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Kim Clement Admits he is a False Prophet

 Kim Clement admits to false prophecyRecently a ‘prophet’ was exposed by DTW as being false – Ivin from 220Generation prophecied on the 20th Jan 2009 saying that God spoke to him through a thunderstorm.  God told Ivin that 5 atrocities have occurred or will occur within the next couple of months and be shown on the news, and will shock South Africa half to death and bring the fear of the Lord back to the people of this country.  These things have not come to pass by a long shot.

Kim Clement is sitting in the same situation…


Kim Clement

It’s the same old song and tap-dance

Scenario: A man claims to be a prophet of God. After being caught in multiple false prophecies, he becomes offended, defensive, and all teary-eye when he receives “negative” feedback from Christians who apply the Biblical tests and expose him as a false prophet.

With a wink and a nod, the false prophet makes excuses, seeks sympathy from his followers, and goes to great lengths to twist Scripture to maintain his self-appointed position and following. He feeds his deep-seated pride and arrogance by rewriting and reinterpreting God’s written word. He leads his followers to a false god. His desire is to be the final authority–without question–despite what God’s word says.

It needs to be restated over and over again: Throughout the Bible, God has ZERO TOLERANCE for false prophets. There is no fellowship between God and false prophets (Deuteronomy chapter 13; Deuteronomy 18:20-22; Jeremiah 14:14; Jeremiah 23:31-32; Ezekiel 13:9; Matthew 7:21-23; 2 Peter 2:1).

False prophets are NOT members of the body of Christ, nor are they brothers and sisters in Christ. Every false prophet will have his or her day of reckoning with God at God’s appointed time (Matthew 7:21-23; Revelation 20:11-15).

Just as one cannot be a thief and a law abiding citizen at the same time, one cannot be a false and true prophet at the same time.

Singing and dancing

Known as the “singing prophet,” Kim Clement is a self-proclaimed prophet of God who sings “new revelations” from God and tap-dances his way around false prophecies at the drop of a hat.

In the following paragraphs from an article titled, “Special Message,” note that Kim Clement’s admission to being a false prophet carries with it a subtle warning to his followers, as well as those who would dare speak a word against him:

I want you to have a good time and I want you to know something, that I am genuinely in love with God. I don’t have to tell you that, but I want you to know that I do. And there will also be critics that will be watching now because you don’t understand prophecy, and I understand that. Half the time I don’t even understand myself.

The Bible says we prophesy in part and when I prophesy, I prophesy what I hear. “Kim, are you ever wrong?” Yes I am.  So, if you’re out there to trick me or trip me up, you are wasting your time because I go to God three times a day and I pray. And if I’ve done something that may have misrepresented him I ask him to forgive me. If you don’t fully understand the prophecies it’s best that you don’t get up and try to pull me to pieces making out that I’m a false prophet. There’s a big difference between a false prophet and a true prophet. Now some of you and a lot of you wrote to me and you blessed me, and I thank you for that, but some of your wrote in with concerns that I said some things on this last broadcast where I prophesied from God which I will not apologize about, but I used some language. [June 24, 2010, , emp. added]

Amazing. Simply amazing. When a false prophet looks his audience in the eye and admits he is a false prophet, the long and winding deceptive train has arrived, belching its poisonous steam down the throats of the innocent.

Decision time

Kim Clement is a prophet of God only because he says he is. He sings an incredibly deceptive siren’s song which, like the Sirens in Greek mythology, he woos and sings to his followers, and becons them to crash their spiritual boats onto the rocky shore of destruction and death.

Kim Clement avoids the Biblical warnings on false prophets in favor of “new revelations from God” and what he claims to hear. But God’s written word judged Clement a false prophet the moment he uttered his first false prophecy. He downplays the very God he claims to worship, and tap-dances around God’s holy and inspired word to his own destruction.

Kim Clement is a false prophet. He is to be avoided at all costs.

And how can Christians recognise a false prophet?

Jesus warned us that “false Christs and false prophets” will come and will attempt to deceive even God’s elect (Matthew 24:23-27; see also 2 Peter 3:3 and Jude 17-18). The best way to guard yourself against falsehood and false teachers is to know the truth. To spot a counterfeit, study the real thing. Any believer who “correctly handles the word of truth” (2 Timothy 2:15) and who makes a careful study of the Bible can identify false doctrine. For example, a believer who has read the activities of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in Matthew 3:16-17 will immediately question any doctrine that denies the Trinity. Therefore, step one is to study the Bible and judge all teaching by what the Scripture says. [ ]

Take your pick:    Kim Clement or God.


Please read this article:  False Prophet Kim Clement – A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

This article examines Kim Clements teaching in-depth, and lists all this failed prophecies to date.  




132 comments to Kim Clement Admits he is a False Prophet

  • Elmarie A

    False prophets are NOT members of the body of Christ, nor are they brothers and sisters in Christ. Every false prophet will have his or her day of reckoning with God at God’s appointed time (Matthew 7:21-23; Revelation 20:11-15).

    True words indeed.

  • M G

    Hi ,
    I just would like to point out that you have taken Kim’s words out of context. If you read that whole article from the Den Vault Kim is saying that he makes mistakes, referring to calling the President of the USA a “fool”. He is saying that he used the wrong words to get the message across. It is possible to use the wrong words when prophesying, because the Holy Spirit will never “possess” you, He guides you in the message. Also God says you will know them by their fruits… and as far as I can see Kim has good fruit.
    It’s never wise to criticize a man of God.

  • Deborah (Discerning the World)


    No, Kim Clement is 100% FALSE PROPHET and if he lived in the OT he would have been stoned. Luckily for him he lives in the 21st century where he can swindle people like you.


    Dear brother in Jesus,

    God says, “I make known the end from the beginning, from ancient times. what is still to come!…What I have said, that will I bring about; what I have planned that will I do!”  Isaiah 46:10a, 11b  This Bible study compares all the Scripture on each End-time topic and exposes over 12 absolute contradictions of God’s Word by dangerous and deceptive pre-trib doctrines. The next Bible study shows the 7 Bible clues which positively reveals the identity of 666. And finally there is a Bible study which shows how Obama may qualify to be the very deceptive False Prophet of 666.
    Would greatly appreciate any comments or Bible studies you may have on the Last Days.  
    Your eternal friend in Jesus, 

    [EDITED – I have removed the second on trying to debunk the rapture – it’s TOTALLY incorrect. You need to have a correct dispensational view to understand the rapture. I have many articles on this matter:

    PLEASE read ALL the comments as well under each of the articles as all questions that could possibly ever be asked have been answered fully on this matter.]


    Zechariah 4:11,14: “Then I asked the angel, ‘What are these *TWO* OLIVE TREES {See Rev 11:4 below} on the right and left of the lamp stand?’… the angel said, ‘These are the TWO who are anointed to serve the Lord of the earth!'”  Rev 11:3-6: {God said to John} “I will give power to My *TWO* witnesses and they will prophesy for 1260 days clothed in sackcloth! These are the *TWO OLIVE TREES {See Zech 4:11,14 above} and the 2 lamp stands that stand before the Lord of the earth. If anyone tries to harm them, fire will come from their mouths to destroy their enemies. This is how anyone who tries to harm them must die {See 2 Kings 1:9-12; Num 16:31-35}. These *MEN* will have power to shut up the sky so that it will not rain during the time they are prophesying {See 1 Kings 17:1; Luke 4:25; James 5:17}; and they will have power to turn the waters into blood {See Exodus 7:15-23} and to strike the earth with every kind of plague as often as they wish.”   Moses and Elijah witnessed to 3 Apostles on the mount of Transfiguration when Moses & Elijah spoke to Jesus about his departure or Ascension, which Jesus was to bring to fulfillment in Jerusalem 40 days after His resurrection. Luke 9:30,31: “TWO MEN Moses and Elijah, appeared in GLORIOUS SPLENDOR talking with Jesus.  They spoke about His Departure {Or Ascension} which He was about to bring to fulfillment in Jerusalem.” Moses and Elijah were most assuredly the *TWO MEN* dressed in white who witnessed at the Departure or Ascension of Jesus in Acts 1:10,11: “They looked up into the sky as He {Jesus} was going when suddenly *TWO MEN* dressed in white stood beside them. “Men of Galilee,” they said, “why do you stand here looking into the sky? This same Jesus, who has been taken from you into Heaven, will come back in the same way you have seen Him go into Heaven!”       And then in Luke 24:2b-6b we read: They did not find the body of Jesus. While they were wondering about this, suddenly *TWO MEN*… stood beside them… And the *MEN* said to them, “Why do you look for the living among the dead? HE IS NOT HERE; HE HAS RISEN!!”    Jesus says in John 8:17b: “The testimony of *TWO MEN IS VALID* and of course the testimony of Moses and Elijah is just about as valid as you can get.        And so the coming of God’s *TWO MEN* or witnesses to prophesy for 1260 days {See Rev 11:3-7} will be their FOURTH appearance as God’s 2 witnesses or MEN. And the reason that their names are not mentioned in Luke 24:3 and Acts 1:10 and Revelation 11:3-12 is that God as well as Moses and Elijah want us to glorify *NO ONE ELSE BUT JESUS*!!   
    I have removed the rest of this article because there are some things wrong with it. 1) The person who writes this is Amillennialist – they believe the temple was destroyed in 70AD and won’t be rebuilt. As for the above, yes Elijah and Moses will be the two end time witnesses.


    As for the Anti-Christ being Nero Cesar. Could be. Either way, it’s going to be a very bad man. But no one know what Nero looked like. If he looked a little like Rick Warren, let me know.


    Obama is something that is for sure.


  • nate

    Deborah (Discerning the World) wrote:

    No, Kim Clement is 100% FALSE PROPHET and if he lived in the OT he would have been stoned. Luckily for him he lives in the 21st century where he can swindle people like you.

    Well why didn’t Jonah get stoned? Did he not give a false word. He actually said exactly what the Lord told him to say, yet it did not come forth. Does that mean Jonah was a false prophet??

  • Deborah (Discerning the World)


    If he said exactly what the Lord wanted him to say then it was not a false word was it. Duh!

  • John machado

    May God forgive you for the hatred and judgement of his prophets tell me when was the last news of a true prophet and a real miracle.God requires mercy and not sacrifice,he who speaks for the father stirs love and salvation.He who is carnal speaks envy strife and makes their living on fear.God gave each beleiver and holy spirit do you really The God of Jesus the christ appointed you as a watchdog for him???

  • Deborah (Discerning the World)

    John Machado

    Are you Sylvia Machado’s relative? (She was a huge false prophetess who was bust with gold glitter in her hair)

    Anyhow, you said, ” tell me when was the last news of a true prophet and a real miracle.” GOOD QUESTION!!! WELL if you go back to the Bible you will see plenty. Now-a-days? NONE! Because there are no more prophets after Jesus. Only false ones (of which Kim Clement falls into this category). The next time we will see true prophets again will be during the TRIBULATION amongst Israel.

    I am not a watchdog, good grief, where did you get that rubbish from. A Watchman yes, to guard all the millions of people who fall into the hands of wolves dressed as sheep. I am here to blow my horn loud and warn people that this man is NOT a man of GOD but another god.

  • Michael

    A watch dog??? that’s funny…on a very much lighter note I am sure the Lord does not need a watch dog to protect Him…(the Lord Jesus Christ has a very good sense of humour)

  • Michael

    On second thoughts…during the Toronto meetings it appears that there were a few watch dogs around…

    “Another characteristic of the Toronto Phenomenon is people making animal noises and acting like animals. The two most common such behaviors, so far, have been barking like a dog and roaring like a lion.”

  • Prophetess Donna Stenson

    Greetings Prophet Clement: God wants you to continue to do His work. Always remember, Hod told Jonah to prophesy, he did as God said. Because the people repented, God changed His mind!

