Depopulation, Concentration Camps, Coffins and Guillotines

Terrible things are on the way in the USA and in other countries around the world.  Pray Jesus Christ comes soon.

Obama’s new DEPOPULATION Policy:


Then there are those ominous FEMA concentration camps (an estimated +/- 600 in total)

[youtube] [youtube]

Then there are the millions of COFFIN liners big enough to fix 3 to 4 people:

See how the above coffins are used in conjunction with the guillotines – NOTE this below video is VERY graphic and contains disturbing footage.


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Deborah (Discerning the World)

Deborah Ellish is the author of the above article. Discerning the World is an internet Christian Ministry based in Johannesburg South Africa. Tom Lessing and Deborah Ellish both own Discerning the World. For more information see the About this Website page below the comments section.

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This is all very serious stuff. We are truly in the time that the Scripture speaks of. You are NOt to fear man. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. It is only a breath away, we step into the Kingdom. We must get the message out to the young and old. Jesus is coming! Get it! Praise His HOLY Name.

Burning Lamp

Oh boy! Where do I start?

I have listened to the video of Pamela Schiffer’s comments and have read them. I no longer follow Alex Jones and do not consider him a credible source for Christians. I have no doubt whatsoever that Pamela is a believer and a sister in Christ. Yes, no doubt she is telling the truth and has the best of intentions.

However, she says she does not want to instill fear. Ironically, she is doing the very thing she doesn’t intend.

The core of the issue it seems to me is a correct understanding of God’s plan/prophecy for this world, dispensational theology and eschatology. I see so much confusion amongst even Christians who are fundamental in other areas of the faith.

Pamela obviously does not believe in eternal security of the believer, a precious doctrine that has to be tossed in the trash if one believes the Church, the Bride of Christ is going to go through the Tribulation.

The Body of Christ is made up of people who are all at different places in their walk with Christ. Some are new, tender believers, some are mature and faithful, others are deceived and walking in carnality. The Bible says that we will not be tested beyond what we can endure. Yes, there are believers who are martyred for their faith even today and there are the heroes of the past of whom we can read in Foxe’s Book of Martyrs. But there has never been a world-wide persecution and true believers will be removed before this happens. Noah and his family were safely in the ark before the floods came. So it will be with the true Church when all hell breaks out and evil is unleashed as never before.

We are a Church in apostasy, one of the signs of the end times. The only hope for us is in Christ Jesus who promised to come for His Bride in the Rapture. We cannot possibly prepare ourselves for a holocaust. We can’t earn our salvation to begin with and we can’t keep it by any acts of courage.

Also, articles like this make us think of ourselves instead of reaching out and sharing the Gospel with the lost who are headed for an eternity of suffering in hell. Not a watered-down false gospel but the true Gospel speaking the Word of God, not the reasoning of man. How many Christians are equipped by their pastors to do this? How many are simply pew potatoes, hunkering down, or joining political causes, tea parties, etc. entertaining a false hope for a radical change in government that will honor Christ?

I am not afraid of martial law or the guillotines. This concerns the unsaved who are redeemed after the persecution starts and all hell breaks loose and the wrath of God begins. They are the Tribulation Saints-those of the Church Age are not in that number.
This will be the time of Jacob’s Trouble, the time when the Lord returns to dealing with His chosen people, the Jews. A rightly dividing of the Word will reveal this truth. There is so much false theology going around these days and there is much confusion and dueling “Bible bullets”, the Word being taken out of context, etc. Those who have once believed in the Blessed Hope have abandoned it.

Debs, my dear friend, I mean no disrespect because I know you care about the lost and the true Gospel, but purveyors of these type of messages would do much better by being a walking, talking soul-winner, one who gives the only hope we have no matter what happens.


