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DelighfullyDivineWomansMinistries – New Age 92

Woman & Delightfully Deceptive New Age Ministries

There is a massive increase in Woman New Age ministries popping up all over South Africa under the disguise of Christianity. Delightfully Divine Woman Ministries run by Luzanne Nel and Melinda du Plessis is one of them. The name of...

NancyMissler 90

Nancy Missler and Henrietta Mears

Nancy Missler and Henrietta Mears Nancy Missler began her Christianity under a woman who was known for training the next generation of ecumenical world leaders and established the campus ecumenical movement. “Nancy Missler attended UCLA where she studied art. She met Chuck on a blind...

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Choo Thomas – Heaven is so Real – Is it Really?

Now if you go into your local Christian bookstore (CUM Bookstores here in South Africa for instance), chances are you will find many a book about someone who is having some weird manifestation and even here in South Africa the...