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The Shack Book / Movie 10

THE SHACK – William Paul Young (Part 2)

THE SHACK – THE SUFFERING THEME If you haven’t read “THE SHACK – William Paul Young (Part 1)” please do so here. No other person on earth suffered as much as Jesus Christ when He was on earth. Are you going...

Jonathan Cahn 318

Why Jonathan Cahn and His Revelations Must be Ignored

Why Jonathan Cahn, His Mysteries, Keys and Revelations Must be Ignored Rabbi Jonathan Cahn has been bothering me with his “The Harbinger” and now “The Mystery of the Shemitah” ‘revelations‘. Who is he exactly?  Is he a born again Christian...

Letter from Graham Power to DTW 0

Letter from Graham Power to DTW

Letter to DTW from Graham Power – 18/6/2015 DTW stated in another article that Graham Power was a Freemason. This has been retracted as per Graham Power‘s request, unless we want legal action taken against us.  Graham Power please read:  (1 Corinthians...

joyce meyer look at their fruit 24

Joyce Meyer – “Look at Her Fruit”

Joyce Meyer – Let’s take a REAL GOOD LOOK at her ‘fruit’ Regarding Joyce Meyer and others, whenever genuinely concerned Christians warn others against false teachers and their false doctrines, the matter is usually put to rest with the adage...

The truth about the Bible Code 1

The Truth About The Bible Code

The REAL Truth about The Bible Code The Bible code, often called the Secret Bible code, says exactly what it is – the OCCULT (knowledge of the hidden, unknown or secret things). Any spiritual knowledge acquired through means other than...

pope francis and graham power 7

Graham Power meets Pope Francis

Graham Power meets Pope Francis from the Roman Catholic Church Just recently Graham power went to meet Pope Francis to discuss how Christians can take a stand against corruption.  After Graham Power met with Pope Francis he then traveled to the...