Freemasonry and the Dutch Reformed Church – Part 4

Dutch Reform Church in Craddock (Masonic entrance - Triangle roof with Pillars)

Dutch Reform Church in Craddock (Masonic entrance – Triangle roof with Pillars)

Freemasonry and the Dutch Reformed Church

The following articles outlines the history of Freemasonry in the world and in particular South Africa; including it’s huge influence in the Dutch Reformed Church, the Afrikaner Broederbond and the building of the Voortrekker National Monument to name a few things.

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Secret Societies Control the Rise and Fall of Empires

by Renette Vermeulen from Unbanned bible publications (permission received to publish)


    • a. God Hates False Scales


While Woods supplies a lot of useful information about the Afrikaner Broederbond and their masonic temple of deception, the Voortrekker monument, she simply offers another form of Kingdom-Now Theology as solution to the problem of Afrikaner Christian Nationalism.  Leaning heavily on non-contextual interpretations of Old Testament Scripture, as all scholars of this false theology do, Woods calls for the “destruction and removal of all such Afrikaner monuments in order to reconcile the country to God.”

She blames the “failure of the [Dutch Reformed] church to rule South Africa according to God’s ways, while dedicating the country to Satan” as the cause of all the crime, violence, chaos, disintegration of family life, lack of church ‘unity’, etc., which South Africa experiences at the moment, (in 2007.)

It is clear that Woods herself is either a communist, or completely oblivious to the worldwide agenda and atrocities of communism.

Without blushing, she declares, “It is a fact that no other population group had dedicated South Africa in its entirety to the powers of darkness, entering into a covenant with territorial spirits.  No other form of witchcraft, idolatry, and sorcery of this magnitude ever happened before or hereafter in South Africa…  As a nation, South Africans desperately need a baptism of repentance…, which is the responsibility of this generation.  We must realize that the sins of our fathers rest upon us, although we did not necessarily had any say in the matter…  We should therefore cancel and renounce the covenants, [physically] remove all the altars, [all Afrikaner monuments,] and start a new dispensation.”

Denise, I really hope you tell that to the African ancestor-worshipping, witchcraft government of the New South Africa as well!  [Read all about the true meaning of Mbeki’s ‘African [witchcraft] Renaissance’ and the most barbaric Zulu offering to Satan, called Ukweshwama.]

a. God Hates False Scales

Apparently, Woods does not realize that God declared in Prov. 11:1: “Dishonest scales are an abomination to the Lord, but a just weight is His delight.”  None of us can condone ANY of the atrocities of the masonic Brotherhood in South Africa.  However, to blame ALL the dreadful socialist-communist ills of the new South Africa on Afrikaners – ALL Afrikaners, and even their descendants, is completely unfair, uninformed, and satanic – to say the least, (Gal. 1:9-10.)

To weigh any matter with such blatant prejudice and according to such unbiblical doctrine is a great sin, and to call for the removal of Afrikaner monuments, while overlooking all the English, African, Chinese, and Indian abominations, is simply ridiculous.

Woods, like the evil Kingdom-Now elitists, whom she judges so severely, confuses the Old and New Testament dispensations.

While she accurately exposes the masonic spirit behind the Broederbond regime, she also attempts to strip Afrikaners of their identity, culture, humanity, and citizenship of South Africa, which is their country of birth.  While nearly everything under the Old Testament dispensation is physical and national, (i.e. physical nation, country, king, temple, altar, sacrifices,) the NT dispensation pertains to everything spiritual and personal, (i.e., Spiritual High Priest, spiritual priesthood, spiritual nation, spiritual Kingdom, and so on.)  The whole world is under the rule of the evil one, and generally, God does not meddle in the affairs of Caesar, (Mark 12:17; 1 Jn. 5:19.)

True Biblical standards can therefore only be applied to those who personally proclaim Jesus as their Lord and Christ.  Of course, born-again believers should speak out against, and renounce the sin and sinful practices of their ancestors, as they would any other sin, (Rom. 1:32.)

