Let the Truth be Tolled – South African Sanral Highway and other Highways around the World

Sanral - Tolling BoothsAnd you thought we were the only country in the world with someone trying to Toll our highways.  Nope siree.  Texas in the Us of A is having the exact and I mean the exact same problem.

For those who do not understand future events that will transpire shortly, this newly renovated highway of ours was not built for your convenience, it was built to swiftly impoverish all individuals and imprison you in your own country.

If you want to know more, if you care to know the real truth as to why Sanral went ahead and took a loan for an astronomical R20 billion from the Word Bank without consulting the public as to whether they are even interested in paying +/- 40c p/km, then please read further.

America:  Trans Texas Corridor


Trans Texas Corridor / 1-35 and I-69

Texas woke up one morning to find out that parts of their land was being sold off to a Spanish-based toll-road developer/operator called  Cintra in March 2005 who collaborated with Texas-based Zachry Construction to form Cintra-Zachry. The Trans Texas Corridor (TTC) is  the first leg in the joining of Mexico, the United States, and Canada with the NAFTA Super Highway. width=

It would consist of a 4,000-mile (6,400 km) network of super-corridors up to 1,200 feet (370 m) wide to carry parallel links of tollways, rails, and utility lines. The tollway portion would have been divided into two separate elements: truck lanes and lanes for passenger vehicles.   In 2002, the TTC was estimated to cost between US$145.2 billion to $183.5 billion to complete.

Because of the width of the Corridor, people found that their land was being purchased or acquired through the state’s assertion of land claims – they call it ’eminent domain’ i.e., the government has the right to seize your property for the “public good” when ever it wants to.  The Spanish company would have rights to the TTC for 50 years and could charge as much toll as they wanted.  The people went up in arms, and the TTC was scrapped in 2010, or so the public were led to believe.  However it reared its ugly head again in 2011 under a new name and new legislature:

“Texas state Rep. Larry Phillips has introduced in the state Legislature H.B. 3789, a bill designed to allow public-private partnerships, better known as PPPs, to develop toll roads throughout Texas.

“The only thing missing is the name ‘Trans-Texas Corridor’ and the comprehensive development agreement, or CDA, that specifies the private partners involved in building the new generation of Texas toll roads,” Corsi wrote.

In all, some 26 bills have been introduced into the Texas Legislature that would sell a wide variety of public infrastructure, including highways, mass transit facilities, hospitals, schools, recreational facilities, public buildings, technology architecture and even parking lots to private corporations in some fashion.


Conceptualized Version of the Final NAFTA SuperHighway

“Texas, like some 40 other states facing budget deficits that could lead to significant cut-backs in public services, has gone the route of ‘America for sale’ in the enthusiasm to convert freeways into toll roads and government infrastructure into PPP projects that would permit, if not invite, foreign private corporate involvement and ownership,” Corsi noted.

But did the Trans-Texas Corridor every really die?

In January 2009, Amadeo Saenz, executive director of the Texas Department of Transportation, or TxDOT, proclaimed to the Dallas News, “Make no mistake: The Trans-Texas Corridor, as we have known it, no longer exists.”

Corsi added, “The operative qualifying clause in that proclamation was the phrase ‘as we have known it,’ given that the Trans-Texas Corridor, or TTC, appears alive and well. Evidence on numerous government and industry alliance websites shows the TTC project is proceeding under the cover of being broken up into two separate projects and rebranded as the I-35 Corridor and the I-69 Corridor.”  –http://www.wnd.com/2011/04/282869

This superhighway linking Mexico, Canada and the United States together was planned many decades ago and forms part of the formation of The North American Union who will have a single currency known as the Amero.  The United States of America will no longer be a sovereign nation, neither will Canada or Mexico.  The North American Union (NAU) will be just 1 of another 10 Unions in the world to complete a One World Government with one Authority at it’s head. Please read here: 10 Kingdoms – The Abolition of Sovereignty

Africa: Trans-African Highway or Trans-Africa Corridor


The Trans-African Highway network

The Trans-Africa highway will be made up of nine highways, passing through 41 cities in sub-Saharan Africa and connecting about 500-million people. The total length of the nine highways in the network is 56,683 km.

Some of the highway segments stretch from Cairo to Dakar, Tripoli to Windhoek, and Lagos to Mombasa, thus providing access to the sea for about 15 landlocked countries. It will also improve regional links. The network as planned to reach pretty much all the continental African nations except Burundi, Eritrea, Somalia, Equatorial Guinea (Rio Muni), Lesotho, Malawi, Rwanda and Swaziland.

