Freemasonry and the Dutch Reformed Church – Part 2

Freemason Dutch Reformed Church logoFreemasonry and the Dutch Reformed Church

The following articles outlines the history of Freemasonry in the world and in particular South Africa; including it’s huge influence in the Dutch Reformed Church, the Afrikaner Broederbond and the building of the Voortrekker National Monument to name a few things.

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Secret Societies Control the Rise and Fall of Empires

by Renette Vermeulen from Unbanned bible publications (permission received to publish)


  • a) The brainwashing of the media
  • b) Racial, socialist crimes were so much greater
  • c) The function of the apartheid regime in the greater scheme of things


As early as 1980 Cumbey wrote in ‘A Planned Deception’ that the New World Order is behind the disarmament of the world – which is merely “transference of nuclear weapons into the hands of the United Nations.”  She alleged that the “atom bomb belongs to the United nations for use… when aggressive action on the part of any nation rears its ugly head.”

I agree with this statement.  The disarmament of the world and the threat of the atomic bomb is part of The Paradigm Shift in political power.  The Shift in political power relieves other countries of military power, and Shifts the power into the hands of the United Nations.  Cumby confirmed, “This places the UN in a position of international authority.”

Totalitarian military might is indeed in the hands of the Masonic United Nations, just as freemason AA Cooper had declared, in his book, ‘South African Freemasons,’ “Universal Peace through International Freemasonry had long been the dream…  Only after a time of worldwide suffering from war, [the unicorn, Apollyon, that destroys to renew,] could… [bring] nations to… seriously unite… creating order [from] the present world chaos and ushering in the dawn of a real Brotherhood…  To this end all masonic activity, [all secret societies,] must be brought together in perfect harmony…”


All these masonic principles and important steps to the fulfillment of ‘The Plan,’ have been executed throughout the history of South Africa.

The political Paradigm Shift was long in the making, and as we will see, nothing that happened in this country was by chance.

The Shift from white to black rule has already been accomplished.

The Shift from apartheid to communism was being manifested during the long, hard years before 1994.

Now, in 2013, The Shift from capitalism to communism is still in progress.

The Shift from the Old African World to the New African World is nearly complete.

The shocking facts I am about to reveal are relevant to the history of South Africa, but they are not unique to this fallen world, ruled by Satan.  Countries such as America were founded by freemasons on masonic principles, while Masonic Powers and freemason Christian Kingdom-Now theologians have been ruling countries such as Britain and The Netherlands for hundreds of years.  The entire world, which is “under the rule of the evil one,” is infested with occult and freemasonry temples; masonic church buildings; masonic monuments, and masonic and other occult symbols.

Contrary to the Social Gospel of Kingdom-Now theologians, God did NOT command His New Testament believers to “pull down PHYSICAL strongholds,” i.e.: topple governments; rally political campaigns, or break down occult or cult temples, or freemasonry National monuments!  All these belong to the world, and to the spiritual ruler of this world, (Mt. 4:8-9.)

The ONLY commission that Jesus gave to His believers was to go after every susceptible SOUL by preaching His Gospel of light, love, and truth – exposing deception and darkness and pulling down SPIRITUAL strongholds in the MINDS of people!

While the Kingdom-Now cult battles to establish ‘god’s’ kingdom here on earth, our real spiritual battle is for the MIND of man and for the kingdom of God in heaven!  Paul wrote in 2 Cor. 10:2-5; Eph. 6:12, “For though we [live] in the flesh, we do NOT war according to the flesh.  For the weapons of our warfare are NOT carnal but mighty in God for pulling down [SPIRITUAL] strongholds [in minds, such as] casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the KNOWLEDGE of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience to Christ…  For we do NOT wrestle against flesh and blood, but against [spiritual] principalities, against [spiritual] powers, against THE [spiritual] RULERS of this world, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the air.”

As a result, I do not intend to rob Afrikaners, English, or Africans of sincere belief in God, culture, language, or history.  We are simply going against that evil Social Gospel, the Kingdom Now Theology, and all its engrained strongholds in the minds of Christ’s believers: Mt. 28:19.


a. The brainwashing of the media

It would be silly to believe that the International Brotherhood of Death would allow South Africa, (or any other country,) to be governed by rulers, which her citizens actually chose.

