India – ID Cards to Entire Population

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  1. Max says:

    Further smokescreen justified implementations of what will become the database of the final antichrist’s government, which is now the globalist UN/IMF/OECD Marxist power structure which even today almost has world domination. It fights daily to overthrow traditional bible based morality, freedom of conscience and privacy, all by using smokescreen reverse psychology techniques to justify themselves saying what they are enforcing is for the poor or to protect the people from “terrorists”.

  2. Anon says:

    This has been going on for a very long time. An acquaintance once said:

    “The new world order will be replaced by the new world order.”

    From the movie They Live:

    “There ain’t no countries no more.”

    Their game is known as ‘incremental change’ and it starts by rolling out pilot programs in other nations only to be gradually implemented here (or there, whereever).

    Gradualism is a known Satanic tactic, along with the synthesis portion of the ‘Hygelian dialectic’. You see this stuff everywhere, now.

  3. Fran says:

    They were actually paying people a small fee to get their information because they were afraid. Many of the villagers have never seen a laptop before so they weren’t keen on doing this. After this plan was put in place Sonia Gandhi passed a massive feeding program in India to put the cherry on the top. Ironically she was rushed to the hospital, soon after this piece of legislation passed, with chest pains. She ended up being fine we are told.

    Sad part is that many of the poor probably where clueless about what was going on. They are being told they will get all these perks if they are in the system. This is the biggest ID program I know of here. Having an ID is common place for us Westerners but this is a brand new concept for many Indians. This part of the world has been unplugged for many years, until now.

    Now we have a new government in place. We will see the next phase of the program implemented here. Please pray for India and for open hearts to the Gospel. Thank you.

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