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Stephan Joubert – What You Think, Is What You Are

Stephan Joubert … What You Think, Is What You Are God says that our thoughts are mirror images of what we truly are in our deepest innermost being. “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he: Eat and...

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James White and Child Rape – What Next, Antwoord?

Antwoord Bedieninge, a Christian apologetics institution who has hosted many sound, biblical and genuine Christian apologists and philosophers in the past, seems to have made a dive for the worst when they invited the Reformed Theologian, James White, to debate...

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The Farce of Women’s Day – 9 August

The Farce of Women’s Day Women’s days has come and gone (9 August) with much fanfare, media exposure and, believe it or not, the glossy accolades of well-known leaders who’d been accused of raping women in the past. South Africa...

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Church Team Ministries International (CTMI) – Preaches like a Cult, Acts like a Cult, Must be a Cult

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Kobus van Rensburg and his Tower of Babel

It has come to DTW’s attention that Kobus van Rensburg from Spirit Word Ministries feels it absolutely necessary to pray for the entire area of Stilfontein on a regular basis.  Now this sounds normal to the unlearned, the problem is,...

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Heaven is For Real – This Story is Not

Heaven is for Real – This Story is Definitely Not Today I will give a review of “Heaven is for Real – A little boys astounding story of his trip to heaven and back”.  I went to a local Christian book...

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Euthanasia – Mercy Killing goes Mainstream in Hollywood

Thanks to Hollywood, mercy killing is going mainstream By Grace Vuoto Hollywood is attempting to lower our standards once again. In the blockbuster movie Sanctum, killing in order to prevent further pain of those who are badly wounded is portrayed...

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The 3rd Lausanne Congress Opens in Cape Town – 16 Oct 2010

Updated:  John Piper a speaker at Lausanne Congress! The Third Lausanne Congress Opens in Cape Town MEDIA ADVISORY, Oct. 16 /Christian Newswire/ — The Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization opens in Cape Town this weekend, Sunday 17 October 2010....

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Roman Catholic Child Molesters/Priests

Years ago I read a book called Fear of the Collar – My Terrifying Childhood in Artane. About Patrick Touher’s life in an Artane Industrial School.  It was an education in cruelty and fear run by the Christian Brothers. The school...