I think this is a good reminder as I think sometimes we are so distracted by our own politics, (Julius Malema, et al) our work, families, etc. that we for a moment take our eyes off the rest of the world. Of course, not being ignorant but days become weeks and weeks months, the time goes so quickly. So, when we are faced with this, we can also remind ourselves that Jesus said in John 14:27 that we must not let our hearts be troubled and we must not be afraid. So, whether this is truth or maybe also here the 80/20 rule applies, we do not know, it is still good to remind ourselves why we should put our faith in Jesus Christ alone.

Burning Lamp

Debs. thanks for the clarification especially on Alex Jones who it isn’t clear where he is spiritually and also Pamela. She professes to be a Christian and no doubt influences many believers. I know Christians who are all wrapped up in Conspiracy Theories and their eyes are on man and not on the Lord. I do hope that this will be a lead-in for some folks to get on the straight and narrow and concentrate on the true threats – false teachings and wolves that are ravaging the flocks.

Many blessings to ya!!!

Thanks for all the great stuff you post and all your faithfulness and hard work.


Deborah, just a quick one unrelated to this article but I’m sure you might have picked up – the comments section on the left side of the screen – some of the links that are quoted are going right across the screen and causing difficulty when reading the main article or the comments. Just thought Id let you know.


Burning Lamp wrote:

Also, articles like this make …….

Ditto! I agree whole heartedly BL… And I also understand why Deb’s has posted this as her comment below yours made it clear! ;-)

Sibusiso Cele

Debs!,this is very painful.When we build our own religion “so we think”(because in reality we don’t have a choice) its either Jehovah/Jesus or Satan/Lucifer and drive away the author of Religion, Jehovah/Jesus… we go astray and those who have more power than others they start to be dictators forcing their ideas on others, those who know better & refuse to be told what to do when they know what is good to done…its a ‘follow us! or die’.The “wine of Babylon” must we all be drunk by the teachings of demons/doctrines of devils? order to be safe ?.I don’t think so.


Allo Allo i cannot help but respond to these posting.I am a believer and also an agent of conspiracy dissemination.@BL Satan is in a conspiracy against Christ,the rise of the NWO is part of it we as believers must be aware of the enemy and his tricks(bible says so)people live in sheeple land and absorb TV.I have told an unsaved client about these horrendous conspiracy and also the Gospel-the gospel he has poopooed,but as he does research in conspiracy i see the change in his demeanor he will soon ask how can he escape this -then back to the gospel.
Yup Alex Jones is what we call a coadjutator,Jesse i do not know,but they still make great u-tubes.
No one preaches reality from the pulpit it is don’t look you won’t worry- yes the Gospel is all we need and Gods grace is sufficient.Jesus also exposed the charlatans at the temple.Rick Joiner?warren all part of the conspiracy
Glad to see activity here again


Deborah (Discerning the World) wrote:

I have a little story to back up just what you have said. My brother was not interested in hearing the gospel of Jesus until I gave him a video on the NWO – I told him that the producers of the video were not Christian (all of a sudden he was willing to listen). He watched the video and his eyes nearly popped out his head. Since then he knows more about what is going on out there than me. The GOOD NEWS is, He started to ask my mother questions about Jesus :) Can you believe it. So my mom has been speaking to him about the Gospel. Now he is trying to get his girlfriend saved. I kid you not. I had been trying to speak to my brother forever about Jesus and he was just not interested in hearing anything I had to say, he would get angry and shut me up. Now he quietly listens to me and thanks me for telling him. It’s a miracle.
PS, yes I r back :)

Praise The Lord Jesus Christ for that Deb’s… A LOT of people will NEVER listen UNTIL they are first confronted with things such as the ‘conspiracy theory’ stuff… Especially men… suppose men have a “mucho” attitude to get past when it comes to Christ therefore GLOBAL DOOM seems to do the thing to get them to open up to Jesus Christ… ;-)

Burning Lamp

I think we have to make some distinctions and clarifications here about just exactly what are “conspiracies”.It calls for much wisdom. There are TRUE conspiracies that are exposed by level-headed folks, some Christians, some not. Those can be useful to open the eyes and put a chink in the armor.