The unicorn, phoenix, and rainbow were, and are, at work in this country, as in the rest of the world.  As the Brotherhood rules by ‘stealth and deceit,’ they always plan their implementation of The Communist Plan well in advance.  As reported, the Brotherhood uses dangerous brainwashing techniques to control a nation.  For instance, through their complete control of the media, they impart to the people exactly what they want the people to believe and do.

In typically flamboyant, masonic language, AA Cooper wrote in ‘A Dream Of Universal Peace: 1919,’ “THIS principle of RIGHT, [the ‘right’ to worldwide masonic unity that will ‘lead to Global Peace,’] enforced by a common will, [which is the will of the majority of freemason Planetary Citizens,] is the VITAL POINT to be fought for in the final treaty, the necessity of awakening public opinion…  [Here he refers to the masonic sculpting of public opinion through their control of the media, religion, education, etc., in order to accomplish the ultimate communist Plan of global control.]”

It is clear that the International Brotherhood had something special in mind for South Africa.

South Africa would be the last country, south of the Sahara, which would fall to communism.  To bring Communist rule to South Africa was one of the last steps in the Brotherhood’s quest to unify and govern the world.

Every other country fell directly from colonization to communism.

Britain’s colony Southern Rhodesia, for instance, named after her founder, freemason-illuminist and Committee of 300-member Cecil John Rhodes, became an English ‘dominion’ of Britain, and then a so-called British ‘Republic.’  However, she returned to British colonial rule on 12 Dec. 1979, shortly before Britain handed her over to that communist Mugabe, in order to implement the destruction of socialism.

Similarly, Britain had occupied India for nearly two centuries, but in 1947, (one year before the Afrikaner Broederbond came to power in the British colony of South Africa,) Britain handed the lush and prosperous India over to the complete and utter destruction of the communist unicorn.

The pattern, which the Brotherhood had followed on a global scale, was to Shift country after country from the colonial frying pan into the communist fire.

However, in South Africa, they deviated drastically from that pattern.

For a long time, I have believed that the clandestine powers of this world have something ‘special’ in mind for South Africa.

It began with the ‘Boer’ War and the genocidal concentration camps…

Was it not for the Indian Ocean in-between, this country would have linked directly to the United States of America.  In the form of a horse’s shoe, communism has been drawing a line through the ages.  It runs from the USA, cuts right through the entire world, and ends in South Africa.

Once this line is intact, (which this happened in 1994 with the communist takeover,) the world is ready for the final act on the stage of masonic history.

b.  Racial, socialist crimes were so much greater

Without condoning any of the crimes of the Afrikaner Broederbond, it is important to note that while the propaganda machine of the international media focused the attention of the entire world on the racial oppression of the Broederbond regime in South Africa, genocide, mass-scale ethnic cleansing, and the most unthinkable racial atrocities were occurring in each and every country, which Britain and her colonial counterparts have handed to communism.  [Ignore the appalling ethnic cleansing in The Balkans, Eastern Europe, Asia, and the Americas, if you will.  Just think how black on white, white on black, and black on black violence threw nearly the entire African continent into chaos over the past two hundred years. In the following chapter, I have focused on the suppressed and vastly underrated communist holocaust in South Africa, which is still escalating systematically in 2013.]

Racism plays a vital part in communist doctrine, as typified by the ‘evolution’ of Hitler’s Aryan race of god-men.  This ‘evolution’ of the chosen god-race is also the crux of communist belief.  The gods of communism are the 3% superrich rulers of the higher world, while the ‘goyim,’ or cattle, are the ‘useless eaters’ and ‘cannon fodder’ of the lower world.