  • Prophetess Donna Stenson

    God dropped you in my spirit … I want to encourage you to keep your focus and don’t concern yourself with nay sayers. People seem to forget that God is sovereign and that He does and can change His mind. Hezekiah was to die per the prophecy .. but, God changed His mind. God told Jonah to prophesy that He was going to destroy Ninevah, but they repented and God changed His mind. Unfortunately, some people are so quick to sin by judging the men and women of God. I encourage you to watch the shifting that God has done within you since you have been attacked. Dare to continue to allow God to use you. Fear not, God is with you! This is your confirmation that you asked God to send. It is time … Now is the time! Continue and watch God soar you to the top! Before every shifting, there is a shaking! Graciously, Prophetess Donna Stenson

  • Michael

    Many years ago I attended a tent meeting in Pinetown KZN…under Pinetown Christian Centre (Rodney Seago was pastor…I knew him fairly well…a nice guy and genuinely sincere) where a woman Jan Painter (a self appointed prophetess) was appearing along with Drummond Thom an American Evangelist who was born in SA and Kim Clement on piano.I was into this form of worship and charisma as my brother was married into a French Mauritian family (Ex Roman Catholics that broke away and got involved in the glossolalia experience that we believed was of the Holy Spirit.By the grace of God I have broken out of this delusion although at the time I know I was genuinely SAVED…in those days it was not so bad as the gospel of repentance and new person was occassionally preached even by these charismatics…including Drummond Thom. But Jan Painter selected a group of people in the meeting even including me ) and “prophetised” over me saying that I was going to be a huge financier of God’s money and that I would build great outreaches for God all over the world….that their would be extensions of His Kingdom and much money would pass through my hands and much would remain. All the time Kim Clement kept on playing the piano with great passion (and believe me he can play very well)…every now and then followed by interjections of amens and hallejulahs. I am so glad that this false prophesy did not come true as sometimes Satan has his hand in these things to get people to believe in false teachings.
    I was hooked into all of this and believed in these charlatans for many years until the Holy Spirit began opening my eyes to the lies being told by leaders I was supposed to respect and follow…virtually all these guys have hidden agendas…Kim Clement does not surprise me.Actually it was Angus Buchan’s declaration of certain untruths that finally opened my eyes to the lack of integrity amongst these preachers…I started to read about Benny Hinn, Joel Osteen. Jakes ,Copeland etc and their gang and scales fell off my eyes…now I can genuinely lift my hallejulahs and praises to God as I have been been set free from this terrible evil that has befallen the modern church…it is a terrible abomination and Deb’s has my prayerful support in exposing this false teaching.

  • Deborah (Discerning the World)


    I would like to be a sausage dog – they are cute.

  • Deborah (Discerning the World)

    “Another characteristic of the Toronto Phenomenon is people making animal noises and acting like animals. The two most common such behaviors, so far, have been barking like a dog and roaring like a lion.”


  • Deborah (Discerning the World)

    Prophetess Donna Stenson

    Why could you not ‘see ‘ that this is not KIM CLEMENTS WEBSITE and he wont be reading your comments because I guarantee you he can’t ‘see‘ your comments either.

    Funny comment though. “This is your confirmation that you asked God to send? LOL is that how you guys do it? Just write a load of rubbish and then proclaim it is confirmation from God.

    Let me see if I can try this…..

    To Prophetess Donna Stenson.

    Acts 16:16-19 (New King James Version)

    16 Now it happened, as we went to prayer, that a certain slave girl possessed with a spirit of divination met us, who brought her masters much profit by fortune-telling. 17 This girl followed Paul and us, and cried out, saying, “These men are the servants of the Most High God, who proclaim to us the way of salvation.” 18 And this she did for many days.
    But Paul, greatly annoyed, turned and said to the spirit, “I command you in the name of Jesus Christ to come out of her.” And he came out that very hour.

  • Michael

    “Prophetess” Donna hopes that “Prophet” Kim will read this somehow…maybe during one of their seances…”God dropped you in my spirit.”

    This sounds like spiritualism to me…like Kathryn Kuhlman and Benny Hinn’s communication.

    On a very much more sombre note…Spiritualism is a damnable abomination to the Lord Jesus Christ and truly saved Christians.

    But on the lighter side it sounds ridiculous…like a transaction done by Tom Cruise in the unsavoury film “Cocktails”

  • Burning Lamp

    Debs, I wonder what breed of dog they had in mind? A pit bull? Snicker – laugh – tee hee.
    At least they didn’t call you a heretic hunter.

    As for the “Prophetess:” mistaking your site for Kim Clement’s – that is too funny…..

    Michael, did you mean to say that Angus B. pointed out false teachers? With all due respect I would rather believe that the Pope renounced Catholicism.

    But nevertheless, glad you were delivered from all that charismnia and false teaching.

  • Michael

    Debs and BL …not sure what type of breed would be suitable but yes…could have been a Heretic Hunter or Apostasy Alsation or maybe a Prophetic Poodle…However it has been known to bark warnings…..wof,wof,wof but some people do not take heed of this warning. Bred initially in the USA but is spreading increasingly into Africa and even Europe.

  • Deborah (Discerning the World)

    I am The Discernment Dachshund who has the strength of a pitpull.

    Sausage Dog on Guard

  • Michael

    BL…”Michael, did you mean to say that Angus B. pointed out false teachers? With all due respect I would rather believe that the Pope renounced Catholicism”

    No I certainly did not mean this… I know that what Angus has written and stated certain things that are simply not true and in my book that is totally unacceptable and makes a so-called advocate of the Way, a liar…thus causing me to investigate further into all these self proclaimed preachers,prophets, evangelists …call them what you like.
    Many years I was trapped in this darkness…daring not to challenge these men and women…accepting their teachings and what I thought were almost perfect christians…maybe some with a few foibles but so what…none of us are exempt of sin which made me susceptible to the charismatic catch phrase …do not judge and do not speak against the annointed. Little did I know and like millions of blind followers that the annointing was either self delusion or demonic delusion.
    The Holy Spirit showed me that God does NOT use liars…yes we all are not perfect but for men of the gospel……NO.

    I thought about this carefully…if my doctor told me a lie about my health or about a medical condition or process would I go to him for health and medical assistance
    Or if my financial advisor or stock broker told me an untruth and persuased me dishonestly and untruly….WHAT WOULD I DO….Obviously drop them and never go to them again. Now if a preacher…teacher…author in name of Christianity tells untruths in the name of God this is even far worse as it is my salvation in eternity that is at risk.
    Therefore it became apparent to me that this is the frontline of the spiritual warfare and deception today..Satan works through these double agents and there is a huge force of blindness over the church today that prevents people from seeing these atrocities…people adamently protect and cover up the sins of their heroes and become people worshipers in opposed to defending the written Word in its right context.

  • Michael

    Without being unkind and disrespectful…this is ludicrous…do people actually believe this absurdity…

    “Continue and watch God soar you to the top! Before every shifting, there is a shaking! Graciously, Prophetess Donna Stenson”

    Is the prophetess predicting the rapture or an earthquake or is Kim Clement going to follow in Mark Shuttleworth’s steps and become an astronaut (or cosmonaut if launched in Russia)
    This really boggles the mind.





  • Jemfishy

    My life experience is similar to your w.o.f. I was brought up in this doctrine and for some reason was too afraid to question or even think that what we were being taught could be wrong. Even if I did not understand what the so called pastors were preaching, or understand the ‘prophesies’ that were being prophesied or the so called tongues that nobody could understand, I would not dare question any of it, being too afraid that I would be questioning God and punished. We were told to go out and preach the Gospel to the unsaved, and I could not, even though in my heart I loved Jesus, I did not really understand what being saved really meant.
    Even long into my adult life, I used to watch TBN and God Channel on a regular basis, and even when the Holy Spirit started to show me the errors in this doctrine, because now I was reading my Bible and I started to see a different Gospel to the one that was being preached by these so called pastors, I found myself trying to correct their doctrine but in such a way as to make excuses for them in my mind, as I was still so afraid to accuse them of preaching a false doctrine, until one day I was listening to Jan Crouch (Barbie Doll) say that if we the listeners, would write out a cheque for 5 thousand dollars to help them build a hospital
    in Tahiti, then God would heal us of any illness that we have. That is when my eyes were opened, I thought, my act of writing out a cheque would make God heal me, my money bypasses asking Jesus to heal me and if I did not have any money to give, then I would have no hope of ever being healed. After that, I started to see what liars and con artists these people are, it got so bad, that I started to feel sick whenever I tried to watch and listen to these people. Satan uses a spirit of deception a spirit of blindness and an accusing spirit (the person being accused was me, thinking that I would be punished by God) to protect these false preaches, and false prophets etc. and anyone who watches, listens to and follows these false preaches does not realise it, but they have accepted these demonic spirits and that is why it is so difficult for them to come out of all false doctrines.

  • Burning Lamp

    Jemfishy, you made a profound statement when you said that those who listen and follow the false teachings have accepted the demonic spirits and that is why it is so difficult for them to come out of the false doctrines. They have bought into the delusion and when leaven comes in, it multiplies. They are what they feed upon. But like you, many of them will finally break through the fog and come into the light of Truth. That is why we must keep on warning, keep on exposing these deeds of darkness until someone listens and takes heed. Most will not, but we can snatch a few from the fire.

  • Michael

    That’s absolutely right BL and Jemfishy…it is horrific that this actual demonic stronghold has gripped the modern church…the fact that people like (ie Bernard and a host of others that try to defend these charlatans) react uncontrollably and bad manneredly is the character and the power of the evil underworld.
    It is very sad because I believe some are genuinely sincere (I know I was) and it is because of this we should pray for God’s mercy on them and that they should be truly saved.

  • David

    for those who dont believe there are no more prophets they need to read ephesians chapter 4 and acts 13:1-4 seriously people read your bible before you speak.God has a five fold not a one fold calling in ministry.

  • Deborah (Discerning the World)


    >>for those who dont believe there are no more prophets they need to read ephesians chapter 4 and acts 13:1-4 seriously people read your bible before you speak.God has a five fold not a one fold calling in ministry.

    No serious, you need to read yours. Prophets and Apostles ended with Jesus. All prophets pointed to Jesus Christ, all Apostles where physically appointed by Jesus. Today we only have teachers and preachers. As Christians we have the HOLY SPIRIT who guides us into all truth.

  • Michael

    Agreed…no purpose for prophets since their mission was to point to the coming of the Messiah…The Lord Jesus Christ…all prophecy was fulfilled in Him alone and the completion of the scriptures. Our guidance comes only from the accurate obedience in the bible and the Holy Spirit who acts as the Comforter…the Reassurer(if I am permitted to use this term.) No strange predictions needed…these come from false prophets.
    David I used to believe in the 5 fold ministry too for decades but found out it is totally and utterly false…people giving out predictions that never came true, although some did but there was even deception here as there was no relevance here, healings that were suspect (Satan is a trickster),there are genuine healings but they do NOT come about by self appointed healers and charlatans).I was healed By God from an infection called necrotising faciitis…deadly 3 out of 4 people die and those who survive end up with an amputation of a limb. I came out completely restored and enjoy good health…that was over 20 years ago.

    The biggest relevation came to me when some of these big names told blatant LIES, LIES and more LIES.
    I realised that these people were controlled by demon spirits…used the bible out of context,mixed their deceit with scripture (partial truths).The poison is administered in what appears to be authentic and desirable but is deadly because it is swallowed by naive and gullible trusting masses who indeed are genuinely seeking the answers to life. Yes, the REAL JESUS is the answer but NOT the Jesus that these decepters preach.

  • Burlning Lamp

    Yes, many counterfeit “Christs” abound. Not a lot of testing of the spirits is going on, but rather accepting based on experience rather than the truth of the Word of God and not the twisting that goes on. Thanks Michael.

  • LS

    M G wrote:

    Hi ,
    I just would like to point out that you have taken Kim’s words out of context. If you read that whole article from the Den Vault Kim is saying that he makes mistakes, referring to calling the President of the USA a “fool”. He is saying that he used the wrong words to get the message across. It is possible to use the wrong words when prophesying, because the Holy Spirit will never “possess” you, He guides you in the message. Also God says you will know them by their fruits… and as far as I can see Kim has good fruit.
    It’s never wise to criticize a man of God.