However, there are those that find a demon under every rock and give more glory to the devil than point people to Christ. They are put out by people with bananas for brains. They lead people down bunny trails that lead to dead ends, often over a cliff.

For example, I saw a Christian website that promoted Texx Marrs, Alex Jones Info Wars, and a video stating that 9/11 was an inside job. That is NOT useful.

The bottom line we must remember is that in the final analysis, it is the Word of God that convicts the heart, not the words of man. When seeking to lead someone to Christ, stick to the verses in the Bible so the Holy Spirit can convict the heart.

One would think that just listening to the evening news should be enough to strike terror into the hearts of people to convince them they need help to get through this world and prepare for the next. Yes, be wise and use the right tools – some need a wake-up call and then they will see their need and listen to the Word of God.


Fantastic stuff,so the word says ‘mens hearts shall fail them for fear”Nothing like a good study and some analytically thinking into “who’ manipulates the markets and ‘why’Satan does not need money but inspires the greed of the power elite who then control the money through debt intervention and so robs you the citizen- fear -suicide- death – Answer knowledge Jesus saves -comply discerning spirit act wise, no more fear.
The u tube above u posted about the Guillotines yo yo yo yo better be saved!Conspiracy is the meat of Reverlations

Burning Lamp

One thing I might add – some people need to have their britches scared off to get their attention. Others are hurting and need to know the mercy, love and grace of God and what He did for us. Their hearts are tender, the others have a shell that needs to be dracked for the Light to come in. Different strokes for different folks, and yet they ALL need the pure Word of God to seal the deal.

And it is good for us as believers to be aware of the stuff that is going on to remind us that our God is faithful and His plan will go forward. We need not fear the future, but we are to be watchpeople to warn others. Not to instill fear, but to remind them of the Blessed Hope and how we are to live our lives in such a wicked world.

Christopher Henderson

Burning Lamp,

I am a Christian doing my best to live as Lord Jesus wants me to. I am also a conspiracy theorist (hopefully the two aren’t mutually exclusive). I agree with you that we must always emphasize and never lose sight of God’s message of hope!

God’s Word states that those who are friends to the world are enemies to Him. Does this mean that we aren’t to oppose destructive schemes such as depopulation, mind control, and false flag terrorism? As I’m sure you will agree, the NWO who is behind these things acts in the spirit of the father of lies. Therefore, by extension, depopulation for example which according to numerous reports is one of the main goals of the NWO, must be a wicked and diabolical goal. And indeed, insofar as NWO front organizations who want to “save the planet” by “depopulating” the Earth advocate doing away with people en masse, they ignore the fact that God gave His people (all 7 billion of us) dominion over the Earth. In other words, although no sane person would want to see the Earth despoiled, in the book of Genesis God makes clear that people take priority over the environment. Also, there is the Sixth Commandment, which clearly denies the power of life and death to Earthly authorities. (God being the ultimate authority, of course, reserves the right to do as He pleases–and rightly so.)

As Christians, are we not to oppose the devil, his followers, and their wicked ways? Are we not to expose satan’s works and reprove them? Or in your opinion, should Christians not concern themselves with trying to overcome what would appear to be gross injustices such as the deliberate inducement of famine in Africa–because to do otherwise would make us “friends to the world?” My friend, I am not trying to mock you–I am genuinely in need of a constructive conversation with a fellow Christian to help me sort some things out. I do NOT want to be the kind of friend to the world that puts me at odds with the Lord; and I fervently hope that my research of and opposition to the NWO doesn’t put me in this dangerous category.

Thanks for listening and God bless you! If you would be so kind as to comment, I would greatly appreciate it. Anyone else who would like to respond, please feel free to as well.