To date, the 4 504-km highway between Algiers and Lagos has almost been completed, and the 4 496-km Trans-Sahelian highway, linking Dakar to Ndjamena is 80% completed.

A total cost, including maintenance and overheads, of $47-billion is needed for the entire project. The project is being developed by the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) and African Union’s Central Bank – African Development Bank (ADB)

Trans-Africa Highway could be completed by 2015 in line with the Millennium Development Goals.

The Trans-Africa highway (TAH 4) will proceed down from Cairo to Gaborone then onto Pretoria then onto Cape Town.  This means that traffic will join Sanral’s newly tolled highway through Pretoria and Johannesburg.  The picture  on the right does not show a red line joining to Pretoria as yet as the diagram is old.

Once again this is part of the merging of all African countries into one single union, the African Union and was planned many decades ago.  The African Union is just 1 of the 10 other unions that will make up the New World Order.  South Africa will lose it’s sovereignty, there will be 1 passport for the whole of Africa and 1 currency called the AFRO.  At the head of the 10 Unions will be one leader, whom the bible calls the Anti-Christ.  Please read here for more on the African Union:  10 Kingdoms – The Abolition of Sovereignty

Description of the highways in the network:

East-west routes – Starting with the most northerly, the east-west routes are:

  • Trans-African Highway 1 (TAH 1), Cairo-Dakar Highway, 8636 km: a mainly coastal route along the Mediterranean coast of North Africa, continuing down the Atlantic coast of North-West Africa
  • Trans-African Highway 5 (TAH 5), Dakar-Ndjamena Highway, 4496 km, also known as the Trans-Sahelian Highway, linking West African countries of the Sahel, about 80% complete.
  • Trans-African Highway 6 (TAH 6), Ndjamena-Djibouti Highway, 4219 km: contiguous with TAH 5, continuing through the eastern Sahelian region to Indian Ocean port of Djibouti. The approximate route of TAH 5 and TAH 6 was originally proposed in the early 20th century as an aim of the French Empire.
  • Trans-African Highway 7 (TAH 7), Dakar-Lagos Highway, 4010 km: also known as the Trans-West African Coastal Road, about 80% complete.
  • Trans-African Highway 8 (TAH 8), Lagos-Mombasa Highway, 6259 km: which is contiguous with TAH7 and forms with it a 10,269-km east-west crossing of the continent. The Lagos-Mombasa Highway’s eastern half is complete through Kenya and Uganda, where locally it is known as the Trans-Africa Highway (the only place where the name is in common use),. Its western extremity in Nigeria, Cameroon and Central African Republic is mostly complete but a long missing link across DR Congo currently prevents any practical use through the middle section.
  • Trans-African Highway 9 (TAH 9), Beira-Lobito Highway, 3523 km: substantially complete except in the eastern half but the western half through Angola and south-central DR Congo requires reconstruction.

North-south routes – Starting with the most westerly, these are:

  • Trans-African Highway 2 (TAH 2), Algiers-Lagos Highway, 4504 km: also known as the Trans-Sahara Highway: substantially complete, only 200 km of desert track remains to be paved, but border and security controls restrict usage.
  • Trans-African Highway 3 (TAH 3), Tripoli-Windhoek-(Cape Town) Highway, 10,808 km: this route has the most missing links and requires the most new construction, as only national paved roads in Libya, Cameroon, Angola, Namibia and South Africa can be used to any extent. South Africa was not originally included, as the highway was first planned in the Apartheid era, but it is now recognized that it would continue to Cape Town.
  • Trans-African Highway (TAH 4), Cairo-Gaborone-(Pretoria/Cape Town) Highway, 10,228 km: the completion of the stretch of highway from Dongola to Wadi Halfa in Northern Sudan and the road from the Galabat border crossing in North-Western Ethiopia leaves only 2 stretches unpaved: between Isiolo and Moyale in northern Kenya (dubbed ‘the road to hell’ by overland travellers) and the gravel section through Dodoma in central Tanzania. Crossing the Egypt-Sudan border by road has been prohibited for a number of years, a vehicle ferry on Lake Nasser is used instead. As with TAH 3, South Africa was not originally included as the idea was first proposed in the Apartheid era, but it is now recognized that it would continue to Pretoria and Cape Town. Except for passing through Ethiopia, the route roughly coincides with proposals for the Cape to Cairo Road in the early 20th century British Empire. [Emphasis Added]  –http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trans-African_Highway_network


Malaysia: Malaysian Expressway System or Corridor


The expressway network of Malaysia is considered the best expressway network in Southeast Asia and also in Asia after Japan and China. They were 27 highways in the country and the total length is 1,630 kilometres (1,010 miles) with another 219.3 kilometres (136.3 miles) still under construction.

