Depopulation, Concentration Camps, Coffins and Guillotines

Terrible things are on the way in the USA and in other countries around the world.  Pray Jesus Christ comes soon.

Obama’s new DEPOPULATION Policy:


Then there are those ominous FEMA concentration camps (an estimated +/- 600 in total)

[youtube] [youtube]

Then there are the millions of COFFIN liners big enough to fix 3 to 4 people:

See how the above coffins are used in conjunction with the guillotines – NOTE this below video is VERY graphic and contains disturbing footage.


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Deborah (Discerning the World)

Deborah Ellish is the author of the above article. Discerning the World is an internet Christian Ministry based in Johannesburg South Africa. Tom Lessing and Deborah Ellish both own Discerning the World. For more information see the About this Website page below the comments section.

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Burning Lamp

Christopher, I echo Deborah’s exhortation to you – a new believer in the Lord (2009) – we don’t earn our salvation and we don’t earn a ticket for the Great Snatch. One is either among the redeemed or one is not. There is much confusion on this issue and Deborah has done a great job of edification in clearing that up. No matter how wicked your deeds of the past, the Lord takes you as you are when you surrender to Him – forgives sins past, present and FUTURE. This is not a license to sin, but rather a cause to love and serve Him Who gave Himself for us.

As for your other comments about government, I would encourage you to seek out Chris Pinto and his video on the history of the U.S. I don’t have the link handy, but you should be able to locate it by searching online. You can order it or there is one place where it is available online. It is disturbing, yet well-documented and dispels many a myth and falsehood widely spread by people such as David Barton. This should be right up your alley as a conspiracy buff. It is the only topic in that realm that I recommend for believers because it combats the horrible lies of dominionism and false loyalties of believers to their government. Yes, we are to be model citizens and respectful, but at the same time too many Christians invest their time, money and energies into politics and causes instead of doing the work of the Lord, sharing the Gospel and discipling new converts.

I take note that you are an extremely intelligent person and your willingness to engage in respectful dialog is refreshing. I am glad you came to this place and are open to what is said here. We only aim to help and your attitude of being willing to listen is encouraging. I hope you will seek out the recommended resources.

Most of all, make sure you fully understand the bottom line, salvation that you may have full assurance.

I recommend this for starters:


Deborah the 2 main reason for chem trailing ‘uncorroborated'(and my opinion is because access to info is so closely guarded)
1.The contractors are pumping heavy metals into the air especially USA and UK-Europe,heavy metals either float down or washed down into rivers and dams or Breathed in Cause; upper respiratory/eye infections when breathed in result increase in Pharma sales-(you need only to have done national service with Artillery to have experienced this in mass- I did)
Water born heavy metals get into your blood liver and kidneys :Cause weakening of the immune system making you susceptible to relatively minor conditions that then exaggerate.
Agenda: Population control and Big Pharma profits.
Solution- USA anti conspiracy agent develop ARGON de-fusses – this acts like a metal magnet and destroys the cloud formation.
Water born consumption: Colloidal silver is a natural anti metal oxidant and boosts the immune system,since its wide use the USA FDA has claimed that it may not be openly promoted.
Air craft pump Silver iodide into clouds to cause it to rain excessively and visa verso copper sulphates to prevent cloud formation causing drought,this weather warfare was effectively used in Vietnam.Our government is a token government for the people and is directly influenced by the G7 UN council and its policies
See agenda 21 and Millennium 2015 goals UNESCO.
Its all there in black and white no guessing.
When u and i were younger Cloud seeding in the low veld was popular to protect fruit farmers from Hail now they create drought push up water supply costs also as a population inhibitor.
Chow chow for now.

Christopher Henderson

Dear Deborah,

I think what I was trying to say in the last part of my previous message was that the Bible itself is both simple enough to be actionable (believe and trust in God, repent of our sins, and be saved!), and surprisingly complex (as in the intricacies of the Book of Revelation). A proper theological understanding such as the one you have (and I aspire to) definitely helps make the complexity of God’s Word more understandable.

On the subject of sin, this ties into the reservations I have about whether or not the Lord will see fit to include me in His Rapture. (And thank you for the links, which, as important reminders of God’s faithfulness, give me hope.) While again, I have committed innumerable sins–all of which are humiliating to me–I know that none of them, except one that I may or may not have committed, are forgivable. That one terrible sin is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, which the Bible states cannot be forgiven. The fact that God has answered my spirit of repentance with the strength to resist sins that trapped me for years gives me hope that perhaps I didn’t commit the unforgivable sin. After all, why would He help bring my sins into remission (which has been a long, gradual, and ongoing process) if He already saw me as worthless/doomed due to blasphemy? Still, I can’t help but feel worried. And despite the soul-searching I’ve done, online research, and personal inquiries I’ve made into what actually qualifies as blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, I still don’t feel as though I have a definitive answer. Deborah, Burning Lamp, Eddy, and anyone else on here: if you have any insight into this matter, please let me know. The determination I’ve reached is that regardless of whether or not I committed that terrible sin, I will continue to strengthen my faith and do everything I can to walk in obedience to the Lord. As far as what the future may hold goes, I am comfortable with whatever judgment God ultimately makes with regard to my soul because I know that unlike most temporal authorities, He is just. Until that day comes, again, I will keep on making progress and not let my fears prevent me from doing the right thing. Thanks for listening!