Christopher Henderson

Thanks for the response, Deborah. Your interpretation of what the Bible means by “friend of the world” makes a lot of sense. After all, in both the Old and New Testaments God repeatedly calls upon the faithful not only to repent of sins/worldly ways, but also to be of service to others. I believe that by raising awareness of the Illuminati’s diabolical depopulation schemes (plans that are actually quite stupid as well from what I understand, given the ongoing global trend known as demographic winter), researchers such as yourself are helping our beleaguered brethren in North America, Africa, and other places. And of course, given the sad state of the mainstream media–TV- and print-based, as well as online–Christians and other interested parties must delve into the arena derogatorily labeled “conspiracy theories.” Therefore to be of service to others, as God clearly wants us to be, and to be appropriately watchful, we must overcome our complacency, conduct research, and do our best to win souls to Christ using all available resources (the primary one being the Word). It looks like you are doing a terrific job in all of these categories. Thank you!

Deborah, I know I shouldn’t worry because in the end Lord Jesus will make everything right, but after perceiving what appears to be a synthetic, Illuminati-staged, end times scheme–complete with man-made earthquakes, famines, hurricanes, monsoons, and other atrocities–I can’t help but feel despair. Although many people (Christians, those of other faiths, and the secular-minded) seem to be gaining awareness of the current generation of weather-modifying superweapons, and said weapons’ ability to mimic Biblical prophecy (I myself only recently learned of these capabilities, being a little slow on the uptake), there seems to be a divergence of opinion as to whether or not the recent crop of “natural” catastrophes actually qualifies as fulfillment of Revelation prophecy. This is a vital point in my opinion, for if these devastating events were/are actually brought about and sanctioned by the Holy Spirit, then we as the faithful would be hard-pressed to oppose them. On the other hand, seeing as the controllers of the NWO hate the Lord, and that their destruction is of the scientific/technological variety (as opposed to supernatural destruction authored by YHWH/Yeshua and their Holy Spirit), one could certainly argue that we are faith-bound to oppose them.

To the latter perspective, I just read an article by Fritz Springmeier called “The Armageddon Plot” in which Fritz describes in detail the advantages the luciferian Illuminati seek to derive from mimicking/deliberately inducing Biblical prophecy. In a sense, the NWO seems to be using Revelation as a kind of blueprint with which to solidify their global control–and of course in so doing pathetically attempt to exalt themselves higher than the Most High. (I say pathetic because as we know, satan’s power is miniscule compared to God’s. In fact, even if the NWO had enough power to atomize every planet in the solar system, and even the sun, their power would still pale in comparison to that of the Creator of the entire Universe.) Although Fritz’ article is controversial in some regards, I find his rallying cry for Christians to stand up against NWO tyranny both effective and thought-provoking. If you get a chance, Deborah, and you don’t mind looking up the article and giving me your thoughts on it (assuming you haven’t read it already), by all means please do. This would be much, much appreciated.

OK, well, I think I’ve typed enough for now. I didn’t mean to talk your ear off! Like I said in my previous post, I’ve been in need of discussing these kinds of issues for a while now. While I really want to bring up some of them with my pastor, I’m kind of afraid I’ll freak him out. However, for all I know he may be open to discussing faith-related items that involve conspiracy research. We’ll just have to see…In the meantime, thanks again for listening! After getting that stuff off my chest I am feeling a little more optimistic. Hope to hear from you soon, and God bless!

Christopher Henderson

Dear Deborah,

Thank you so much for your kind words, and for your willingness to interact with me. As you pointed out, there is always hope when we have faith in Jesus! Whether this means that we are fortunate enough to be reunited with Him upon the Rapture, or later, upon our enduring on Earth through the Tribulation period, if we are strong in our faith (I am still weak but getting stronger!) all of God’s promises will be fulfilled. Good will prevail!

