Freemasonry and the Dutch Reformed Church – Part 3

Dutch Reformed ChurchFreemasonry and the Dutch Reformed Church

The following articles outlines the history of Freemasonry in the world and in particular South Africa; including it’s huge influence in the Dutch Reformed Church, the Afrikaner Broederbond and the building of the Voortrekker National Monument to name a few things.

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Secret Societies Control the Rise and Fall of Empires

by Renette Vermeulen from Unbanned bible publications (permission received to publish)



  • a. The Dutch Reformed Church and the masonic lodge
  • b. The pagan design of sun worship
  • c. The hall of fame
  • d. The circle or ‘wheel’ of wagons
  • e. This Monument Exposes the Afrikaner Broederbond


a. The Dutch Reformed Church and the masonic lodge

In 1935, the Afrikaner Broederbond planned to build a monument in Pretoria.

Not just a monument but also a shrine, which would epitomize the ‘sacred’ Afrikaner history.

A monument that would become the focal point of Afrikaner Christian (Calvinist) Nationalism.  When we “test the spirit” behind this monument, however, it becomes clear that ordinary Afrikaners had no clue as to the meaning of ‘Afrikaner Christian Nationalism,’ and the intentions of their Afrikaner Broederbond leaders, (1 Jn. 4:1.)

Ordinary Afrikaners believed that the Broederbond simply employed one of their members, the architect Gerhard Moerdijk, to design the Voortrekker monument to symbolize the faith and resolve of the Afrikaner nation, with the Oath of Blood River at its core.

However, Denise Woods wrote in ‘Oes die Stormwind van Volksgodsdiens,’ [‘Reap the Whirlwind of National Worship,’ loosely translated from Afrikaans,] “According to Gerhard Moerdijk… the [Voortrekker] monument is an ‘altar’ as well as a ‘sanctuary’.  This being so, it is necessary to ascertain… what deity is called upon at this altar and what god is worshipped in this sanctuary…  This is a Freemason temple…”

Denise Woods adequately proved these shocking statements in subsequent chapters, and began to explain, “The Broederbond operated with the approval of the Afrikaans reformed churches,” (p. 132.) “The Dutch Reformed Church [and it’s Christian Nationalism – John Calvin’s teaching of ‘divine predestination,’] actually embodied this type of [socialist] nationalism… known as Apartheid.”

Freemason Dutch Reformed Church logo


Trumpet Call, “The Queen of Heaven and Mysteries, [the fertility goddess Isis, Baal’s ‘wife,’] depicted as the Lady of Good Hope, sits on the [Masonic] ‘smooth ashlars cube,’  floating on ‘many waters,’ [just as the whore of Babylon in Rev. 17 and 18, who is riding the beast] at the [Masonic altar, with the Masonic, Roman Catholic Tau-cross in her hand,] and her ‘burning heart,'” [the ‘Sacred Heart” of Catholicism’s ‘mother’ Mary.]

In spite of freemasonry’s denial to links with the Afrikaner Broederbond and the Sons of England, Woods presents the Voortrekker Monument as proof that the Broederbond-regime was indeed sold to Baphomet, the masonic god of freemasonry.  The goat god of lust and power.

While the ordinary Afrikaner believed that their government built a monument, which commemorates historical events, deceitful, stealthy Broederbond rulers actually built a freemason temple – a Christian-Calvinist shrine to honor trekker leaders such as freemason Piet Retief, as well as other Calvinist, Kingdom-Now leaders, such as Sarel Cilliers, the ‘father’ of ‘the oath.’

Freemason - Voortrekker MonumentFreemason - Piet Retief - Voortrekker Monument

The Voortrekker Monument in South Africa and masonic designs on the water bottle of the Afrikaner Voortrekker leader, Piet Retief. 

While the writer of ‘Reap The Whirlwind…’ brings a valid case of Freemasonry worship in the design of the Voortrekker Monument, the ANC lick-spittle Denise Woods is completely wrong in assuming that “never before (or since) has South Africa been dedicated to evil spirits as during the rule of the apartheid regime.”  If the destructive communist ANC takeover in 1994, has proved one thing, it is the fact that South Africa is now indeed “in the power of the evil one” (1 Jn. 5:19) as none has witnessed before!  (Read about Vlakplaas AND the ANC torture camps, baby rape, and 90 people most cruelly murdered every single day!)