    I support your comments….110%….just because a prophet work does not immediately come to pass does not make someone a “false prophet” and he never said he was….I suppose they would have said that Isaiah was a “false prophet” because it was 900years before the fulfillment of the birth of Christ was manifest….

  • Michael

    Yes it really is horrible…the enemy has infiltrated the camp and the only one who can save us is the real Lord Jesus Christ…the need to cling closer to Him now more than ever. I long for His return as I am very lonely…very few genuine believers in my area…churches I have attended are contaminated with false teaching and are very driven by material wealth. Sadly there appears scant fellowship here… I used to attend charismatic churches but was saved in a Methodist Church…the late Joe Boyd. The closest I believe to real bible believering church I once experienced was @ St James Church…Frank Retief…he is a true expounder of the gospel…very sound…but I disagree with his teaching on divorce…but his gospel is direct and soul saving…he is humble and intelligent bible teacher and a man of integrity.
    I miss fellowship but have grown closer to Jesus in the last +/-5 years. I once met members of the Christian Brethren and they seemed sound and very practical and genuine and stuck to the bible.

  • Deborah (Discerning the World)


    Isaiah I am sure said hundreds of things in between the prophecy of Jesus Christ that ALL CAME TRUE. Secondly Isaiah is in the Bible, Kim Clement is NOT. When brings me to my next point; 1) Genuine Prophets ARE ALL recorded in the Bible, 2) the bible states that prophecy would cease after the Bible was written.

    So. I think you need to re-consider your comment.

  • Michael

    Yes…like Fidel Castro was supposed to die in the 90’s and all the homosexuals in the USA will be destroyed by fire in 1995…Benny Hinn.

    There are too many of these charlatans and inaccurate ,nonsensical predictions as well…KC belongs to same gang and they are birds of a feather…prophets that are liars…blatantly…

  • Deborah (Discerning the World)

    I’m doing a lovely article on prophets and prophecy. Get this info out once and for all.

  • Michael

    Acts 13..1-4 Yes David there was a need for prophets then…the bible was still being completed. Paul also preached in synagouges and he did much of his preaching on the Jewish sabbath and never on Sunday. We do not see pastors preaching in synagouges today unless they are rabbis and the sabbath is now been chosen as a sunday and not a Saturday but thats off the subject and not relevent here.
    We do not need prophets today…but Satan knows this and sends these deceptive,soothsayers to come and deceive the trusting gullible masses.

  • heber

    Michael wrote:

    l is dire

    Michael I grew up in Christian Brethren and more biblical expounding than that is hard to find.I fell
    by the wayside, but the Lord pulled me back.I was attending with my wife a three years back Revival Worship Centre pastored by Jaques vd Westhuizen and I almost choked the times I was there.30 min or more worshipsinging,30 min explaining why people must “tithe”,10 min offering 15 min preaching on criticism of pastors,15 min offering…
    I went there to please my wife I admit,also the kids like the music.
    But I left and my wife stayed until God answered my prayers and she stopped going.
    I advise you to find a gathering place with like-minded believers
    Yours in Christ

  • Michael

    Heber…I have no intention in getting close to any particular grouping…in all humility I can say I’m very discerning and street-wise now and know when the Holy Spirit is speaking. I suppose with Christian Brethren each fellowship will differ…my experience with an old Christian Brethren man was very positive…he was a missionary (Albert Nocke) and served in the Congo and Zambia a long time ago. He was a very kind, strong and gentle man that loved the Lord…he was so different than what you see today.
    But the danger is always looking to men,churches,denominations etc…this will always lead to error…It must always be ONLY Jesus…the author and finisher of the saving faith.

  • Burning Lamp

    I don’t know of a single denomination or fellowship of churches that has not been infiltrated with leaven at this point in time. Of course there are some that are more solid than others, but one cannot put one’s confidence in any movement or man. They must be measured by the standards of the Word.

    Many Christians leaders who were formerly solid and trustworthy in their teaching have become corrupted and teach truth mixed with error. Sad, but a sign of the times. Too many Christians cling to a man or a movement in loyalty and downright idolization. We must keep our eyes on the Lord Jesus Christ, the Author and Finisher of our faith. He and He alone is beyond reproach.

    Don’t get me wrong, there are still those who hold fast to the truth, but they are in the minority. They need to be encouraged to keep on as it is unpopular and difficult to maintain a ministry these days while teaching unvarnished truth. Most want their ears tickled.

  • Michael

    It seems that you are right BL…Billy Graham was once a different man …years ago he was a tough “fire and brimstone” preacher that made no bones about how to get saved…now it appears that he has different views. Although I now disagree with the charismatic teaching I can honestly say there was a time when certain charismatic (then referred as pentecostals) there were men that preached the accurate gospel of the cross and men and women were saved…I think of the late John Bond…head of the AOG in Southern Africa.Most charismatics and some Methodists,Anglicans and Baptists have been corrupted by the WOF and Dominionists. A denomination that has not however been infected is CESA (Church of England in SA…a break-away many years ago from the Anglicans…in fact believers in these fellowships are strongly opposed.
    The churches today are in dire straits and Satan’s war is right in the middle of the camp and that is why this blog is so worthy as Debs has had the courage to tell the truth.

  • Samuel

    Michael, you are causing division. Whether you believe him or not. Get a grip, what happened to not arguing?

  • Michael

    Michael, you are causing division. Whether you believe him or not. Get a grip, what happened to not arguing?

    Samuel…please respond with sense…but yes, sorting out the sheep from the goats and if this offends you you have a problem my friend and need to come to grips with the real Jesus and get properly saved.Kim Clement is on the other side of the track mate and sprouts untruths and nonsensical inaccuracies just like that jester Hinn. A man either has integrity or he does not.

  • GMA

    Deborah (Discerning the World) wrote:

    >>for those who dont believe there are no more prophets they need to read ephesians chapter 4 and acts 13:1-4 seriously people read your bible before you speak.God has a five fold not a one fold calling in ministry.
    No serious, you need to read yours. Prophets and Apostles ended with Jesus. All prophets pointed to Jesus Christ, all Apostles where physically appointed by Jesus. Today we only have teachers and preachers. As Christians we have the HOLY SPIRIT who guides us into all truth.

    Deborah (Discerning the World) wrote:

    Isaiah I am sure said hundreds of things in between the prophecy of Jesus Christ that ALL CAME TRUE. Secondly Isaiah is in the Bible, Kim Clement is NOT. When brings me to my next point; 1) Genuine Prophets ARE ALL recorded in the Bible, 2) the bible states that prophecy would cease after the Bible was written.
    So. I think you need to re-consider your comment.

    Isnt there the mention of prophetess in Acts? This would certainly be after Jesus?

  • GMA

    Deborah (Discerning the World) wrote:

    Isaiah I am sure said hundreds of things in between the prophecy of Jesus Christ that ALL CAME TRUE. Secondly Isaiah is in the Bible, Kim Clement is NOT. When brings me to my next point; 1) Genuine Prophets ARE ALL recorded in the Bible, 2) the bible states that prophecy would cease after the Bible was written.
    So. I think you need to re-consider your comment.

    Pls provide reference txt for point #2. thank you!

  • Deborah (Discerning the World)


    Yes… now pay attention… and read this carefully.

    Are Prophets for Today or has Prophecy Ceased?

    No, there are no prophets today because genuine Prophets are mentioned in the Bible – they were the foundations of the church and secondly the gift of prophecy has ceased.

    The office of Prophet and Apostle was temporary…

    and only necessary for the church before the completion of the Bible. The actual foundation of the church was built UPON the Prophets and Apostles (with Jesus Christ being the chief cornerstone).

    Ephesians 2:19-22

    19 Now, therefore, you are no longer strangers and foreigners, but fellow citizens with the saints and members of the household of God,20 having been built ON THE FOUNDATION of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ Himself being the chief cornerstone, 21 in whom the whole building, being fitted together, grows into a holy temple in the Lord, 22 in whom you also are being built together for a dwelling place of God in the Spirit.

    The role of the prophet in the Old Testament was to foretell the future and truths about God and the coming of His Son Jesus Christ.

    Jesus Christ was the LAST and GREATEST Prophet

    Hebrews 1:1-2

    1 God, who at various times and in various ways spoke in time past to the fathers by the prophets, 2 has in these last days spoken to us by His Son, whom He has appointed heir of all things, through whom also He made the worlds;

    The gift of prophecy has ceased.

    1 Corinthians 13 (Amp)

    8 Love never fails [never fades out or becomes obsolete or comes to an end]. As for prophecy (the gift of interpreting the divine will and purpose), it will be fulfilled and pass away; as for tongues, they will be destroyed and cease; as for knowledge, it will pass away [it will lose its value and be superseded by truth].
    9 For our knowledge is fragmentary (incomplete and imperfect), and our prophecy (our teaching) is fragmentary (incomplete and imperfect).
    10 But when the complete and perfect (total) comes, the incomplete and imperfect will vanish away (become antiquated, void, and superseded)

    The ‘perfect’ spoken about in verse 10 above is the Bible itself. Here we are told that when the Bible would be written and complete, prophecy would no longer be needed, neither would tongues for that matter as the Bible is Perfect in every way and the church will use the Bible instead because it contains all the prophecy you need.

    But someone might say,” but what about 1 Corinthians 14:3 where it speaks about prophesying.

    Well let me explain.

    1 Corinthians 14:3 (AMP)

    3 But [on the other hand], the one who prophesies [who interprets the divine will and purpose in inspired preaching and teaching] speaks to men for their upbuilding and constructive spiritual progress and encouragement and consolation.

    This is not prophecy spoken by a Prophet my dear readers, this is the gift of inspired preaching and teaching that results in edification, exhortation, and encouragement. This is FORTH TELLING of the truth of the Word of God, not FORETELLING the future.

    Once again do you see how just the smallest twisting of scripture can create an entire false religion and lead millions upon millions of people astray.

    Today we have millions of false prophets running around telling churches that they have ‘heard from the Lord, this’, or ‘God has told them, that” but they speak from their own imaginations.

    Jeremiah 23:16

    16 Thus says the LORD of hosts: “ Do not listen to the words of the prophets who prophesy to you. They make you worthless; They speak a vision of their own heart, Not from the mouth of the LORD.

    Jeremiah 14:14

    14 And the LORD said to me, “The prophets prophesy lies in My name. I have not sent them, commanded them, nor spoken to them; they prophesy to you a false vision, divination, a worthless thing, and the deceit of their heart.

    Sometimes some of these false prophets prophecies come true, but it’s not due to the fact that they are Godly men or woman, oh no! Many of these prophets dabble in occultism and Satan can make things go his way that they correspond with the said prophecy. In fact you find prophets in all religions. Satan is also not stupid, his intelligence far exceeds mans and he knows how to play mankind and get them right where he wants them. A so called prophet within todays ‘Christian’ circles is non other than a soothsayer and they are an abomination unto the Lord.

    Deuteronomy 18:9-13

    9 “When you come into the land which the LORD your God is giving you, you shall not learn to follow the abominations of those nations.10 There shall not be found among you anyone who makes his son or his daughter pass through the fire, or one who practices witchcraft, or a soothsayer, or one who interprets omens, or a sorcerer, 11 or one who conjures spells, or a medium, or a spiritist, or one who calls up the dead. 12 For all who do these things are an abomination to the LORD, and because of these abominations the LORD your God drives them out from before you. 13 You shall be blameless before the LORD your God.

  • Beware of false prophets but also beware of saying the power of God is the power of the dark side!very dangerous and sounds like the ones Jesus said had spoke against the holy spirit!
    he said their was no forgiveness!!

  • Deborah (Discerning the World)


    wake up and smell the coffee…

    tell me, how do you know what is truth vs error Josh? give me an example of a false prophet?

