Contemplative Spirituality: The Throne of Satan

birthing_the_christ_within_ Contemplative Spirituality: The Throne of Satan

Contemplative Spirituality

Contemplative Spirituality – The followers of the Emergent Jesus are completely enamored, captivated, bewitched, besotted, and smitten by hidden secrets, so much so that they are continually boasting that they have found this or that new hidden secret or message, allegedly of Jesus of Nazareth. Books like ‘The Secret Message of Jesus: Uncovering the Truth that could change everything’ (Brian McLaren) have navigated the emergent conversationalists and coffee drinkers onto a path where they are relentlessly seeking for a truth that blatantly contradicts and even replaces the Truth.

Shades and colors of the New Age are increasingly emerging to the surface, much like a painting of which the top layer is removed to reveal the original, hidden underneath layers and layers of paint. Masterpieces of deceit are emerging at an alarming rate from websites such and e-church and velocity culture. Consider the following from the paintbrush of Dries Cronje’, one of the masters in the e-fold of the e-church. In reference to Paul’s statement ‘to whom God was pleased to make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory’ in Colossians, he comes to this amazing conclusion.

In a nutshell, here’s the mystery:

“Christ is in you, and therefore you can look forward to sharing in God’s glory.”  Colossians 1:27b (The Message).

This is huge.
The implications are enormous. Let’s consider some of them:

  • Christ is in you. Instead of looking for God out there, you need to start looking inside of you.  (Thomas says: How do you look inside of you? Well, that’s easy! You do a little silence here, a little solitude there; you walk the labyrinth at Mosaiek Church in Fairlands, Johannesburg or you do a little Contemplative Spirituality or centering prayer here and a little Yoga there and voila . . . there’s Christ, right inside of you. Wow! Enlightenment! . . . the very same enlightenment Jesus of Nazareth experienced when He became the Christ. If He could do it, so can you).
  • Christ is also in that other guy, over there…
  • The kingdom of God is and has always been an inner reality, in all of us. Of course, Jesus says so in Luke 17 but somehow we just don’t believe Him.
  • The peace and joy, and true justice of the kingdom of God (Romans 14:17-18) are actually very real consequences of living from the deeper reality, this previously hidden mystery, of Christ in you. You won’t be happy, since happiness turns into unhappiness real quick. No, you will have deep inner peace and joy and these have no opposites.
  • True love is to live from a place where you realize (make real) this mystery of Christ in you. If Christ is in you, and you know it and feel it constantly, then you will also see and feel Christ in others and in the natural world. This is true love… This is what Jesus meant when He said (speaking from his Christ identity) “whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.”  That makes perfect sense if you consider Christ is in every human being, right?”

Contemplative Spirituality is for Everyone

Cronje says:  “That makes perfect sense if you consider Christ is in every human being, right?”  Consequently, it does not matter what their background or religion is. It is not only for Jews, or Christians but also for everyone else! First of all, Paul did not write his letter to a bunch of unbelievers who rejected the cross of Jesus Christ because they regarded it as sheer foolishness (1 Corinthians 1:18). He wrote it “to the saints and faithful brethren in Christ that are at Colossae.”  The faithful brethren are the saints who continue in his Word and his doctrines. Jesus said: “If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed” (John 8:31). You cannot claim to be his follower if you do not continue to be faithful to his word and his doctrines. And yet, contrary to what Jesus taught, Dries Cronje brazenly says that Colossians 1:27b is for everyone. It does not matter what your background or religion is. Even the Muslims who deny that God has a Son and believe that it was Judas who died on the cross instead of Jesus have Jesus living in glorious splendor inside of them. They only need to start looking inside of them to find him . . . and how does Dries Cronje propose this to come to pass? Well, of course, through Contemplative Spirituality practices such as silence, solitude, Lectio Divina, labyrinths, contemplative prayer, et al. Who needs Jesus when you want “Jesus” to be in everyone regardless of your background or your religion. This “Jesus” who is nothing but a demon is only too happy to accommodate your desire to be inside of you when you discard the truth and the teachings of the real Jesus who once said through his apostle Paul:

Now if any man have not the Spirit of Christ, he is none of his. (Romans 8:9)

Paul would never have written these words if he believed that Christ was already living inside of every single human being, regardless of their religious persuasions. Who is the liar here – Dries Cronje who wants you to believe that Jesus is in everyone or Jesus Christ who said that whosoever does not have his Spirit, does not belong to Him? What are the consequences of this infamous notion that Jesus is in everyone? The upshot of this is the following:

  • It denies the need for the cross of Jesus Christ. Had it been true that Jesus automatically resides in every person, even in those who belong to religions that reject and despise his cross, then his death was a complete farce. Who needs his cross when you can become aware of the Kingdom of God and Jesus inside of you through various Contemplative Spirituality practices?
  • It denies God’s requirement for repentance and faith in his Gospel. Throughout the New Testament, the requirement for salvation is to repent and believe the Gospel. If the kingdom of God is and always has been an inner reality, in all of us, a biblically founded repentance and faith in the Gospel is pointless. It is imperative to note that Jesus was addressing the Pharisees in Luke 17. Does Dries Cronje really think He would have told the Pharisees that the Kingdom of God was already within them? Jesus never said that the Kingdom of God was within them. It is glaringly obvious that Stephan Joubert, Dries Cronje, Trevor Hudson and Ron Martoia (1) do not agree on the “Jesus-is-in-everyone'” emergent doctrine. In his prize-winning book “Jesus, a Radical Leap” Joubert quotes Jesus who said: “But woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men: for ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in.” (Matthew 23:13). (2)  Fancy that! The Kingdom of God is something you need to enter into and Jesus emphatically told the Pharisees that they would not enter his Kingdom and that they were barring it against others unless they repented of their sins and believed the Gospel. Jesus would have been lying if He first told the Pharisees that the Kingdom of God was already within them and then retract his words by telling them that they would not enter the Kingdom of God. Like the Calvinists the Emergent fraternity are very artistic: they know how to paint themselves into a corner.
  • It denies the Kingdom of God itself. The Emergent fraternity is adamant to admit that their Kingdom Theology is totally wrong when they aggressively promote the lie that God’s Kingdom is already here and now. If this had been true Jesus would never have given Satan the right to claim that all the kingdoms of the world belonged to him (Matthew 4: 8 and 9). Revelation 11:15 attests to the fact that the kingdoms of this world presently do not belong to God and that they will only become his possession when Christ returns to judge the nations. Another very important waterproof evidence that we are NOT present in the Kingdom of God, is the fact that e-church and its members have the freedom to spread their heresies. If God’s Kingdom was already a reality on earth, the King would never allow them to proclaim their heresies, particularly their lie that He is in everyone. He would have used his rod of iron to shatter their repugnant heresies (Psalm 2:9).

The lie that Jesus is already in everyone is purely New Age. Here now follow a few quotes from the lips of mystics, esotericists, New Agers and Satanists.

Let’s begin with Alice Bailey. As you may know her spirit guide, a demon called Dwajl Kuhl, inspired her to write her books.

A word now as regards the work of the Ibezhan adepts and Their mysteries; it is necessary here to point out that the whole trend of Their work was in a way different and necessarily so, to that of the adepts at this time. Their objective was to stimulate mysticism and the stimulating of the kingdom of God within the human atom. The nature of Their work is most difficult for the average man of this time to comprehend, owing to the different state of his consciousness. The Ibezhan adepts had to deal with a humanity which was in its infancy, whose polarization was most unstable, and whose coordination was very imperfect. There was very little mentality to be found and men were practically altogether astral; they functioned even more consciously on the astral plane than on the physical, and it was part of the work of these early adepts, working under instruction from Shamballa to develop the energy centers of the human unit, stimulate the brain and make him fully self-conscious on the physical plane. Their objective was to bring about a realization of the kingdom of God within . . . (Alice Bailey) 3 (Emphasis added)

At the Transfiguration, Christ revealed the glory which is innate in all men. The triple lower nature – physical, emotional and mental – is there shown as prostrate before the glory which was revealed. In that moment, wherein Christ Immanent was in the physical form, wherein humanity was represented by the three apostles, a Voice came from the Father’s Home in recognition of the revealed divinity and the Sonship of the Transfigured Christ. On this innate divinity, upon this recognized Sonship, is the brotherhood of all men based – one life, one glory which shall be [605] revealed, and one divine relationship. Today, on a large scale (even when by-passing the implications of divinity) the glory of man and his fundamental relationships are already a fact in the human consciousness. Accompanying those characteristics which as yet remain deplorable and which would appear to negate all claims to divinity, is the wonder of man’s achievement, of his triumph over nature. The glory of scientific attainment and the magnificent evidence of creative art – both modern and ancient – leave no room to question man’s divinity. Here then are the “greater things” of which Christ spoke, and here again is the triumph of the Christ within the human heart. (Alice Bailey) (Emphasis added) 4

Because of the magnitude of this theme and the wide extent of the psychological area in which the mass of men now live, I cannot further enlarge. This field of experience and of trial is well known to all aspirants and is the battlefield of millions. The Christ within, as the Controller of the individual life, can bring that battle to [136] an end; the aspirant can emerge clear sighted and unafraid. The appearance of the Christ among men will do the same thing for humanity as a whole, not in any vicarious sense but through the livingness of His Presence, stimulating the Christ principle in every human heart. [137] 5 (Thomas says:  According to Bailey, the Christ within as the controller of the individual life is presently not known to most people. The aspirant in whom Christ dwells will only emerge clear sighted and unafraid when the world Teacher (with the appearance of the Christ) makes himself known, not in a vicarious sense (as a suffering servant who dies a vicarious death in the behalf of others) but through the livingness of his Presence. He will then stimulate the Christ principle in every human heart. In other words, Antichrist is going to show every human being from every possible religious persuasion that he, the false Christ, lives in their hearts. They are just going to love him to death and he them.)