The toadyism of people like Woods hides the fact that the ANC has proved their witchcraft and brazen idolatry through their escalating and unbridled corruption and theft of tax payer’s money; the unaccountable crime, laziness, and incompetence of their lawless government officials and servants, and their brutal plundering of the vast colonial wealth, agriculture, industry, and sound infrastructure, which they inherited from the old government – but especially through their callous racial impoverishment, (through lasting racial discrimination, which they call “affirmative action to empower the preferred population,”) and the ongoing, most barbaric ethnic cleansing and racial genocide of South Africans – [click and scroll to the bottom of the page to view the photos.] The ferocity behind these attacks; the prolonged, incomprehensible torture, the gang-rapes of both men and women, and the most bloody manner in which they murder, point to only one thing: human sacrifice to their ancestor gods.  Ancestor worship, witchcraft, and human and animal sacrifice had become a completely unprecedented part of African culture in South Africa.

b. The pagan design of sun worship

Woods explained, “A cross-section of the monument reveals the three-tiered, occultist, freemasonry design of the structure: 1) The lower hall, which contains the cenotaph.”  [The cenotaph, or altar, is the symbolical grave of freemason leader Piet Retief, onto which the pledge, “Ons vir jou Suid-Afrika,” (We are yours, South Africa,) was engraved in gold.  Exactly at 12 o’clock on 16 December, the ‘day of the oath,’ a sunbeam shines directly onto the pledge on the cenotaph.  The sunbeam on the altar signifies a covenant with the sun god, concerning land and natural resources.]

2)” The second tier is the hall of fame, with the bi-color freemasonry symbol of the sun patterned in marble on the floor.  As brilliant sunrays, they shine (or flow) outwards from the focal point, the cenotaph or altar, throughout the entire monument.  Alexander Hislop came to the conclusion that the ‘symbol of the sun, placed to shine from above unto an altar, [in this case the cenotaph, Retief’s symbolical tomb,] was one of the recognized symbols of Baal (or Osiris) worship.  [Freemasons worship Osiris as the sun god Baphomet, the Great Architect of the Universe.]

3) The dome-shaped roof, [a sun dome or sun wheel, which relates to sun worship,] from where the sun shines on the Day of the Oath.”

A sun wheel is a ‘perfect, holy sphere.’  The ‘holy and perfect environment of the Buddha,’ which symbolizes the order and harmony of an enlightened mind, built on perfect wisdom, and seen on religious paintings as a halo around the head of a so-called Catholic, Buddhist, or Hindu ‘saint.’

c. The hall of fame

In the hall of fame, the gullible Afrikaner and other tourists will see marbleized history.  However, those knowledgeable of freemasonry will recognize the many subliminal freemasonry symbols cut into the marble murals.

The scene where Zulu king Dingaan and trekker leader Piet Retief signs a treaty is the focus of the main hall.  Quite intentionally, Retief’s water bottle was decorated with freemasonry symbols.  The mural “immortalizes the treaty, which Dingaan signed with Retief just before Dingaan ordered their execution,” Woods says.  “It symbolizes the legal documentation of the Afrikaner’s right to ownership of South Africa.”

Zulu chief Dingaan sold the land between the Umgeni and the Faku rivers to the British Crown first.  Later, he agreed to sell the land between the Tugela and Umzimvubu rivers to Retief and the Voortrekkers.  Retief and Dingaan did this transference of property by signing a legal treaty.  The price Retief and his men had to pay Dingaan, was to get back thousands of cattle, which Dingaan’s enemy Skonyela had stolen.  When Retief and his men successfully delivered the cattle, Dingaan invited them to attend a thanks-giving feast.  Dingaan required that, as a sign of trust, they would leave their horses and firearms outside the kraal.  However, unarmed and immobilized inside the kraal, Retief and his men were overrun by Dingaan’s mighty foot-stamping, war-crying, spear-wielding army.  That dreadful day, Dingaan murdered the iconic Voortreker leader Piet Retief, 70 white and 30 brown men in cold blood.

In addition, Dingaan kept the cattle, claiming both the price Retief had paid, as well as the land he had bought.  According to moral and legal law as well as simple logic, this proved that the Afrikaners had really “bought the land in human blood!”

However, turning all of Afrikaner history into evil, Woods actually have the nerve to allege, “The fact that this transaction is immortalized in this symbolical mortuary monument and sealed with Freemasonry symbols should enlighten us to the nature of the ‘contract’ through which the destiny of South Africa was negotiated.”