Christopher Henderson

Dear Eddy,

Thanks for the insights. I agree with you that what we make of conspiracy theories has everything to do with our spiritual grounding and inclinations. It’s interesting that you mention coming to Christ after being frightened by conspiracy theories, because such fear is one reason I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior in the summer of 2009. There were other major factors, of course–some of which would take some time to explain–but in the end, I suppose in a way I should be grateful for the horror I felt after reading of certain conspiratorial matters, because again, this fear helped lead me to ask the Lord to enter my life.

Prior to 2009, I actually didn’t spend much time on conspiracy theories because I was too wrapped up in doing things “my way”–e.g. running around like a chicken with my head cut off and pursuing often fruitless and relatively wicked desires. Of course, not all of the endeavors I was involved in prior to the summer of 2009 were bad–school, work, and playing music for example probably weren’t. But when my life took some bizarre and troubling twists in 2008/2009, these events, combined with the extra time I had on my hands due to not working, going to school, or playing music, prompted me to get on my computer and try to get some answers. While it could certainly be argued that reading conspiracy theories wasn’t/isn’t the best use of my time (indeed, the good advice I’ve gotten from Deborah and Burning Lamp cautions me not to spend too much time on such research), in retrospect I suppose it was inevitable that such a quest would begin (assuming that I survived the “events” I alluded to, which I did).

My understanding of why chemtrails appear over our skies is similar to yours. (I see them all the time here in Southern California, where we’ve been targeted by all kinds of covert nefarious schemes for decades.)

From what I can tell, chemtrails comprise a major portion of the NWO lunatics’ war against the civilian populations of the world, and serve the luciferian “elites” in the following ways:

1) “Depopulation” via the delivery of finely milled toxic heavy metals, as you have already noted;

2) Profits for the NWO’s medical vultures due to the increased illnesses and subsequent hospital visits resulting from the release of said toxins, a factor which you already mentioned;

3) A form of nazi-esque experimentation just to “see what happens” (in addition to being incredibly malicious, hypocritical, and nihilistic, the “elites” who sponsor atrocities such as chemtrails often seem to be motivated by petty boredom); and

4) Mass mind control (the metals, once ingested via breathing/eating foods grown in toxic metal-contaminated soil/etc. reportedly make it easier for mood- and thought-altering EMF frequencies to take effect).

Let us pray for Lord Jesus to return soon to put an end to these depravities! Either that, or for his Holy Spirit to awaken and outrage enough good folks for them to act justly on His behalf! Or both!

All the best to you.


Christopher…sinning against the Holy Spirit simply means rejection of God’s saving grace which was Christ’s redemption of the cross at Calvary…only the Holy Spirit can convict a person of his/her sin and see the need to be saved from this and opens the belief in the true Jesus being the only solution for this.
The fact that it still worries you is proof enough that you are convicted and believe and want Jesus. He has not left you and you need to know that. The bible tells us that He paid the FULL price…not just for some sins.
Some horrible people have found Christ and been saved…slave traders…murderers etc. But it has to be true and bonafide repentance.
I remember reading a terrible story about a woman…Carla Faye Tucker who under the influence of heavy drugs and together with a male accomplice hacked and blundered to death two people who were asleep in their bed. They were both sentenced to death row…her accomplice escaped his death sentence because he died in prison of a liver disease but she spent many years in death row and fortunately became a true and committed Christian…she was honest with God and man and confessed her grave sins…she accepted the consequences and bravely persevered…although her change was radical and indeed a completely new person who perhaps had very mitigating circumstances…her appeal to governor George Bush was turned down at the eleventh hour and she bravely faced the lethal injection because she knew Christ had forgiven her. This is a very traumatic ending for those outside of Christ but a very moving one for those who look forward to being with our loving Saviour. Christ conquered all sin and being saved is a free gift to all who truly renounce their wicked ways whether it a small little hidden deceit or a huge crime against humanity or God and accept Jesus as their only Saviour.


To Christopher
Deborah and Michael have explained it well.i will not dare to add suffice to say this.
i was born into a Pentecostal home – At age 19 i went into national service and there found drugs of the worst kind and so was enslaved for 10 occasion Goofed out my tree and early hours of the morning and i mean early,the conviction of the Holy Spirit penetrated my my drug induced stupor and revealed the road i was on, that of destruction.(Long story).But from that night when i pleaded for mercy and help from the Lord it was not until one night 4 years later that i fell on my knees repented that i was instantly delivered 1991.I have been repenting since not for that but we sin daily.I live with he consequences ” short term memory loss” but whilst we live the holy spirit tarries with us to a point where He then decides no matter what He does we will deny him,that’s the day He departs and Satan destroys us. So take comfort with your convictions that is the Holy Spirit drawing you to work out your salvation.
And if you ever make to sunny South Africa you shall be welcome.


For example: Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit is you as a Christian turning your back on God and actually by mouth denying Jesus Christ and following another religion (god). For instance, I know of a girl who I used to work with who was a Christian, she then met a Jewish guy, she fell head over heels in love. In order to marry him she had to denounce Christianity. So she did, she went through a 1 year program and finally denounced Jesus Christ and was baptized as into the Jewish faith. That Christopher is blaspheming the Holy Spirit.