  • Michael

    The misunderstanding about doctrine comes down to the new birth…the new birth is salvation.The new birth is dying to the self (Paul refers it to the “old man”).All scripture has the final goal to lead sinful man to salvation. Scripture has been perverted in the new generation churches to centre on man…self improvement,positive thinking,the exaltation of man…pride in all it’s deceptive forms…even delusions and those who are so self-centred that they think they have a mission to change and add to the COMPLETION and FULFILLMENT of the documented and recorded Word of God. Self proclaimed mystic prophets today are deluded by evil spirits and self-esteem and egotists and megalomaniacs.
    Even John the Baptist (who Jesus Himself proclaimed…was the greatest born of woman) said…John 3,30…He must increase, but I must decrease.

  • Michael

    Sorry I wanted to add…It is all about the Messiah…the Lord Jesus Christ…only Him alone…there is salvation in Him alone and what He did at Calvary…NOTHING…I repeat NOTHING else will do. It’s all about Him…Christ-centredness.All else…additions…mystic visions…changes…sensations…phenomena (qualia…experiences and opinions are subjective and insignificant as well as opening the door to error and delusion.
    People, the bible is complete, Christ has come and fulfilled His mission and is coming back again, I hope soon, and all scripture is complete in itself.
    Rev 22:18-19…”For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book: And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and [from] the things which are written in this book.”
    Deut 4:2…Ye shall not add unto the word which I command you, neither shall ye diminish [ought] from it, that ye may keep the commandments of the LORD your God which I command you.”

  • Michael

    I also wanted to add…there will be those who will argue…”it’s all about interpretation”. No mate…it really is not. It is all about Jesus. The only thing that has to change is you and me. You have to get rid of this horrible sinful self (and that includes me) get down on your knees and repent and ask Jesus’s forgiveness. Once done you sincerely thank Him and ask Him to give you the strength to live for Him and do those things that please Him and The Comforter will help you.
    Goodbye old man, welcome new,goodbye self,welcome Christ living in me.

  • Joseph

    [DELETED by DTW: I don’t like to be threatened Joseph – Go play ball elsewhere. Before that you can read up on all the articles under the following category:

  • True Believer

    You are in error. Let me share with you.

    Ephesians 4:7-16

    7) But unto everyone of us is given grace according to the measure of the gift of Christ.
    8) Wherefore he said, When he ascended up on high, he led captivity captive, and gave gifts unto men.
    9) (Now that he ascended, what is it but that he also descended first into the lower parts of the earth?
    10) He that descended is the same also that ascended up far above all heavens, that he might fill all things.)
    11) And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers;
    12) For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ:
    13) Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ:
    14) That we henceforth be no more children, tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive;
    15) But speaking the truth in love, may grow up into him in all things, which is the head even Christ:
    16) From whom the whole body fitly joined together and compacted by that which every joint supplieth , according to the effectual working in the measure of every part , maketh increase of the body unto the edifying of itself in love.

    In the new testament we are under a new covenant with God, we are under “Grace” & no longer under the “Law”
    The old Testament was the law & the things the prophets like Jeremiah & Ezekiel were saying were things God told them to say to a SPECIFIC group of people.
    Regarding this debate (there are no more prophets after Jesus) the things these old testament prophets said would not apply.

    You know, Christianity is a way of life & this way of life is a life of serving others in love as Jesus did.
    That said, I feel compelled to share this scripture with you.

    2 Timothy 2:23,24

    23) But foolish and unlearned questions avoid knowing that they do gender stifes.
    24) And the servant of the Lord must not strive; but be gentle unto all men, apt to teach, patient.

    In addition, we are all at different levels/stages of spirituality and what interpretation one may have of a particular scripture or group of scriptures, another may not have or vice versa.

    Here is something God thought was so important to know that he allowed it to be said twice.

    In 1 Chronicles 16: 22
    A little history; verses 4 & 7) King David delivered a Psalm to thank the Lord into the hands of Asaph & his brethren (Levites he (David) had appointed to minister before the Ark of God & to thank and praise God)
    In the Psalm (Verses 21 & 22) David said (talking about how the Lord cared for the people) :
    He (God) suffered no man to do them wrong (He allowed no man to do them wrong): yea he reproved kings for their sakes.
    (reprove =rebuke/express sharp disapproval/ criticism)

    Saying, (meaning God himself said) Touch not mine annointed, and do my prophets no harm.

    Psalm 105 is a repetition of this Psalm that King David wrote and delivered to his brethren.

    Here are a few more scriptures I felt compelled to share with you.

    Proverbs 18:21

    Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.

    This scripture can be interpreted to mean that a person has the power to speak life or death into their life and circumstances, and whatever they speak, (implies repetition) they love and they will eat the fruit of whatever they constantly speak, be it death or life.

    But it also can be interpreted to mean that a person or persons can speak life or death into another person’s life as well.
    If they speak death (negative, evil words, curses etc. ) they are speaking death into anothers life and if speaking death, can be found to be a murderer, and we know

    in I John 3:15 b it states:

    and ye (you) know that no murderer hath eternal life abiding in him.

    To bring this a step further Jesus says in St Mathew 12:33-37

    Either make the tree good, and his fruit good; or else make the tree corrupt, and his fruit corrupt: for the tree is known by his fruit.
    O generation of vipers, how can ye, being evil, speak good things?
    for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.
    A good man out of the good treasure of the heart bringeth forth good things, and an evil man out of the evil treasure bringeth forth evil things.
    But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment.
    For by thy words thou shalt be justified , and by thy words thou shalt be

    Proverbs 15:4
    A wholesome tongue is a tree of life.

    There is so much more I could share with you but time & space do not permit me.
    However, It is my sincere prayer that you would read these with an open heart & let the Lord speak to your heart to give you understanding. And it is my hope that you be blessed.

    Proverbs 4:7
    Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom, and with all thy getting get understanding.
    (principal = first in order or importance, main )
    God’s understanding is infinite, ( Psalms 147:5 ) so you can ask him for understanding all the time, and he will give it.

    St Mathew 7:7 Ask and is SHALL be given you; seek & ye SHALL find, knock and it SHALL be opened unto you.

    II Corinthians 1: 20
    For all the promises of God in him are yea and in him amen unto the glory of God by us.

    Be Blessed in Jesus name.

  • DOD


    You are wrong to say that miracles don’t happen today. I personally have prayed to the Lord for healing of the sick, and they’ve been made whole.
    I’ve personally heard the Lord’s voice, though I wouldn’t tell you what He said. I have no message to share. One of my beloved brothers in Christ heard the Lord’s voice just recently.
    You are wrong to say that aposltes no longer exist. Yes indeed the original apostles have passed. But what are the signs of an apostle? Miracles, wonders, miraculous signs. I have at least one good friend who has displayed these things through the Lord on a regular basis.
    Though, listen. He doesn’t teach any new, strange ideas…only this: Christ loves and saves those who call upon Him.
    But this is a pointless discussion. What have christians been called to today? It is to show Love, one to another. I suggest (for myself also) that unless we love eachother as we share our opinions, we contradict the most important tenant of Jesus’ message, and are therefore unworthy to be heard anyway.
    If we can’t fulfill that basic requirement we are nothing more than resounding gongs.
    Once love captures our hearts, we will see many miracles. Denominations don’t matter; past mistakes don’t matter: what matters is our love for Jesus right now.
    For example; I saw a miracle yesterday when praying for an agnostic. It was AMAZING! :))
    Now, I could make the claim that I’m an apostle. BUT I AM NOT. I’m just an incredibly messed up sinner who loves Jesus.

  • Deborah (Discerning the World)


    Where did I say miracles don’t happen today?

  • David

    who are you to say that someone is or is not a man of God? It says in the Bible touch not mine anointed. Not sure about you but i would not want to be the one to call one of Gods anointed false.

  • Mark Knight

    Deborah (Discerning the World) wrote:

    wake up and smell the coffee…
    tell me, how do you know what is truth vs error Josh? give me an example of a false prophet?

    A false prophet will cringe at the name of Jesus Christ, if you ask the prophet if he comes in the name of Jesus Christ, and gives you any other answer , he /she is a false prophet, A false prophet is some one who claims to be a prophet and is not.

    If there works arn’t in the name of Jesus Christ, well then they are False.

    21 You may say to yourselves, “How can we know when a message has not been spoken by the LORD ?” 22 If what a prophet proclaims in the name of the LORD does not take place or come true, that is a message the LORD has not spoken. That prophet has spoken presumptuously. Do not be afraid of him.

    Jeremiah 14:14
    Then the LORD said to me, “The prophets are prophesying lies in my name. I have not sent them or appointed them or spoken to them. They are prophesying to you false visions, divinations, idolatries and the delusions of their own minds.

    Jeremiah 23:16
    This is what the LORD Almighty says: “Do not listen to what the prophets are prophesying to you; they fill you with false hopes. They speak visions from their own minds, not from the mouth of the LORD.

    Lamentations 2:14
    The visions of your prophets were false and worthless; they did not expose your sin to ward off your captivity. The oracles they gave you were false and misleading

  • Deborah (Discerning the World)

    Mark Knight

    >> A false prophet will cringe at the name of Jesus Christ, if you ask the prophet if he comes in the name of Jesus Christ, and gives you any other answer , he /she is a false prophet, A false prophet is some one who claims to be a prophet and is not.

    Errrrr, what? You kidding, right? You do know that there are millions of people who will use and abuse the name of Jesus Christ every single day for their own PERSONAL GAIN – false teachers, false preachers, false prophets – and what will happen to these people one day….

    Matthew 7:21-23

    21 “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven. 22 Many will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?’ 23 And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!’

  • sylesa

    “prophetess” Donna,
    Are you attempting to negate the scriptures? It appears that you are confusing Gods threatenings, which were CONDITIONAL , and something that has been decreed by God , which is NOT conditional, and will always come to pass.

    But the prophet, which shall presume to speak a word in my name, which I have not commanded him to speak, or

    that shall speak in the name of other gods, even that prophet shall die.
    Deu 18:21 And if thou say in thine heart, How shall we know the word which the LORD hath not spoken?
    Deu 18:22 When a prophet speaketh in the name of the LORD, if the thing follow not, nor come to pass, that is

    the thing which the LORD hath not spoken, but the prophet hath spoken it presumptuously: thou shalt not be

    afraid of him. If there arise among you a prophet, or a dreamer of dreams, and giveth thee a sign or a wonder,
    Deu 13:2 And the sign or the wonder come to pass, whereof he spake unto thee, saying, Let us go after other

    gods, which thou hast not known, and let us serve them;
    Deu 13:3 Thou shalt not hearken unto the words of that prophet, or that dreamer of dreams: for the LORD your

    God proveth you, to know whether ye love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul.
    Deu 13:4 Ye shall walk after the LORD your God, and fear him, and keep his commandments, and obey his voice,

    and ye shall serve him, and cleave unto him.
    Deu 13:5 And that prophet, or that dreamer of dreams, shall be put to death; because he hath spoken to turn

    you away from the LORD your God, which brought you out of the land of Egypt, and redeemed you out of the house

    of bondage, to thrust thee out of the way which the LORD thy God commanded thee to walk in. So shalt thou put

    the evil away from the midst of thee.
    Deu 13:6 If thy brother, the son of thy mother, or thy son, or thy daughter, or the wife of thy bosom, or thy

    friend, which is as thine own soul, entice thee secretly, saying, Let us go and serve other gods, which thou

    hast not known, thou, nor thy fathers;
    Deu 13:7 Namely, of the gods of the people which are round about you, nigh unto thee, or far off from thee,

    from the one end of the earth even unto the other end of the earth;
    Deu 13:8 Thou shalt not consent unto him, nor hearken unto him; neither shall thine eye pity him, neither

    shalt thou spare, neither shalt thou conceal him:
    Deu 13:9 But thou shalt surely kill him; thine hand shall be first upon him to put him to death, and

    afterwards the hand of all the people.
    Deu 13:10 And thou shalt stone him with stones, that he die; because he hath sought to thrust thee away from

    the LORD thy God, which brought thee out of the land of Egypt, from the house of bondage.
    Deu 13:11 And all Israel shall hear, and fear, and shall do no more any such wickedness as this is among you

    Prophets proclaim what God has said, and since He has already said it, they now proclaim His Written Word, they DO NOT ADD TO IT! THE CANON IS CLOSED!