The closed toll expressway system is similar to the Japanese Expressway System and Chinese Expressway System.

The highway crosses the border into Singapore.

These few major expressways in Malaysia are part of the larger Asian Highway Network.


Asia:  Asian Highway Network or Great Asian Highway width=

Is a cooperative project among countries in Asia and Europe and the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP), to improve the highway systems in Asia. Agreements have been signed by 32 countries to allow the highway to cross the continent and also reach to Europe. Some of the countries taking part in the highway project are India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, China, Japan, South Korea and Bangladesh.

A significant part of the funding comes from the larger, more advanced nations as well as international agencies such as the Asian Development Bank. The AH project was initiated by the United Nations in 1959 already with the aim of promoting the development of international road transport in the region.

The North-South Corridor Project is aimed to improved the connected economies of China, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia.  The highways are also proposed to extend from Tokyo to the border with Bulgaria west of Istanbul and Edirne, passing through both Koreas, China and other countries in Southeast, Central and South Asia     — http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asian_Highway_Network

The planned network runs a total of 87,799 miles (140,479 km):

Afghanistan, 4,247 km
Armenia, 958 km
Azerbaijan, 1,442 km (901.25 miles)
Bangladesh, 1,804 km (1127.5 miles)
Bhutan, 1 km (0.625 miles)
Cambodia, 1,339 km (837 miles)
China, 25,579 km (15,978 miles)
Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea), 1,320 km (825 miles)
Georgia, 1,154 km (721.25 miles)
India, 11,432 km (7,145 miles)
Indonesia, 3,989 km (2,493 miles)
Islamic Republic of Iran, 11,152 km (6,970 miles)
Japan, 1,200 km (750 miles)
Kazakhstan, 13,189 km
Kyrgyzstan, 1,695 km (1,059 miles)
Lao PDR, 2,297 km (1,436 miles)
Malaysia, 1,595 km (997 miles)
Mongolia, 4,286 km (2,678.75 miles)
Myanmar, 3,003 km (1,877 miles)
Nepal, 1,321 km (826.6 miles)
Pakistan, 5,377 km (3,360.6 miles)
Philippines, 3,517 km (2,198.1 miles)
Republic of Korea, 907 km (566.9 miles)
Russian Federation, 16,869 km (10,543.1 miles)
Singapore, 19 km (11.9 miles)
Sri Lanka, 650 km (406.25 miles)
Tajikistan, 1,925 km (1203.1 miles)
Thailand, 5,112 km (3195 miles)
Turkey, 5,254 km (3,283.75 miles)
Turkmenistan, 2,204 km (1,377.5 miles)
Uzbekistan, 2,966 km (1,853.75 miles)
Vietnam, 2,678 km (1,673.75 miles)–http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asian_Highway_Network

Here we have the joining of the 3 Asian Unions; the National Association of South East Asia (ASEAN), the Asia Pacific Union (APU) and the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) where highways crossover. For more info on these Unions please read here:  10 Kingdoms – The Abolition of Sovereignty

Europe: Pan-European corridors and the Trans-European Transport Networks


Map of the ten Pan-European transport corridors.

“The ten Pan-European transport corridors were defined at the second Pan-European transport Conference in Crete, March 1994, as routes in Central and Eastern Europe that required major investment over the next ten to fifteen years. Additions were made at the third conference in Helsinki in 1997. Therefore, these corridors are sometimes referred to as the “Crete corridors” or “Helsinki corridors”, regardless of their geographical locations. A tenth corridor was proposed after the end of hostilities between the states of the former Yugoslavia. Recently, an eleventh corridor was adopted that stretched from Romania, through Serbia and Montenegro, to Italy. It is known that this will pass through Belgrade and will incorporate the Belgrade-Bar highway.

These development corridors are distinct from the Trans-European transport networks, which is a European Union project and include all major established routes in the European Union, although there are proposals to combine the two systems, since most of the involved countries now are members of the EU.

The corridors variously encompass road, rail and waterway routes.”  — http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pan-European_corridors

“The Trans-European Transport Networks (TEN-T) are a planned set of road, rail, air and water transport networks designed to serve the entire continent of Europe. The TEN-T networks are part of a wider system of Trans-European Networks (TENs), including a telecommunications network (eTEN) and a proposed energy network (TEN-E or Ten-Energy). The European Commission adopted the first action plans on trans-European networks (transport, energy and telecommunications) in 1990.”  –http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trans-European_transport_networks

A decision to adopt TEN-T was made by the European Parliament and Council in July 1996 already.