Good example Deb’s.
She is heading for hell if this continues but even this can be forgiven if she turns around and repents…in order for this to happen would again come from Holy Spirit conviction but she might again resist…the bible teaches that God’s Spirit will not always strive with man.
If this does happen it will be purely because of His mercy and grace.
Irreveverance and abuse of God’s costly grace is dangerous game to play and can cost you your soul if you don’t repent and return to Him but I very much doubt if this woman was truly saved in the first place.

Christopher Henderson

Dear Burning Lamp,

Thanks! I take heart from the interactions I’m having with you, Deborah, and Eddy. I am very glad I encountered this website and all of the intelligent, knowledgeable, and caring people who frequent it–yourself very much included.

Yes, it is true that we cannot earn our way into Heaven. The good deeds the Lord wants us to do on His behalf should come out of a desire to do right by Him, not out of a sense of “earning” our salvation. I totally agree. All we need to do is believe and trust in Him and repent of our sins! While all fall short of the glory of God, He is merciful and faithful to forgive us for our transgressions–past, present, and future.

As I pointed out to Deborah in one of my recent posts, my concern over my spiritual condition stems not from a lack of faith in God’s willingness to forgive the vast majority of my sins (which I have repented of to the best of my ability–applying as I do the standard of “sins repented of are not repeated”), but of worries over whether or not I committed the unforgivable sin of blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. However, as Deborah has pointed out in her most recent response on this thread (which I will have to respond to tomorrow because it is getting very late), this concern may be unnecessary!

I will look into Chris Pinto’s information, as I am always interested in history, and furthering the knowledge of the country I call home. Thanks for the recommendation. I note that you also are concerned over Dominionism, a school of thought that although I’ve heard of I’m not overly familiar with. At some point I’ll take a look at it as well–remembering to bear your and Deborah’s warnings in mind. I am aware of the existence of certain church groups that advocate a reading of Romans 13 that demands unquestioning, blind obedience to our governments–which I agree is alarming. In “Common Sense,” Thomas Paine does an excellent job of assembling Scriptural arguments that mollify–not negate–what Apostle Paul states in Romans 13. For indeed, without these Scriptures (including Samuel 8), it would have been difficult for the American revolutionaries to find sufficient justification with which to inspire the citizenry to rise up against injustice.

Thanks again for all of your kind words and encouragement; this means a lot to me. Over time, and thanks in part to interactions such as the one we’re having, I’m becoming more acquainted with the full scope of God’s miraculous forgiveness. This is exactly the kind of edification I need!


yes I also love it when a plan comes together…not the “A’ Team with Hannibal ( the late George Peppard) but with a saved soul…like me and you…I sincerely hurt and feel the pain of my Christian brothers that are following devils doctrines…I understand this very well as I was a devoted victim of this…Christians! throw out preachers…books…etc…etc…read your bible and be very, very honest and sincere with your honesty,sincerity and integrity…do not follow Angus Buchan, Joyce Meyer, Benny Hinn and even Billy Graham or John Mc Arthur just the simple instructions passed through the ages by the annointed writers…not the modern day charlatans of today.


Having said this…I believe that there still are helpers to understand the SIMPLE message of the cross…the charlatans however had abused the grace of God and have deliberately abused it to draw attenrtion to their lack of value in their own eyes and the society that diminishes them and have sold by effective selling techniques a way that leads to death…if not death a weakened spiritual poverty that places happiness and security on successful material comfort and financial gain.


Crumbs kudos to you Debs for the editing …but I am too slow… a few mistakes…must be my Irish blood??


Agree Michael.

If you’re born once, you die twice; but if you’re born twice, you die once. ….
simple! :-)

Christopher Henderson

Dear Deborah,

I am really glad we’re having this conversation, because in it you’ve addressed both my recent concerns (e.g. how to understand Revelation in light of all of the chaos that’s been taking place in recent months and years), and a long-running worry I’ve had (whether or not I committed blasphemy of the Holy Spirit).

Regarding the latter concern (which has been something of a nightmare for me), your analysis is much appreciated, and dovetails nicely with some of the other reading I’ve done on this subject. It certainly does make sense that blasphemy of the Holy Spirit in its original context refers to the Pharisees’ willful attribution of Jesus’ divine works to demonic sources. And although there are different interpretations as to what this concept represents in today’s world, I feel that you could very well be correct in equating it to a continued state of unbelief. In other words, your interpretation is the one that makes the most sense to me. Thanks! By this definition, for the most part I’m in decent shape.

You may be wondering, then, why it is that I’ve still had doubt. Well, maybe the answer is that I am still reeling from the blasphemies I did commit, which although they don’t appear to be blasphemies of the Holy Spirit per se are sickening nonetheless. Sure, the worst ones by far happened many years ago when I was completely lost, and I don’t even dream of cursing God these days (I have finally understood that He wasn’t the author of the suffering I experienced), but believe me when I tell you that these blasphemies–one of which was done in public–were terrible. With all of this in mind, and as you state, maybe my continuing to feel ill at ease (although not discouraged enough to abandon my faith) has been the Lord’s admonition to never do such a thing again! Because he still cares and hasn’t rejected me.

And you know what, Deborah, I think He does forgive me for my blasphemies, which in all fairness happened under a great deal of duress anyway. I am going to take your advice to heart. What I’ll do to close this matter out completely is talk it over with my pastor, get his thoughts, and assuming he’s in concordance with our viewpoint, let go of my fear and guilt over sins that believe me, I have gotten on my knees and asked for forgiveness for. In all aspects of life, this one particularly, I need to do more letting go and letting God!