However, no one can curse the sincere, obedient believers, whom Christ had blessed!  ‘If anyone is [really] in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new!’  – 2 Cor. 17; Mt. 25:34


Undoubtedly, Calvinism remains a destructive demon.  However, Woods omits the devastating role of especially English freemasons and other communist New Agers during the course of South African history, as well as the astonishing damage that other religions like Judaism, Catholicism, Islam, and Hinduism wrought upon this country.

In New Testament context, one cannot apply any of God’s commandments nationally, (Rom. 9:24-26.)  If we have to destroy physical temples and national monuments, we have to physically kill false prophets and false teachers like Denise Woods as well, (Deut. 13.)  A man who has sexual intercourse with his brother’s wife commits incest; both should be without children, (Lev. 20:21.)  A man who takes the mother of his wife commits wickedness, both should be burnt with fire, (Lev. 20:14.)  Those guilty of homosexuality, bestiality, other forms of incest, and adultery, should all be killed.

God also commanded in Deut. 18:9-14, “There shall not be found among you anyone who makes his [children] pass through the fire… practices witchcraft, a soothsayer, one who interprets omens, a sorcerer, one who conjures spells, a medium or a spiritist, or one who calls up the dead…  [These are] an abomination to the Lord…”

Are we to burn freemasons, sangomas, palm-readers, Muslims, Mary-worshipping Catholics – while sparing Scripture-twisting, Law-abusing Lutherans, Calvinists, Baptists, Pentecostals and Charismatics…?  If we did have God’s permission to physically destroy altars, believers would have to begin by burning every Reformed and Catholic church, and all the churches affiliated with them,  especially churches with steeples, which signify phallic-worship, (Acts 7:48-51.)  Then we will have to destroy Hindu, Moslem, and freemason temples as well, all other national monuments, (African monuments as well) – and especially the entire town of Matjiesfontein, which was built, kept, and owned by freemasons!  (Mt. 4:8-10.)

However, that would be preposterous acts of war against all the peoples of South Africa!

Freemason - tower of bable Freemason - tower of bable Freemason - tower of bable Freemason - tower of bable

The Pictures Above are counterparts of the church tower.  All originated from Old Babylon.

  • 1) A depiction of the original tower of phallic and sun worship, the Tower of Babel.
  • 2) A pagan temple tower.
  • 3) The ornate towers of an Islamic mosque.
  • 4) Masonic towers in the ultra modern Muslim Empire, Dubai.


Without ever minimizing the appalling sin of apartheid and the evil masonic spirit behind it, one may ask, Has Woods familiarized herself with the powerful shamans, or witchdoctors of Islam and the meaning of their mosques?

While focusing on the Broederbond regime and their destructive Calvinist doctrine of predestination, she overlooks the detrimental Muslim faith, the so-called ‘religion for black people,’ which is one of the fastest growing religions in the world, especially in Africa.

The dangerous doctrines of predestination and racism are roots of Islam as well.

AS IN THE FALSE PREDESTINATION DOCTRINE OF DUTCH REFORMED CALVINISM, according to Surah 9:21, humans cannot choose their destiny in any way, because if they could, there would be two ‘creators:’ man and Allah!  Allah, (the dual god of good and bad) decides; humans cannot decide.  Allah chooses even their works; good and evil, as Surah 9:21 decrees, “Allah fixed the portion of adultery…”  The Mishkat, vol. 3, p. 117 proclaims, “[The dual-natured god] of Islam, Allah, (the God of the Bible is the MONO or One God!) created Adam and stroked his right shoulder and took out a white race as if they were seeds.  He stroked his left shoulder and took out a black race as if they were coals.  Then he said to those who were on his right side, [the white race]: ‘Towards paradise and I don’t care!’  He said to those on his left shoulder, [all black people,] ‘Towards hell and I don’t care!'”

One may rightfully ask, what are Muslims doing in Africa if all black people are predestined for hell?  If Islam ever rules South Africa, would it be different from the Calvinist Broederbond?

The early Malayan people of the Cape mingled with Africans, Indians, Chinese, Arabs and Europeans – incorporating the deities, occult rituals, and beliefs of these people into their view of Islam, Catholicism, and Calvinism; evoking these evil spirits all across the Cape, and carrying them into the interior of South Africa.  (Please read 1 Cor. 6:16-20.)

