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Why Jonathan Cahn and His Revelations Must be Ignored

Jonathan CahnWhy Jonathan Cahn, His Mysteries, Keys and Revelations Must be Ignored

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn has been bothering me with his The Harbinger and now The Mystery of the Shemitah ‘revelations’. Who is he exactly?  Is he a born again Christian or is far worse than just your plain run of the mill false teacher?

He calls himself a Rabbi yet the bible says:

Matthew 23:8  “8 But be not ye called Rabbi: for one is your Master, even Christ; and all ye are brethren.”

He has been labelled a modern day prophet as he brings a prophetic message with The Harbinger where he blatantly implies that America is treading the same path for judgment as ancient Israel and connects Isaiah 9:10 to America.  The Harbinger was published by FrontLine, an imprint of Charisma House which used to be known as Strang Communications run by Steve Strang who is part of the New Apostolic Reformation.

Israel and a New World…

The main problem with The Harbinger is that Jonathan Cahn equates America to be a replacement of Israel, a New Israel.  He says in his book:

Mall of the North built for Satan?

Mall of the North Logo

Mall of the North in Polokwane (Limpopo) built for Satan?

Mall of the North is an absolutely extravagant mall that was built a couple of years ago by the owners:  Resilient Property Income Fund, Flanagan & Gerard Property Development & Investment and Moolman Group.

A while ago I went to the Mall of the North and stopped in front of the computerized map that you find at the mall’s entrances to find a specific store I was looking for.  As I touched the screen looking for the store I wanted, I found it and then moved in closer to look for it on the map.  When I was finished I took a step backwards.  What I saw dumbfounded me, the map was looking back at me with one big giant eye:

Nelson Mandela, Thabo Mbeki and Desmond Tutu all Freemasons

Nelson Mandela Freemason hand sign2

Nelson Mandela, Thabo Mbeki and Desmond Tutu – Freemasons

I have believed Nelson Mandela to be a Freemason for many a year but there has not been any proof until now.  DTW has written the following articles on Nelson Mandela where he stated at a function that Maitreya (the Christ) visited him when he was still in prison on Robben Island – see article here:  Mandela, Maitreya and a Rainbow Nation.  Then see article where he is quite happy to be compared to Jesus Christ in a Last Supper painting: Nelson Mandela as Jesus Christ, and here again where the ANC compares Madiba to Jesus Christ:  “Stop Comparing Nelson Mandela to Jesus”  or  where they liken him to Moses who led the Israelites out of Egypt – a comparison to leading the blacks out of Apartheid here:  ANC likens Madiba to Moses.

But was Nelson Mandela a Freemason?  He was part of The Elders setup by Richard Branson (freemason) and Peter Gabriel (freemason), see here:  The Elders and the New World Order

Joyce Meyer – Shocking False Teachings and Quotes

Joyce Meyer

Joyce Meyer is a Word of Faith Charismatic / New Age teacher who preaches along the lines of Kenneth Copeland, Kenneth Hagin, Fred Price, Charles Capp, Benny Hinn, Paul and Jan Crouch, and those who appear on Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), etc.

Listen to the audio below for a full a list of all her most serious heresies:   (Jesus tortured in hell, Jesus first born again man, Jesus became sin on the cross and stopped being the son of God, our sins atoned in hell and not on the cross, etc., and Joyce Meyer teaches that she is sinless.]

[audio:|titles=Joyce Meyer – Shocking Heresies]
Note:  Audio above posted by DTW is not an endorsement of the author, their website, ministry or any links therein. Readers are cautioned to use discernment at all times and test everything by the Word of God. data-recalc-dims=

Joyce Meyer also teaches that we are little gods, see this article:  Joyce Meyer is a Little God With a Big Christ Consciousness.

But this is one of the latest quotes (2010) from Joyce Meyer and quite an incredible statement:

False Prophet Kim Clement – A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

 srcset=Is Kim Clement a New Age Prophet?

by Mike Oppenheimer – (Permission received to republish article in full.)

Images added by DTW

If you’re unable to deal with issues of Bible doctrine this article will be disturbing in two ways; to those who follow such teachings and to those who hold to the Word of God correctly and are repulsed by distortions.

Kim Clement’s Biography

Kim Clement was born in Uitenhage South Africa in 1956. Kim remembers his parents telling him he would be a classical pianist. His first music lessons were at the age of five. Clement describes his family as nominal Christians who believed there was a God; they did not go to church except for an occasional wedding or funeral and celebrating Christmas. They did not read the Bible or pray as a family.

Chuck Smith’s Calvary Chapel and Jerry Boykin’s Knights of Malta, Vatican connection

Chuck Smith is going to far, recently Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa is promoting and highly esteeming the The Grand Magisterial Chancery for the Knights of Malta – Jerry Boykin.  Jerry Boykin is a returning visitor to Calvary Chapel.


Kim Clement Admits he is a False Prophet

 Kim Clement admits to false prophecyRecently a ‘prophet’ was exposed by DTW as being false – Ivin from 220Generation prophecied on the 20th Jan 2009 saying that God spoke to him through a thunderstorm.  God told Ivin that 5 atrocities have occurred or will occur within the next couple of months and be shown on the news, and will shock South Africa half to death and bring the fear of the Lord back to the people of this country.  These things have not come to pass by a long shot.

Kim Clement is sitting in the same situation…



Thabo Mbeki, Jacob Zuma and Angus Buchan

Age of Aquarious DTW - © Discerning The World - Please credit Discerning The World by placing the following link: as a reference for my image in your article, post, website, video or any other form of media.Thabo Mbeki, Jacob Zuma and Angus Buchan

Is Jacob Zuma a Freemason?  This is one of the Google searches that came through on my stats.   And this got me thinking about information I had read recently.

Well is Zuma a Freemason?  I don’t know the answer to this question.  But I can tell you, it would not come as a surprise.   There are many well known ‘Christian’ preachers who are Freemasons that infiltrated the church decades ago to slowly introduce another message that opposes the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I found an interesting comment made here:   about the difference between Thabo Mbeki and Jacob Zuma.   Basically the commenter is saying that Thabo Mbeki is a Freemason elitist who studied in the UK.  Zuma is a man of the people with no elitist education.  Mbeki had too much control and made his own decisions, Zuma relies on advisers.

Zuma was the best possible candidate to lead  South Africa into transformation and it’s spreading across the rest of Africa.  It’s happening fast and it’s happening furiously.

William Branham – False Prophet

William Branham  Fire Halo

William Branham

William Branham – False Prophet

I have decided to write this article on William Branham for 2 reasons and that is this: William Branham’s influence on the church today is nothing but a vile attack on the True Body of Christ. This article will also serve as a reference to some articles that I will be writing soon on some supposed ‘men of God’ aka ‘Prophets’ in South Africa – who claim that they have William Branham’s Mantle. Any ‘pastor’ who says that William Branham was truly a man of God or says they have anything from William Branham (mantle, angel, follows his teachings, etc) should be avoided like the plague.

Who was William Branham:

William Branham was born in 6th April 1909 in Kentucky and died on 24 December 1965. His ministry was founded in May 1946. But this legacy lives on in his followers and the hundreds of sermons that were recorded or transcribed. Most people read his sermons more than they do they bible. Most people believe William Branham’s words more than the bible. This is obviously concerning, but what is more concerning is what William Branham preached and the strange signs and wonders that accompanied him.