Thanks for the link you provided, which I will certainly read, and don’t worry: I’m not done asking for forgiveness by any means! Many blessings to you.

Christopher Henderson

Dear Michael,

Thanks for joining the conversation! I really appreciate your insight here, especially seeing as it corroborates Deborah’s perspective. The worrying I’ve done over my blasphemies has been very dispiriting at times–but again, not enough to make me abandon the spiritual progress I’ve made through Jesus Christ. As I stated in my last post, I think I’ve just about arrived at the point that I’m willing to relinquish my fear and doubt in this regard.

With respect to the sad story of Carla Faye Tucker, what she did sounds absolutely horrible, but I am glad she accepted Jesus before her execution. For my part, I have never been in favor of the death penalty. It’s ironic that out of all the executions that Bush Jr. oversaw while governor of Texas, the only pardon he saw fit to issue was to Henry Lee Lucas–one of the worst serial killers in US history. Could it be, as some have suggested, that this was because in Lucas Mr. Bush saw a kindred spirit? This kind of mentality would do much to explain W’s inevitable involvement in or at the very least tacit sanction of the 9/11 mass murders. (Remember the book he was reading at the time he was informed of what happened? “My Pet Goat”–and it was upside down!)

But that’s a digression back into the realm of conspiracy theories. I really admire the evangelists who do prison outreach, and help inmates receive comfort and salvation during difficult times. Sadly, although our prison system is nominally meant to be rehabilitative as well as punitive, all too often the former role is completely nonexistent. This is where Christian evangelism gets to shine however, in the form of outreach. In fact, there’s a great guy I met last year who does this very sort of thing, and one of the these days I need to get back in touch with him and see how he’s doing. Maybe one day soon, I can accompany him on one of his expeditions. Every soul is precious to our Lord!

I will do my best to be judicious about which faith-related books I read, remembering to always focus first and foremost on the Word itself. The message of Calvary is indeed simple, which is one of the reasons it works.

Many blessings to you my friend.

Christopher Henderson

Dear Eddy,

I am glad the Lord led you out of those circumstances, and that you were amenable to His will which speaks very well of you. I was an alcoholic for many years so I can relate. Daily sins indeed…we are sinners! But blessed, forgiven, and saved.

“So take comfort with your convictions that is the Holy Spirit drawing you to work out your salvation.”

I like how you put this! Muchas gracias.

And I would love to visit South Africa! If I ever get the chance to do so, I will let you know. Please do likewise if you’d like to visit SoCal. The great thing about the Internet is that in a sense, we ARE visiting each other by conversing here!

Many blessings to you!

Christopher Henderson

Dear Deborah,

I just read the article “Lordship Salvation–Putting the Cart Before the Horse.” Some serious food for thought! Thanks again for all of your help; I really appreciate it.

Christopher Henderson

If anyone is interested in learning more about conspiracies that have negatively affected the people of Southern California–i.e. the “covert nefarious” activities I referred to in one of my previous posts–I encourage you to research the following items:

-The 1940s/50s-era Great American Streetcar Scandal, which involved Los Angeles as well as a number of other major American cities. Basically what happened was that several big companies including Rockefeller Standard Oil, GM, and Firestone Tire teamed up to buy out the electric cable car-based mass public transit systems in major US cities for the purposes of dismantling them. The idea was to phase out these inexpensive, efficient, and relatively environmentally friendly systems in favor of the then-nascent freeway system, which of course was very much designed to accommodate Standard Oil, GM, and Firestone products. And the rest, as they say, is history. In the decades that followed we very much became a car culture.

The problem with this of course (and believe it or not I say this as an auto enthusiast!) is that it is very expensive to own a car; ownership of which opens one up to a number of different liabilities as compared to relying upon mass transportation. Also there’s the issue of smog and what to do about broken-down/unwanted older vehicles, both of which are seriously taxing to the environment. And finally, and perhaps most ominously, the car culture has over time forced us to become much more reliant upon foreign oil, which as we are seeing now has major national security implications. Thus in a very real sense, those who want to point the finger at Americans as wasteful (which we certainly can be) and eager to help ourselves to other countries’ resources should understand that it is our “elites” such as Rockefeller (who now has the guts to fund the environmental movement–how’s that for hypocrisy?) who time and time again have led us down the consumerist path. The public good was sold out all those years ago, and this has come back to haunt us in a number of ways.

(Sidenote: I recently learned that these events are referenced in the film “Who Framed Roger Rabbit.” Interesting! For all of the complaining I do about Hollywood, they do give us a heads up every now and then. I should also note that with the addition of the Metro Blue Line system over the last fifteen years or so, LA’s public transportation systems aren’t that bad.)

-The deliberate introduction in the 1980s of cocaine to the Los Angeles area via the CIA’s massive Iran-Contra arms smuggling/drug-running operation for the purposes of destabilizing our communities, securing public approval and funding the so-called “War on Drugs” (a war that could be won in short order if honest FBI, DEA, and ATF agents were allowed to continue their investigations; see Carman, John), making money via drug convictions for the prison-industrial complex, and funding further covert CIA activities. As you will see if you read the Chip Tatum Chronicles and Gary Webb’s outstanding investigative work (efforts that cost Mr. Webb his life), the crack cocaine epidemic that has since the ’80s swept through the entire country and affected people of all walks of life was a deliberate creation of the Central Intelligence Agency. As such, the subsequent loss of life and livelihood that has followed was thus both entirely preventable and a diabolical testimony to the ruthlessness of certain elements within our so-called national security establishment.