Woods is correct; freemasonry is satanic.  It is also a fact that the masonic Afrikaner Broederbond misused Afrikaner history.  Nevertheless, freemasonry origins of Voortrekker leaders did not, and can never annul Retief’s treaty with Dingaan in any way.  Neither does the masonic spirit behind Voortrekker leaders such as Retief make the Zulu king Dingaan less of a deceiver, murderer, and thief.

If Wood tries to prove that Afrikaner ties with freemasonry makes Afrikaner presence in South Africa ‘unlawful’ in favor of African presence, she should really get her polluted Afrikaner mind and her facts straight.

Firstly, not only Afrikaners are freemasons – famous communist gods and christs such as Mandela, Mbeki, and Oliver Tambo were and are freemasons too!  See article here

Secondly, Africans were not the first to arrive in this country.  Africans came down from the interior of this continent at the same time white colonialists settled in the Cape and decided to expand into the interior.

As described, Africans and Afrikaners met in much African pretence of peace, barbaric murder, and brutal war.

Truthfully, however, Woods describes another marbleized fresco as follows, “Piet Retief was inaugurated as Governor in 1837, and… one can see how he raises his right hand to swear the oath.  The sign he gives is that which freemasons use in the 4th degree of the Scottish Rite…  (p. 177.)  It is significant that this sign [masonic] was used since 1934 in Nazi Germany, after Hitler came to power.  With the right hand extended above their heads and their fingers placed in this way, German citizens pledged allegiance to Hitler and National Socialism [Masonic Communism] through this ‘holy oath…’  This sign actually symbolizes the manifestation of Baphomet, the goat god of freemasonry.”

In another mural, depicted in the Hall of Fame, it seems as if ordinary workers are doing construction work at a Dutch Reformed church in Pietermaritzburg, but the Tau cross of freemasonry is clearly visible in various forms.  The Tau cross symbolizes Tammuz, the so-called saviour or false christ of the world, ‘the illuminating star,’ Lucifer.  Thus, the phallic Tau cross is also a symbol of male authority and male fertility, depicted in the form of a hammer – such as a judge uses in court.

“Mallets, gavels, and other types of hammers all have practical and symbolical uses in freemasonry,” writes Woods on p. 178, “The hammer is the emblem of the authority of the Master of the Lodge.  It contains the fundamental element of his authority… which symbolizes the male phallus, which in turn symbolizes the Great Architect of the Universe – the god of freemasonry.”

d.  The circle or ‘wheel’ of wagons

While it is believed that 57 wagons formed the laager at the battle of Blood River, the laager that encircles the Voortrekker monument number 64.  Woods explains, “The circle of 64 wagons agrees with the symbol of 64 sunbeams on the floor of the monument.  It accentuates esoterical principles, embodied in the sun wheel, used in the design of the monument.”

In her explanation of the sun wheel that encircles the monument, Wood recites Steve Worrall-Clare’s description of a masonic lodge or temple.  Steve wrote, “A Freemasonry temple is often symbolical of the highest place in the land.  [Like that hill outside Pretoria.]  This represents the cosmic structure and sometimes the religious relationship between god and man…  The [lodge or] temple symbolizes man’s return to the Centrum, to his prehistoric self, to nature and the womb of rebirth.  [Pure New Age dogma!]  The area of the [masonic] temple is divided into 64 squares: the sun wheel or cosmic plan.  In turn this relates to the tradition of freemasonry whereby heaven and earth meet at the doors of the [masonic] temple, [which is also typified by the New Age RAINBOW, which links the ‘fatherhood of god’ with the ‘brotherhood of man!’]”

e.  This Monument Exposes the Afrikaner Broederbond

The masonic temple of Christian Calvinist Nationalist worship, the Voortrekker Monument, adequately exposes the evil spirit of destruction behind the apartheid regime.

The UNICORN, the global entity of masonic, New Age, socialist communism, which has only one goal in mind – to ‘tear down in order to renew,’ was behind the atrocities of the Broederbond regime as well as behind all the other communist chaos in the world.  As soon as one understands that secret societies such as the Broederbond never function in isolation, because every one of them is working towards the global communist Plan, one can see that the entire torturous era of apartheid was part of The Paradigm Shift.

The political Shift from the ‘old world’ of singular thought, to the ‘new communist world’ where ‘people can seriously unite,’ as well as The [religious] Shift from the Old Paradigm of Biblical belief, to the New Paradigm of communist national worship.

Without the Broederbond’s racial oppression, the goal of Global Communist Rule might never have thundered to the shores of the southernmost tip of Africa.


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