Remembering Ruth Hunt and Dave Hunt

HuntsRuth joined Dave in glory on October 24, 2013

It’s difficult to put into words the love and admiration that we at TBC have for Ruth Hunt, Dave’s wife of more than 60 years. She had grace and strength of character seldom seen these days. Ruth understood what it meant to be the help “meet” (or suitable) for her husband (Genesis:2:18) and was often invited to speak to women’s groups on being a godly woman. Ruth was not only a woman who knew what that meant, but she lived it every day. Her love and admiration for Dave were obvious to all, and yet she had her own mind and her own strengths that went far beyond her wifely characteristics. Ruth was a very gifted writer herself, and this talent contributed to her ability to help Dave with the editing and polishing of many of his books. Dave always said, “Ruth is my first editor!” She was also a generous helper to women everywhere and made lasting friendships wherever her travels took her. She had the ability to see beneath the surface and thus was an excellent one to turn to for advice on practically any matter. So discerning was she that one would never want to try to put something past her. She would have seen through it in a moment!

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Tom Lessing (Discerning the World)

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3 Responses

  1. Martin Horan says:

    Thanks for putting this on, Debs. It’s nice to find something a bit more personal of the Hunts, especially Ruth who few of us knew. Those of us who listened to Daves broadcasts, saw his telecasts and read his books, felt we knew him. So it’s nice to know a bit more about Ruth.
    It was Dave Hunt’s writings which strengthened me more in the Lord after being conned by a cult–which I thought was Scriptural. I learned a lot from The Berean Call and it was through them in a sense that got me checking out DTW–and I’ve never looked back.
    You are both my favourite Christian teaching contacts. DTW reminds me of TBC. That’s because you are as strong as a rock and as sound as a bell. I don’t thank either of you enough.
    God bless you.

  2. Randal Carpenter says:

    Hello..I am brand new to your website… name is Randal Carpenter. San Diego. Looking forward to gaining knowledge and truth in the Bible. Thank you for your enormous diligence in authentic discernment……I need it SO very much. Absent for 40 years!!! That’s more than the people of Israel wandering in the desert !!!! My husband had a stroke 2 1/2 yrs. ago…..and this has afforded me the TIME to read and listen & study You Tube resources…….no church, whatsoever, since 1981. Now, it seems almost everyone i have been listening to, is no longer with us…….so there is no way of making inquiries…….For now, just wanted to say HI…..and acknowledge your TREASURE chest of WORK!! Most sincerely, Randal.
    ..Oh…..I began this reply, not realizing I responded out of context…..I am truly sorry……….for this intrusion upon Words of Sympathy for the family of Mr and Mrs. Hunt.!!! I began listening to Mr. Hunt’s you tube during the night and I am so grateful for the body of work and enlightenment of their lives.

  3. Dear Randal

    No problem Randal that you commented under the wrong topic. Glad you found Dave Hunts resources as well. And very glad you found us :yahoo:

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