-The deliberate poisoning of the Los Angeles water supply via mandatory fluoridation. Sodium fluoride, as a potent neurotoxin, component of rat poison, and byproduct of uranium enrichment has virtually no health benefits–quite the opposite, in fact. After taking the time to read some very credible independent analyses of the long-term effects of fluoride, it’s clear that fluoride advocates are either willfully ignorant of the facts, or even worse are paid shills of the NWO “elite”–the latter of whom are hell-bent on bringing about their goals of “depopulation” and mass mind control (fluoride reduces cognitive abilities–a fact that the “elites” are presumably well aware of and elated about). (Fluoridation is a national conspiracy as well, and one of grotesque proportions, affecting approximately 2/3 of the US population.)

-And finally, and as Eddy and I discussed, the deliberate introduction of finely milled toxic heavy metals such as barium into the atmosphere for the purposes of mind control, “depopulation,” profits for the medical industry, and, one can only presume, “fun” for the depraved monsters/would-be gods of the NWO. (Chemtrails being a national and global problem as well.)

Due to the research I’ve been conducting over the last several years, I am well aware of the unfortunate fact that people all over the world are suffering. Therefore in lieu of asking you to pray for the people of Southern California (although certainly, feel free to if you like with my thanks!), at this time I ask for you to do as Deborah suggests and pray that Lord Jesus returns soon. That, or for enough people to become aware and outraged as to bring down Mystery Babylon (the NWO) on Lord Jesus’ behalf. Or both!

Thanks for hearing me out and God bless you.

Christopher Henderson

I have a feeling I may have gone a bit overboard on the conspiracy information. I apologize for this, and in the future I will do my best to limit my comments to theology-related matters.

Before I move on, however, I would like to make a few points for anyone who may be reading this. First of all, despite all of the criticisms I’ve made pertaining to conspiracies, I love my country and am hoping for the best. In regard to the Great American Streetcar Scandal, I understand that there are alternative ways of looking at this. For example, it could be argued that the implementation of the freeway system led to much more economic growth than what would have happened otherwise. Indeed, I can see the truth of this. As a person who believes in the beneficial power of private industry, I only wish that a little more thought would have been put back in the ’40s and ’50s to the long-term strategic implications of making America more dependent upon oil. Also, as someone who has spent many, many hours stuck in traffic jams, it seems to me that slightly more emphasis should have been put on public transportation from the get-go.

Being a believer in the power of free-market economics, however, doesn’t mean I am a fan of the prison-industrial complex. I am not and make no apologies for this.

Moving on to the scornful words I lodged at “our so-called national security establishment,” I think that anyone who takes the time to understand Iran-Contra, etc. will feel both horrified and disappointed by these abuses. This I feel is a normal and natural response. Also, I am anti-war (except in the case of an actual, physical invasion/bombardment of one’s home country, a scenario that of course demands vigorous defensive measures), another stance for which I make no apologies; and one that can occasionally lead to the expression of some frustration. That said, I am concerned for the well-being of all of my countrymen, very much including our troops who are currently deployed in the Middle East theater. If I had my way, I would bring these wars to a rapid conclusion via 9/11 Truth or other peaceful methods, bring our brave men and women home, and give them lavish benefits so that even those among them who are in good health and don’t have much in their savings accounts could live comfortably without having to work for 5-10 years or more. Excellent health benefits would necessarily be included as well, of course; with even more benefits/monthly income and the best care available given to those who have suffered traumatic injuries.

Where would all of this money come from, you might ask? Well, first of all, caring for our veterans should be a funding priority regardless of how said funds are made available. That said, there is a way to obtain a large volume of funds: by implementing the long-awaited Wanta Plan. With these trillions of off-balance-sheet dollars added back to the Treasury, we could easily take care of our troops, pay down a substantial portion of the national debt, and perhaps even use the funds to bring stability to the troubled regions we’re currently engaged in–that is to say, buy peace if we have to (e.g. by supplying substantial funds for the affected nations’ governments, their infrastructure projects, and for other forms of compensation; with additional “bonus” funds made available for the successful implementation of US and internationally agreed-upon democratic objectives). Also for the soldiers who may want to work right away after returning home, we could give them the option of working for a Wanta Plan-boosted Army Corps. of Engineers and pay them good salaries to help rebuild America’s decaying infrastructure which is in desperate need of assistance. Alternatively, these veterans could work for private corporations endowed by Wanta Plan funds to bring about the same goal–said corporations also being in a good position to provide numerous jobs to private citizens as well. I could go on and on about other massive benefits that could be conferred via the repatriation of the Wanta funds, but in the interest of brevity I’ll go ahead and stop here.

The last couple of points I will make before signing off involve a reference I made to Apostle Paul’s authorship of Romans 13, and one other matter. While yes, technically Paul did write Romans 13, as well as numerous other Scriptures, I am well aware of the fact that he was Holy Spirit-inspired to do so. Therefore in a very real sense, and as I’m sure most if not all of you will agree, GOD wrote the Book of Romans, as He did all of the Bible. The reason I brought Romans 13 up in the first place was to comment on what I regard as the questionable interpretation some make of it that leads to a “never, ever, question temporal authorities” mindset.