  • Michael

    Debs says and I know this to be true…false christians blabber their own gospel…name it and claim it, speak actions and faith into existence, this is a huge insult for the Son of God that humiliated Himself into a human shell and suffered on the cross because He loved us and wanted to save us from our sins and iniquities…please Jesus come quickly soon and save us from false brethren.

  • Michael

    Sorry I forgot this by Deborah…”A false prophet will cringe at the name of Jesus Christ, if you ask the prophet if he comes in the name of Jesus Christ, and gives you any other answer , he /she is a false prophet, A false prophet is some one who claims to be a prophet and is not.”

    Sadly our enemies are no longer the outside world but the infiltrators into the church…the world has been invaded by the enemy imposing in the modern church…leading millions astray…Lord have mercy on us and send real men and women of God to warn and tell us the truth that is in the Bible…Jesus please come quickly for Your bride before this madness overtakes the church. It is just getting too difficult and out of hand.

  • sylesa


    Sadly our enemies are no longer the outside world but the infiltrators into the church…the world has been invaded by the enemy imposing in the modern church…leading millions astray…Lord have mercy on us and send real men and women of God to warn and tell us the truth that is in the Bible…Jesus please come quickly for Your bride before this madness overtakes the church. It is just getting too difficult and out of hand.

    So true! I am in utter amazement at what the “church” embraces as “spiritual”. And this is true, check it out —It nearly ALL comes from under the charasmatic umbrella. This is because they are ‘experience’ driven more than Word driven.People want to ‘feel’ God not just believe Him and the deeper contentment that comes from that. They have no sound system of hermanuetics, but rather they spirituallize and allegorize the scriptures to say whatever they want them to say. And now the floogates are open and we have an ever increasing madness in the church because the church has tolerated the excesses of the charismatic people who have a low regard for doctrine and scripture and a very high regard for how they “feel”. This must be the last days, the Lord must be at the very door.

  • Penny

    I agree with DOD, we are to love one another. If we do this, people will know we are of God. Not by miracles or by speaking in tongues, but by the love we have for one another will people know we are of God. If we are true believers, we should not be following after signs, signs should be following us. Take notice of a believer’s life who loves the Lord, and you will see God at work doing wonderful things. Pointing to scriptures to prove a point may stem from pride and not love,so even in discussions like these, we need to be careful, meaning we may be trying to show an error in someone else when we may be operating in error and not realize it. The Lord knows who are His, let us love, if we belong to Him so people will be drawn to the kingdom, and let Jesus be the judge and ruler of those who may or may not be speaking in His Name.


  • Deborah (Discerning the World)


    The bible also says that when you hear the truth spoken by FALSE prophets you are to IGNORE THEM :)

  • Clayton

    First , One false prophecy a false prophet makes. PERIOD ,END OF DISCUSSION!
    Next after listening to Kim Clement I felt something very wrong about his spirit (and this was just a video)there is something very amiss and I do not listen even to his music as it also feels wrong. the same feel i had when I met the moonies and the LDS church. Just because someone declares themselves a prophet of G-d does not make it so. Someone said G-d changes his mind all the time. I laughed. NEVER does G-d change his mind.but he always shows mercy to those that repent. Mercy is not Chanhing His mind!!in fact Mercy is why we are given Yeshua. G-d had mercy on us and gave us a chance to turn around. It is a recurrent theme in the Old and New testament over and over he says keep my commandments . Over and over he tells us the wage of sin is death. I feel sad when i meet modern day prophets that cry out I have a word from god for you and thenprocede to tell me that i have been faithful to G-d’s word all my life and my reward shall be great because ” you have never wavered and always did His will” I tell my congregation that there is nothing that they can do no matter how checkered their table cloth that i can not identify with. since i have been a huge sinner and only through Yeshua do i have salvation. I have to their face told people they are false prophets not out of malice but so they can turn away from such things … I see Kim C. as a false Prophet who continues to deceive people of great faith in G-d , people who talk the talk and walk the walk as Yeshua did and ministering to all the brethern the Holy word of salvation. sadly many get led astray by these new age doctrines that are unsound by Torah and unsound by the Gospels . we are to put on the full armour of G-d so we will not be deceived when HaSatan comes promoting new and strange doctrines. the ephesians needed this message in Pauls time and we need it today. not to stop us from following Gods commandments but so we do not learn more unsound poop at the hands of self proclaimed prophets .
    may G-d have mercy on those who were deceived and may we be watchmen on the walls forewarning of the approach of the great deceiver.

    be well my friends
    God Bless

  • bettye

    kim prophesy to my grandson at age 6 weeks, everything that was say has and is coming to pass. the work and word is not kim’s but the Lord. I believe in the word of God and so do my Grandson.

  • bettye

    o yes, my grandson is 20 years old.

  • Dr. Nova Dean Pack

    Space is too short to discuss this fully, but I will briefly state why the author of this Web Site and criticism of Kim Clement is wrong, but it does not make him a false teacher. He mistakenly applies Old Testament tests of a prophet to New Testament Prophets without realizing that the word has been brought inside of believers and prophecy is merely to confirm the word that God is speaking to us from within. The word did not indwell the Old Testament Prophets as it does New Testament believers and particularly prophets.

    Old Testament Prophets were like tape recorders, and they were required to play back exactly as God spoke to them. God could even used Balaam’s donkey to do this (Num 22:28). Yet, New Testament Prophets’ prophesy partly to cleanse the souls of believers from their carnality, including their own souls, but none of us are ever completely cleansed or sanctified while alive. It is a work in progress. Kim Clement is saved, is a true believer, has the indwelling Godhead inside, is more accurate with words of knowledge than most modern day New Testament prophets, and does not lead people to do evil as would a false prophet. He never prophesies to change the destiny of Satan or the Ultimate judgment of unbelievers at the White Throne Judgment. You are confusing the assignment of Old Testament Prophets with the assignment of New Testament Prophets. You are wrong, but that does not make you a false teacher, just wrong. You cannot bring Old Testament Scriptures and make them 100% relevant to the experience of believers after the dispensation of mercy and grace after the Cross. Likewise, you cannot use current events and make them bring scriptures about the end times come to present day happening. This, too, is wrong, but ministers do it all the time. They are wrong teachers, not false teachers.

    There is a distinct difference between the ministry of Old Testament Prophets and New Testament Prophets because the Word became flesh and dwelt among us (John 1:14). The Word of God was implanted in Jesus’ humanity nature, and the Word of God is implanted in believers’ untransformed souls to wash the souls from their carnality. The words of Jesus are spirit and life, but not all believers are instantly spiritual nor experience the life of Jesus abundantly. Again, New Testament believers are born again and have inside of them the indwelling Godhead, Who uses His word to wash away the carnality of their souls (Eph 5:26). One can get the word inside of them by reading the word, by hearing the word, or by prophesying the word. Old Testament Prophets did not have the indwelling Godhead as New Testament believers have as Jesus had not died on the Cross as yet, and this includes New Testament Prophets. New Testament prophets are not primarily to speak to nations but to people, “But he that prophesieth speaketh unto men to edification, and exhortation, and comfort” (1Co 14:3). New Testament Prophets also have the assignment to equip the saints for the work of the ministry for the edification of the Body of Christ (Eph 4:12). You do not read this in the Old Testament. The Old Testament Prophets were teachers, but they just taught people the word of God and how to conduct themselves in the Tabernacle or Temple, but not to release everyone into ministry. Thus, New Testament Prophets have a different job assignment than the Old Testament Prophets. Did an Old Testament Prophet only know in part? No! He was merely a tape recorder for God. Yet, 1Co 13:9-10 says about New Testament Prophets, “For we know in part, and we prophesy in part. But when that which is perfect is come, then that which is in part shall be done away.” Scofield argued that the word “when that which is perfect is come” meant the canonized word, but he was wrong, as it means the coming forth with perfection the Bride of Christ and when Christ returns for His bride. If an Old Testament Prophet only stated part of what God said, he was stoned to death, but knowing in part only is allowed of New Testament Prophets. Why? Because the Word became flesh and dwells within every believer and is used to cleanse, not condemn. Because New Testament prophets testify how they too are also a cleansing work in progress, just like every other believer, then they only know in part. Even Jesus’ humanity nature had to learn obedience by the things He suffered and thus His humanity nature is not all knowing (Heb 5:8). In fact, even Jesus does not know the day He is returning to earth for His bride (Acts 1:7). If a New Testament prophet says something to change the ultimate punishment of Satan, for example, then he would be a false prophet, but is not a false prophet just because he makes a mistake or is sometimes wrong, as a New Testament Prophet only know in part. All Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teacher are sometimes wrong, but this does not make them a false Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor or Teacher. No where is it mentioned in the Old Testament that a Old Testament Prophet only knows in part. The word of God now lives in all believers, and a New Testament Prophet is merely to confirm what God is already speaking to you, but some people have not learned to clearly hear from God, so a New Testament Prophet is needed. Also, the entire Eph 4:11 ministry functions of the Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor, and Teacher are with the Church for how long? The answer is two verses later, Eph 4:13, “Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ.” Obviously, there is very little unity of the faith, and there certainly is a lack of maturity in the Church.

  • Dr. Nova Pack

    Why was my recent comment defending Kim Clement not posted, Michael? Are you being partial? Are you being unfair? Do you not post people who disagree with you in a sholarly way? I challenge you to post what I wrote. It is not an exhaustive statement, and it only comments briefly some scriptural references to show that you cannot judge New Testament Prophets the way they did Old Testament Prophets.

  • Deborah (Discerning the World)

    Dr Nova Pack

    It was not posted because the moderator of this blog was ill. It now approved.

  • JG

    [deleted – bla bla judge not, yes, we have heard it all before]

  • Johan Helberg

    Num 12:1 And Miriam and Aaron spake against Moses because of the Ethiopian woman whom he had married: for he had married an Ethiopian woman.
    Num 12:6 And he said, Hear now my words: If there be a prophet among you, I the LORD will make myself known unto him in a vision, and will speak unto him in a dream.
    Num 12:7 My servant Moses is not so, who is faithful in all mine house.
    Num 12:8 With him will I speak mouth to mouth, even apparently, and not in dark speeches; and the similitude of the LORD shall he behold: wherefore then were ye not afraid to speak against my servant Moses?
    Num 12:9 And the anger of the LORD was kindled against them; and he departed.
    Num 12:10 And the cloud departed from off the tabernacle; and, behold, Miriam became leprous, white as snow: and Aaron looked upon Miriam, and, behold, she was leprous.
    Num 12:11 And Aaron said unto Moses, Alas, my lord, I beseech thee, lay not the sin upon us, wherein we have done foolishly, and wherein we have sinned.
    Num 12:12 Let her not be as one dead, of whom the flesh is half consumed when he cometh out of his mother’s womb.
    Num 12:13 And Moses cried unto the LORD, saying, Heal her now, O God, I beseech thee.

  • Deborah (Discerning the World)


    First – the word JEHOVAH is not God’s name – hence JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES use it.
    Secondly – Kim Clement is as un-annointed as you get. He is part of the New Apostolic Reformation and I believe he is a Freemason because he is known to wear masonic insignia like the Fleur de Lys.
    Fourth – The word anointed means ‘Christ’, Kim Clement is not CHRIST – a false one yes!
    Fifth – If God is the only one who can judge according to you, then why are you judging me? Are you God? ;)
    Sixth – Quoting scripture out of context is not helping prove Kim is a man of God.

  • SSBG

    Johan,this is a common mis-conception in the church today that “ordinary people” are not allowed to say anything against so-called “anointed” pastors/preachers/leaders. This is a LIE that I myself believed for many years – it is a LIE preached by many of these “anointed” men/woman of God. Do yourself a favour and google “Lies my pastor told me” written by Cole Brown, download it, read it and hopefully your eyes will be opened like mine were….