Read to see how the European Union was the first ‘model’ created that the rest of the world would soon follow.  10 Kingdoms – The Abolition of Sovereignty


The list goes on.  Highways and byways are being built all over the world under the guise of economics and trade.  In fact it’s just one big cash cow for those who planned this decades ago.  Every highway is tolled, with security check points.  You wont be able to drive anywhere if you don’t have any money.

South Africa’s overhead Tolling systems were built by an Australian company, because guess what? Australia too has tolled highways within their cities.

“In Sydney, many of the primary arterial roads (known as Metroads) contain at least one tolled section with a mixture of government and private ownership. The State Government owns the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Harbour Tunnel, while the M2 Motorway, M4 Motorway, M5 Motorway, Eastern Distributor, Westlink M7 and Lane Cove Tunnel are privately operated by a variety of companies… width=

All Sydney’s tollways accept E-tags; they have no cash booths, just E-Tag readers to zoom on through as they charge their tolls only through electronic tolling methods or through the use of number plate reading as you go through, then you have to pay after a certain time frame (for example; before 24 hours), otherwise you will get a fine in the mail…

An E-Tag is an RFID device that allow a driver to pass through a toll point without physically stopping. When a vehicle fitted with an E-Tag passes through a toll collection point, the E-Tag identifies the electronic account of the vehicle passing through and the toll-road operator recovers the toll via that account. There are four providers of E-tag accounts in New South Wales (RTA, RoamTag, Interlink Roads, and M2 Consortium). All tags provided by these four providers can be used on every E-Tag-enabled tollway in Australia.”  —http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toll_roads_around_the_world

Sounds so familiar doesn’t it?

South Africa:  Sanral’s Highways width=

Cape Town laughed at Gauteng when we got this huge makeover-of-a-fantastic highway stretching from Pretoria all the way around Johannesburg.  They laughed even harder when they heard we were being tolled per km. Then lightening struck twice and it hit the Western Cape – Sanral wants to do the exact same thing there.  Now I bet Natal is laughing.  Well don’t laugh too hard my dear Durbanites, your turn is coming as well.  The idea is that all cities will be interconnected, yes you heard me, ALL CITIES. And we will all pay toll.

Because we now know that this freeway phenomenon is not a new thing and is being done all over the world, and that soon South Africa will no longer be called South Africa but the African Union and our flag will no longer exist.  One needs to take a closer look (pardon the pun) at the astronomical amount of surveillance Sanral will be installing on all roads;  under the guise of ‘traffic management’.

I don’t know if you have noticed but over the past 2 years or so the South African National Roads Agency along with Government has been crying foul regarding the number of accidents on our roads and making a particular point about showing every possible crash they can locate on TV News.

Well it just so happens that this year 2011 the United Nations launched a ‘Decade of Action for Road Safety’ with the aim of stabilizing and then reducing global road deaths by 2020.  –http://www.makeroadssafe.org/publications/Documents/decade_is_action_booklet.pdf

It sounds so normal and so caring that one would dedicate an entire decade to reduce road deaths.  But because we know from here: 10 Kingdoms – The Abolition of Sovereignty that the world is quickly being shuffled into a New World Order, and that the governing head of the 10 Unions will be the Anti-Christ, there is no ways any NWO campaign is created for the purpose of doing good – on the surface it may seem so yes, but behind it lies an evil that’s almost impossible to comprehend.


In South Africa, Sanral has incorporated an “intelligent transport  system (i-Taffic)”, which is operational on the Ben Schoeman freeway, and it will be rolled out on all the routes as time goes by. The i-Traffic system monitors  and manages the increase of cars on the freeway. It monitors the use of on and off ramps by ramp metering and uses road sensors and close-circuit television cameras to alert Sanral to accidents and any other incidents, such as traffic lights out of order, the build-up of traffic, general congestion, delays, travel time, etc.

Pictures are then transmitted through fibre-optic cables to a central nerve room in Midrand where Sanral is able to see things as they happen, allowing them to take corrective action.  Like in the case of an emergency, they would send out an ambulance to the accident scene along with traffic officials, they too will notify road users of the accident via the message boards situated along the freeway.  A red or green light will flash at the on-ramps at times when there is a traffic incident on the freeway or during times of heavy traffic; during this time only a few cars will be allowed to travel through at a time.  Camera law enforcement will also be conducted at the traffic lights.