Finally, I’d like to comment on the prayer I encouraged people to make: for Lord Jesus to return soon; or for enough people to become aware of the NWO’s abuses and outraged to act on Lord Jesus’ behalf; or both. Seeing how strict some folks are about exegesis on this forum–which I totally understand and respect; for God definitely wants us to understand Him correctly–this prayer may have been viewed as improper. (If anybody even read it that is! LOL.) To such a perspective, I can only say that my understanding of the Scriptures is as I said, somewhat limited–especially in areas pertaining to eschatology. Actually I can say more than that: I believe that Christians need to do more to stand up to injustice. While it could very well be true that only God’s direct manifestation in the form of Jesus’ Second Coming will be sufficient to correct the injustices that proliferate on Earth (please Lord Jesus, return soon!), I don’t view this as a license to be apathetic to the suffering that’s taking place. And although I know that many Christians aren’t apathetic, I can’t help but feel frustrated at the continuance of a status quo that is destructive to the interests of the vast majority of the people on Earth, as well as to the planet itself. If I am misguided in this regard, then I trust that in due time the Lord will correct me. In the interim, I must find a way to grow my mustard seed- or even grain of sand-sized faith to the point that I just don’t worry as much.

I appreciate your patience, and much love in Christ Jesus to all.

Burning Lamp

Christopher, it is good that you seem to be coming into a balance on the conspiracy thing. However, may I be so bold as to make some suggestions and some references for you to check out? For starters, here: Please read this short commentary as a basis. Then as I recommended previously, get Chris Pinto’s documentary on America. It will be a mindblower, but should be right up your alley.

Trust me, there are more than enough true, bonafide facts that are documented that should keep one occupied and never have to pay any attention to conspiracy theories and remember, they are just that, theories, speculations.

I could see you really sinking your intellectual teeth into the subject of eschatology, but be sure to form your mindset arm yourself with your Bible in one hand and a good commentary in the other. I highly recommend H.A. Ironside’s expositoy notes. You can order them online, you will not find them in a “Christian” bookstore.

Every social problem has a spiritual root cause. For example, abortion is a horrible evil. But it is driven by ignorance, selfishness and greed. It is not that the churches fail to stand up against social evils, it is that the churches fail to present the true Gospel message, make true converts, properly disciple and teach the sheep and equip them to go out and share the Gospel and make disciples. We are to be about God’s business first and foremost and that does not include picketing abortion clinics alongside those of apostate religions simply because they agree on this topic. Well-meaning, moral folks can stand up and rail against social evils, but it does nothing for their eternal destiny or the eternal destiny of those who are seeking the abortions.

May the Lord guide you in your walk and lead you into all truth.

Christopher Henderson

Thanks Deb. It wasn’t my intention to make you or anyone else feel guilty about not getting back to me right away. I guess I’m just a little bit “needy” due to my personal circumstances. Maybe part of it is liking to hear myself talk as well…I dunno. Trying not to be too much of a blowhard!

You’ve really helped me with your guidance, and I know there are others in need of your insight as well; so please help out whoever else is in need, and feel free to converse with me anytime! Your thoughts and kind wishes are much appreciated.

Christopher Henderson

Dear Burning Lamp,

Thanks for the kind words! As for me, I’m not altogether convinced that I’ve got a good balance with the conspiracy theories–not yet at least–but I’m doing my best to be the man God wants me to be. Certainly there is room for improvement, which I hope will be forthcoming.

I just read the Realtime Fellowship article, which I found very thought-provoking. Thanks! Being a conspiracy researcher in addition to a Christian, I understand the concept of the Vatican extending its hegemony to America via the ecumenical movement–as well as their subversion of US Protestant denominations via Scottish Rite/Jesuit “illuminized” Freemasonry (remembering of course that many of our Founding Fathers were Masons…gulp!). I agree with Realtime’s analysis in this regard, although I haven’t given up all hope on American Protestantism; and, their possible occultic beliefs aside, I find much to admire about our Founding Fathers. (Some of whom were quite aware of the Vatican’s temporal aspirations, and spoke out vigorously against them. Perhaps unsurprisingly, these quotes have been largely scoured from the annals of history. From the Vatican’s perspective, it wouldn’t do to have Adams’ blasting of the Jesuits included in modern-day American textbooks, would it?)