Black people, too, are NOT indigenous to South Africa.  African tribes invaded South Africa from other parts of Africa.  Numerous tribes occupied the land in indescribably cruel ways; overrunning it with sheer numbers – murdering, torturing, pillaging, dispossessing, and dispersing the early indigenous Bushmen, seizing their land by brute force and military might.

(We still have to hear Africans apologize to Bushmen for their senseless acts of war against this non-violent people – acts that robbed them of their land and birthright.)

Speaking of a “country dedicated to Satan,” (which is, Biblically, already under his rule, as he is ‘god of this world.’)  What about the cave-like temples of the Bushmen, and their demonic, galloping gods, (embodied by wildlife such as rhino and antelope,) as depicted in their ‘rock-art’ drawings?

When blacks violently invaded South Africa from Zimbabwe, Mozambique, and Angola, they carried their violent, bloodthirsty gods to this country.  What about Modjadji, the rain-goddess?  The land of Modjadji is known as LoBedu – the land of sacrificial offering.  The land of human and animal sacrifice!  Then there is the mythological beast Koteign Koorou – master of the water, a mighty territorial demon that guards the rivers and lakes, which sangomas had dedicated to him.

Invading African armies filled the new land with satanic ancestor worship, of which – praise God – the Lord Jesus Christ has saved millions of black people since!  Nevertheless, ancestor-worshipping prayers to the dead, (‘the new gods, who pray to the gods of old,’) are prayers to, and fellowship with demons.  Vast areas of South African land were dedicated to ancestral spirits.  These dedications were done through the ritual, torturous sacrifice of humans and animals – even animals on the endangered species list that are still trapped, maimed, bled, and slaughtered torturously for their ‘magical powers!’  All ancestor-worshipping Africans drink blood, (vampirism.) Many eat human flesh, mostly soaked in “muti” to give them “power.”   They drum and dance themselves into a trance-like state to call up evil spirits, while “witchdoctors run like bellowing bulls in the night and whisper to spirits of the underworld.”  Countrywide, ritual murder continues to this day, and witchdoctors practice cannibalism matter-of-factly, as their ‘patients’ consume their victims “for their properties which, it is thought, are transferred to the patient.  So, the witchdoctor gives human brains to the one who desires to be clever or human heart to him who desires courage…”

Then there is the very real demon called the Tokoloshe, which sangomas send forth to victimize their enemies – only one of the powerful evil spirits they evoke to do malice to others.


In 1822, the Zulu armies of the mighty, war-crazy Shaka plundered the fertile valleys of Natal to such an extent that they drove the Sotho from their homes and land.  Raping, mutilating, torturing, torching, and killing other tribes relentlessly, regiments of Zulu raiders nearly annihilated the Sotho tribes.  Eventually, only the Sotho tribes of Mantatise and Moshesh remained.

While the early Zulu armies pillaged the country, thousands of banished Sothos barricaded themselves in mountain strongholds, while the remaining tribes fled to the Maluti Mountains, where many remain to this day.

In their fierce struggle for survival, and we can be certain, to appease the spirits of the ‘ancestors’ and to ‘buy’ victory from them, the dispersed tribes resorted to mass cannibalism.

Thomas Arbousset, a French missionary, calculated that between 1822 and 1828 Sotho cannibals devoured 300,000 people.  Calling on their demonic ‘ancestral’ spirits and relying on the advice of their witchdoctors, these ravaging packs of bandits preyed on their own people and of course, the members of other tribes, as tough they were helpless antelope.  Penny Miller wrote in ‘Myths and Legends of SA,’ “They dug pits, stretched thongs across paths to trip, and catch their victims…  Gangs would descend randomly and plunder whole villages, or lie in ambush at watering holes.  They would tie… their victims… and drive them off like cattle to the caves…  Their families would clap their hands in devilish glee… drag out cooking pots and discuss, pinch and prod the victims hungrily.  Once they lit the fires, they would drum and dance ecstatically, and chant continually to call up demonic spirits: ‘We are cannibals, we eat people…  We eat the fingers of a little child.  We eat the fat of mankind…”  They would then ceremonially cut off the lips and fingers of their victims, and leave them to bleed to death before boiling them in water.”

