. Bruce Wilkinson preached at the Moreleta Park Dutch Reformed Church, Pretoria to 7 000 people. He did not preach from the Bible. Instead he exegeted the revival that started in Andrew Murray’s church. Before coming...