Now let’s proceed to Realtime’s assertion that freedom of religion (stipulated in our 1st Amendment, which, interestingly enough, some credit to the principles of Protestantism) is a wicked doctrine. Honestly Burning Lamp, I have some difficulty with this. It’s not that I agree with ecumenism, or that I view the worship of “gods” other than our God of Israel as OK. Certainly the Bible in both the Old and New Testaments makes clear that there is only one path to salvation: and that is through the worship of our Triune God YHVH/Y’shua/Holy Spirit. However, to state that in declaring freedom of religion our Constitution advocates apostasy/heresy is a bit of a stretch in my opinion. As you will hopefully agree, God gave us Free Will–which means He wants us to come to Him willingly. (Although I agree with the Calvinists in some aspects of their Free Will doctrine, for me the fact that God in His omniscience, even knowing ahead of time that Adam and Eve would make the wrong choice, saw fit to give them Free Will anyway speaks volumes as whether or not He intended/intends for us to have it.) Therefore, for the US government (or any other government for that matter) to “mandate” an adherence to Christianity, they would in a sense overstep what could be viewed as an important boundary. (Now, would said “overstepping” be a greater error than possibly allowing souls to be lost to other faiths due to freedom of religion protections? That is an interesting, and debatable, line of inquiry.) As for the Illuminati plot to destroy Christian faith, an agenda that can be seen advocated in a number of ways in our “modern” society, rest assured that I oppose this wholeheartedly! Look at our unemployment. Look at our mental health statistics. Look at our debt levels. Look at the divorce rates. Look at the abortion rates. By any number of measures, as we become more “modernized” and apostate, we sink deeper and deeper into misery. I for one don’t view this (which I attribute to the Illuminazi lunatics’ war on faith, NOT to our 1st Amendment) as a coincidence.

Moving on (and it looks like this is going to be another long-winded post; I hope you don’t mind!), I think it’s also important to answer the question of whether or not our separation of church and state/advocacy of freedom of religion is proper by looking at a variety of Scriptures. Realtime has cited the First Commandment as well as other Scriptures to back up their position. Fair enough; I can understand and respect that. But what about Matthew 22:21 and Mark 12:17? Couldn’t these be interpreted as supportive of a separation of church and state? I believe so; and indeed, pro-Establishment Clause theologians have been citing them in support of their position for centuries. Who’s ultimately right? Well, God is, of course! Whether He stands with the good folks at Realtime or those in favor of freedom of religion AS A GOVERNMENT POLICY is a difficult question. I can tell you that as an American who’s proud of the Constitution, a Christian who understands and agrees completely with the truth of salvation only coming through Jesus Christ, and someone who believes in the critical importance of Free Will, I don’t see the First Amendment’s freedom of religion provision as an inherently bad thing.

Finally, on the topic of America’s freedom of religion allegedly being a Trojan Horse for the Church of Rome’s ecumenical movement, I would just like to point out that as of the late 18th century when the Constitution was written, the Vatican wasn’t promoting ecumenism. Quite the opposite, in fact: at that time, the Jesuits’ counter-Reformation (which very much denies freedom of religion, by the way) was in full swing. It wasn’t until the 1960s, with Vatican II (which completely and totally conflicts with the still-in-effect-to-this-day Council of Trent–one of many holes in the absurd doctrine of papal “infallibility”) that the Vatican began promoting ecumenism. Therefore I find Realtime’s assertions in this regard a bit strange. (Charles Carroll’s somewhat troubling influence, which I am still trying to piece through, notwithstanding.)

Burning Lamp, I am well aware of the perils of the ecumenical movement, and how ecumenism conflicts with numerous Scriptures. As such, I am not in favor of ecumenism. However I do believe that there are God-given rights and freedoms, and that the US Bill of Rights does much to preserve them. (I like the Declaration as well, but technically it isn’t a binding legal document like the Constitution is–or was, that is, before the advent of legislation such as the wicked so-called “Patriot Act.”)

Now, is Realtime correct in asserting that the American Dream itself is satanic? That is a frightening thought. Certainly materialism/consumerism, which America’s critics often associate with the American Dream, is misguided (at best). Although there is plenty of blame to go around for the proliferation of material desires in American society, I for one feel that not enough attention goes to the “elites” themselves, who have promoted consumerism for the purposes of enriching themselves. Indeed, we here in the States are barraged with thousands of advertising messages every day–messages that are designed to make us feel insecure/worthless/”left out” if we don’t buy the featured products. Many of the ads use sexual overtones to bring said feelings about–which is degrading to both men and women. Without getting too much more into this well-documented and tragic trend, I’d like to take a moment to point out one of the “elites'” most diabolical hypocrisies: as they conspire to saturate American “consumers” (a word that I’ve grown to hate) with their “buy now!” “buy now or you ain’t nothing!” propaganda, and reap the subsequent profits, they then have the guts to turn around and, through various “foundations” and “thinktanks,” label Americans as materialistic and wasteful! While the shamelessness and depravity of this would be bad enough in and of itself, said “elites” then proceed to use their misanthropic and hypocritical categorization of Americans to declare that on the basis of our “elite”-encouraged consumption levels, there are “too many people on Earth” and “we” must “depopulate!” In other words, first they need us to fund their lavish lifestyles (via our purchase of their products); but once they’re rolling in dough thanks in large part to us, we become nothing more than “useless eaters” to be killed off! That’s gratitude for you, huh?

(One might ask the likes of rabid “depopulationist” Ted Turner why he bothered having children in the first place, if there are “too many people on the planet.” Or why these morons continue to ignore the internationally acknowledged, worldwide development known as demographic winter–a phenomenon which completely invalidates their idiotic, nihilistic, anti-Christian, and misanthropic so-called worldview.)

(For the record, despite my angry words I don’t hate rich people; I only hate the warped perspective that some–certainly not all–of them have. And while without a doubt, we need private companies to make products and provide employment, the advertising has gotten way, way out of hand.)