You are absolutely right in asserting that God could very well have planned in advance for the NWO to copy the Bible as Mr. Springmeier and others have claimed (with Jesus of course emerging triumphant regardless!). That is certainly possible. As for Fritz’ views with respect to the Rapture, I am still trying to obtain a solid Biblical understanding that will help me better evaluate where he’s coming from in this regard—and more importantly, what the Bible truly says about the Rapture. From what I understand of Springmeier’s perspective, I don’t think he’s arguing that the Tribulation period isn’t already here. And of course, although I believe that he is sincere in what he says, that doesn’t automatically mean he is correct. Putting aside matters such as his critique of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, what I like about his article is that he implores Christians to stand up against the NWO.

But is it really proper for us to abhor the NWO? Or in other words, and as Springmeier implicitly asks in his article, is opposing the NWO during these end times equivalent to opposing God? Like I said in my previous post, if “depopulation,” mind control, and the other items on the NWO agenda are things that God truly wants to happen (as punishment for the wicked as per Revelation—whether technology-based or otherwise), who are we to object? This is where I am still feeling very confused. My heart tells me to strenuously oppose these happenings—but is this my own ignorance and perhaps even wickedness leading me astray? Or am I reading the situation correctly? It is hard for me, Deborah, not to root against schemes (e.g. depopulation via man-induced disasters) that, whether allegedly Bible-copied or not, seem to emanate from the corrupt minds of God-hating occultists…

Moving on to the technology itself, it seems somewhat neutral, and as you noted can be used for good or ill. (Like pretty much any other technology, from television to nuclear power to the Internet itself.) For all of the destructive power of EMF-based “earthquake machines,” from what I understand they can also be used to bathe segments of the population in beneficial frequencies that promote feelings of peace and restful alertness (as opposed to the dumbing-down, mind-controlling effects that result from the addition of sodium fluoride to drinking water). From some of the literature I’ve read on the subject, EMF frequencies when properly used on individuals can cure cancer. And finally, for national defense purposes, it’s my understanding that a HAARP-type device could conceivably put up a huge dome-shaped field that would effectively dud any incoming missiles. Pretty cool stuff!

My perspective on technology is that it’s not magic; and when used properly can be a blessing. As I hope you will agree, all wisdom—whether in the form of positive technological advancements, philosophies that lead to beneficial social reform (such as the US Constitution), the arts, or other forms—comes from God.

But if we are in the Tribulation period (which appears to be the case), and the time has arrived for the world to be judged and the wicked punished, does that mean that the seemingly positive uses of HAARP would be utilized in defiance of God’s will? If so, this would seem to indicate that HAARP’s destructive capabilities are actually good–which is counter-intuitive for me. And while the Bible states that Christ wants everyone to accept Him or face His wrath (which according to Revelation will include much destruction), I can’t help but wonder if that’s what’s really happening here. Again, Deborah, I’m having some trouble and could use your counsel. The fact that the Lord hasn’t yet directly answered my yearning for discernment in this area tells me that I need to consult His Word and brethren such as yourself, and as you stated, keep praying. Thank you so much for your help.

Burning Lamp

Christopher, I hope you listen to what Deborah is telling you. Dabbling in Conspiracy theories is a very slippery slope. For instance, you mention Fritz Springmeir. There is much confusion surrounding this man.

Christians have much better things to do with their time then to dig into areas of darkness. These things are not edifying and they do not build our faith. As believers our focus should be plumbing the depths of the Word of God and keeping our eyes on Christ, the Author and Finisher of our faith. God knows all and these things are not needful for us to know and they are mere speculation anyway.

No one, no one can subvert or prevent or counterfeit anything of God unless He permits it. And the key is to trust Him and learn more of Him and focus on going about doing His work rather than giving our attention to dark cospiracies, blood lines, etc. As to earthquakes or natural disasters, the Bible predicts them and that is all that matters.

I hope you will back away from the conspiracy stuff and make a deep study of God’s Word and devote yourself to prayer.