Sadly, we may ask, Who remembers those 300,000 people, whom the Sotho had cannibalized, barely 180 years ago?  Humans, mercilessly tortured, killed, and eaten by their own brothers?  Does anyone remember the MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of Africans, who were dispossessed, tortured, and slaughtered by their OWN people during the making of a young South Africa?

If we cry out against the apartheid regime, (as we should,) we must also cry out against the brutal crimes of British, French and other European colonialists – and ruthless American and other slave traders, and imperialist black nations and Sotho cannibals.  We should lament the never-ending communist wars among African tribes in communist-depleted Africa.  The destruction of Africa’s irreplaceable fauna and flora; infrastructure, agriculture, science, industry, and technology.  Brutal African warlords.  Child soldiers.  Raped women, children, men, and little babies!  Continuous genocide and ethnic cleansing.  Black on white, and black on black violence.  Countless ritual mutilations and murders.  Dispossession.  Starvation.  All Africa’s suffering, caused by the root of African evil: ancestor worship and brazen witchcraft, exploited and fuelled by communist dicatators!

Now cry out against the communist despots, their contemporaries, and confederates – demoniacs such as the cannibal Idi Amin of Uganda, who ate the heart and liver of his enemies to ’empower’ him!  Let us speak out and condemn the incredible fear and bondage in which dictators and witchdoctors keep their own people – and the aggressive, pillaging, African theft of a land in a time before Afrikaners began their trek northwards from the Cape!

The unbiased truth is that whites – evil as they also were without a relationship with God – were already in the Cape when the different black nations claimed the interior of South Africa by force.  Hence the name AFRIKANER, which means “African by birthright.”

However, while Satan destroys this world, God remains in control of everything and everyone!

Sincere believers from every tribe, and tongue, and nation belong to the Real Kingdom, the spiritual, everlasting kingdom.  They have to fix their hope and attention on their new, eternal home, which is in heaven.  Thus, Jesus promised in Jn. 14:1-3, “Let not your heart be troubled; [when you see these things,] believe in God, believe also in Me.  In My Father’s house are many mansions, [homes, or dwelling places,] if it were not so, I would have told you.  I go to prepare a place for you.  And…  I will come again and receive you to Myself; that where I am, there you may be also.”


If you have not read PART 1 please click here or PART 2 or PART 3

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4 Responses

  1. Robbie says:

    Surprised Dominee?
    You knew this was only a matter of time.

    Thanks again DTW. Let the truth be told…

  2. Piet van T says:

    Thanks for your work on this, I appreciate it. As an afrikaner raised in a Gereformeerde Kerk family and later a Charismatic church. What you have written here resonates with me very clearly. For some reason God never gave up on me and rightfully I should not have had His grace. I have always been interested in end times study and events that will take place.

    Anyway a few years ago I had to leave the church I attended. After church hopping for another few months I realized that I had been programmed by the ‘church’ system to believe what they wanted us to ‘know’, not what the Bible actually teaches. I call out to God to help me unlearn and and basically deprogram me from everything I had ever learned in ‘church’. I started to look for the true God of the Bible without men’s brainwashed ‘opinions’.

    God put the help I needed along my way. I have learnt more from the Word in the first few weeks than what I’ve learnt in my entire life! I only read the KJV bible and I’ve done studies looking at the changes that have been made in the ‘new’ bible translations. I have also been investigating secret societies like Freemasons. By the way I do not belong to any church ‘building’ any more.

    First thing I noticed regarding the NG Kerk was that their logo was the Knights Templar’s cross at a slanted angle. The so called ‘Christian’ church is Satan’s den.

  3. Danie Bosman says:

    Danie. All of South Africa should read this.”The truth will set us free”.No wonder the Churches(Afrikaner and other) are labelled spiritually dead.How can the Spirit of God work in such a place?It is amazing that we in the church never saw throu this.God in a dream told me some years back that the church where I was ,was preaching a half truth. A half-truth is a lie.I continue to pray that God will open their eyes to the truth.May God be merciful to us.Who will take us out of this mess?

  4. Dear Danie

    Can you tell me what church you go to now?

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