Cindy Jacobs – False Prophecy for Australia 2001

Cindy Jacobs

Cindy Jacobs was invited by so called well to do preachers and ministers to come and speak on the 23rd May in South Africa at the  Global Day of Prayer. Why she was invited I have no idea because Cindy Jacobs is part of the New Apostolic Movement and a false prophetess.  Oh wait, so are the organisers of the GDOP.

She prophesied that Zimbabwe would be the breadbasket of Africa – that was over 10 years ago.

When Cindy Jacobs was invited to Australia in 2001 she prophesied the following:

1. Australia is going to be a first fruits nation, an apostolic nation – a sending out nation.  [DTW note:  A first fruits nation?  That’s quite bad for Australia, because it means no matter what happens they will have to be the first ones to cough up the bucks first time, every-time for eternity.]

2. God is releasing the Anzac Light Horseman anointing, especially upon the young people to take down the strongholds, and the Joshua anointing (great courage, determination, persistence ) to take the land.   [DTW note : The Anzac Light Horseman anointing?  I give you permission to laugh out LOUD.]

3. Australia will send out the greatest number of missionaries per capita.   [DTW note:  Maybe she meant Hillsong releases.]

4. Australia will be a nation that will help transform other nations (because despite what others have said Australia is not an “ugly ducking” but a “swan” nation). [DTW note:  Sounds like the Zimbabwe prophecy. She said Zim would transform Africa, that Zim would become the Switzerland of Africa (without the snow).]

5. Evangelism. The various ethnic groups in Australia are not here by chance but by God’s appointment. They will go back to their own countries with the Word of God to evangelise. This is especially so of the Asian people. Many Australians will go too.   [DTW note:  Yeah, right.  Maybe Cindy needs to leave and not come back].

6. Australia will release much wealth to the nations. God is raising up “apostles to business” for this nation. The super rich will be born again. God is going to use the giving of this nation and the structure of “apostles to business” as a model for others.    [DTW note:  So here we have the Prosperity gospel shining through; where only the SUPER RICH will be born again.  If you are poor and live in Australia you will stay poor and remain unsaved.  Notice the ‘Redistribution of Wealth’ talk here that fits perfectly with the United Nations agenda on Global Warming and the transfer of wealth from richer countries to poorer countries.]

7. Australia has a specific anointing as a reconciling nation.   [DTW note: A Reconciling anointing?  These guys have an anointing for EVERYTHING.  Except for false teaching.  So I will henceforth bestow on Cindy Jacobs the ‘False Teaching anointing’]

8. Australia will be a nation walking in holiness. The holiness movement is going to hit this land – purity, righteousness, set apart for God. This is especially going to hit the young people. A counter revolution of holiness and a counter culture.    [DTW note:  An entire nation walking in holiness?  That will be the day.  Delusions of grandeur, yes, if anyone falls for this rubbish.]

9. We are a merry heart nation with a great sense of humor and able to laugh at ourselves.  [DTW note:  I hope they are laughing at this prophecy and not taking it seriously.]

10. A great healing of the Vietnam Veterans is coming, and a healing of the soul of this nation concerning Vietnam.  [DTW note:  Is she saying that Vietnam Veterams are going to be healed? Many of them are limbless.  Are their limbs going to suddenly grow back?]

11. Prayer and healing rooms will be opened across this nation.   [DTW note:  This prophecy was spoken awhile ago and nothing of the sort has happened.]

12. There will be 24 hour churches – prayer chapels at churches, universities and schools.  This will start to shift things in the heavenlies, the lost will get saved 2.00/3.00am in the morning. [DTW note:  errrrr…. you kidding?  The lost will only be saved between 2 and 3am.  Nope, apparently she is not kidding.]


Well there you have it folks, another FALSE prophecy by Cindy Jacobs. 

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Deborah (Discerning the World)

Deborah Ellish is the author of the above article. Discerning the World is an internet Christian Ministry based in Johannesburg South Africa. Tom Lessing and Deborah Ellish both own Discerning the World. For more information see the About this Website page below the comments section.

33 Responses

  1. Ryan

    Cindy Jacobs is NOT NOAH!

  2. Martin Horan says:

    How is Cindy Jacobs a prophet? According to Scripture the prophets were until John. Oh, wait a minute… I get it! Cindy Jacobs is a prophetESS. That means she what she must say will always come to pass.
    Pardon the sarcasm. I couldn’t resist it.
    In the first place, her prophecy on Zimbabwe failed. She as a Dominionist which is patently unbiblical. She agrees with the Seven Mountain Mandate nonsense. Hello, it’s unbiblical. Check Chris Rosenbrough’s Cindy Jabob’s Inadvertent Admission that She is a False Prophet.
    Chris Rosenburgh shows Cindy Jacobs is a Bible illiterate. Anyone with a basic knowledge of the Bible should see that. Tragically few people do.
    I wonder how those who make gods of these people can be so blind. If those who set themselves up as Bible teachers and contradict the Bible in any way, it ought to scream out to us that they are deceivers. But it doesn’t to those who still defend these charlatans. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. Whatever we put above god is our god and is not God. When we do that we are idolators. We will one day have to answer for that idolatry. Best repent of it now.

  3. Just note Chris Rosenburgh is a Lutheran, so he has one foot in Rome, he may as well join Cindy on the trek there.

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