Freemasonry and the Dutch Reformed Church – Part 2

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  1. Rocco Human says:

    Good articles. Fact that the afrikaner broederbond with its freemason bed mates the voortrekkers was all filtrated by the god of this world and free masonry which is satan. Satan is the head of the free masonry movement and all its tentacles the voortrekkers,lions, rapportryers, round table etc.

  2. Eduard Koen says:

    TRUTH is the most precious gift one can receive , thank you !!!!
    What is URCSA` position regarding the one world religion ?

  3. Dear Eduard

    Based on the logo, I would say very well positioned. :smile:

    URCA logo

    * They have the lighthouse as the phallic symbol.
    *** The Strength of the Lighthouse is Symbolized by its location. It is erected at the highest point of land which is closest to the sea and its dangers. Its circular construction makes it impervious to the most bitter gales which time and nature can hurl at it. As the Circle is a Symbol of Divinity, the circular structure of the Lighthouse Symbolizes stable and reliable Spiritual Guidance during our mental and emotional storms.
    *** The Beacon is the Guiding Light, the Illuminated Eye, which shines in all directions and enables all who are adrift at sea to use it as a focal point in order to steer to the calm waters of the safe harbor which the Lighthouse oversees.
    *** The Lighthouse stands alone and tall in both light and darkness and it, along with its beacon, is a focal point which Symbolizes strength, guidance and safe harbor; it is a Spiritual “Welcome Mat” for all those who are traveling by sea. Symbolically The Lighthouse is similar to the Star, and to the Hermit of the Tarot Deck. However, as the Star serves as guidance for all those who look to the heavens, or higher consciousness, and the Hermit serves as a guide to all who wish to ascend the mountaintop, or highest level of spiritual attainment here on earth, the Lighthouse serves as a guide and beacon to all who are either voyaging or adrift on Water. Metaphorically, as the element of Water represents the emotions, the Lighthouse is a Symbol for the Spiritual Strength and Emotional Guidance which is available to us during the times we feel we are being helplessly tossed around in a sea of inner turmoil. —
    *** Lighthouse standing on rocks: The rocks, reefs and shallow waters symbolize the final dangers and miseries which seem to accompany the end of any turbulent voyage. Just as the saying, “its always darkest before the dawn” (dawn = an awakening) —

    * The anchor as the occult symbol for 3rd Degree Masonry that stand for ‘well grounded hope’

    * And the unfinished circle = snake or dragon eating it’s tail called the Oroboros which stands for “infinite cycle of nature’s endless creation and destruction, life and death and despair”. —

    * The background has the QIAMOND pattern: The diamond symbol occurs in every era, culture, religion, esoteric sect, and spiritual tradition. Diamonds have been treasured as gemstones since very early times. Diamond is from the Greek word “adámas” or “proper”, “unalterable”, “unbreakable”, “untamed.”A diamond lasts forever, as we’ve learned from De Biers, and operative Freemasons incorporated the diamond pattern into the design of the buildings they constructed, including churches, castles, and cathedrals.
    The diamond is both earthly and lasts forever, symbolizing eternity and a higher world state of being human can achieve– an apotheosis that culminates in gaining higher spiritual and physical ability. In Rosicrucianism “the diamond body of the temple of God” —

  4. DavMar says:

    Most people think that Afrikaner and Boer are different terms for the same people – which is an absolute lie. They have different roots, different histories and stand in different relationships to the Bible. The term “Afrikaner” was concocted to a “United” group of “white” people to hide the Cape Dutch’s Edomite roots and the Boer’s “house of Judah” roots in exactly the same way as the term “Jew” was concocted to hide the Edomite roots of the Khazars after they infiltrated the two Southern tribes of the house of Jacob: The tribe of Judah and the tribe of Benjamin.

    The Cape Dutch conspired with the freemasons and the jews long before the onset of the First Anglo Boer War to eradicate the Boers. This conspiracy can be read about on the link below:

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