Thomas Keating holds the same opinion when he says that most people are unaware of the Christ within them.

The first stage in the process of enlightenment is listening with the undivided attention of one who wants to learn from a great teacher. In the Christian scheme of things, Jesus is the enlightened one who lives in the Christian assembly as the glorified Christ, our Teacher. The liturgy juxtaposes texts to awaken us through words and symbols to the divine presence within us and how it operates in our personal lives, both in prayer and in action. Prayer, and the sacrament are all directed toward one purpose: to awaken us to who who we actually are but do not yet know. 6

I can quote to you the views of many other mystics, integral spiritualists, New Agers and occultists on the Christ within all people principle but it would take up to much space. In essence, it espouses the lie that all men, by becoming aware through Contemplative Spirituality practices that they have Christ or the Christ consciousness within themselves, are themselves gods, as Ron Martoia put it so succinctly: “I am somehow made to be god, or divine . . .”  The most alarming thing is that Satanists believe this as well.

Anton LaVey, the founder of the Church of Satan said that “The New Age is nothing more than Satanism.” I found the following interview which Oprah Winfrey had with the Satanist, Lieutenant Colonel Michael Aquino of the United States Army, who was a leader in Anton LaVey’s Church of Satan and said to be LaVey’s second-in-command before he broke off to form his own satanic church called The Temple of Set.

Aquino: “We are not servants of some God, we are our own gods!”

Oprah Winfrey appeared to be shocked to find out that this was exactly what she believed as a New Ager,  failing to realize that the New Age movement has it roots in Crowleyan Satanism even as Aquino’s Satanism. . . .

Winfrey: “Well, the way you explain this is very the way a lot of people who are into metaphysics now and the New Age movement and New Age thinking, they say the very same thing. Are you saying that it’s the same?”

Aquino: “Yes, except that I would say we [Satanists] have a more precise grasp. We would say that we understand what’s actually happening a little better than many New Agers.”

Are you prepared to rub shoulders with Satan himself by indulging in Contemplative Spirituality practices? Don’t be deceived by its apparent Christian background. If you are caught up in any kind of contemplative spirituality such as contemplative prayer, centering prayer, Lectio Divina, labyrinths, or any other kind of Contemplative Spirituality do not rest until you have been rescued from the clutches of Satan by the Jesus of the Bible (not the emerging Jesus). The way to do it is to repent of your evil ways and ask the Jesus of the Bible to forgive you and to immediately abandon any kind of contemplative spiritual practices. Should you prefer to continue with these practices, you must realize that you are dancing in the shadows of Satan’s throne.

Contemplative Spirituality continues to grow as the church apostatizes.

Dries Cronje is still a member of e-church despite his infamous and Christ-dishonoring heresies. It proves once again that their so-called “conversations” are focused on men and women who have no qualms with their God-dishonoring heresies and who readily agree with their own heresies. Christians who are deeply concerned about the path they are taking are shunned with disdain and not allowed to participate in their conversations.  Like the crowd who stopped their ears while they stoned Stephen to death, they too are placing their hands over their ears and shouting: “We don’t want to hear what you have to say.” They would rather tolerate a heretic.

(1) Ron Martoia: Spiritual Conversations: Understanding the Cultural Language. When we start with creation and Genesis 1 we instantly enter into a world where every person has been invested with the image of God, with God-like authority and qualities and mandates. Notice, it is everybody, not just Christians filled with God’s Spirit. In the Genesis account, all humanity has the very breath of God. Everyone finds resonance here because these are things deep within the human psyche that are incontrovertible. They are intuitive soundings that ‘I am somehow made to be god, or divine or connected to the divine.’ The benefit of this starting point for spiritual conversations is it is as universal as the Fall conversation, but it holds one huge advantage; it is the beginning of the story and it is a positive starting point. Is it any wonder people don’t gravitate toward the ‘You are heading to hell in a handbasket’ conversation but do resonate with a ‘You have been made as the crowning glory of creation (Psalm 8)’ conversation?
(2) Stephan Joubert: Jesus ‘n Radikale Sprong, Koninkryk, Kerk en W’reld: Waar pas ek in? Christelike Uitgewersmaatskappy, p 109
(3) Alice Bailey: A Treatise on White Magic – Rule Ten – The Founding of the Hierarchy, Paragraph 7
(4) Alice Bailey: The Externalization of the Hierarchy – Section IV – Stages in the Externalization, Paragraph 3
(5) Alice Bailey: The Reappearance of the Christ – Chapter V – The Teachings of the Christ
(6) Thomas Keating: The Divine Indwelling: Centering Prayer and its Development, pp. 5, 6

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