  • The Real God

    The human race is doomed.
    It’s very disappointing to see so many sheep misled by this lying crook.
    He is a complete fake, just like the others.
    Wake up you fools !!!!!!!!!!

  • Margaret Spies

    Everytime God reads the comments made by the negative “children” His heart breaks. Kim is not perfect, he makes mistakes like the rest of us..but I know one thing..Kim adores the Lord. God loves that man and when they are together they just melt into one another.Kim is God’s son. Instead of being so critical, get on your face before God and ask Him to reveal truth, wisdom and knowledge to Kim. Kim is bold and courageous. I knew him before he became so reknowned..and he is still the same humble man.Remember, satan has more to fear from Kim than from any of you so if he says something out of the flesh during his prophesy, God forgives him when he comes before Him and asks forgiveness. Kim does not go around saying he is the Christ..but the same anointing that was on Jesus Christ rests on him and every believer. MARGIE SPIES

  • Archbishop.Nathaniel.M

    [deleted – insults not tolerated]

  • Tony

    Prophets prophecys will happen. If they don’t then they are false Prophets.
    Read Deuteronomy 18:19-22

    Deu 18:19 And it shall come to pass, that whosoever will not hearken unto my words which he shall speak in my name, I will require it of him.

    Deu 18:20 But the prophet, which shall presume to speak a word in my name, which I have not commanded him to speak, or that shall speak in the name of other gods, even that prophet shall die.

    Deu 18:21 And if thou say in thine heart, How shall we know the word which the LORD hath not spoken?

    Deu 18:22 When a prophet speaketh in the name of the LORD, if the thing follow not, nor come to pass, that is the thing which the LORD hath not spoken, but the prophet hath spoken it presumptuously: thou shalt not be afraid of him.

  • Deborah (Discerning the World)


    Everytime God reads people like yourself support FALSE TEACHERS his heart breaks.

  • Rick

    May The Lord Jesus raise up watchmen on the wall to speak out against the lunacy that passes for doctrine and ‘moves of the spirit’ in the mainstream churchs. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe that the gifts of The Spirit are as real and relevant now as they were 2000 years ago, but most of what is practiced in the church today is a fraud and a deception that glorifies men and leads many astray. The true operation of the Gifts of The Spirit glorify and lift up The Name and Person of Jesus Christ, and draw men unto Him.

  • Robbie


    >>>he is still the same humble man<<<

    Just proves, Satan deceives the "humble" too…

  • mikster

    There are still prophets, but they are very very few(basically, its a death sentence)

    and SIN, its never been the issue, that was dealt with before this earth was formed

    As far as FLOWING with the most high, thats another story

  • Deborah (Discerning the World)



  • Burning Lamp


    wha-huh? (Scratching head)

  • In Christ Alone

    This is between the Lord and Kim,…let us not judge. If anything, we need to pray for him and pray for everyone for that matter. We are even called to pray for our enemies and to not judge them either.

    God bless you all!

  • john

    [deleted] Read this regarding biblical judging so that you may understand what it means before you come and JUDGE ME: As Christians We Must Judge Righteously and Mark Them Which Cause Division and Do Not Tolerate Wicked People

  • Deborah (Discerning the World)

    In Christ Alone

    We are not judging him, we are pointing out his false teaching so that other do not fall for his trap. For your info this is what the bible says about those who willingly preach false teaching and lead millions to hell. And of course we pray for them, my goodness what do you take us for.

    As Christians We Must Judge Righteously and Mark Them Which Cause Division and Do Not Tolerate Wicked People

  • Anton

    Hi Deborah
    I find this article ridicules and sad, nowhere in this article do I read where Kim said in his own words “I am false prophet” yet you say he said it, he said that he has made mistakes yes that doesn’t make him false it makes him human, “He is a False Prophet” is your words and interpretation of what he said you are twisting what Kim is saying to fuel what you want to write . You must be very careful what you are saying remember David and Saul? Jesus told David as wrong as what Saul was do not touch my anointed. Be very careful when you speak out against leaders etc, how do you know if you are right? So if I disagree with you I can now go and tell people you are a false discern-er you can’t discern the voice of God? No I just don’t agree with you, remember you are not the only person that has the gift to discern, be sure you listen to the right voice. God has given people discernment not for them to trash people or leaders but to pray for them where they go wrong. Use your gift the right way please. Just another point Kim did proclaimed himself a Prophet his leaders did in 1983 do a bit of research before making allocations.

    Question in your article you say he avoids Gods word about false prophets how did you get to that conclusion? Where and when did you see him avoiding God’s word?
    Also you say he sings revelations from God which he claims he hears from God and that the word of God points him out as false, again how do you come to this conclusion that he is NOT hearing from God? You have not shown any prophecy from Kim where he gave a false revelation that does not add up to God’s word, yet you are say he is NOT hearing correctly, I see that as judging.
    It is clear to me you don’t understand the prophetic, If you don’t understand the prophetic rater not comment of it.

    We as people are human we will make mistakes from time to time, you cannot show me one spiritual leader that hasn’t made a mistake, do we now call them false teachers, pastors, counselors etc no we don’t. This is how Satan keeps the children of God busy with none Godly things while he goes on deceiving people.

    My advice to you in this is, rather than throwing the stones do what Jesus did. Rather pray for Kim and leaders that are standing out there instead of criticizing them again that’s how Satan is winning bringing in disunity. I am all for recognizing false teaches, prophets etc but it is our responsibility to pray for them that God will correct them or remove them. You don’t have to believe what they say. Just remember this, just because someone says something you don’t believe in or disagree with doesn’t make them false.

    I agree whole heartily that we need to recognize and avoid false teachers etc but again be very careful how a person points that person out.

  • Anton

    I do believe that God speaks through people. Sometime we need to hear a confirmation of something we are praying for.

    In saying this if a person says to you or the church I have a word of God for you or the church, you will have the confirmation before that person opens their mouth and the word will be inline with what you are praying about or trusting God for.

    I agree to many people say I have a word of God but there is no confirmation from leaders or any person that’s to me that is very clearly false. I have had people prophesying over me and some didn’t not come to pass others did as I had the confirmation of it although it only happened years later.

    I also believe test everything by the Holy Spirit do not just believe what people say.

  • Kae

    Just look at Jesus … everyone thought he was false prophet too. I think it’s hard for anyone to define who is and who isn’t a False Prophet … if something is morally wrong or clearly defies God as a whole than I’d take a look around. Look at all the Christian pastors and prophets who say homosexuality is normal and natural, how about those who say hell doesn’t really exist. Yes, Jesus said to love your neighbor, but he always said “Go and sin no more”. Rather than picking on a man who admits he makes mistakes, let’s take the stick out of our own eye and look at the bigger picture.

  • shannon

    fistly there is a difference between missing it and being false and secondly no prophet [including christ himself]went without persecution.

  • GT

    Hi Deborah, Reading a few older posts I noticed that in one of them it was mentioned that the five fold ministry no longer has active the Apostols and prophets office that this ended with Christ, since now The Holy Spirit guides us. (I’m paraphrasing what I understood from the post). The problem with that line of thought is that the 5 fold ministry started with Christ (not end there) it continued after The Holy Ghost baptized the church with tongues of fire in Acts chapter two. (by the way Acts is still in effect until the time of the great commision ends (dispensation of grace). Not everyone has all of the 5 fold ministries in one but many have several of them. If the prophets of God are no longer in that ministry then where does it say in the bible that this was to end some 2000 and so years ago? The church still has a five fold Holy Spirit guided ministers.

    [Edited by DTW: Please read here:

  • frannyb

    [deleted – franny, I am so sorry that you are caught up by a false prophet]

  • I try to stay outofthis kind of stuff about who’s a “false prophet/prophetss” and stuff and here’s why,I don’t know theiry heart, mind, and spirit. If I catch smoething, I will but otherwise I pray and ask theHoly Spirirt to deal with them and do whatever He needs to do. I’mve even tried to make sure ifI give one I’m on target with the Word of God. I pray for all these guys in media ministry to make sure that they are accurate because we all screw up and there is sucha thi ng as prpohetic music. It’s a little different for everybody. I’m not going to jump onthe bandwagoon either way here. I’m still tryingto feel my way through my own ministry and getting entangeld inthis stuff just grates on me. I understand that we need to be a “church without blemish” before He comes, but I can’t sit there and spend my energy charlatain busting. I’ll let the Holy SPirit do that unless He tells me to say smoething.

  • Deborah

    All of you who say Kim is a false you have anything else better to do with your time? If you were spiritually matured you would recognize a true man or woman of God. It’s the religious that are spiritually blinded, if you would be sold out for Jesus and full of His Spirit then you could discern a true prophet. Who are you? Have you never made a mistake before. You should view Kim’s program..tues and thurs is the Matrix and on saturdays is the Den and if you can’t feel the Presence of God and the anointing when you are watching..well maybe you need to ask the Lord to show you if you have a problem and need to repent.

  • Martin Horan

    It’s interesting that Kim Clement claims to be a prophet. (I’ve never heard of the guy before.) But if anyone claims to be a prophet or any kind of man of God, it is incumbent upon us to check him out [1 Thess 5:21 & 1 John 4:1]. Those Scriptures are in the imperative so they are orders, not suggestions.
    As Clayton above rightly says: One false prophecy a false prophet makes…
    If Kim Clement is truly of God he would be grateful for criticism. The reason being that there are only two kinds of criticism: correct and incorrect.
    Jesus Christ Himself said that the prophets were until John.
    If we put men above Scripture we become idolators because we put them on a par with God. That’s what every cult leader demands of his/her followers and it’s what practising Catholics do with their popes (as I was taught to do as a child and youth at the Catholic schools I attended), Moslems do with their Imams and Hindus and Buddhists do with their gurus.
    We have to be very careful when we esteem men. They are only human. That does not excuse them and it certainly does not excuse us for excusing mere men when they should be rebuked.
    So many charlatans make merchandise of God’s people [2 Peter 2:3] because they do not put them to the test.
    That is because such Christians already hold a paradigm which will not allow scrutiny of what these people teach. By doing so, they are the ones who are not following biblical principles and are, ironically, critical of those who do.
    We have only to look at the chaos caused in this world because of people sheepishly following political and religious leaders.
    People are going to do the same with Anti-Christ who will lead them into perdition. Many so-called Christians are going to be led into this perdition. Why? Because they did not check him out by biblical standards.

  • Deborah (Discerning the World)


    >> All of you who say Kim is a false you have anything else better to do with your time?

    No, I have nothing better to do than WARN people from following false teachers that will lead then right into the pit of hell.

  • Deborah (Discerning the World)


    I don’t know what weird unbiblical stuff you are caught up in, but based on your comment what you are doing is wrong and NEW AGE. No where in the bible do we pray to the Holy Spirit, but in the New Age Christianity we have today they do pray to their false Holy Sprit and it does stuff for them, it helps them with visions, it helps them paint artwork, it gives them prophetic utterances that are 100% of the time false, it makes people fall down and lie comatosed on the floor, it makes people feel warm when they are being healed and usually there is a sense of electricity running through the body. When the pastor calls down fire on the people he his unknowingly calling upon the false holy spirit to sweep over the people. This spirit is called Kundalini and it has infested the church as it stands today, each and every church is riddled with it, so in esses the Church is no more. I hope you read this Denotchka and you something inside of you clicks as the genuine BIBLICAL HOLY SPIRIT warns you that what you are involved in is not of God and that you need to get out and turn to the real Jesus Christ of the Bible.

  • Deborah (Discerning the World)


    So you are comparing Kim Clement to Jesus Christ? Are you saying that Jesus was sinful and prophecied falsely?

  • Deborah (Discerning the World)


    I find it utterly amazing how you people can compare Kim Clement to Jesus Christ on ANY level. SHOCKING.

  • jennthewarrrior

    Ok I just want to say you really are ignorant about prophecy. You should pray for revelation, seriously. I have received personal prophecy from him and it has come to pass. I sow in his ministry and amHIGHLY BLESSED. You should be careful who you speak against! Do not speak out of ignorance.