Christopher Henderson

Dear Burning Lamp,

Thank you for your kind words of advice, which are well-taken. I like to think I am aware of the dangerous aspects of conspiracy theories–and, believe it or not, am still somewhat ambivalent attitude toward them. Without a doubt, there is much disinformation out there in “conspiracy land;” that said, some of the investigators I have gravitated toward recently (including Barry Chamish) are in my opinion trustworthy.

As for Fritz Springmeier, I hope I didn’t give the impression that I view his words and opinions as “infallible.” Only God, and His Word, are truly infallible. (It is my own lack of discernment abilities/lack of understanding that has led to my not being clear about important concepts expressed in the Word such as the Rapture.) Although in my posts here I have put forth Springmeier’s article for the purposes of discussion, again, please don’t take this to mean that I subscribe without reservation to his perspective. I can think of at least two major not-Rapture-related areas in which Springmeier’s conclusions appear to be incorrect: 1) his identification of the alleged “most powerful bloodlines”–which from the additional readings I’ve done seems to be way off, and 2) his adherence to the theory of Jewish/Zionist control of the NWO (when I believe that in this regard especially, all roads lead to Rome–or at least to a certain city-state that resides therein). With these two errors in mind, it is obvious that in other matters (including the pre-Tribulation Rapture), Mr. Springmeier could very well be mistaken.

I agree with you that there is only so much the Lord wants us to know, and that engaging in speculation can be and often is counterproductive. I don’t blame you for being concerned about my sometimes-obsessive focus on conspiracy theories (although rest assured, said focus is NOT done to the exclusion of prayer, meditation, and the reading of God’s Word). By way of explanation, I can only say that my particular personal circumstances have prompted this conspiratorial focus. Without getting too much into details that you would undoubtedly regard with alarm and perhaps suspicion, let’s just say that my first exposure to Fritz Springmeier resulted from my frantic research into an area that is personally significant to me–the same concept I have mentioned in passing in my other posts: mind control. Perhaps in due time this is something I can talk about in more detail.

Burning Lamp, while I know that I need to increase my knowledge of God through His Word, and pray more often than I do, I also feel that faith is meant to be lived–that is, to be fused into one’s overall lifestyle. And with God’s help, I feel I have already made progress in this area: more specifically, I’ve incorporated His Commandments and the mindset He wants me to have into my personal interactions. From here, I have much additional work to do, however, because thanks to the strange and painful personal circumstances I’ve alluded to, most of the endeavors or one-time callings I involved myself in prior to my being born again in 2009 (work, school, creative efforts, etc.) are more or less closed off. While yes, this does give me a lot more time to read God’s Word, the extra time is problematic in other ways. I suppose the best way I can sum up my response thus far to the massive changes that have taken place in the last several years is this: more than anything else, I’ve sought the Truth (hopefully this doesn’t sound too cliched!). The most important way I’ve gone about doing so is to accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior and look to His inspiration and Word to help me conduct other truth-seeking efforts you may not find as worthwhile, including conspiracy research. As to the latter truth-seeking category, believe me, I often find myself wondering why I spend so much time on conspiracy theories! This is something I grapple with everyday.

At any rate, Burning Lamp, thanks again for your response (which I will do my best to heed), God bless you, and by all means, let’s continue our dialog.

Christopher Henderson

Dear Deborah,

Thanks for all of your valuable insights, and for the links you’ve most kindly provided. I will make sure to follow up on this information.

Hopefully if you’ve had a chance to read my reply to Burning Lamp, you can see that I’m not necessarily opposed to your categorization of Springmeier as a false teacher (even though I would prefer to ascribe misguidedness to his incorrect teachings rather than a sinister intent). What I am seeing more and more clearly is that in some ways, the large volume of conspiracy information I’ve perused (again, I first encountered Springmeier’s work after trying to make sense of certain things that have happened to me; not for his views on end-times theology) doesn’t give me a day-to-day sense of direction. I’m afraid that for all of the research, and even prayer and meditation that I’ve done, my foundation still isn’t as stable as I’d like it to be. My hope is that as I read up on the Rapture, and thus come to a better understanding of God’s plan of salvation for the end times, this will aid me in trying to figure out what calling I should pursue during this difficult period of my life. Along the way, and as you, Burning Lamp, and my own conscience advise, I should do everything I can to focus my attention on the Lord and His will for my life.

