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Amahoro Conference (a.k.a. Ama-horror Conference) – 2009

Amahoro Conference (a.k.a. Ama-horror Conference) – 2009:  The Restoration of All Things

This Amahoro Conference article was first posted on the blog “Waak en Bid/Watch and Pray,” 18th June 2009.

Amahoro Conference

Brian McLaren

Brian McLaren

Jesus, would you mind stepping aside and leave us to our own resources to make a better place of our world? We have taken a mammoth task upon our shoulders and we really do not need you to achieve our ungodly and satanically inspired venture. We aim to restore all things in the world to its original Edenic state — all things include the entire creation, all things in heaven and on earth.

We are going to eradicate poverty, bring peace and stability to a war-torn and weary world and gain righteousness for all humankind. We are not merely concerned about the salvation of the soul so that people may escape this world (in the Rapture) but we are involved in the work of transforming societies on earth here and now.


Brian McLaren Thinks Again! On Stuff…

brian mclarenIf Brian has any clue as to what real Christianity meant he would not even have written his article below (see heading below).  But because we know he battles with concepts such as SIN and REPENTANCE OF SIN we will let Brian think again, that his ‘new kind of Christianity’ is just the schnizzle.  We on the other hand pray the he grasps REPENTANCE OF SIN.

Uganda is proposing  “The Anti-Homosexuality Bill 2009” is making its way through Uganda’s parliament and will probably become law before Christmas. 

Quotes taken from The Urban Coaster

“This year, though, gays can look forward to life imprisonment or the death penalty if they are arrested for certain offences under the proposed law.”

“In 2007 the Church of Uganda consecrated Bishop John Guernsey in Virginia. The Reverend John Kalimi preaches his homophobic message at Saint Vincent’s Cathedral in Dallas-Fort Worth. Pentecostal, anti-gay ministers of mega-churches here, like TD Jakes of The Potter’s House and the Miracle Crusader Benny Hinn went to Uganda on fundraising and soul-getting missions and came back richer.

Protectors of American families like Scott Lively and Rick Warren, who think gay people need healing, threw their support behind Ugandan preacher Martin Ssempa until he started talking to the media about killing homosexuals. Rick Warren of Saddleback Valley Community Church has repudiated Martin Ssempa. Scott Lively of Defend the Family has gone quiet on the subject. “

From Brian McLarens’s website: 

Discernment websites …if you believe

I wonder if some of the “discernment websites” that enjoy featuring and critiquing the work of many of my friends and me would be willing to host some discussion on this bill currently proposed in the Ugandan parliament.

I’d be interested in reading whether participants in those blogs agree with the Ugandan bill, and if not, why not. (Details after the jump)…


Brian McLaren Letter to Obama: Give Al Queda $65 billion – Yes We Can

Brian McLarenBrian McLaren recently observed Ramadan with his Muslim friends. He has obviously learned much, as he now understands his duty as a dhimmi.  In a recent post he advices Pres. Obama, the Nobel Peace prize winner, on how to achieve peace in Afghanistan:  Surrender and pay the jizya.

From Islam 101 at Jihad Watch we learn:


Islam’s persecution of non-Muslims is in no way limited to jihad, even though that is the basic relationship between the Muslim and non-Muslim world. After the jihad concludes in a given area with the conquest of infidel territory, the dhimma, or treaty of protection, may be granted to the conquered “People of the Book” — historically, Jews, Christians, and Zoroastrians. The dhimma provides that the life and property of the infidel are exempted from jihad for as long as the Muslim rulers permit, which has generally meant for as long as the subject non-Muslims — the dhimmi — prove economically useful to the Islamic state. The Quran spells out the payment of the jizya (poll- or head-tax; Sura 9:29), which is the most conspicuous means by which the Muslim overlords exploit the dhimmi. But the jizya is not merely economic in its function; it exists also to humiliate the dhimmi and impress on him the superiority of Islam.

Brian McLaren writes in an open letter to Pres. Barack Hussein Obama:

Brian McLaren is going to celebrate Ramadan on 21 Aug 2009

Brian McLaren

Brian McLaren is ACTUALLY going to celebrate Ramadan

And you wont believe it, Emergent’s insist that they do not believe that all faiths lead to the same god. Who do they think they are fooling?  Well it’s apparent the whole world.

Well here, right out of the horses mouth. Brian Mclaren is going to celebrate Ramadan with Christian and Muslim friends.  I have no doubt the Muslims are Muslims.  I also have no doubt that these Christians are not Christian.  They are nothing but liars, leading people right into an interfaith iron snare.

[DTW emphasis and comments in green below}

Brian has this to say on his blog- PART 1:   Ramadan 2009: Part 1 What’s going on? 

{Yes, What is going on!}

Ramadan is the Muslim holy month of fasting for spiritual renewal and purification. It commemorates the month during which Muslims believe Mohammed received the Quran through divine revelation, and it calls Muslims to self-control, sacrificial generosity and solidarity with the poor, diligent reading of the Quran, and intensified prayer.

Emergent Church Movement Embraces Mysticism

Brian McLaren Emergent Church Movement

Brian McLaren

Christianity Defaced as Leader of Emergent Church Movement Embraces Mysticism

by Richard Bennett – 3/06

The Emerging Church movement has hailed as its “manifesto” Brian McLaren’s book, A Generous Orthodoxy.

In it, McLaren explains that the genesis and title of the Emergent Church movement takes its model from the growth of a tree, “The meaning of emergent as used in these and other settings is an essential part of the ecosystem of generous orthodoxy. A simple diagram can illustrate what we mean by emergent thinking…Each ring [of a tree] represents not a replacement of the previous rings, not a rejection of them but an embracing of them, a comprising of them and inclusion of them in something bigger…[likewise] some thought seeks to embrace what has come before-like a new ring on a tree-in something bigger. This is emergent (or integral, or integrative) thinking. Emergent thinking has been an unspoken assumption behind all my previous books….”1