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Let the Truth be Tolled – South African Sanral Highway and other Highways around the World

And you thought we were the only country in the world with someone trying to Toll our highways.  Nope siree.  Texas in the Us of A is having the exact and I mean the exact same problem. For those who...

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India – ID Cards to Entire Population

India’s New Identification Efforts Aimed at the Poor 29 September 2010 | Kurt Achin | New Delhi India has formally launched an ambitious program to provide identification numbers to its population.  Authorities say they plan to put ID cards in the...

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Chipped, Fingerprinted and Eyeballed

Chipped, Fingerprinted and Eyeballed One day, you will receive an option;  ‘Do you want to continue buying and selling?  If so, a microchip is available to be implanted in your right hand. Technology has even advanced to such a degree that a microchip...

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UN Millennium Declaration Development Goals – 2015 Deadline

Secretary-General calls on leaders to attend Millennium Development Goals summit next September “We must not fail the billions who look to the international community to fulfill the promise of the Millennium Declaration for a better world. Let us meet in September...

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Nancy Missler and Henrietta Mears

Nancy Missler and Henrietta Mears Nancy Missler began her Christianity under a woman who was known for training the next generation of ecumenical world leaders and established the campus ecumenical movement. “Nancy Missler attended UCLA where she studied art. She met Chuck on a blind...