When you state that you don’t believe we are in the Tribulation period yet, I think I understand what you mean. For if the Tribulation had already commenced, and assuming a pre-Tribulation Rapture, the good Christians whom God favors would have already ascended into the arms of the Lord. Seeing as this apparently hasn’t happened yet, it would seem that the seven-year period hasn’t yet begun. When it does, my friend, I hope that you, Burning Lamp, and all of the good folks on this forum (and all of the other good Christians I’ve had the privilege of interacting and fellowshipping with) are caught up and taken away from the misery that will follow. As for me, well, I can’t imagine that the Lord will find me worthy of such an honor; but if He does I will be thrilled! For all of the terrible sins I’ve committed, I really am doing my best to be the man God wants me to be. It comforts me to know that despite my ignorance and lack of understanding, God’s Will will be done; which again, means that pre- or post-Tribulation Rapture, an obligation to oppose the NWO or not, Justice Truth and Love will ultimately prevail.

I agree with you that one of our most important tasks is to spread the Gospel (which, judging from your website and your patience with me, you are doing a good job of). Not only does the Bible specifically state this, but I also believe that such an obligation naturally follows an adherence to the two most important Commandments: To love God with all of our hearts, minds, souls, and strength, and to love our neighbors as ourselves. If we love God, then we want to tell everyone we know about Him. Also, if we love our neighbors as ourselves, then we want them to experience God’s love and salvation as we do (if it is their will and that of the Holy Spirit that they should, of course; for as I am sure as you will agree, God wants us to come to Him willingly.)

When you state that the Apostles didn’t picket against the governments of their time, however, I’m not sure that I entirely agree. Sure, they didn’t make signs and hold protests in front of the Roman regional government offices; but then in a sense they didn’t have to. As the horrible persecution of Christians during and especially after Christ’s time on Earth shows, the Romans regarded the worship of any God (even and especially the True one, our God of Israel) other than their pagan “gods” (including their pharaoh/Caesar) as a heresy worthy of death. Thus, even though Jesus states that we are to render what is God’s to God, and what is Caesar’s to Caesar, and despite the Romans’ relative tolerance of the Jewish faith at certain points (presumably this is because they assumed they were firmly in control–a “tolerance” that changed when they realized the power of Christ and His Gospel to rapidly convert the Jews and Gentiles of the period; thus weakening Roman temporal power and obliging Constantine to allegedly convert to Christianity himself), the Apostles and the Christian leaders that followed didn’t really have to be outspoken protesters to challenge (and be seen as a threat to) the existing pagan order. Also in this line of thinking, I think it’s significant to point out that Jesus Himself WAS quite a protester (in addition to being the embodiment of virtue, wisdom, mercy, and humility).

In my last post, I mentioned the US Constitution; which although not perfect and not a Holy Writ (and is sadly disregarded these days), brings up an additional, ancillary point to the ones above. Clearly, the upheaval that took place in late 18th century North America was more than a rebellion or protest movement, it was a full-fledged Revolution. Considering the injustices that prompted the then-colonists to rise up, and the remarkable social innovations that followed their Revolution, I believe that just as Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Franklin, and other revolutionary leaders invoked Divine Providence to aid their cause, Providence (the Holy Spirit) favored them. Don’t get me wrong, Deborah, I’m not attempting to justify slavery, the genocide carried out against Native Americans, and other stains upon our Republic; I’m just pointing out that sometimes, opposing injustice leads to good results (America’s achievements and legacy being mainly positive in my opinion). On the basis of our conversation thus far, I don’t anticipate that my statements in this regard are unacceptable to you.