After having made that long digression, I’d like to return to the American Dream and state that in what I regard as its original meaning (i.e. life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness), there was and is nothing wrong with it. Yes, there is the ugly fact that in some ways, a happy life for the “privileged few” in centuries past (and some would argue up to the present) came at the expense of others’ freedoms and even lives. In a 300+ year genocide that has very few parallels, tens of millions of Native Americans were murdered right here in North America. Also to America’s shame, African slaves were forcibly brought here against their will and brutalized by supposedly “freedom- and equality-loving” white folks. And unfortunately, there have been many other infamies that have taken place on our soil (the treatment of Chinese-Americans, Irish-Americans, Japanese-Americans, and Italian-Americans come to mind). Nowadays there are the horrors of “COINTELPRO Redux”–a covert war against the domestic American population that involves brutally sadistic field agent- and directed energy weapon-based tortures that are often done to the death, with no due process or human rights whatsoever extended to the victims (of which I am one). And then, of course, there’s the specter of “elite”-mandated materialism that I’ve already discussed here in some detail.

But you know what? I said it before and I will say it again: there is nothing wrong with life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, provided that 1) they are truly upheld with equality; and 2) “happiness” isn’t automatically equated with how much one owns or what status they possess. Yes, obviously we have failed miserably on both points at various times throughout our history–but that doesn’t mean that the American Dream, at least in the pure form in which I like to think of it–is satanic. We have strength in diversity; great cultural achievements in the arts; many inspirational political, civic, and military leaders; and our achievements in business, warts and all, are unparalleled in world history. Therefore I can say that despite the sad shape America is in these days–which has been many, many years in the making–and despite the fact that I can understand certain aspects of Realtime’s criticism of the American Dream, I can’t agree with their categorical statement in this regard. America is a great country–and if it isn’t, it will one day be again.

Whew! This is turning into a long, long post. But I like the discussion we’re having, and I think I’ve already addressed the most complex and perhaps difficult aspects of what I’d like to say/blather on about (LOL).

Abortion is evil. There is no doubt in my mind about this. Of course, coming from a purportedly “left-wing” family, I always had feminism shoved down my throat; which wouldn’t seem to be necessarily sinister except for the fact that unfortunately, in addition to their understandable interest in promoting equal rights, feminists often fiercely uphold “a woman’s right to choose.” I believe the foundation for this goes back to Margaret Sanger, the notorious eugenicist who some claim advocated the sterilization of minorities on the basis of their allegedly being “inferior”/”not fit to reproduce.” Really I wish that feminists, many of whom are probably well-meaning people, would do a little research into Sanger; as well as the CIA’s and Rockefellers’ covert funding/advocacy of their movement, and see that they’ve been hoodwinked into supporting an agenda that the freedom-hating NWO has used for their own nefarious purposes for quite some time now. There was an image I recall seeing a couple of years ago in which Gloria Allred grins creepily while wearing an “I had an abortion” t-shirt. I mean come on! It’s bad enough to have an abortion, but I can’t help but find the idea of advertising having done so appalling.

On my end, and in all fairness, I have to carefully reconsider my recent advocacy of the purported civil rights group the ACLU, because sadly, in addition to the litigation they undertake for the purposes of putting the police state in check (which largely accounts for my support thus far of their organization), the ACLU also insists on promoting abortion rights. This is a difficult admission for me to make; and, Burning Lamp, I hope you won’t judge me too harshly for having made it.

As for your statement that “Well-meaning, moral folks can stand up and rail against social evils, but it does nothing for their eternal destiny or the eternal destiny of those who are seeking the abortions,” this is a tough one for me. I understand that we are saved through grace and not through works. However, that said, would we even have Protestant freedoms and indeed Reformation-based theology in America and other places if people hadn’t fought to preserve these things? If those people hadn’t laid down their lives in Europe, America, and other places over the course of centuries, would we even have the freedom today to read and advocate the Word the way we want to? If the answer is “no,” then it would seem to follow that all of the soul-winning God wanted His people to do in the years that followed those costly military and spiritual victories wouldn’t have been possible. Why wouldn’t God look favorably upon those whose sacrifice helped preserve our freedoms and faith?

I’m not necessarily disagreeing with what you state here; I just thought I’d give you a little food for thought. And yes, in due time I will check out what Chris Pinto has to say. Meanwhile, and until I hear from you again, may God bless you and thanks for the dialog! Christopher Henderson, signing off.

Christopher Henderson

One more thing.

I tried to make a quick edit to the following statement, but was cut off before I had a chance to do so. Instead of saying:

“Whether He stands with the good folks at Realtime or those in favor of freedom of religion is a difficult question.”

What I meant to say was:

“Whether He stands with the good folks at Realtime or those in favor of freedom of religion AS A GOVERNMENT POLICY is a difficult question.”

All right! Hopefully that little clarification helps. I really wrote a lot, huh? Wow!

Christopher Henderson

Dear Burning Lamp,

After all that, I guess I didn’t quite write enough; because there’s one more matter I feel I should clear up.

In addressing your statement of “Well-meaning, moral folks can stand up and rail against social evils, but it does nothing for their eternal destiny or the eternal destiny of those who are seeking the abortions,” in which I referenced the victories of the American Revolution, the English fleet’s triumph over the Armada, the Thirty Years War, etc. as examples of standing up to injustice that I would hope God would look favorably upon, I did not mean this as an endorsement of violence against abortion clinics. While I am against abortion and would support those who speak out against abortion, I don’t advocate the use of violence against abortion doctors and their clinics.

Just thought I’d give that additional $0.02. Hopefully it helps.

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