As if race plays no part in communist-evolution doctrine, Africa’s racial, socialist atrocities and mass-genocidal crimes (as black on white violence in the ‘new’ South Africa illustrates,) were excused, ignored, misinterpreted and tolerated, because it suited the communist-controlled international media that these indescribable crimes were creating the global communist ‘paradise’ of desolation.

c.  The function of the apartheid regime in the greater scheme of things

Things could have been vastly different in the Republic of South Africa.  If a hidden history, steered by clandestine powers, did not exist, a truly justly elected government would have been able to bring stability to South Africa.  Sadly, the country was ruled by ‘stealth and deceit,’ and the Afrikaner Broederbond was simply another workhorse of the Cabalist Sanhedrin, because the International Brotherhood never has ‘local’ or ‘national’ peace in mind!

After 1919, P. Deys, editor of the SA Masonic Journal wrote, “Masonry has an unparalleled opportunity [in SA] to use its might and beneficent influence in producing a WORLD PEACE and not ‘peace at any price,’ [meaning, ‘merely’ national peace in a specific country like South Africa.]”

Although the establishment of communism is The Brotherhood’s blueprint for the entire world, in 1948, the British handed South Africa to the Afrikaner Brotherhood, and did not give this country directly to their other communist peers.  Given the course on which this placed South Africa, it is clear that Britain did this for the specific reason to bring oppression upon the other races of South Africa, while Britain, as one of the leaders of the New World Order, kept her bloody hands ‘clean.’

We have to remember that originally, the apartheid-monster was not an Afrikaner brainchild.  Thus, apartheid was not simply a random political ‘happening’ in an accidental country somewhere on planet earth.

Apartheid was a specific workhorse of the Global Planners at a precise time in history; created with a particular purpose in mind.

The masonic function of the Afrikaner Broederbond was not to destroy South Africa’s economy and infrastructure, as the implementation of socialism and communism demands.  In fact, apartheid South Africa became extremely affluent under extreme world criticism, discrimination, sanctions, and communist war.

What most citizens of this country missed, was that apartheid-rule was not the totalitarian dictatorship, which people were led to believe.  For instance, during the darkest years of its rule, foreign minister Pik Botha and others were liaising behind the scenes with the African National Congress – no one ever heard what they discussed, or what Pik promised them.  It was in the Broederbond’s power to crush these communist terrorists.  Instead, they turned them into martyrs and groomed Mandela to become the first black communist president of South Africa.  In the seventies, old President PW Botha offered Mandela release from prison if only he would renounce violence.  Mandela flatly refused.  Later, after FW de Klerk’s government coup, he released Mandela and unbanned the ANC unconditionally.

Makes one wonder who was actually the dictator and whom was the victim.

In fact, the apartheid era was deliberately set up by clandestine powers as a special interaction or ‘link’ between colonialism and communism.

Apartheid was never about South Africa and her suffering citizens.

Apartheid was simply a tool to further the bigger picture of world dominance.

The function of the apartheid regime was to unite the other races of South Africa communistically through suffering, while polishing special communist elitists like Mandela, Oliver Thambo, and Mbeki in the so-called fire of racial persecution.

What’s more, through racial oppression, the Afrikaner Broederbond puffed these Communist elitists to such a degree that the International Brotherhood could bring them to global, godlike status – like Mandela, who is revered globally as a communist ‘saviour’ or ‘christ.’  Without the secret and public work of the apartheid regime, such worldwide status and power would not have been possible.  While the Afrikaner Broederbond did their dirty job in South Africa, the International Brotherhood was able to use these ‘elitists’ to bring this entire chaotic African continent to communist unity.

History has proven, since the elections of 1994, three South African presidents undertook many ‘world tours,’ which all focused on bringing the African continent into unity under the banner of the United Nations.

All that mattered was that The Communist Plan had to advance.  As everyone knows, ‘those surrendered to The Shift know that the fulfillment of The Plan has a price tag attached.’

Mandela and his peers suffered banishment and incarceration for the reason to be exalted to superrich presidents with global, christ-like status.  The apartheid regime, and most unacceptably, the Afrikaner nation as a whole, was used to achieve this communist goal.  The Afrikaner nation had to suffer defeat and disgrace in order to puff these unscrupulous terrorists into gods.