Getting back to the NWO (which could be seen as equivalent to Exodus’ wicked Pharoah, Samuel 8’s ill-advised king, and Revelation’s Mystery Babylon), what you state makes a lot of sense. Because indeed, the NWO serves the god of this world, it follows that God doesn’t frown upon us if oppose it (as we do). I guess my confusion stems from trying to understand whose power it is exactly that smites the Earth during the End Times. After reading Revelation a couple of times, my thinking was that it was the Holy Spirit’s power, not that of satan and his NWO. After all, it is the Lamb who unseals these events, and His Angels who trumpet their progression. This perspective, which again may be incomplete, is in part what led me to feel up in arms/horrified over the NWO’s use of weather-modifying/earthquake-causing weapons in the first place. Still, even after reading your and Burning Lamp’s comments and agreeing with them, I feel confused. Assuming that by exposing what we agree to be the works of darkness (all of the presumably man-made earthquakes and terrible storms that statistics show have exploded since 9/11) we stand some small chance of putting a stop to them, don’t we in a sense put ourselves in Lord Jesus’ way? Or could it be that Lord Jesus wants people of faith to play an active role in curtailing these horrors on His behalf? Questions, questions! I need to find a calling and stop worrying so much.

Regarding your assertion that God having foreknowledge of what the NWO would attempt vs. His supposedly planning these events aren’t the same thing, you can rest assured that I never saw these matters as a game, and I know that God doesn’t either. Thus I’m afraid you may have concerns over a false teaching that neither I nor anyone I’ve read (including Springmeier) advocate! Clearly, though, you are 100% correct about who wins in the end. There’s no question of that. Hallelujah!

I’ll go ahead and read the links you’ve provided. I give you much respect for your understanding and advocacy of proper theology (which although simple enough to be actionable, is also surprisingly complex), and gratitude for the time you’ve taken to help me.


Allo allo again its smee,@all the above writers, 2 ways to approach conspiracy.1 come across it as unsaved or a non believer,you will be prone to a roller coaster ride of fear and disbelief and perhaps end up running and falling on your knees asking for a God “out there to save you” and he will if it is through Jesus you approach him,or you will merely just die in your fear.
2. You are a believer and have a mature knowledge of scripture and Conspiracy is a discovery because of access to the internet and a natural instinct to being inquisitive.
From here its a wow the enemy is really up to some nasty tricks ( remember how the peeps conspired to entrap Daniel because he prayed to God )Well this was fore knowledge but yet Daniel was not fazed and continued to pray knowing who and where his salvation lay,and this i think is the base message of Debbie and BL it is certainly mine.But let me give you an example of what it means to be a professional conspiracy agent,or i could also say “Discerning”.Once you are aware of what the NWO is up to it helps to point out to nonbelievers – example.
I look after Farmers in the karoo and recently whilst i was up there A jet and then a few more flew over during the course of the day,leaving a white plume in there wake.Whilst the farmers were sheep rating ” quality separation”
I told them to look up into the sky and i pointed this phenomenon out to them -one farmer said he had noticed this of late but did not understand the significance of the white plumes trailing the planes ” google chem-trails and contrails” so i explained to possible conspiracy – so what do we do about this.well i explained that there is a scientist who developed apparatus to counter the effect of chem trail spraying and if they want they should investigate and implement the solution and also to be aware and as in my instance i am trying to find out who is contracted to implement this weather warfare program. So forgive me i am not able to write my entire explanation all at once as i get frustrated with my own typing abilities.But yes there is a conspiracy to control the water supply in SA and also all over the world,if you understand the Bilderberg as a professional body conspiring to run all facets of Authority structures then you will invest more wisely.-You are able to pass this info on so as to make people aware that God is absolutely serious when says the enemy “comes to steal kill and destroy” why in that order.There are many proponents out there of conspiracy and who do excellent research but are non believers in Christ,beware, But there are a few who are very firm in the faith @ Christopher go boy you will get there “Seek and he shall find”


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