“There are already 30 cameras installed, and there will eventually be several hundred installed along these routes. Cameras are currently being rolled out along 80 km on some of the major routes,”   [Emphasis added]  –http://www.engineeringnews.co.za/article/freeway-improvement-scheme-to-create-greater-economic-opportunities-2007-10-12

There is an old aphorism that says the road to hell is paved with good intentions.‘  There are things are going on in this world that are being packaged with the message of ‘good intentions’ but the end goal is not good at all.  The end is poverty and enslavement.  The NWO’s plans for those who can’t keep up with its system is eradication.  In fact the NWOs plans is depopulation on mass scale.

The Georgia Guidestones


The Georgia Guidestones are located in Elberton, Georgia.  They have been there for  a quarter of a century.

The 19-foot-tall granite monument was ordered, constructed and paid for by an anonymous man with the unlikely name of R.C. Christian (a pseudonym) back in 1979.  It’s possibly the worlds best kept secret, something Freemasons are great at doing; keeping secrets.

The monument, which has stood since 1980 (there is a date on the monument) is made up of four large stones with what appears to be 10 commandments or New Age Golden Rules engraved into the sides in eight different languages.   width=

The first commandment, and the most shocking of all, instructs the world to “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.”  We are currently siting at close to 7 billion people if I am not mistaken, so that means that close to 95% of the worlds populations needs to be cleansed in order for ‘Mother Earth’ to be happy.  Commandment No. 10 states, “Be not a cancer on the earth – Leave room”.  So if you are old, ill, disabled, mentally handicapped, possibly look funny, not blonde haired or blue eyed you need to vacate planet earth.

Other commandments speak of a world court and a new one world language to be spoken by all.

Oddly enough the United Nations have a similar set of 10 commandments in the Earth Charter that were written by socialist Maurice Strong and former Soviet Union President Mikhail Gorbachev.

“My hope is that this charter will be a kind of Ten Commandments, a ‘Sermon on the Mount,’ that provides a guide for human behavior toward the environment in the next century and beyond,”    –Mikhail Gorbachev,  1997 interview with the Los Angeles Times.

Earth Charterhttp://www.earthcharterinaction.org/content/pages/Read-the-Charter.html

The Message of the Georgia Guidestones

1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000  in perpetual balance with nature.
2. Guide reproduction wisely – improving fitness and diversity.
3. Unite humanity with a living new language .
4. Rule passion – faith – tradition – and all things with tempered reason.
5. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
6. Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
8. Balance personal rights with social duties.
9. Prize truth – beauty – love – seeking harmony with the infinite.
10. Be not a cancer on the earth – Leave room

The Bible has prophesied the end and the end will come because the  anti-Christ will be defeated and Jesus Christ will return VICTORIOUS.

Is Jesus Christ your SAVIOUR?  Would you like to know Jesus Christ?  Please read here:  Charge that to my account


To all South Africans, please can I ask you to email this article to all you know, people need to know the truth now!


Deborah (Discerning the World)

Discerning the World is an internet Discernment ministry based in Johannesburg South Africa that was founded by Deborah du Rand in 2008. Tom Lessing joined Deborah in May 2013. Tom Lessing founded the website "Waak en Bid/Watch and Pray" which was closed in 2013 and articles moved across to DTW.

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    Yet the false teachings of the global church believe that the new world order is getting better and they believe in the creation of (God’s Kingdom) heaven on earth.
    Yes Debs and others that are true believers that follow the real Jesus on the scriptures it augurs well for those that are truly saved because the time of the rapture seems just around the corner…surely all the signs are there or put it another way…mankind cannot fall any lower than the present state…that is in every conceivable area and department.
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    I ve been watching the development of the RFID system for a while now-and it is mind boggling! It is called the Internet of Things. Interesting to Google it. It is the next big thing of the web world. Walmart is on the system already.
    All products can be traced from manufacturer to buyer! This e-toll system will track more than just vehicles?

    It was quite a creepy discovery when I discovered that a book I bought at Cum Books had a white 2cm x2cm white sticker in the back cover and underneath a proper little tracking device with its antenna patterned around it. Some Gilette products have a RFID tag in the packaging as well as some dog food. It seems to be only traceable for 2-3m. Then the hight of these toll bridges are close enough to take an inventory of all RFID goodies in the vehicle?

    Also did you watch the DVD `The Daniel Project`?

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    This is a very good article! Another side of the evil to come that I have not known or even thought on, probably because I don’t drive.

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