Then, the Afrikaner Broederbond willingly took ‘the fall’ while Britain and her United Nations counterparts wiped their bloodstained hands, shoved their pockets full of African and South African gold, diamonds, and other minerals, bringing their Planetary Rule a big step closer to realization.



If you have not read PART 1 please click here

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  1. Rocco Human says:

    Good articles. Fact that the afrikaner broederbond with its freemason bed mates the voortrekkers was all filtrated by the god of this world and free masonry which is satan. Satan is the head of the free masonry movement and all its tentacles the voortrekkers,lions, rapportryers, round table etc.

  2. Eduard Koen says:

    TRUTH is the most precious gift one can receive , thank you !!!!
    What is URCSA` position regarding the one world religion ?

  3. Dear Eduard

    Based on the logo, I would say very well positioned. 🙂

    URCA logo

    * They have the lighthouse as the phallic symbol.
    *** The Strength of the Lighthouse is Symbolized by its location. It is erected at the highest point of land which is closest to the sea and its dangers. Its circular construction makes it impervious to the most bitter gales which time and nature can hurl at it. As the Circle is a Symbol of Divinity, the circular structure of the Lighthouse Symbolizes stable and reliable Spiritual Guidance during our mental and emotional storms.
    *** The Beacon is the Guiding Light, the Illuminated Eye, which shines in all directions and enables all who are adrift at sea to use it as a focal point in order to steer to the calm waters of the safe harbor which the Lighthouse oversees.
    *** The Lighthouse stands alone and tall in both light and darkness and it, along with its beacon, is a focal point which Symbolizes strength, guidance and safe harbor; it is a Spiritual “Welcome Mat” for all those who are traveling by sea. Symbolically The Lighthouse is similar to the Star, and to the Hermit of the Tarot Deck. However, as the Star serves as guidance for all those who look to the heavens, or higher consciousness, and the Hermit serves as a guide to all who wish to ascend the mountaintop, or highest level of spiritual attainment here on earth, the Lighthouse serves as a guide and beacon to all who are either voyaging or adrift on Water. Metaphorically, as the element of Water represents the emotions, the Lighthouse is a Symbol for the Spiritual Strength and Emotional Guidance which is available to us during the times we feel we are being helplessly tossed around in a sea of inner turmoil. —
    *** Lighthouse standing on rocks: The rocks, reefs and shallow waters symbolize the final dangers and miseries which seem to accompany the end of any turbulent voyage. Just as the saying, “its always darkest before the dawn” (dawn = an awakening) —

    * The anchor as the occult symbol for 3rd Degree Masonry that stand for ‘well grounded hope’

    * And the unfinished circle = snake or dragon eating it’s tail called the Oroboros which stands for “infinite cycle of nature’s endless creation and destruction, life and death and despair”. —

    * The background has the QIAMOND pattern: The diamond symbol occurs in every era, culture, religion, esoteric sect, and spiritual tradition. Diamonds have been treasured as gemstones since very early times. Diamond is from the Greek word “adámas” or “proper”, “unalterable”, “unbreakable”, “untamed.”A diamond lasts forever, as we’ve learned from De Biers, and operative Freemasons incorporated the diamond pattern into the design of the buildings they constructed, including churches, castles, and cathedrals.
    The diamond is both earthly and lasts forever, symbolizing eternity and a higher world state of being human can achieve– an apotheosis that culminates in gaining higher spiritual and physical ability. In Rosicrucianism “the diamond body of the temple of God” —

  4. DavMar says:

    Most people think that Afrikaner and Boer are different terms for the same people – which is an absolute lie. They have different roots, different histories and stand in different relationships to the Bible. The term “Afrikaner” was concocted to a “United” group of “white” people to hide the Cape Dutch’s Edomite roots and the Boer’s “house of Judah” roots in exactly the same way as the term “Jew” was concocted to hide the Edomite roots of the Khazars after they infiltrated the two Southern tribes of the house of Jacob: The tribe of Judah and the tribe of Benjamin.

    The Cape Dutch conspired with the freemasons and the jews long before the onset of the First Anglo Boer War to eradicate the Boers. This conspiracy can be read about on the link below:

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