  • Deborah (Discerning the World)


    >> Ok I just want to say you really are ignorant about prophecy. You should pray for revelation, seriously. I have received personal prophecy from him and it has come to pass. I sow in his ministry and amHIGHLY BLESSED.

    Deuteronomy 13:1-4

    13 “If there arises among you a prophet or a dreamer of dreams, and he gives you a sign or a wonder, 2 and the sign or the wonder comes to pass, of which he spoke to you, saying, ‘Let us go after other gods’—which you have not known—‘and let us serve them,’ 3 you shall not listen to the words of that prophet or that dreamer of dreams, for the Lord your God is testing you to know whether you love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul. 4 You shall walk after the Lord your God and fear Him, and keep His commandments and obey His voice; you shall serve Him and hold fast to Him

    >> You should be careful who you speak against! Do not speak out of ignorance.

    Deuteronomy 18:22 If what a prophet proclaims in the name of the LORD does not take place or come true, that is a message the LORD has not spoken. That prophet has spoken presumptuously. Do not be afraid of him.

    So you see according to scripture, your threats mean nothing.

    >> I sow in his ministry and amHIGHLY BLESSED.

    You are following after a false prophet jennthewarrior, all because you want to be blesses by the god of mammon. And yes you are being blessed, Satan wants to keep you right were you are, in his claws.

    Kim Clement is a false teacher and preaches a false gospel and belongs to the New Order of Latter Rain – which was banned in 1947 by the Assemblies of God Church of the time. But unfortunately managed to spread out again and has now swept the globe. You need to make a choice Jenn, choose the Living God of the Bible of Kim Clements god of Mammon.

  • Marion

    Note to all the “marks” (that’s carnival talk for the suckers)…prophecy is not “fortune-telling.” You have been duped…and big time by ministers of darkness masquerading as “angels of light”. But perhaps, you were appointed as to such; God sending a strong delusion, that you would believe a lie…having not received the love of the truth. Repent.

  • Burning Lamp

    Jenn, you have been taken in by a wile of the enemy. You might just as well have gone to a psychic, had a reading prediction and it came true. Of course Satan can counterfeit true gifts of the Spirit and you have fallen into his trap as have so many others who seek after signs. And you are now participating in the works of Satan by suupporting this false teacher. Think about that. You are the one who should be careful and listen to those who have been called by the Lord to expose false prophets. This is done out of love for the Lord, not out of hatred toward any person but Satan.

  • Debs,
    I want to say that I really appreciate the fact that many of these deceived, gullible and men followers actually have the courage to read and comment on this blog. It means there is still hope for them. They spew their nonsense at you, but their conscience is there, and the Holy Spirit convincing power is at work, at least for some, for those who LOVE THE TRUTH, and these few will come to the knowledge of the truth and be set free from believing and following lies.
    I would say most people would read and not even dare to comment, are too coward and bound by the evil one.

    As a side note: Is it not the same thing that is happening in our democracies and has resulted in the bad political leaders and systems we have?

    May God strenghten you in your resolve to contend for the faith once delivered unto the saints.

  • Wilma

    We are all human and we miss hearing God correctly at times. We make mistakes and that does NOT make you a false prophet.

  • Wilma,

    Jesus warned that we should take heed not to be deceived by false teachers (Matthew 24:4). Are you going to obey Him or not?

    Preaching a false Gospel or a false doctrine is not merely a little mistake. It is a very serious matter and can lead you to hell.

    Whosoever transgresseth, and abideth not in the doctrine of Christ, hath not God. He that abideth in the doctrine of Christ, he hath both the Father and the Son. (2 John 1:9)

  • barbara redes

    I disagree with all that has been spoken against kim clement.
    You have taken what he has said out of context jsut as satan does. You are the false one trying to lead the children of GOD away from the truth of JESUS CHRIST.

  • barbara redes,

    You are welcome to disagree.

    However, remember one thing. You will suffer the same judgments as all the false prophets you follow.

    Notwithstanding I have a few things against thee, because thou sufferest that woman Jezebel, which calleth herself a prophetess, to teach and to seduce my servants to commit fornication, and to eat things sacrificed unto idols. And I gave her space to repent of her fornication; and she repented not. Behold, I will cast her into a bed, and them that commit adultery with her into great tribulation, except they repent of their deeds. And I will kill her children with death; and all the churches shall know that I am he which searcheth the reins and hearts: and I will give unto every one of you according to your works. (Rev 2:20-23)

  • Steve Grey

    Kim Clement, for some reason, disgust me even more than Benny Hinn. I think it because he so cheapens everything he touches. I believe him to be a womanizing, thieving, false profit. He is a moderately talented musician and could never make it in the music industry. He is a horrid communicator and frequently misuses/mispronounces the English language. So, he resorts to self-indulgent false prophesy. I pity those foolish enough to follow his stupidity. He is and should be loathed by the legitimate functional world. We all have issues, but he sells and is proud of his – deception.

  • Min East

    When I was a broken young man,I visited on of his revivals in Taylor MI. He had never seen me and the prophecy he spoke to me was 100% accurate. I can say almost 20 year later it came truth. He 100% accurately identified a sickness my father had, who was also with me. He 100% explained yet another issue I had concerning my dad. He even knew my dad was a pastor. I am a strong skeptic and point out “smoke and mirrors”. This man was the real deal. Say what you may. I’m speaking from personal experience. He prophecy is still playing out to this day, the way he said it would.

  • Deborah (Discerning the World)

    Min East

    Satan knows you better than you know yourself quite clearly. Do you think he is stupid? Of course not – he is super intelligent. He even knows the bible inside and out. Satan knew what sickness your father had, and most certainly knew he was a pastor. This has got nothing to do with smoke and mirrors, this is satanic fortune telling/divination. And if anything came to pass years later it’s because Satan made sure it did as you held onto this prophecy expecting that it must come true. All Satan has done is blinded you into believe in a false teacher and his false teachings. This is what the bible has to say:

    Acts 16:16-18 “16 And it came to pass, as we went to prayer, a certain damsel possessed with a spirit of divination met us, which brought her masters much gain by soothsaying: 17 The same followed Paul and us, and cried, saying, These men are the servants of the most high God, which shew unto us the way of salvation. 18 And this did she many days. But Paul, being grieved, turned and said to the spirit, I command thee in the name of Jesus Christ to come out of her. And he came out the same hour.”

    Please read: Are Prophets for Today or has Prophecy Ceased?

  • William


    I read this from Nate.

    You mention Jonah speaking a word that did not come to pass.
    Uh, I see a lot of people try and twist scripture o.k. but let’s really examine this mighty man of God.
    Firstly when He did go to nineveh he proclaimed the word of the Lord, the word reached the highest authority in the land and the king called a fast and called for repentance. repentance was made God relented. if they had not listened the word would have been performed without question. Jonah did his job He spoke as the Lord commanded, God Himself relented, Jonah became angry”is this not what I said in my own country” The entire story of Jonah is a clear depiction of the heart of God. When you repent does God forgive you? So does that mean God is false because He relents from your own punishment?
    He says you will die in your sins. Do you see. it is the heart of God depicted in Jonah, he obeyed the Lord, even the men on the ship got saved. Jonah understood the character and heart of God that is why he didn’t want to go, to him it was a waste of time, I will go they will repent why bother, God’s heart is why it mattered.
    Please don’t be so silly as to undermine the prophet and equate him with something false.

    I confronted Kim many years ago, He at that time told me I am one false prophet who loves Jesus.
    I mean Deb I dub this the spaghetti prophetic crowd, say as many words as you can and if some sticks you can claim to be a prophet. The one thing missing in all of these “prophets” is the accuracy of the Lord. I do not believe God stopped doing anything but I don’t believe the amount of deception that has been tolerated by the church. We have truly backslidden and are at this time in scripture in the place where we have heaped up for ourselves the ear ticklers.

    I don’t know, do people just not realize we really are going to stand before Jesus or do they just not care?
    They I am sure will when He judges us. man alive. I am one of the people set apart to deal with the deceptions and witchcraft operating in the church. Deb. Please pray for me. And anyone else who reads this. My name is William Mino I am called of the Lord Jesus Christ. I stand in Him I adhere only to Him I do not even believe the amount of wickedness that is within His own body. I am only one of a company of people God has set apart but we are coming very soon and we are going to move in Him. The reality of God is going to be shown, the fear of the Lord will come upon His people and order will once again be returned. We are absolutely facing some serious things, some of these will try and harm us. Some will try and kill me the Lord as he always does has warned me ahead of time. If my life is required to fulfill the ministry My life is His but I mean wake up church we have the enemy running rampant in our widst and the people love it so.
    This is not only a major problem it is a devouring of the Lord’s own body. He is not shoecked He was faully prepared before the world even came into existence. Even paul had to deal with “super apostles’ and now, what a joy, so do I and others. Now, the lates book to be released is proof of how far we really have gone from the Lord, the physics of heaven.
    God have mercy on us. Please, Please pray for me and pray for the people God has set aside. watch and see this come to pass for it is true and sure and is so extremely sad. I truly hope people turn to Him or they will die in their sins some of them may even be named ananias and saphira, Only God knows what is to take place and how but this is the truth and what is going to happen. Please, pray every day for me I am one called to defend you. All of this stuff will come to an end. how, only God knows but the world is getting darker and His own house must come into order. Real verses false, light verses darkness this is the truth of the Lord and will come to pass. Real prophets exist, we walk in strict obedience and are adamant scripture is upheld and adhered to in it’s purity there are far fewer than is represented, right now I am hidden away and am currently in a very serious season fasting and praying and I know a lot of others are similarly hidden away when we come forth it will be for lack of a better expression like a horse gate we are already at the gate waiting for the command to go. The Lord has no choice He has to defend His children for though we have stupidly allowed this stuff His people are led away from Him and are being destroyed.
    Please pray for me.
    God bless you as you continue to seek Him.

  • William

    Oh, ic , deb. Please don’t you attack me sis, you will give an account for it.

    satan can’t make words come to pass, think about what you are saying here. False prophets are known when the word doesn’t come to pass. think about that and look at what you said.
    You cannot stand before the risen Lord and tell Him I am false.Well, I guess you could but that wouldn’t be too wise. Is this what I am to lay my life down for?
    Perhaps you maybe need to understand that God doesn’t change, Jesus is the same, yesterday, today and forever. It is he who gives and He has not changed.
    man alive I didn’t even realize you were yourself speaking these things. Either way you will see this come to pass but I don’t understand at all how you can say these things. I guess there has been such abuse it is easier to toss it out but that is not true and your very words are going to be proven wrong sis.

    That aside. please pray for me because that is exactly what I am and exactly what I am called to do.

  • Deborah (Discerning the World)


    Attack you? Where did I mention your name directly? No William.

    Satan CAN make words come to pass – not like God can though. We are talking about two different kinds of prophecy here. Satan tells his prophets what to say and Satan’s follows later do the deeds (unknown to them) to make it appear that what he has said is true. So for instance, Clement will get a word from his ‘god’ that something is going to happen. Satan’s followers will make that thing happen and the false prophet will say, ‘see God speaks to me’ – and all his little followers say hip hip horay.

  • Deborah (Discerning the World)


    >> I am only one of a company of people God has set apart but we are coming very soon and we are going to move in Him.

    Are you different to God’s born again children and if so why are you different?

  • William

    Hey Sis,

    Thanks for clarifying. People definitely try to bring things to pass only what God says He alone brings to pass.

    Am I different? No I am saved but each has their own purpose. I belong to Jesus as does anyone else who truly follows Him but there is much to be dealt with and now evil is operating in a prominent way within the church and there are people God has set apart in order to confront and deal with it.
    please keep me in prayer folks this is really serious and something that should never have been allowed to begin with
    Thanks for clarifying Sis,

  • Deborah (Discerning the World)


    >> there are people God has set apart in order to confront and deal with it?

    Really? I am confused. Where is this in the bible? Can you tell me. You say it’s too much to deal with? Nope, we here at DTW deal with everything so please go ahead and explain.

    The purpose of each born again child of God is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. What is this purpose you speak about?

  • Carolyn

    May my Jesus forgive you for slamming and arguing against Kim Clement so harshly. He does admit that he’s not perfect, and neither are any of us because we’re NOT Jesus, who was and always will be perfect. I don’t believe that very many of you are following his prophecies over the years as I have. I don’t believe that your criticisms are of God either or you would try to understand the high prophetic calling God has given him. This man loves the Lord and is sacrificing his time and energy more than any of us. Kim is in Israel at this time, and has put his Boots on the Ground. God will bless those who bless Israel. He has grown in the Lord and is moving forward and has drawn closer to the Lord than his earlier days.

  • Carolyn

    If Kim Clement was a true prophet of God his prophecies would have been perfect (100%). None of God’s OT prophets were perfect but their prophecies were ALL perfect (100%).

    The anger of the LORD shall not return, until he have executed, and till he have performed the thoughts of his heart:

    in the latter days ye shall consider it perfectly. I have not sent these prophets, yet they ran: I have not spoken to them, yet they prophesied. (Jeremiah 23:20-21)

    For I have not sent them, saith the LORD, yet they prophesy a lie in my name; that I might drive you out, and that ye might perish, ye, and the prophets that prophesy unto you. (Jeremiah 27:15).

    God says Kim Clement is a liar and yet you say God has given him a high prophetic calling. Do you want to perish with him?

  • Linda Bijeaux

    First of all it’s one thing to expose a false prophet, and quite
    another to say that there are no real prophets today, in
    this day and age. Anyone who would think that has obviously
    not read their bibles. The following scripture is contained in
    1 Corinthians, which was written by the apostle Paul who was
    saved after Jesus died.
    Yet read these words carefully:
    1 Corinthians 12:8 For to one is given through the Spirit the word of
    wisdom, and to another the word of knowledge, according to the same Spirit
    9 to another faith in the same Spirit and to another
    gifts of healings in the one Spirit 10 and to another workings
    of MIRACLES, and to another PROPHESY; and to another discerning of
    Spirits to another DIVERSE KINDS OF TONGUES, but all these worketh
    the one and same Spirit, even to each one severally as HE WILL!!
    The apostle Paul,one of the greatest disciples to have ever lived,
    says the Spirit of God appoints some to PROPHESY. That means that
    TRUE prophets of God are sent by God and equipped by GOD!!
    Here’s another one for anyone who thinks prophesy and speaking in tongues
    is not (or is no longer) of God:
    1 Corinthians 14:39….Therefore, my brothers and sisters be eager
    Just because someone does not operate strongly in a particular gift, does
    not mean God does not use someone else in that gift….He says the weapons
    of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down
    of strongholds.2 Cor. 10:4
    1 Cor. 1:27 says “But God chose the foolish things of the world,
    to confound the wise and the weak things to confound the strong…”
    I am in agreement that false prophets and false shepherds must be exposed
    but lets not be on a witchhunt for these things. We must allow the Lord
    to lead us. On our own we are not capable of making sound judgement!
    Even Jesus was called an imposter. The word says a prophet is not welcome
    in his own hometown. Sort of familiarity breeds contempt as the saying
    goes. Lets judge prophesy by God’s standard only. If it does not line
    up with the word of God and only causes fear and confusion, it is
    not from the Lord.

  • Deborah (Discerning the World)


    Please read: Are Prophets for Today or has Prophecy Ceased?

    You are confused with the 2 types of prophecy in the bible, the one is to teach (FORTH TELLING of the truth of the Word of God) the other is to FORETELL the future. Make sure you understand the difference. And then you will see that prophecy has ceased and the gift of inspired preaching and teaching remains.

    Also read this article: Speaking in Tongues

  • jo

    I really do feel sorry for you. You want to deny that the 5 fold ministry is still in operation. Paul was converted after the resurection of Jesus. You seem to not want to believe The Holy Bible in that men were inspired of the Holy Spirit to write it. If you dont believe one part then to you it is all false. Just when was the big announcement made that the 5 fold ministry was over and done with. I never heard it and ive been a believer for decades. What do i mean God gave some to be Apostles Prophets Evangelists Pastors and Teachers. When did God say The Holy Bible is over and done with or that it is a lie? I still never heard when that was done. Holy Bible says touch not my annointed and do my prophets no harm.
    Now look if you will at the Book of Revelation. Should we say that John the Beloved was a false prophet since all this time it has not come to pass. God forbid. It was his experience of what he was shown. Are you unaware that prophecy are tellings of things to come. Joseph told of the years of plenty and the lean years and saved many from death. It was something to happen in the future. God doesnt always give a time frame of saying on this date or that this will take place. If the 5 fold ministry even one part of it is over and done with then it all is. Better tell those trying to evangelize and win people to Jesus. Better tell all those that are preachers. Better tell the teachers. Better tell apostles and prophets. Jesus said this world will pass away but my words will not pass away. Refer back to The Holy Bible what it says on a subject before attacking any. I dont belong to any denomination before you ask that. I believe in Jesus as my savior and Lord. And allow The Holy Spirit to lead me into all truths. At least when my flesh doesnt get in the way. Much the same like other humans do. You can choose not to believe The Holy Bible and that all of the 5 fold ministry as its called is still going on its your choice. Others do believe it is. I believe it is. You have your beliefs on things others have theirs. Where does anyones beliefs line up with the word of God. It does not change.
    It gave this avatar and since i dont know where to change it guess am stuck with it. Oh well.

  • Deborah (Discerning the World)

    Dear Jo

    >> Should we say that John the Beloved was a false prophet

    Of course not because he is in the Bible, Kim Clement is not mentioned in the bible. False Prophet Kim Clement – A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

    Please read:

    Are Prophets for Today or has Prophecy Ceased? Plus read comments.
    False Foundation of Five-Fold Ministry

    Thank you

  • Jill

    Kim Clement’s ministry is currently teaching their audience how to do unusual prayers and asking God to strike down and kill their foes. Mistake me if I’m wrong, but isnt it a sin to pray for the death and destruction of another human being? Well, apparently 2016 is going to be a year of many unusual deaths around the U.S. Just a heads up, time to plead the blood of Christ over your life and other fellow Christians.

  • Deborah (Discerning the World)

    Thank you Jill for you comment.

    Bible is pretty clear on this. It’s in the 10 commandments, Thou shalt not kill. Clearly Kim Clement is evil, that he disobeys one the the most important commandments hand down by God to men.

  • Rhonda Driscol

    Yes, I would like to say that Kim Clement will have to deal with God about any thing he says and put God’s name on it. God knows every man heart and motives. A question for all people to ask their self is : Is every word I speak is of God. Is my motives pure? So, before we try to pluck a splinter in our brother’s eye we need to tend to our plank in our own eye’s. I have also seen people looking for any false in the five fold ministry. We are not God and God does have something to say about slander against others. I would be more conceren about our walk with God then looking at the faults of others. So what is the war between the body of christ, fault finding, jealous of another, the big war that is coming is between the body of christ against each other. In many other states and countries is happening already. A true warrior of christ never leaves a wounded warrior!
    True watchman and gate keeper never stops praying or spiritual watchman, gate keeper.
    A true warrior are the front lines to protect the body of christ. We need to pray for Kim Clement and holding him up to the Lord.
    I don’t know what every body else will do but I truly hope and pray the body of Christ is more careful of touching God’s anointed. It’s God’s job to speak to the people if there is false hood in the camp,, He does not need our help, Mr. Kim Clement, I would like to say I have listen to and bought your materials, teaching tapes and so on, God has used them greatly in my life and many others and this to will pass. Another storm and you and your family will soar above this storm as well. God speed and my heart goes out to you and famkily and prayers as well. Rhonda

  • Rhonda wrote:

    Yes, I would like to say that Kim Clement will have to deal with God about any thing he says and put God’s name on it. God knows every man heart and motives. A question for all people to ask their self is : Is every word I speak is of God. Is my motives pure? So, before we try to pluck a splinter in our brother’s eye we need to tend to our plank in our own eye’s. I have also seen people looking for any false in the five fold ministry. We are not God and God does have something to say about slander against others. I would be more conceren about our walk with God then looking at the faults of others. So what is the war between the body of christ, fault finding, jealous of another, the big war that is coming is between the body of christ against each other. In many other states and countries is happening already. A true warrior of christ never leaves a wounded warrior!

    Testing the spirits is not slander. It is a command of God every Christian must obey. If you don’t, you are more concerned with your own walk with God and be damned with the rest. Do you call that love?

    Let him know, that he which converteth the sinner from the error of his way shall save a soul from death, and shall hide a multitude of sins. (Jas 5:20)

    Now, you decide whether you want to obey God and warn your brethren against false teachers and prophets like Kim Clement so that they may escape the fangs of wolves in sheeps clothing or let them be devoured by them because you don’t care about their spiritual well-being

    Perhaps you can help me. Where in Scripture do you see Paul praying for false teachers? He prayed for the sheep who were being led astray by them. That is precisely why he wrote the following.

    For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works. (2 Co 11:13-15)

    But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed. As we said before, so say I now again, If any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed. (Gal 1:8-9)

    You may laud and applaud the false teachers until doomsday but beware of this:

    Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness. (2 Th 2:9-12)

    If this does not make your knees knock with fear and trembling, I don’t know what will.

  • Deborah (Discerning the World)

    Dear Rhonda

    The idea of a 5 fold ministry is just nonsense. Please read this article: False Foundation of Five-Fold Ministry

    Please note the following as well, Jesus names his Apostles by person, who are the ones who were to establish the church and do miracles.

    Matthew 10:1-8

    1 Jesus called his twelve disciples and gave them authority over unclean spirits so they could cast them out and heal every kind of disease and sickness.
    2 Now these are the names of the twelve apostles: first, Simon (called Peter), and Andrew his brother; James son of Zebedee and John his brother;
    3 Philip and Bartholomew; Thomas and Matthew the tax collector; James the son of Alphaeus, and Thaddaeus;
    4 Simon the Zealot and Judas Iscariot, who betrayed him.

    5 Jesus sent out these twelve, instructing them as follows: “Do not go to Gentile regions and do not enter any Samaritan town.
    6 Go instead to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.
    7 As you go, preach this message: ‘The kingdom of heaven is near!’
    8 Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse lepers, cast out demons. Freely you received, freely give.

    Today’s Apostles are what the the Apostle Paul calls ‘super Apostles’ they want to be Apostles but they can’t be. ‘Chiefest Apostles’ or “Super-apostles” is probably the sarcastic title Paul gave to the false apostles who were troubling the Corinthian Church. Perhaps it was even a name they had taken for themselves, like C. Peter Wagner from the NAR who calls himself ‘Apostolic Ambassador’.

    2 Corinthians 11:1-6

    1 Would to God ye could bear with me a little in my folly: and indeed bear with me.
    2 For I am jealous over you with godly jealousy: for I have espoused you to one husband, that I may present you as a chaste virgin to Christ.
    3 But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtilty, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ.
    4 For if he that cometh preacheth another Jesus, whom we have not preached, or if ye receive another spirit, which ye have not received, or another gospel, which ye have not accepted, ye might well bear with him.
    5 For I suppose I was not a whit behind the very chiefest apostles.
    6 But though I be rude in speech, yet not in knowledge; but we have been throughly made manifest among you in all things.

    As you can see false Apostles is not a new thing Rhonda. Listen to what the bible says not what some ‘super Apostle’ wannabe Apostle tells you.

  • Anthony

    I’m not trying to attack fellow believers but you should be utterly embarrassed about this blog post. The quote you posted is not even remotely him admitting he is a false prophet. Why would he admit it if he is trying to deceive people? The whole point of a false prophet is to trick people into following false gods right? Return your focus to Jesus and quit calling every one false prophets. It’s just ridiculous at this point.

  • Hi Anthony,

    Would you say Kim Clement is a false prophet and why?

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